Christian Glanvill

10 October 1831

I Christian Glanvill widow in the parish of
Payhembury so maketh my will as follows first I do give to my sister Catherine *** one hundred pounds of lawful money separate and apart from her husband to so be paid in the three months should she die before that time is expired then the same to be divided between her two youngest daughters next I give to the children of Thomas Jounect (?) my late sister son fifty pounds to be put in the saving bank to remain there four years their father to receive the interest during that time & then for him to divide it between his children I do give to Robert & Thomas Salter sons of *** *** fifteen pounds to each of those to be put in the saving bank for seven years their mother to receive the interest I do give to my husband sister Rebecca Wilsdon ten pounds to Edward Thainaw (?) five pounds to his sister and Ann Cansaw (?) five pounds to Mr (?) Samuel Glanvill near Teignmouth five pounds to his sister Sarah Boyes five pounds my household effects (?) and premises to Henry Longford my late brother' son I do give to my executors Thomas Langford and Ann his sister twenty pounds to each of them all my other property or money whatsoever I give to be divided between by brothers grand children equal Christian Glanville JJ Sarah Saundres - Solomon Beaser Henry Hayman

Proved at London 30th June 1834 before the judge on the oaths of Thomas Langford and Ann Langford spinster the exors to whom admon was granted been first sworn by concon (?) duly to administer