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This page holds summaries of the genealogical aspects of Glanvilles (and spelling variants) who appeared in transcripts of the Proceedings of the Old Bailey.
If they were jury members or character witnesses, no genealogical information would be available; but if other relations were named, or references made to employment, this may give clues as to who they were. The information extracted is not necessarily simple relationships, but when combined with other information may serve to identify individuals.

The information is sorted into Christian Name order.

I have not attempted to summarise the court's proceedings with regard to the legal aspects, as they are online and you can examine them at The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913.


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Genealogical Information Summarised

17 Feb 1820t18200217-5ProceedingsAdjutant GlanvilleResidence Upper Eaton Street, Pimlico. Servant was William Simons
11 Jan 1886t18860111-141ProceedingsAlbert Francis GlanvilleEngraver, carrying out business at 13 Tottenham Court Road
13 Sep 1886t18860913-895ProceedingsAlfred GlanvilleAge 56. Indicted of unlawfully carnally knowing Nelly Glanville, aged 13yrs. Not Guilty
10 Apr 1865t18650410-370ProceedingsAnn GranvilleAged 56. Pleaded Guilty to offering counterfeit coin, Confimed six months
12 Dec 1870t18701212-89ProceedingsArthur GlanvilleSalesman to Robert Johnson, bootmaker
27 Feb 1882t18820227-351ProceedingsArthur GlanvillePoliceman V66, on duty Southwick Crescent
24 Nov 1862t18621124-65ProceedingsArthur GranvilleClerk at Gutta Percha works belonging to Henry Bewley located Wharf Road, City Road
22 May 1822t18220522-87ProceedingsAugustus Bozzi Granvill, EsquireResidence 8 Savell Row, Burlington Gardens, parish of St Martin in the Fields, renting whole house
14 Oct 1747t17471014-3ProceedingsBenjamin GlanvillClerk to Mr Henry Parrant (dealing with probate)
15 Jan 1742f17420115-1Front MatterBenjamin GranvilleWas member of jury
30 Jun 1831t18310630-54ProceedingsBenjamin GranvilleResident of County of Warwick, lodging at Leman's Hotel in Park Street on 18th May
14 Sep 1791f17910914-1Front MatterCaleb GlanvilleWas member of jury
20 Apr 1748t17480420-22ProceedingsCaptain GranvilleCommanded vessel Defiance
30 Jan 1842t18430130-594ProceedingsCatherine GlanvileIn service to Dr Bailey since previous 25 April. Lives No 16 Strutton Ground, mother's address
5 Jun 1875t18750605-413ProceedingsCharles Bozzi Granville and Algernon GranvilleAged 23 and 16 respectively. Charged with Stealing and Receiving of eighty one reams of paper. Charles had a wife. Algernon found Not Guilty; Charles found Guilty, eighteen months imprisonment
22-Jun-09t19090622-60ProceedingsCharles Thomas GlanvilleSenior Partner at Nelson, Donkin & Co., 38 Great St Helens, shipowners
8 Apr 1844t18440408-1322ProceedingsDaniel GlanvilleIndicted for stealing 1 handkerchief at Greenwich fair. Found Guilty, aged 14, Confined ten days and whipped
22 Oct 1755t17551022-25ProceedingsDr. Glanvil---
11 Sep 1754t17540911-20ProceedingsEdward GlanvileSaid that a journeyman carpenter (John Everard) worked under his care, therefore possibly a builder or carpenter himself
17 Sep 1794t17940917-43ProceedingsEdward GlanvillA Carpenter and Builder, employed by his father Edward Glanville who lives Broad Santuary Westminster. Both Edward's owned houses
31 May 1786f17860531-1Front MatterEdward GlanvilleWas member of jury
11 Dec 1882t18820227-351ProceedingsEdward GlanvillePoliceman R181 at Woolwich police station
16 Nov 1891t18911116-60ProceedingsEliza GlanvilleAge 13. Residence 4 Edith Cottages, New Road, Bedfont. Domestic Servant
15 Sep 1851t18510915-1808ProceedingsEliza GranvilleSingle Woman
23 May 1892t18920523-571ProceedingsEliza GranvilleResidence 4 Edith Cottages, New Road, Bedfont. General Servant.
8 Apr 1839t18390408-1373ProceedingsElizabeth GlanvillWife of John Glanvill, lived Strutton Ground, Westminster.
11 Jan 1827t18270111-162ProceedingsElizabeth GlanvilleResidence Mr. Walwyn's wine-vaults, Compton Street
3 Jul 1834t18340703-55ProceedingsElizabeth GlanvilleAged 17, servant to Mary Acocks 40 Friday-Street. Indicted for stealing. Purported to come from Plymouth, her mother a seamstress previously worked for Mary Acocks. Bishop Engram, Charterhouse-square & Sarah Clapp, wife of J. Clapp, builder, Horsley-down, gave her a good character. Found Guilty, recommended to mercy, confined one week.
10 May 1841t18410510-1398ProceedingsEllen GlanvilleIndicted for stealing a purse and money. Found Guilty, aged 16, Confined six months. Her mother handed her in for theft.
20 Sep 1875t18750920-482ProceedingsFlorence GranvilleAged 19. Accused of Stealing and Receiving a portanteau and other articles. Found Not Guilty. Possibly married
27 May 1830t18300527-164ProceedingsFrederick Glanville---
17 Oct 1833t18331017-38ProceedingsFrederick GlanvilleServant to Mr Layton, who keeps the Swan in Kingsland Road
2 Jul 1817t18170702-60ProceedingsGeorge GlanvilleOn vessel Cornwall at Whampoo-reach near Canton in China 24 Oct (presumably 1816)
27 Feb 1865t18650227-346ProceedingsGeorge GlanvilleAge 38. Unlawfully offering counterfeit coin. Events took place in Woolwich. Found Guilty, Confined nine months
23 Oct 1876t18761023-478ProceedingsGeorge GlanvilleResidence Jeffrey Road, Clapham
28 May 1883t18830528-620ProceedingsGeorge GlanvilleClerk at the American Exchange, 449 Strand
10 Jul 1805t18050710-10ProceedingsGeorge GranvilleWith George Pengree and George Grenfill owned fourteen pounds of copper (apparently trading metal)
5 Apr 1852t18520405-392ProceedingsGlanvilleWas in possession of a shawl at Queen's Head, Bermondsey. Possibly landlord of the public house
14 Dec 1891t18911214-153ProceedingsGlanville & Co.Linoleum / Floorcloth Factory, 20 Bland Street, Southwark
17 Aug 1840t18400817-2025ProceedingsHenry Baptiste GlanvilleIn service to Charles Carter, linen-draper, Cross Street, Hoxton
28 Nov 1836t18361128-59ProceedingsHenry GlanvilleIndicted for stealing 2 brickmaker's trowels. Found Guilty, aged 19, confined three months
9 Apr 1855t18550409-477ProceedingsHenry Thomas GlanvilleIndicted for wilful and corrupt perjury. Pleaded Guilty, aged 28, Confined four months
13 Jan 1738f17380113-1Front MatterJames GlanvilleWas member of jury
8 Apr 1844t18440408-1146ProceedingsJames GlanvilleIndicted for stealing 2 printed books from his master Henry George Bohn. Pleaded Guilty, aged 31, Confined six months
21 Sep 1835t18350921-2033ProceedingsJames GranvilleTailor at James Street, Buckingham Gate
23-Jul-06t19060723-37ProceedingsJames GranvilleAged 34, Painter. Accused of robbery with violence. Arrested in Leather Lane
07-Feb-11t19110207-19ProceedingsJames GranvilleAged 40, scaffolder. Pleaded Guilty to robbery without violence. Previously convicted 6 Nov 9106, served 3 years penal servitude for warehouse breaking, released 6 Nov 1909
2 Feb 1835t18350202-647ProceedingsJohn GlanvillePainter and Glazier, Hackney Road
3 Apr 1842t18420404-1371ProceedingsJohn Glanville---
12 Jan 1891t18910112-141ProceedingsJohn GlanvilleGrocers manager at 449 Commercial Road
28 Nov 1842t18421128-44ProceedingsJohn GranvilleEmployed by Mr Cooper at a house in Long Acre
27 Oct 1856t18561027-972ProceedingsJohn Robinson GlanvilleCashier in a bank
20 Feb 1793t17930220-81ProceedingsJohn Sawyer GlanvilleOwned a sash saw. Worked at the Duke of Leeds. Owned tools. Probable carpenter
23 Oct 1871t18711023-710ProceedingsLionel GranvilleAge 29. Pleaded Guilty to three indictmens for forging etc. Four months imprisonment
16 Oct 1751t17511016-10ProceedingsMary GranvilWidow
24 Feb 1896t18960224-275ProceedingsMiss M. Granville---
9 Sep 1742t17410405-15ProceedingsMr GlanvilleNamed in a legal capacity
5 Apr 1741t17410405-16ProceedingsMr GlanvilleResidence (landlord) the White-Horse in Wheeler Street, Spittle-Fields. Had a wife.
11 Jul 1770t17700711-35ProceedingsMr GlanvilleResidence Redman's Row, with servant named John Kilpack
19 Oct 1840t18401019-2644ProceedingsMr Glanville---
3 Jan 1848t18480103-456ProceedingsMr GlanvilleKept Coach and Horses public house, near Wood Street Westminster
29 Feb 186418640229-367ProceedingsMr Granville---
16 Sep 1878t18780916-827ProceedingsMr Granville---
12 Sep 1759t17590912-1ProceedingsMrs GranvilSilversmith, St Martin's Lane
8 Dec 1731a17311208-1AdvertisementReverend Mr GlanvilLate Minister of Bath
20 Oct 1762f17621020-1Front MatterRichard GlanvillWas member of jury
17 Feb 1779f17790217-1Front MatterRichard GlanvilleWas member of jury
18 Feb 1778t17780218-32ProceedingsRichard GlanvilleSilversmith
2 Dec 1824t18241202-91ProceedingsRichard GlanvilleLodged with wife Sarah at house of John Clark, No 21 Mount Pleasant
16 Oct 1834t18341016-184ProceedingsRichard GlanvilleResidence Henry Street, Gray's Inn lane
13 Jul 1836t18360713-1445ProceedingsRichard GlanvillePoliceman
30 Mar 1846t18460330-828ProceedingsRight Honourable Edward Granville, Earl of St GermainsHer Majesty's Postmaster General
5 Dec 1804t18041205-4ProceedingsRobert GlanvilleNamed Robert Glanville senior. Residence 132 the Minories. Haberdasher & Milliner, had shop. Son Robert Glanville was aged 14
9 Apr 1829t18290409-134ProceedingsRobert Glanville---
10 May 1841t18410510-1371ProceedingsRobert GlanvilleIndicted for steading 5lbs weight of beef. Found Not Guilty. Lodged with Thomas Robertson.
21 Aug 1843t18430821-2328ProceedingsRobert GlanvilleIndicted for stealing shoes from his master Samuel Salter, shoemaker of Weymouth Terrace. Found at Chatham Barrack. Found Guilty, aged 18, Transported for Seven Years
9 Dec 1767f17671209-1Front MatterSamuel GlanvilleWas member of Jury
14 Aug 1854f18470816ProceedingsThomas GlanvilleAppointed Overseer of parish of St Brides
9 Jul 1740t17400709-5ProceedingsThomas GlanvilleLandlord at Stepney. Frances Saunders was Mr Glanville's Wife's nurse
17 Aug 1847f18470816Front MatterThomas Glanville Was member of jury
14-Dec-03t19031214-70ProceedingsThomas Glanville otherwise BilesPleaded Guilty to obtaining money from various people with intent to defraud. Five years penal servitude
5 Jun 1846t18460615-1383ProceedingsThomas GranvillPolice Constable N251
10 Jun 1850t18500610-1210ProceedingsThomas GranvillePoliceman M251, near Tiverton Street, Newington
14 Sep 1897t18970914-641ProceedingsThomas Ryder GlanvilleAge 25. to stealing a bag, a pair of trousers, and other articles of Wallace Gordon Morrison. Having been convicted at Guildhall on October 10th, 1892. Pleaded Guilty, 12 months Hard Labour
7 Jul 1873t18730707-468ProceedingsDr Usher Glanville Doyle Glanville (Granville)Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians. Residence Spring Grove, Isleworth
2 Apr 1894t18940402-374ProceedingsWill GranvilleAged 19. Taught dancing at Kennington
10 Sep 1783t17830910-36ProceedingsWilliam GlanvilleWent to sea two years previously. Found Guilty for feloniously assaulting Jeremiah Branson, sentenced to death. On 10 Dec 1783, a William Glanville having been capitally convicted at former sessions received his Majesty's pardon on the condition he was transported for seven years
26 May 1819t18190526-1ProceedingsWilliam GlanvilleAdjutant in the regiment (lancers) at Hounslow Barracks parish of Heston
3 Jul 1837t18370703-1734ProceedingsWilliam GlanvilleIndicted for stealing 560lbs weight of printer paper, property of Robert Wilson his master (cheesemonger). William was publisher of a book that Robert Wilson owned the copyright of. Found Guilty, aged 25, recommended to mery, confined one year.
6 Aug 1878t18780806-691ProceedingsWilliam GlanvilleSailed on vessel Argosy from Port Adelaide, Australia, crew member
1 Mar 1880t18800301-264ProceedingsWilliam GlanvilleAged 12, residence 9 Park Terrace, Campsbourne Road, Hornsey
23 Jul 1894t18940723-655ProceedingsWilliam GlanvilleAge 27. For committing acts of indecency (with Thomas Colville Bandloss). Not Guilty
03-Mar-08t19080303-58ProceedingsWilliam Puddicombe GranvilleAssistant Manager, Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company Ltd, 10 Wharf Road City Road
9 Mar 1891t18910309-276ProceedingsWilliam Urmston Searle Glanville RichardsAge 35. Unlawfully damaging certain manuscripts of and belonging to the British Museum. Guilty, two months without hard labour
2 Apr 1838t18380402-1137ProceedingsWilliams, Granville and Co.A Banking House at Chester and Caernarvon