John Glanvile

29 Dec 1669

Memorandum That John Glanvile late Whitesth* of
the parifh of St Giles in the feilds in the County of Middx and being sick of the
Sicknes whereof he Died being on Wednfday the Nine and Twentieth of Day of
December One Thousand Six hundred Sixty Nine and he Dieing on the Tuefday
following make and Declare his last Will and Testament *** in manner
and forme following or words to the like in effect vizt Being asked by one Jane
Shepheard the wife of William Shepheard whether he had either ffather or Mother living answered No And
then being asked by her againe whether he had either Brother or Sister living
anfwered he could not tell whether he had or noe And being by the faid Jane
asked againe what he would Doe with that money he had anfwered Though I had
a Thousand Brothers and Sisters living yet I would give all to my Sister Chapping
meaning his Sister Anne Chopping the Wife of James Chapping at whofe houfe
he lay then *** sick, And I Doe give all that I have in the world to her which
words he spake and uttered with a serious intent and purpofe that the Jane should
stand and bee his last Will and Testament her being then in pefect mind and
memory in the prefence and hearing of Jane Shepheard the wife of William
Shepheard aforesaid and one Milberan Evans the wife of John Evans Sign
Jane Shepheard Sign Milberan Evans

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