William Glanvill

17 Mar 1699

This is the last will and
testament of Wm Glanvill the elder of the Middle Temple London Esqr made this seventeeth day of March 1699: I devise and give to my neece Anne ffowler of Greenwich widow to Mary ffowler her only daughter and to my nephew William Cowse (?) of London Greerthank (?) one hundred pounds apeice of lawfull money to be paid to each of them within six months after my death by my executor hereinafter named I also devise and give to my two granddaughters Elizabeth Glanvill and ffrances Glanville one hundred pounds apeice of lawfull money to be improved for and paid to each of them at their respective days of marriage And if one of them dye before she is married then her hundred pounds I will to be paid by my executor to her surviving sister I give to my servant Jonathan ffowler ten pounds of lawfull money if he be in my service when I dye but if he be not in my service at the day of my death then I give him but five pounds to be paid him by my executor one month after my decease I devise and give all whatsoever my lands tenements hereditaments money goods and chattells in the County of Devon or elsewhere in England to my beloved Sonn William Glanvill and his heires and I do also hereby make him sole executor of this my last will As to my dead body I will and require my sonn and executor to cause it to be inclosed in a coffin of lead and take care to have it very privately without any solemnity thrown into any part of the Sea near Goodwin Sands between England and Scotland In Witnefs whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal. Wm Glanvill. Signed sealed and published by the testator in the presence of us and attested by us in the presence of the testator Wm Longueville Edward Portere Thos Watson

Probatum... (latin text, admon granted to William Glanvill the son 6 December 1705)