John Glanvyle

20 Jan 1612

In the name of God Amen the xxth daye of Januarie and in the
yeares of the Raigne of Sovrainge Lorde James by the grace of God of England ffrance and
Ireland Kinge ** the nynth and of Scotland the ffirst and ffortith I John Glanvyle of Laun
ceston in the Countie of Cornwall merchant beinge I thanke God in pfect health and yeat consi
deringe such myself the frailtie of mans life and beeinge nothing to leave theof landes goodes and
chattels such God hath blessed me with all in such sorte and that my wife children and others to
whome I shall give them maye quietly enjoy them after my death. I make and ordaine this
my last will and Testament in manner and forme following, viz Imprimis I do give and
bequeath my soule to my only Lorde and Saviour Jesus Christ and my bodie to christian
buryall, Item I do give to the Maior and comonaltie of this town the sume of tenne poundes
Decante moneys to be paid to them five yeares next after my death to be imploide by the said maior
and comonaltie and them poore fford for *** towards the benefitt of poore handcraft men
I praye God give him and them to doe that each shalbe forgiven glorie and the dischardge of their own
soules and conscience. Item I do give the poore people of Tavistocke where I was borne twentie
shillinge to the poore prisoners of the Castell of Launceston ffive shilling, I give to each of my
servantes dwellinge in my house at the tyme my death tenne shillinge, I give to John Strongman
Josua Lavell Stephen Vivian to each of them tenne shillings I give to Alice the daughter of my
sister Tamssyne Hodge so much and shall make up the moneys that I gave of her in my handes tenne
poundes to be paid her and my overseers or any two?/free? of them thinke fitt And for her other three sisters
Dorather Jane and Johan my will is that they have such moneys as I have taken bill for of my
brother in Lawes Gerham Hamble and Boyes althoughe the billes bee in my owne name and a
good parts of the moneys my owne rest? my will is that they shall have it and if shall growe due and
if any one happen to die before shee receive her portion that the sum portion be equally devided
amongst all the rest and for *** Hodge ** brother my will and desire is that he be well
and trulie paid of all such moneys and I have receaved for him as it shall trulie appeare upon my
my booke and that my executrix shall give him for rest? *** her selfe shall thinke fitt I give to each
of my god children three shillings and ffower pence, I give to Oliver my elest sonne all my customorie
landes and holdinges, I give to John my second sonne and to his heires and assignes for ever allmy
right title and interest such I have in all those landes and tenements called the Manner of St Glevian
in Magan in pyder, and I also give and bequeath unto my said Sonne John and to his heires and assignes
for ever, all my right title and interest in the house such I lately buylded such house is betwixt the houses
that Margarett Browne widowe and Robert Treast and Robert Bointhon nowe dwelling in I give to
Katherin my eldest daughter the full some of two hundred pounds deccent moneys, I give to Mary my
second daughter the like some of two hundred pounds and for Susan my third daughter the like some of two
hundred pounds, And to Alice my ffourth daughter the like some of two hundred pounds, And to Agnes
my youngest daughter the like some of two hundred pounts, To be paid to them ath such tyme as my overseers
or any three of them shall require the same And my will is that if any one of my daughters doe happen to dye
before shee or they doe this my legacie that her sume be equally divided amongst the rest of my daughters
I give to my honest frenes ffancis Richard Trefusis and Richard Bemeto esquires, Mr Richard Giddye
Mr Mrs Grills Margarete of Tavistocke Mr Jacobe Proctor? of London murchante, my cossen John Glanvyle
Mr Mrs Hollman of Lincolls Inne Esquire and Thomas *** to each of them twentie shillings to make
Ringe to weare for my sake, I give to my Brother Skerrett my beste black Cloake And also I doe give
to Oliver my eldest sonne all my right title and interest in the house wch I bought of Arthur Pye
wherein Thomas Buttin deceased lately dwelled and my will and meaninge is that after the decease of
his mother All other my chattels leasses shall remaynt to him if it so please God that hee doe overlive
his mother and in the meane tyme bee dutifull and obedient to her, or else she to dispose of all to him or
them that shall please her beste I give to Tristram Dane one of my ould suite of apparell, I do give
to my gossupp and approved friend Thomas Teylor one of my gowns neither the beste nor the worste, I
doe give unto John Glanvile my Brother Danyells sonne ffortie shillgs to be paid him when hee shalbee
one and twentie years of age and if he die before that age then the sad ffortie shillings to be devided
amongst his brothers and sisters equallie, And I desire my Executrix of shee thinke ffitt to mayntayne
him untill he be able to serve a master I give unto John Burgis that did marry my Aunte Marye
Corin? the tenne shillinge, I give to the poore people of the hospitall of St Leonards alias Gillmartin
ffive shillinge, I give to Gammell carpenter one of my suites and on of my dark cloaks, I give to
the poore of the tenant/convent? of Bodmyne ffive shallinge, I give to my *** John Dormishe my beste suite
of apparerell, I meane Jerkin dublett hose stockinge and shenoes. All other my goods and chattels so
moveable and unmoveable of what qualitie soever and wheresoever I doe give and bequeath to Marye
my deare and lovinge wife and her I make my sole Executrix of this my last will be see my legacies
*formed and all my debts well and instlie paid and I doubte not but her will, I doe make ordayne and
apoynte overseers of this my will my trustlie and welbeloved ffrancis Richard Trefufus my
Cossen John Glanvile and Richard Bermett esquires and Richard Godye and Edward Skerrett gent
and Thomas Geber. I desire them to have acant? of my wife and children to ayde and comforte
them as I doubt not but they will And in witness this to be truth, I have sett my hands and
seale (illegible insert) for days and years above written. God save our noble kinge James and all his Royall
posteritie. Amen. By mee John Glanvyle Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of
christ? under written. Olliver Glanvyle, Teste mt John Harvey Teste mt Nicholas

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