Richard Glanvill

25 Oct 1765

In the Name of God Amen
I Richard Gideon Glanvill of Elmsett in the County of
Suffolk being of sound mind memory and a
understanding thanks be to almighty God do make
this my last will and testament first and principally I
commend my Soul to ye Mercies of almighty God my
Creator hoping for Salvation through the atonements
of Jesus Christ our blefsed Saviour and Redeemer
and my body when and wheresoever it shall please
God it shall die there to be interred and with the least
trouble charge or expense that may be so it being such
my most earnest request and desire and for which and
I do hereby order and direct to have duly a common
plain woollen shroud and single coffin of wood without
any ornaments of covering or vimion brafses or the
like except four or six plain handles for convenience
of carriage and putting me in my grave the place
where such grave may be is intirely indifferent to
me to which place I desire to be carried being
carry by six or eight poor men (without the ceremony
of poll or upper bearers) being provinated and
approved off by my most truly affectionout and justly
beloved dear wife Ann Glanvill or my mt sincere affectionate
and respectful Daughter Sarah Glanvill I give to each
of the abovesaid who carried me to my
grave a hatband of black crape and pair of black
glove to the Minister or curate who read the burial
service a hatband of black silk and pair of black
gloves to the carpenter who makes the coffin a
hatband of black crape and pair of black gloves to
the clerk or sexton where I am buried a hatband
of black crape and pair of balck glove and whereas
my dear Daughter Ann Gideon Blair (late ann
Gideon Glanvill) is so plentifully provided for the
will of her mt affectionate uncle the Revd James
jo*sbounds of S L D late of Little Soerksley in Efsex
deceased ye she my said Daughter Ann Gideon does
not stand in any need of addition to her ffortune out
of my Substance she the said Ann Gideon (my Daughter)
having been long before her marriage to William
Blair M.D. in pofsefsion of an Real Esate in ffree
and directed by her husbands uncle's will and aslo in
pofsefsion of many other very considerable estate
as in and by the said Will and directed (on the death
of my son qvxt James Glanvill one of the provisions in
the said Will and Brother to the said Ann Giddeon
my Daughter all which does sufficiently justify me
in doing all in my power to Ann Glanvill my dear
deserving and most affectionate wife and Sarah
Glanville my respectful Daughter therefore I do
humbly *** give and direct to my dear wife
Ann Glanvill all that my advowfon donation and
free disposition with my full might of patronage
of the Rectory and parish church of Somersham in
Suffolk together with all and singular the several
Right and properties thereof or thereto belongeth
and also I give and devise to Ann my dear Wife
all my several Manors or Lorships of Elmsett
often otherise ofton castle and Somersham in the
said County together with their server Rights of
courts leets and court Barons of what kind or Nature
several together with their ffines and quilt Rents
which now are or may become one and also I
Give to my said dear wife all that my Mefsusage
land malting office with all and singular the
appurtenances thereto belongeth lying and being
in Somersham in the said county and also I give
to my said dear wife all that my Mefsuage or
ffarm lying and being in Elmsett in the said county
Ruvion (?) by the name of pattens part in my own
occupation and part by Joseph Balls the elder with
the appurtenances containing twenty acres more
or less and I also give to Ann My dear wife all
other my real and personal Estate of what kind
and nature soever or wheresoever which I hold
livere (?) or may hereafter have any Right property
claim or demand in common land or equity all which
said Real and personal estate I give and grant to
Ann my sincere and most affectionate wife for the
term of her life in full trust and in conjunction with
Sarah Glanvill my respectul Daughter for the full
performance of this my Will first I do order and direct
that they pay all my just debts out of my aforesaid
Real and personal estates which may or shall be
due and owing from me at the time of my decease
I also give and devise to Ann my dear wife all
and every part remaining over and above paying
my just debts for her full use and benefit out of my
real and personal estates aforesaid (over and
above what she is entitled to by a marriage settlement
I made to her before marriage) and forever
performance of which I do oder and direct that Ann
my dear wife and Sarah my respectful Daughter
shall in confirmation with each other and performance
of my full reposed in them sell or otherwise
dispose of so much of any or all my personal or real
estates not only for their further support and maintenance
of Ann my dear wife but also for their and each of
their defence in common land or equities against
every encroachment that may happen on their just
Rights as they may or shall be directe by counsell
learned in the Law under his or their hands for their
safe support and defence I do hereby give in full
trust and confidence to my said Daughter Sarah
all the remains of my said Real and personal estate
whatsoever and wheresoever undispofed off for
the discharge of such just debts as may happen to
be contrracted by ann my dear wife in her life and
Also for discharging all the surident (?) charges that
may attend the most decent ffuneral charges of Ann
my dear wife and immediately from and after the
decease of my sincere and affectionate dear wife
and to enable my said respectful Daughter Sarah
to fulfill my desire in the said Trust I do hereby give
and devise to my said Daughter Sarah all and every
part of my said Real and personal estates whatsoever
or wheresover undisposed of my said Ann wife to
Sarah my respectfull daughter and to her heirs and
afsigns for ever and Lastly I do hereby constitute
nominate and appoint my dear wife Ann Glanvill and
Sarah Glanvill my Daughter my Executrixes to this
my last will and testament all written ***
hand contaiing three sheets of papoer so to each I
have hereunto set my hand and seal and do hereby
revoke and disai all former and other wills by me
at any time hereuntofore made in Witnefs hereof I
do hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty fifth
day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven
hundred and sixty five. Rich. G. Glanvill signed sealed
published and declared by the said Testator Richard
Gideon Glanvill to be his last will and Testastment in
the presence of us who in his presence and at his
request do subscribe our hands as witnefses to the same
Joseph Balls . Joseph Green. John Crooks