Roger Glanvill

24 Nov 1650

In the name of God Amen I Roger
Glanvill of Heavitree being weak in body being fect of Memory Doe make this my last
Will and Testament the twentiefourth day of November 1650. Imprimis I bequeath my
Soule unto Allmightie God which he of his ** goodness of mercy *** And Gronn* my
body byroay of Christian buriall into the earth from where it came. And for my worldly goods and
Testament of dis***thereof as ffolloweth, Imprimis I doe give unto my Cosen Roger *yne (maybe Pyne) of ***
the summe of five pounds payable *** *** after my decease Item I do give to my servants
and my Apprentises each the summe give shillings which are living with mee untill the time
of my death Item to the poore of the parish of Heavitree ******* from the parish
the summe of fforty shillings Item I do give unto my brother in law David Marsh his for
children which are living att the time of my death *** the Summe of give pounds to be
paid as soone as they shall attain to the age of twentie and one years And if one or more of them
dye then his of their said legacie or legacies of ffive pounds to to bee divided amongst the living
Item I doe give unto William Taylor the sonne of my brother in law John Taylor of Modbury
the summe of give pounds to bee payed cosien hee shall attaine unto the age of twentie and one
yeares, Item I doe give unto my Cosen Roger Lee the summe of twenty shillings to buy a
ring to bee payd xsenth after my death, Item Fore min Banckes vicar of this parish
of Heavitree for preaching of my funerall sermon the summe of fforty shillings
Lastly I do give unto Katherin my present wife all the residue of my goods and
chattels and doe hereby nominate and appointe her my whole and sole executrix of this
my last will and testament In wittness whereof I the saye Roger Glanvill have here
unto set my hand and sealde in the presence of those whose names are subscribed
the day and yeare above written being the twentie fourenth day of November one thousand
five hundred and ffifty Roger Glanvill Memorandum that the day and and yeare above ***
*** ** twentie fforeerty day of November 1650 Roger Glanvill did acknowledge this
to be his last will and testament in the presence of Mr Roger Law Thomas Durke*
Robert Morner and *** that upon the seven and twentieth day of November 1650 the
will was read before the said Roger Glanville who did acknowledge and confirm
the same for his last will ** *** in the presence of Thomas Payne Roger
*** *** James ***

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