Sir Francis Glanville

10 Sep 1535

In the name of God Amen I ffrancis Glanvill of Tavistocke
in the Countie of Devon knight beinge in good health and pefect memorie (thankes be given to
Almightie God) Doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and form
followinge (that is to say) ffirst I give and bequeath my soule unto the hands of Almightie
God my maker and Creator havinge assured confidence that my sinnes (which I acknowledege
to be manie and grievous) shall be be forgiven mee And that my election is sealed *** by
the death and passion of my Lord and onlie Saviour Jesus Christ My bodie I willinglie
render again unto the Earth out of which it was taken, the such I desire may *** (receive?)
decent and Christian Buriall in such place and in such manner as shall seem good to my
Executrix herinafter in this my Will nominated and appointed it beinge my earnest
desire that all **essary and *** ** and expenses bee forforen therem. And
***(touching?) the disposicon of all my wordly goods and chattels debts and creditts whatson
I give devise and bequeath them in manner following that is saie, ffirst I give and
bequeath thereob to the poore of the towne and pish of Tavistock the sume of twentie pounds to bee
paid nothing? one moneth after my decease and such my desire is should be bestowed and
imployed for and towarde the rasing of a stock to sett the poore on works there for ever
Item I give and bequeath to each of my servants ** livinge with mee in my house
contynnuse with mee untill my death the some of three pounds a peece to be to them
severally paid within five monethes after my death. Item I give aunto each of my daughters
that shall be unmarried at the time of my death the sume of one thousand pounds a-
peice that to saie to my daughter Marie if shee shalbee then ummarried the some
of one thousand pounds to my daughter Winifred is shee shall be then unmarried
the like sume of one thousand pounds And to my daughter Margaret if shee shall be
then unmiarried the like sume of one thousand pounds All such summs of money my
meaning is shalbee paid to each of my said Daughters sonally and respectively and my
the shall severally attain and come to be of the full age of twenie one years or shalbe
preferred in marriage by and such with the consent of their mother if shee be livinge at
the time of such marriage or by or such the consent of my ffeefees or trustees or
the more ** of them * (if their mother shall happen to dye before such marriage. And
touchinge the full disposiron of such lands as I have by ** deed or ** limitted or
appointed to be by John Dormoth the younger William ffowel the younger and Olliver
Sawle my sonne in law sould for raisinge of Money to paie my Daughters portions to
paie debts or for such other purposes is by my last Will in writing I shall nominate
limitt or appoint. I doe hereby declare that my Will intent and meaninge is that those
lands be by my said ffeefees sould assume as maie be *uled myne exprens desire the
contrary and shall fined out some other fitt waie or *** whereby to paid all debts and
legacies such ont the sale thereof And in case they shall finde anie such monies in do
shall so forme paymt accordingly then I doe further hereby declare that my intent
and meaninge is and I doe for Will by that my said ** or ffeofees foridly mentioned
doe and shall make over the lande (to them conveyed in trust as aforesaid) unto
ffrancis Glanvill by sonne and his heairs And for default of such issue that it
remayne and be conveyed to my right heires for ever. And fontings all other my
goods and chattels debts and creddits whatsoever not herein or hereto formorly given
or bequeathed I do hereby give and bequeath to same to Dame Elizabeth my wife
and ffrancis Glanville son sone whome I make and ordaine to be myne Executors
In witness whereoff I have hereunto put my hand and seale the tenth daie of September
one thousand five hundred thirtie five. ffra: Glanvill Published and made knowne
in the pesence of Jo: Doidge. Richard Cryme, Walter Gill. John Henry :/:

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