William Glanville

12 Jan 1762

This is the last Will and Testament of me William Glanville now living in Stanhope Street near Hyde Park Imprimis I Give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Evelyn all those six thousand three per cent Annuitys which I have in the Bank of England and also all those six thousand three per cent India Annuitiys which I have in the East India Company To hold and enjoy the said twelve thousand pounds of 3 per cent Annuities to her own use as her own property for live fortune and provision and in full of all she can demand of me or my Estate Item I Give and Devise all my Lands Tenements Tythes and Estate whatsoever in the County of Rutland to my son George as his property To hold to him and his heirs together will all the arrears of Rent howsow due or to grow due Also I give to him all those Annuitys which I have during his life Vizt two Annuitys issuing out of the Exchequor for £120 p Ann and one for £45 p ann Also one other for £140 pr Ann issuing out of Sn Simon Stuarts Estate in Norfolk (will all arrears due or to grow due on them Also I Give to my son George all the money that is due to me on a Mortgage of said Sn Simeon Stuarts Estate in Norfolk To hold the said Annuitys and mon to him as his property Item I Give to my Daughter ffrancis Boscrawon two thousand pounds in Trust for her 4 youngest Children to be paid to them when she pleases Item I Give and devise my house and buildings in Stanhope Street and all the Goods ffurniture and plate therein to Jonas Raymond of Langley Esq In Trust to sell the same as soon as as well as he can and divide the money arising by such sale equally between my Daughter Sarah and my Son George Item I Give Mr Langton and his Wife fifty pounds apeice for Mourning and a ring / all the rest of my Estate and Effects I Give to my Son William Evelyn and his heirs Male of his body and for default of such I give to my son George and the heirs Male of his body and for default thereof to my own right heirs) Subject always to those small pensions that I have usually given to Old Edwd ffoot and Mary Christian I Constitute and appoint Jonas Raymond Esq to be sole executor of this my Will and give him fifty pounds for a Ring I desire to be laid in the Chancell of Godstone Church between my two Wives with a plain Marble Stone ovring all three In Witnefs herStaeof I set my hand to this first sheet of this my Will and my hand and seal to thie last sheet theroef this 12th Day of January 1762. Will Glanville / Signed sealed published and declared as and for his last Will and Testament by the above named Testator in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our Names as Witnefses hereto in his pressence Tho: Devon / Rob: Dent J:Church

On the fifteenth Day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty six Administration (with the Will annexed) of the Goods Chattels and Credits of William Glanville late of the parish of St George Hanover Square in the County of Middlesex Esqr deceased was granted to Willam Evelyn Esqr the natural and lawful Son of the said deceased and Residuary Legatee named in the said Will having been first sworn duly to administer Jonas Raymond Esqr the Sole Executor named in the said Will having first renounced the Execution thereof.