William Glanvil

7 July 1713

In the Name of God Amen
I William Glanvil of the aforesaid Island Esqr being somewhat
impaired in Bodily health but of perfect sence and memory praise be given
to God for the same and being likewise sudenly bound from this Island for
the Kingdom of Great Brittain and seriously considering the frailty of
humane nature and the incertainty of this life do make this my last Will
and Testament in manner and forme following and for what Wordly
Estate it hath pleased God to give and bestow upon me I do herby dispose
of the same in manner and form as is hereafter set down Imprimis my
Will is that all my debts that is due and owing from me both in Law and
Equity be justly paid out of my Estate by the Executors hereafter named on
those that shal enjoy the same Item I give & Bequeath and devise to my
loving Wife Dorothy twelve hundred Pound currant and lawfull money
of this Island and one hundred Pistols in Gold over and above the aforesaid
Twelve Hundred Pounds to buy her Mourning with a very good horse and
a very good velvit side saddle all which is to be taken out of my Estate and
paid and bought by she she or them that shall enjoy the same I also give and
devise to my said Wife seaven Negro slaves by name George, Guy, Harry
Charles, Sue, Nelly and Quashetoba, To have to to hold the said slaves
with their increase to my said Wife and her heires forever I also give and
Bequeath unto my said Wife all the ffurniture of my house my household
Stuffe Plate and Jewells to her and to her Execu: and Afsigned for ever
I also devise unto my said Wife the House I now live in in the Towne of
St Johns with all the appurtenances and out houses thereunto belonging
for and during her natural life and no longer all which aforesaid Gifts
Bequests and devises is in full Consideration of her Dower Item I give
and Bequeath unto my daughter Allice ffiften hundred Pound good
and lawfull mony of this Island to be paid her by my Executors out of my
Estate of those that shall enjoy the same when she shall arrive to the age
of Eighteene years and in the mean time to have and receive out of my
said Estate Eighty Pound Currant mony of this Island per annum for
her support and maintenance until she shall receive her foresaid Legacy
I also give and Devise to my said daughter Six Negro Slaves by name
black Betty, Dolly, Dick, Addam Fanies Suly & Jupiter, To have and to hold
the aforesaid Slaves to her and her Heirs for ever with their increase
A good horse
and good velvit side saddle Item I give and Bequeath unto each of
Captn Loyds Children one Hundred Pound Currant mony of this
Island whey they shall come to the age of fourteene years
to be paid by my Executors out of my Estate or by those ye shall injoy
the same Item I give and Bequeath to Govr Jno Yeamans ye sume
of 1000 curr. money of this Isld. to be pd. by me Exrs. out of my Estate
as a token of my respect to him Turn over Item I do hereby
burthen and Charge all my Estate both real and personal for the one
payment & performance of all and every the aforesaid credits Gifts
bequests and Devises Item all the rest of my Estate both real and personal
Except what I have before given Bequeathed and Devised I give Bequeath
and devise unto my loving son Wm Glanvil and his Heires for ever
Item I do hereby nominate ordain and appoint my Gov ff Wm Y
Vall Morris & Chr Soodley to be E Item I do hereby revoke make void
and null all manner of Wills and Testament by me formerly made
hereby declareing this to be my last Will and Testament In Witnefs
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and fixed my Seale this seventh
day of July of the year of our Lord one Thousand Seaven Hundred
& thirteene
being all wrote my own hand Wm-G-O Sign'd Seald
Published and declared as my last Will and Testament in the presence
of AB:CD:H:A T:Y: Hopefor Bondall: Sam Parry ** Symon
Junr. Marmaduke Urlin I give and Bequeath unto my **
Capt Vallent: Morris and Chr Stoodley the Sume of ffifty Pounds Currt.
to be pd money to each of them to buy ye Mourning to be pd by those that
shall enjoy my Estate I give & bequeath unto my Negro Man Yorke
a CC of Corke beefe & a CC of fflower every yeare, also I give and Bequeath
unto my Negro Man Jacob ye Carpenter a CC of like beefe also the like
for my Negro Man Myngo & my Negro Man Tark the Overseer to be
given ym by those ym enjoy my Est. every yeare dureing their Lives Also to
each of these Negroes before mentioned I give two spotted Shirts 2 pr Osterivgs
Breeches & Farfetts of the same to be given ym by those that shall enjoy my Esta.
every yeare dureing their lives - I doe hereby burthen & Charge er
Copy of my Will 7 July 1713 The Original left in the hands of Mr Wm

26 Janry 1713

Colonel Samuel Watkins late of the Island of Antigua and Daniel
Mackennen late of the same place Gent do severally make oath that these
deponents were well acquainted with William Glanvill late of the said
Island Esqr. deced and have often seen him write and thereby became
well acquainted with his manner and Character of handwriting and
these Depts having now viewed the sheet of written paper hereunto
annexed purporting a draught of Copy of the said deceaseds Will do
severally say that they verily the Indorsment thereon viz: the words
[Copy of my Will 7 July 1713 The Original left in the hands of Mr Wm
Yeamans] and all that is written on the Backside of the said Sheet of
paper and also the subscription on the foreside of the said Sheet Viz Wm G
and also the words [Turn over] and [being all wrote with my own hand]
and several other amendments and additions in the foreside of the said
Sheet, are all of the proper handwriting of the said William Glanvill
deceased; and to be by him corrected for a true Copy of his last Will and
Testament Sa; Watkins Dan: Mackinen Eod die dirti Saml Watkins
et Daniel Mackennen Jurat super veritatee premifses Cod in I Excon Sue
presente Richo Shaller N.D.

Decimo Septimo
...Latin text ...
die mensis ffebruary anno domini Millesimo Septingeusimo decimo tertio...
Willielmo Glanvill filio et Legatario Residuario nominat in Testamento Willielmi Glanvill...
Willielmuns Yeamans Valentimes Morris et Christopherus Stoodley Executores in dicto testamento nominate

Decimo quinto
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die mensis ffebruary anno domini Millimo Septingeusimo decimo quarto ...
Willielmo Glanvill filio naturali et legitimo et unie e Legatarys Residuarys nominat in ...