William Glanville

27 Feb 1724

To be buried in St Cath. Cree church, London, near my father. All my real estate in Antigua to be sold, & the proceeds to be laid out in the purchase of lands in England, viz. : for my wife Eliz., & then to my 2 sons Wm & John Alison Glanville after her death. The remainder to be divided into 5 equal parts, to be laid out near Ipswich, co. Suffolk, & settled in trust for my son Wm & his heirs male, then to my son John Alison Glanville, then to my wife Eliz., then to my heirs.
(Witnessed by Hugh Holms, John Christopher, William Blizard. To be laid out near Ipswich & settled in trust on my son John Alison Glanville & his heirs male, then to my wife Eliz., in which case she may charge them with £2000. To my wife £100, all plate, jewels, & furniture, chariott & 4 English horses worth £100 & 14 slaves, as long as she reside in Antigua. To my Ex'ors £20 each & a 20s. ring. My wife, Elizabeth, Saml Meynott of North Chappel near Petworth, Sussex, Col. Saml Martin, & Thos. Kerby of Antigua, to be Ex'ors.

Codicil. If the King on appeal grant the forfeiture of 20 per cent, by Joseph Redhead & his Ex'ors for non-pay- ment of purchase money in time limited by Act which will amount to £72 c, I give 5 to the children of Elizth, dau. of Joseph Redhead, & wife of Wm Garrate, & to the children of Grace his other dau., & wife of Edw Monteigue. All books, goods, & merchandise to my wife, but all law books to my son Wm.
Witnessed by George Crump, Walter Sydserfe, Edward Monteigue. Before Edward Byam, Esq., was sworn Dr. George Crump 25 Feb. 1734. Recorded at St. John's 28 Feb. 1734.