Glanville Marriages


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Marriage Distribution

Glanville distribution around the country can be determined by examining Where they married.

I have sufficient coverage (although incomplete) of the records to allow an examination of where the known marriages took place, in 50 year slices, between 1550 and 1950. Outside that date range I do not have enough records to make any examination meaningful, and in fact the range 1901-50 is barely representative.

A series of maps are presented below, with the Glanville marriages identified by white spots - the larger the spot, the more marriages took place there.

Known Errors

  • I have used my own experiences and judgement (which is not perfect) to decide which spelling variants to include / exclude as "Glanvilles". Phonetic spelling, transcription errors, original document mistakes etc etc etc conspire against exactitude in my analysis.
  • Not all marriages that must have taken place have been identified.
    For example, baptismal and census records inform of married Glanvilles for whom the marriage record is yet to be found. Hence there are more marriages than identified marriage spots on the maps.
  • Many of the marriages are of Glanville woman, and some of those will have been Glanvill(e) widows remarrying in their previous married name - i.e. they were not born Glanvilles
Because of the missing records, and the fact that people married more than once, you should not use these maps to attempt to determine how many Glanvilles there were in these eras.


Here are the maps, each opens into a new Browser window.
Each marriage within the year range covered appears as a single white spot geographically located at the town / village. Other marriages at the same location force an increase in spot size, not additional spots. Only marriages with a known date and location are used in the generation of the maps.
The maps include all spelling variants I have deemed to refer to Glanvilles.

Marriages 1551 to 1600
  Marriages 1601 to 1650
  Marriages 1651 to 1700
  Marriages 1701 to 1750
Marriages 1751 to 1800
  Marriages 1801 to 1850
  Marriages 1851 to 1900
  Marriages 1901 to 1950