Charles Glanville

23 Dec 1747

This is the last will of the
underwritten Charles Glanville of the parish of Saint Mary le Strand London Vizt I give to Mr James Johnson fifty pounds to Mr Richd James fifty pounds to Mrs Selwyn widow of Hen: Selwyn Esquire late Receiver General of his majesties Customs one thousand pounds and to Major Selwyn one hundred and my Chamber's Dictionary to my servant Mary Rhodes for her extraordinary care of me in my illnes I give and bequeath twenty pounds sterling of good and lawful money of Great Britain together with my gold watch and all my linen and wearing apparel and all the goods and furniture of my house in the Strand or elsewhere in London excepting only the five Landebfos (?) and Beancoe (?) in my dining room I likewise leave to my executor and residuary legatee herein after named his executors and administrators seven hundred pounds stock in the three per cent bank annuitys anno 1742 in trust nevertheless to the uses herein after mentioned And my express will and meaning is that he or they shall inpower and permit my before named servant Mary Rhodes if living with me at the time of my death after it to receive the dividends thereon being ten pounds ten shillings every half year to and for her own use during the term of her natural life to commence with the first half yearly dividend that shall be due next after my decease and in order the better to come to the said Mary Rhodes the payment of the same I will and require my executors and residuary legatee his executor and administrators within three months after my death to give unto her a good and sufficient letter of attorney to receive all the said dividends as they become due during her life as aforesaid and at all times during the life of the said Mary Rhodes at and upon the reasonable request costs and charges in the law of the said Mary Rhodes to execute all and every power or letter of attorney which by the said Mary Rhodes shall be lawfully and reasonably required for receiving the said dividends and if my said executor his executors and administrators shall be assistant to my said servant at all times during her life as hereby directed thenStrand from and after her death I devise the said seven hundred pounds stock to him and them for his and their own uses for ever But in case he or they shall neglect or refuse to give the said Mary Rhodes such letter of attorney during the space of three months from and after my decease or shall neglect or refuse to execute any power or letter of attorney which shall be required in manner aforesaid during the space of three months next after the same shall be required than I do hereby give and bequeath the seven hundred pounds stock before mentioned to my said servant Mary Rhodes absolutely to be disposed of as she shall think fit to the poor of the parish of Saint Mary Le Cripl in the city of Gloucester I leave fifty pounds to be placed at interest which I want to have laid out in bread and disributed every sixteenth day of October to the poorest object according to the apportion (?) of my under named executors or his agent as to the place of my interment I would choose to lie by my dear Mother in the Cathedral of the foresaid City of Gloucester under the monument of Mr Browning her first husband where she was interred with a short inscription on the said monument both for herself and me and I will that without any funeral pomp ten poor men and as many poor women may attend my corps each of them to be paid five shillings for so doing and lastly I hereby devise all my estate both real and personal and all effects debts and demands that shall happen to be due to me at the time of my decease (except what dividend shall happen to be payable on the seven hundred pounds 3pcent bank annuity at the end of the half yearly payement next after my decease as before mentioned) my just debts and the legacies abovesaid being only paid within six months after my departure to my much honoured friend and ally John Selwyn of Cleavland Court esquire to him and his heirs forever appointing him the sole executor of this my last will written with my own hand this 23rd day of December 1747. Chas Glanville

Appeared Personally 27th April 1748 John Pigott of the parish of Saint Dunstan in the East London gentleman and Richard Parsons of the parish of Saint Martin in the Fields in the County of Middlesex gentleman and by virtue of their coporal oaths deposed that they know and were well acquainted with Charles Glanville late of the parish of Saint Mary Le Strand in the said county of Middlesex deceased for several years before and to the time of his death and also with his manner and character of hand writing having often seen him write and having now carefully viewed and perused the last will and testament of the said deceased hereunto annexed beginning thus (This is the last will of the under written Charles Glanville of the parish of Saint Mary Le Strand London and ending thus (Writeen with my own hand this 23 day of December 1747) and thus subscribed (Chas: Glanville) they those deponents do verily and in their consciences believe the whole body scrive and contents of the said will and the name Chas: Glanville thereto subscribed to be wrote by and with the proper hand of the said Charles Glanville deceased - J Piggott Richard Parsons - On the same day the said John Piggott and Richard Parsons were sworn to the truth of the above affidavit before me Rich: Smalbroke - Surrogate. Present Benj : Lockyer Notary Publick

This will was proved at London before the worshipful George Pant Doctor of Laws and Surrogate of the Right Worshipful John Bettesworth also Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted the twenty ninth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty eight by the oath of the honourable John Selwyn esquire the sole executor in the said will named to whom administration was granted to all and singular the goods chattels and credits of the said decease being first sworn duly to administer.