Thomas Glanvile / Glanvyle

14 Nov 1567

In the name of God amen the fourtenith daye of November in the yeare of our Lorde god one
thousand fyve hundredth three score and seven I Thomas Glanvile sycke in bodie Nevertheless of good and perfect remembrance
ande prayse be unto almyghtie god therefore ordeine and make this my present testament conteynynge therein my last will
in manner and forme folowinge / I commende my soule unto almyghtie god my creator and maker and to Jesus Christ
my redemer and savyour by whose Death and preciouse blood sheddinge I truste to h*ne* remy shone and forgeavenes of my
synes my bodye to be buried where it shall please god / Item I give and bequeath to my wife and chyldren all and singular
my goodes debts and cattelles both moveable and ummoveableto be divided amongest them according to the lawes
of this realme. Item I constitute and make my wife Tomazyn and my daughter Kateryn and Anne my true and leefull
executrixes to performe and fullfill this my last will and testament / It I desier the Right honourable Jamys
Blunt Lord Memyie(?) and John Spyller gentleman to be overseers of this my will and Testament / Thers beinge
Witnesses Richard Spencer John Welshye Roger Williams Mathew Morttim Jamys Brownsworthe Richard
Lapsone Thomas Stophart William Drabeseide and others

... Latin text ...