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This page holds transcripts of Glanvilles appearing in records of the All England, United Grand Lodge of England Freemason Registers (1751 - 1921).
The information is available with paid-subscription from Ancestry.co.uk.

The Birth Year is calculated from the Age given in the Register.
Some people are listed more than once.

NameBirth YearInitiation DateLodgeLocationProfession
Albert Edward Glanvillabt 189625 Apr 1917Masefield LodgeMoseley WorcesterEngineer
Alfred William Glanvilleabt 185310 Apr 1888Phoenix LodgeSimon's Town, Cape ColonyChief E.R.A.
Arthur Glanvillabt 188914 Jan 1918Lodge of EmulationLiverpoolOverlooker
Arthur Thomas Glanville 1896Lodge of FidelityDevonport 
Arthur Thomas Glanville 1909United Service LodgeHong Kong 
Arthur Thomas Glanville 8 Apr 1909United Service LodgeHong KongSick Berth Steward
Arthur Thomas Glanvilleabt 18683 Dec 1896Lodge of FidelityDevonportSickberth Steward RN
Bertram Carlton de Glanvilleabt 187313 Oct 1913Royal Victoria LodgeNassauClerk
Bertram George de Glanvilleabt 188513 Sep 1913Kurunegala LodgeKurunegala, CeylonCivil Servant
Bertram George de Glanvilleabt 18853 Feb 1917Nuwaraw Eliya LodgeNuwara Eliya CeylonCivil Service
Charles Ernest Glanvillabt 187820 Sep 1912Warrant Officers Lodge Police Sergeant
Charles Glanvilleabt 180812 Oct 1840Percy Lodge  
Charles Harding Glanville 1893Lodge of AgricultureYatton Somerset 
Charles Harding Glanvilleabt 185520 Feb 1893Lodge of AgricultureYatton SamersetWine Merchant
Charles Herbert Glanvilleabt 187414 Nov 1911St. Peter & St. Paul LodgeNewport PagnellManufacturer
Charles James Glanvilleabt 187726 Feb 1919Jorden Lodge Engineer
Charles William Glanvilleabt 186713 Oct 1911  Hotel Proprietor
Cornelius Ruck Glanvillabt 187217 Feb 1919Lodge Of Tranquillity Stock Broker
Edward Glanvill  George Joiner
Edwd F. Glanvilleabt 180512 Apr 1826Apollo University LodgeOxford 
Edwin Glanvill 15 Dec 1870Unity LodgeCredston DevonshireDraper
Edwin Peel Glanville 1893St. Peter's LodgeNewcastle-on-Tyne 
Edwin Peel Glanville 1908Wallsend LodgeWallsend 
Edwin Peel Glanvilleabt 186310 Jul 1893St. Peter's LodgeNewcastle-on-TyneAcct
Edwin Peel Glanvilleabt 18648 Apr 1903Perseverance LodgeHebburn-on-TyneAccountant
Edwin Peel Glanvilleabt 186416 Jan 1908Wallsend LodgeWallsendColliery Cashiner
Ernest Glanvilleabt 18562 Sep 1884St. Johns LodgeGrahamstown Cape Good HopeJournalist
Francis Ferratus Glanville 1883Grove LodgeKingston, Surrey 
Frank Ernest Glanvilleabt 187419 Nov 1917Tuscan LodgeShanghaiAccountant
Frank Foster Glanvilleabt 189222 Sep 1921Southsea LodgePortsmouthPharmacist
Frank Glanville 1892St Aubyn LodgeDevonport 
Frank Glanvilleabt 18648 Mar 1892St. Aubyn LodgeDevonportLeading Seaman RN
Fred Glanvill 1907Portland LodgePortland 
Fred Glanvillabt 18796 Jun 1907Portland LodgePortlandLicensed Victualler
Frederick Naylor Glanvilleabt 186626 Feb 1903Afan LodgeAberavonSec. English Celluloid Co.
Geo Glanvill 13 Jan 1806Market House InnPlymouth 
George Edwin Glanville 1896Brunswick LodgeEast Stonehouse 
George Edwin Glanvilleabt 18734 Mar 1896Brunswick LodgeEast StonehousePurveyor
George James Glanvilleabt 18657 Feb 1917Zetland LodgeSaltash 
George James Glanvilleabt 18685 Jan 1893Lodge Of LoyaltyIreland IslandSteward
Harold James Glanville 1883City of London Lodge  
Harold James Glanvilleabt 185417 Dec 1883City of London Lodge Mill Furnisher
Harry Adolphus Glanville 1885Lodge of FriendshipDevonport 
Harry Adolphus Glanvilleabt 18598 Apr 1885Lodge of FriendshipDevonportDockyard Writer
Harry George Glanvill 24 Sep 1918Lodge of the Mystic QuestKings HeathManufacturer
Harry George Glanvilleabt 18724 Mar 1916Loyal Travellers LodgeBirminghamManufacturer
Henry Adolphus Glanville 1885Lodge of FriendshipDevonport 
Henry Glanvilleabt 177812 Jul 1813Lodge of Love and HonorFalmouthMariner
Henry Glanvilleabt 18323 Mar 1864Royal Sussex LodgeHalifax Nova ScotiaCoxswain
James Cocks Slader Glanvilleabt 186410 Nov 1899Narberth LodgeNarberth 
James Cocks Slater Glanville 1899Narberth LodgeNarberth Pembrokeshire 
James Glanville 1876Cornubian LodgeHayle 
James Glanville 1877Cornubian LodgeHayle, Cornwall 
James Glanville 3 Apr 1877Lodge of Stability Accountant
James Henry Friend Glanvilleabt 188016 Mar 1918Metham LodgeEast StonehouseAssurance Agent
James Pascoe Glanvilleabt 185320 Dec 1888Selwyn LodgeEast DulwichBuilder
James R Glanville 1897Camden Lodge  
James R Glanvilleabt 185316 Nov 1897Camden Lodge Compositor
John Essery Glanvilleabt 185513 Jan 1884Ebrington LodgeStonehouse DevonJoiner
John Gay Glanville 1905Carew LodgeTorpoint 
John Gay Glanvilleabt 188118 Oct 1905Carew LodgeTorpointSeaman RN
John Glanvillabt 184828 Sep 1874Loyal VictoriaCallingtonCarrier
John Glanville 1874Loyal Victoria LodgeCallington 
John Glanville 1902Londonderry LodgeSunderland 
John Glanville 21 Jul 1920Sunderland LodgeSunderland 
John Glanvilleabt 186519 Jun 1917Lodge of CharityPlymouthLicenced Victualler
John Glanvilleabt 186717 Apr 1902Londonderry LodgeSunderlandHotel Proprietor
John James Glanvilleabt 18676 Feb 1913Lodge of FidelityDevonportChief Stoker RN
John R. Glanvill 1863Caledonian Lodge  
John Robinson Glanvill 1863Caledonian Lodge  
John Robinson Glanvillabt 182913 Feb 1863Caledonian Lodge Bank Manager
John Thomas Glanvilleabt 18558 Aug 1895Conyers LodgeSydenham, Canterbury NZClub Manager
John William Voden Glanville 20 Nov 1911King's Navy LodgeNew BromptonRoyal Navy
John William Voden Glanvilleabt 18805 Apr 1911Union of Malta LodgeMaltaP.O. 1st Class
Marcus Glanvilleabt 18658 Feb 1917Wandsworth Borough Council Lodge M.R.C.S.
Philip Richard Glanvilleabt 186413 Feb 1907St. Maurice LodgePlympton, DevonSupt Prudential Insurance
Philip Richard. Glanville 1907St. Maurice LodgePlympton 
Rev Frederick Glanvill 1887Marquis of Granby LodgeDurham 
Rev Frederick Glanvilleabt 18561 Nov 1887Marquis of Granby LodgeDurhamClerk in H.O.
Rev George Corrie Glanvilleabt 187114 Sep 1916St. Davids LodgeManchesterClerk in Holy Orders
Richard Glanville 5 Feb 1865Ship CarpenterFowey, CornwallMaster Mariner
Richard Glanvilleabt 18896 Mar 1920Bulwer LodgeCairo 
Robert William Glanvilleabt 186317 Apr 1901Nelson Lodge Gun Maker
Roger John Glanvileabt 18611 May 1896Rural Philanthropic LodgeHighbridge 
Samuel John Glanvilleabt 188920 Sep 1920Sir John Hawkins LodgePlymouthAccountant
Silvanus Goring Glanville  British Lodge  
Silvanus Goring Glanville 16 May 1904The Lutine Lodge  
Silvanus Goring Glanville 17 Mar 1879British Lodge Underwriter
Silvanus Goring Glanville 1878British Lodge  
Silvanus Goring Glanville 1890Grand Stewards Lodge  
Silvanus Goring Glanville 19 Mar 1890Grand Stewards Lodge Underwriter
Silvanus Goring Glanvilleabt 184217 Jan 1889South Norwood Lodge Underwriter
Solomon Glanville 1902Londonderry LodgeSunderland 
Solomon Glanville 21 Jul 1920Sunderland LodgeSunderland 
Solomon Glanvilleabt 187117 Apr 1902Londonderry LodgeSunderlandSec Ryhope Colliery
Thomas Glanvillabt 186028 Apr 1903Graaff ReinetMidland LodgeMason
Thomas Glanville 1899Royal LodgeKingston, Jamaica 
Thomas Glanvilleabt 18334 Sep 1899Royal LodgeKingston, JamaicaPenn Keeper
Usher G. Doyle Glanville  The Combermere LodgeMelbournePhysician
Usher Glanville Doyle Glanville 7 May 1877St Paul's LodgeAdelaide C. G. Hope 
Vernon Peel Glanvilleabt 188921 Feb 1918Wallsend LodgeWallsendClerk
Walter Josolyne Glanville 1909Lodge Hope and PerseveranceLahore 
William Glanvillabt 18202 Oct 1866Lodge of St JamesBermondseyCabinet Maker
William Glanvilleabt 17913 Oct 1815Brienswick LodgePlymouthShipwright
William Glanvilleabt 18342 Dec 1873MayoRawul Pindee Punjab E. IndiesSoldier
William Glanvilleabt 185912 Apr 1887United Service LodgeSydneys N. S. WalesRailway Employee
William Glanvilleabt 18697 Oct 1903Cricklewood Lodge Builder
William Heath Glanvilleabt 187820 Nov 1905Whittington Lodge Hosier
William Henry Glanville     
William Henry Nicholl Glanville 1898Huyshe LodgeDevonport 
William Henry Nicholl Glanvilleabt 187313 Jan 1898Huyshe LodgeStoke DamerelE.R.A. RN
William Henry Nicoll Glanville 8 Nov 1910United Service LodgePortlandChief Engine Room A
William Hy Nicholl Glanville 1898Huyshe LodgeStoke Damerel 
William John Glanville 16 Oct 1899St. Helena LodgeSt HelenaSoldier
William John Glanvilleabt 186519 Jul 1899Old Rock LodgeSt HelenaCorporal A.C.S.
William Pethick Glanvillabt 18715 Apr 1909Byfield Lodge Blouse Manufacturer
William Pethick Glanville 1909   
William Resker Glanville 13 Feb 1897Queen Victoria LodgeSt Budeaux 
William Resker Glanville 1897Queen Victoria LodgeSt Budeaux 
William Resker Glanvilleabt 187516 Sep 1896Elms LodgeStoke DamerelEngine Fitter