William Glanvill

12 Jun 1666

In the Name of God Amen I William Glanvill of St Clement
Danes in the County of Middlesex taylor being in perfect memory and in good health praifed by Go but knowing all flefh to be fraile and that it is annointed that all men shall dye and nothing to be more surestime than the however and place of death as daily experience verifieth and being defirond (?) do declare now I intend to bestow that small estate that God hath lent me which of God hath made me his steward in this world I doe ordain this my last will and testament the twelf day of June in the eighteenth yeare of the reigne of our sorvaigne Lord King Charles the Second over England 1666 as followeth Item ffirst I commit my Soule into the hands of Almight God my Creator and heavenly ffather through Jesus Christ my Redeemer by whole meritte only I believe I have ffree remission of all my sinnes which I confess are many and *** and for which I do hiarrily repent of And for my body which I believe Jesus Christ will raise at the generall refurrection and in mercy make it life unto his glorius body I leave it to be buryed decently at the discretion of my executors in St Clement Danes Church if it may be done with conveniency Item my will is and I do ordaine that the rent charge ot twenty eight pownds by the yeare iffusing out of the manner of Mappingthorne in the County of Suffk which I purchased of my brother in law Mr Robert Bartelett my wife shall have during her natural life And after her decease to defcend to my daughter Katherin Glanvill and to her heires forever Item I give and bequeath unto my said daughter Katherin all that ffreehold land which I purchafed of my brother Bartelett lying and being in the parish of Horley in the County of Berks now in the occupaton of Thomas Merifeils Item I give and all bequeath unto my faid daughter Katherin the moyity Copyhold lands which I purchafed of John Coote lying and being in the parish of Ebbeham in the County of Surrey in the occupation of Richard Eliott together with the Leveren and Leverrouns now with the rents to her and her heires forever lawfully begotten but in case shee shall depart this life without heires lawfully begotten then my will is and I do ordaine that the land aforesaid shall defcend never to be sold out of the name and kindred of us Item I give and to his two daughters Elizabeth and Margarett ffive pounds to each of them their lefacyis to be paid within two yeares after my decease Item I give to my brother John Glanvill the summe of ffyfteeene pounds Items I give to each of his children twenty shillins a peece to be paid as my executors shall think fitt Item I give to my sister Margarett Roe twenty shilling to buy her a ring Item I give unto Martha Bafe tenn pownds to be paid within three yeares after my deceafe Item I give unto my deare wife and daughter Katherin aforesaid whome I doe ordaine to be the sole Executrix of this my last will not doubting but trusting that they will in all things according to the very letter of this my last will which is all written with my own hand But in case my wife should after my decease marry then my will is shee shall have only the rent charge iffusing out of the manner of Mappingthorne in the County of Suffk aforesaid twenty eight pownds by the yeare during her naturall life and have nothing to doe with my executorshipp but my daughter to be the sole executrix and I truft my executrixs will and they shall so *** give some thing more of the small estate which God hath lent mee amoung my poore kindred Sealed with my hand and seale the twelve day of June 1666. William Glanvill.

Probatum ... (Latin text..... Admon granted 23 Sep 1678 to Ruth Glanvill relict and Catherin Glanville daughter)