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Glanville Masters and Apprentices

Duties had to be paid by Masters for their Apprentices.

The records recorded for the payment were not necessarily dated at the commencement of the apprenticeship.

Generally apprentices were in their teen years, and masters not under the age of 25.

Unidentified Glanvilles

From the registers held at the National Archives at Kew (registers of the money received for the payment on taxes for an apprentice’s indenture) I have, where possible identified the people and updated the information into Ghosts of Glanvilles, accessed from Jay's Genes (see Navigation on the left).

Those I have yet to identify are listed below, the records cover 100 years from 1710, and the early records list the names (usually) of the parent of the Apprentice.

Information in square braces [   ] thus is added by myself to clarify as I transcribed the following from the original handwritten registers.

Date of DutyMaster's Name, location and tradeName of Apprentice (sometimes parent's information also)
10 Mar 1803 Thos Glanvill Parish of Kelt Colen Co Cornwall carpenter Wm Williams
3 Feb 1807 Benjm Glanvill Feltwell Norfolk taylor Robt Hollox
18 Dec 1728 Chas Callis of Lyons Inn Midx Gent George Glanville of Devon
5 Sep 1726 John Glanvill City of London Apothecary Arthur son of Arthur Good of Winchester Gent
5 May 1781 Jno Cafsell and Jno Glanvill Plymouth Devon sailmakers Wm Nickolson
23 Feb 1719 James Codner of Newton Abbott Devon perukemaker ffran: son of ffran: Glanvill decd
12 Nov 1768 John Glanvill of Exeter Devon cordwainer Edward Bury
20 Aug 1800 Benjn Glanvill citizen and tyler and bricklayer of London Stephn Chance
10 Jul 1793 John Glanvill Parish of St Austell Co of Cornwell cordwainer Jas Perrow
23 Sep 1779 John Bird citizen and stationer of London Roger Glanvill
27 Nov 1713 Emilie Baldwin sempstress Eliz. Daughter of Julius Glanvill dec
14 Jan 1777 Jacob Borlase of Saint Austell Co Cornwall mercer Rich: Glanville
12 Feb 1803 Thos Penny Parish of St Budeaux Co of Devon carpenter Thos Glanvill
5 Sep 1766 Jno Glanvill of Ottery St Mary attorney John Elliott
16 Aug 1766 Peter Glanvill of Crediton cordwainer Jn Haydon
27 Nov 1779 Jno Glanvill Saint Austell in Co Cornwall cordwainer Thos Petherick
3 Jul 1722 Jno Glanvill of Exon Devon barber and perukemaker Jno son of Wm Adams victualler
4 Feb 1761 William Glanvill of Farringdon [Devon] cordwainer Francis Vildey
5 Apr 1797 Robt Glanvill Parish of St Bresow Co Cornwall cordwainer John P Cradddock
21 Feb 1723 Mary Whatley of Exon Seamstrefs Sarah Glanvill [the majority of the records on this page had their parents named, but Sarah’s does not]
8 Nov 1746 Jeremiah Glanvill St George Hanover Square John Brothers
12 Nov 1795 Thos Glanvill Parish of Little Colen Co Cornwall carpenter Johns Hicks
4 Feb 1774 Wm Davey of Truro in Co Cornwall cordwainer Sam: Glanvill
12 Dec 1778 Thomas Cook of Mevagifsy in Co Cornwall roper Wm Glanvill
9 Aug 1770 Joseph Pope of Newlyn [Cornwall] blacksmith William Glanvill
10 Jan 1731 Thos Glanvill of Ratcliff Highway [London] baker Danl: son of Will: Andrews
27 Apr 1716 Jno Glanvill of Plymouth [Devon] sadler Jno. son of Jno. Trowbury of Lostwithiel Cornwall
12 Jun 1780 John Cafsall and Jno Glanvill of Plymouth in Co Devon sailmakers Haugh Douglas
31 May 1755 Geo Glanvill of Abingdon Berks taylor John Pope
27 Aug 1787 Benjm Glanvill citizen tyler and bricklayer of London Jno Kimber
22 Jan 1750 George Groom of Nackton Co Suffolk taylor Stephen Glanville
15 Sep 1763 Philip Moysey of Plymouth sailmaker John Glanville
3 Jul 1795 Fredk Glanville citizen and leather seller of London Wm Spencer
15 Apr 1797 John Keagle parish of Buckland Monachorum Co of Devon carpenter Richard Glanvill
8 Aug 1803 Thos. Glanville parish of Little Colen Co of Cornwall carpenter Richd. Warmington
5 Apr 1804 Thos. Glanville parish of Little Colen Co of Cornwall carpenter Wm. Hoyte
3 May 1790 Wm Ninnis Phillack Co of Cornwall joiner Jno Glanvill
2 Apr 1774 Thomas Hamlett of Saint Giles in the fields in Co of Middlesex sawyer John Glanville
5 Jul 1769 Wm Hillman of Exeter cordwainer Edwd Glanville
24 Nov 1802 John Bryant Plymouth Dock Co of Devon taylor Richd Glanville
20 Jun 1744 John Glanville of city Exon cordwainer Henry Vicary Packer
4 Nov 1782 Wm Davey of Bodmin Co Cornwall cordwainer Rob. Glanvil
16 Nov 1753 Rd Glanville of Exon [Devon] perukemaker John Bradlake
3 Feb 1719 Richd Glanville [London] barber surgeon Abraham son of Abr: Toulmin decd
5 Sep 1782 John Richards of Camborne Co Cornwall taylor Mary Glanville
20 Apr 1763 Wm Glanville of Farringdon Devon cordwainer Thos Pyle
18 Jan 1722 Mary Whately of Exon [Devon] seamstrifs Anne Glanville of Exon spinster [other people on the page were listed with their parents]
14 Apr 1761 William Glanvil of Farringdon [Devon] cordwainer William Perry
1 May 1782 Wm Glanfild Saint Breock [Cornwall] cordwainer Rich: Glanfild
14 Apr 1724 Tho: Glanville Wapping baker John son of John Reeve of Maldon in Essex miller
30 Dec 1766 Wm Brown of Bath [Somerset] perukemaker Wm Glenville