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This page is a continuation of Glanville Entries in Old Records.

Anyone who has other data to contribute to this, please email it to me using the link above right.

As with all published Genealogical data, you are strongly encouraged to verify this information for yourself, from source material. This is only intended to be a guide.

Anglican Clergy listed in Crockford's Clerical Directories published between 1868 and 1932.

Masters and Apprentices were listed in records. Apprentices details those whose information is not held in Ghosts of Glanvilles

Two sources of Criminal Records are transcribed :

Military Records containing indices to British Army Medal, Service and Pension records for the First World War, and Campaign Medals for other conflicts.
The records themselves are not transcribed here.

Oaths containing Glanvilles are listed, so far only Devon Oaths 1723

There is also Times Newspaper entries and Telephone Directory Records.
Note that there are a huge number of entries in this latter categories; and Electoral Rolls are becoming available too, although some of the record sources require subscription to access them.
The sheer weight of numbers of records mean I am unlikely to add any further records to those here pertaining to Newspapers, Telephone Directories and Electoral Rolls.

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