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The General Register Office (currently at Southport, but sometimes referred to as the St Catherine's House records as that used to be their location) has since 1837 recorded Births, Marriages and Deaths in England and Wales (but not Scotland nor Ireland).

However, only those reported to them have been collated and indexed. Furthermore the indexation was subject to human transcription which means records were lost prior to transcribing, were wrongly transcribed or didn't find their way into the index. Further transcription errors have arisen as the GRO records are made available to the public (see below). Lastly, I have found instances of multiple registration (sometimes with name variants) at the same time, and re-registration (typically of a child born before parents' marriage being re-registered after the parents' marriage).

I removed all discovered duplications and corrected known errors/omissions before compiling these graphs.

Most, but not all, of the records have been re-transcribed at the Free BMD website by volunteers.
Also, access is available by subscription to Ancestry.co.uk

As the G.R.O. records only cover England and Wales, this page only uses English / Welsh events, even though my own records cover other regions such as Ireland, Australia, the USA, Canada etc.

To take account of the phonetic spelling and many transcription errors, I have included all surnames that start GLANV and GLENV, discarding the few that are clearly unrelated.

As in the census records, there are Glanvilles whose names were written GLANFILL, GLENFIELD, GRANVEL and the like - but these are relatively few in number and it is easier to omit them than try to isolate them for inclusion.

Glanville Births

Births for 1838 to 2000 inclusive:-

Glanville births 1838 to 1920

Within the human population as a whole, it is expected there to be 105 male births for every 100 female births.
Glanville births follow this trend with a ratio of 108.6 : 100 for the data charted above; however there can be significant variations, for example in 1887 and 1892 there were significantly more female than male births registered; whereas in the intervening years, there were the usual slightly more male than female birth registrations.

The apparent discontinuity around 1920 has two contributing factors:
a) is where I stopped recording the more esoteric surname variations and focussed on GLANVILLE / GLANVILL, as with literacy levels much higher the GRENVILLES etc are clearly forging their own distinctly separate lines and living members would probably not associate themselves with GLANVILLE.
b) this is about the time parents were becoming able to control their family size, and any given family unit would henceforth have fewer children.

Glanville Marriages

Marriages 1838-2000 inclusive:-

Glanville marriages 1838 to 2000

It should be noted that the female count includes ALL marriages of women born a Glanville (e.g. if they married, divorced or widowed and then remarried, each marriage would contribute to the count in the appropriate years). However, it excludes earlier or subsequent marriages of women who married a Glanville once amongst their multiple marriages.

There is a small undercounting arising from if a Glanville woman's subsequent marriage failed to declare her maiden name AND I failed to spot it was a Glanville remarriage.

There is a significant fall in the number of marriages from the late 1980s, corresponding with a much greater proportion of the births being found with a mother surnamed Glanville, or found with a mother's maiden for which no parental marriage is found. This is clearly the point at which families continued to have children, but without a formal marriage of the parents.

Glanville Deaths

Deaths 1838-2000 inclusive:-

Glanville deaths 1838 to 2000

The striking thing about this graph is the apparently lower mortality of Glanville women than men.

Glanville women are not Eternal, rather they marry thus losing a distinctive name at birth and dying as Smith, Jones, Thompson, Robinson etc and thus their death is unknown to me.
I am able to identify the deaths of spinsters, and those with distinctive names at death allowing me to identify them as women born Glanvilles.

Women who marry a Glanville man, and thus die with a Glanville surname are NOT included in the above counts.