Henry Glanvill


He leaves money to his brother John Hamatt and his wife and children. [John must be his brother in law.]
Gives money to Edward Luxson and Susan Luxson, children of my sister Joanne Luxson.
Brother Richard Glandfeilde, wife and children.
[Looks like Joannes husband or son was Peter.]
Leaves money to John Gowman's children.
Leaves money to Amye Glandfeilde the daughter of John Glandfeilde of Totnes (merchant)
Gives to my Aunt Alice, wife of Fulkes Ford
To my cousin Edward Glandfeilde
To Leonard, son of John Glanfeilde of Totnes
I give unto my sisters Joanne Glandfeilde the elder, and Joanne Glandfeilde the younger, my farm called Sessacott a property in West Putford. (Cornwall)
To my eldest brother John Glanfeilde.. leaves land called the Little Feareyfe [Fillay, Filleigh]
To his brother Richard he leaves he leaves his apparel "now in Totnes", and one "longer cloak now in Exeter" Devon and a rapier at Stabridge
Leaves to his older sister Joan all of his apparel now in London
Brother John is his executor
Witnesses, Edward Glanvile, gentleman, John Glanvile, George Harris and Christopher Harte