Francis Glanvill

23 Nov 1713

In the Name of God Amen
Imprimis I do desire this being my last will and testament that my body be decently buried if in England I give unto all by brothers and sisters a ring of ten shillings value I give unto my brother Julius Glanvill my silver tankard and all my wearing cloaths I give unto my mother Martha Glanvill after all those charges cleared All those monys which my uncle John Glanvill Esq had in his hands of mine I give unto my mother Martha Glanvill all other such or sumes of money whatoseover as now is or at any time or times hereafter shall be out payable or belonging to me or any other personal service (?) or otherwise in any of her Majesty's Ships ffrigates or vefsells or any merchant ship or ships and also of all other person or persons whatsoever all and singular such sume and sums of money sallary wages goods wards (?) profitts or ffreight and all other demands whatsoever which now is or at any time or times hereafter shall be due owing payable and belonging unto me by any ways or means whatsoever or howesoever I order and constitute my mother Martha Glanvill and my brother Julius Glanvill to be my lawfull executors to the fullfilling of this will signed November 23 : 1713 - Fran: Glanvill Witnefs William Skettell Ann Archell

Probatum.. (Latin text admon granted to Martha Glanvill and Julius Glanvill 16 Oct 1714)