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World War One Medals Roll Index 1914 - 1920

This database contains the Medal Rolls Index, or Medal Index Cards. The collection currently contains approximately 4.8 million people, which is nearly all of the total collection.
These cards were created by the Army Medal Office (AMO) of the United Kingdom in Droitwich near the close of World War I (WWI).

The Medal Index Cards collection is the most complete listing of individuals who fought in the British Army in WWI, containing approximately 90% of soldiers' names.
The Index Cards were created in order to keep in one place details about a soldier's medal entitlement.

Name Regiment or Corps Regimental Number(s)
A E GlanvillArmy Ordnance Corps, RGA (Aust Corps)T/732, T/732
A T GlanvillePrincess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, Imperial Army, Royal Air ForceMcG30
Albert C GlanvilleRifle Brigade49162
Albert E GlanvilleArmy Veterinary CorpsSE-29927
Albert GlanvilleRoyal Engineers142730
Albert H GlanvilleArmy Veterinary CorpsSE-27828
Albert J GlanvilleRoyal Field Artillery, Royal Garrison Artillery2454, 211349
Albert S GlanvilleDurham Light Infantry21991
Alf W GlanvilleRoyal Field Artillery1205, 960558
Alfred E GlanvilleArmy Service CorpsT/371044
Alfred GlanvilleBucks Bn Oxf & Bucks LI3691
Alfred GlanvilleRoyal Engineers153762
Allen A GlanvilleRoyal Welsh Fusiliers, Durham Light Infantry242382, 327735
Andrew Glanville5th Divisional Artillery Column Royal Field Artillery27139
Arthur C Glanville4th London Regiment2341, 280521
Arthur Evanson GlanvilleRoyal Dublin Fusiliers, 4th Bn R Dublin Fus
Arthur F GlanvilleDevonshire Regiment2112, 200502
Arthur F Glanville15 RW Fus, Cheshire Regiment28042, 63720
Arthur GlanvillDevonshire Regiment, Somerset Light Infantry202110, 55805
Arthur GlanvilleManchester Regiment64601
Arthur T Glanville2nd Dragoon Guards5493, 2DG/5493
Arthur T GlanvilleDuke of Cornwalls Light Infantry, Machine Gun Corps18631, 147449
Brougham GlanvilleRoyal Horse Artillery, Labour Corps101789, 451680
Bruce Glanville5th D of Corn LI1168
C E J Glanville3/Devon R3702, 4803, 267878
C GlanvilleRoyal Field Artillery2408
C Glanville 1st East Yorkshire Regiment, Emp Coy, West Yorkshire Regiment 8051, 270579, 79266
Cecil GlanvilleHonourable Artillery Company1988
Charles A GlanvilleEast Yorkshire Regiment, West Yorkshire Regiment8051, 79266
Charles GlanvilleRoyal Engineers169303
Charles H GlanvilleRoyal Field Artillery, 8th London Regiment198082, 388248
Charles H GlanvilleArmy Service CorpsM2/102353
Charles W Glanville6th London Regiment2137
Charles William Glanvill6th London Regiment2137
Claude GlanvilleRoyal Field Artillery (Territorial Force), Royal Field Artillery2371, 93107
David GlanvilleBritish West Indies Regiment12131
Dudley E Glanville5th London Regiment, Army Pay Corps305350, 23776
E A GlanvilleIndian Army Reserve of Officers, Attd 1/S Lan R, Attd 34 32nd Sikhs, Attd RE (Rly), S Prov MR AFI
E M GlanvillRoyal Army Medical Corps
Ed W T Glanville2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers8675
Edgar G GlanvilleWest Somerset Yeomanry, Somerset Light Infantry, Royal Engineers, Royal Engineers1527, 295332, 505865, WR/194447
Edward A GlanvilleRoyal Engineers171918
Edward GlanvilleEast Yorkshire Regiment, Royal Garrison Artillery1293, 141605
Edward GlanvilleDurham Light Infantry, 258 TR Bn78558, TR/5/15471
Edward GlanvilleLeinster Rgt9196
Edward J GlanvilleArmy Service Corps, Royal Welsh FusiliersT/4/036204, 68921
Edward James GlanvilleArmy Service Corps, Labour CorpsSS/15802, 304880
Edward R GlanvillArmy Veterinary CorpsSE-16142
Edwin GlanvillArmy Service CorpsT3/029882
Edwin GlanvilleIrish Guards10879
Edwin GlanvilleOxf & Bucks LI, Royal Berkshire Regiment29545, 38406
Edwin GlanvilleArmy Service Corps, Army Service CorpsDM2/130339, T/418715
Edwin Peel GlanvilleRoyal Army Service Corps (MT), Royal Air ForceMS/4045, MS/4045
Elmore GlanvilleBritish West Indies Regiment1648
Eric V GlanvilleRoyal Engineers, Royal Engineers156814, WR/502371
Ernest GlanvilleRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers41090
Ernest Glanville13/Glouc R, Army Cyclist Corps, Gloucestershire Regiment235309, 236220, 235309
Ernest GlanvilleArmy Service CorpsTS-9901
Ernest Glanville (Granville)Welsh Regiment32989
Ernest John Glanville1st Somerset Light Infantry9567
Ernest Wm GlanvilleRE IW & D287084
F R A Glanville13th Royal Fusiliers, 13th R Fus Attd Unit TM Bty
F V Glanville1st L Gloucestershire Regiment (Territorial Forces)3196
Felix H GlanvillArmy Service CorpsM/353058
Francis Foster GlanvilleRoyal Berkshire Regiment, Labour Corps30160, 30160
Frank E GlanvilleMachine Gun Corps, Gloucestershire Regiment13731, 22828
Frank H GlanvilleKings Royal Rifle CorpsR29505
Frank H Glanville25th London Regiment, 25th London Regiment2296, 740954
Frank V GlanvilleGloucestershire Regiment3196TF, 265829
Fred GlanvilleRoyal Engineers(T)1201, 514444
Fred GlanvilleArmy Service CorpsRTS/1479
Frederick A GlanvilleRoyal Field Artillery82701
Frederick D Glanville2nd London Regiment2566, 230698
Frederick E GlanvilleRoyal FusiliersGS/52678
Frederick G Glanville11th London Regiment453545
Frederick G Glanville10/Devon R13270
Frederick GlanvilleLincolnshire Regiment63374
Frederick J GlanvilleRoyal Engineers568289
Frederick J GlanvilleDuke of Cornwalls Light Infantry28069
Frederick James GlanvilleDevonshire Regiment21653
Frederick R GlanvilleRoyal Garrison Artillery121004
Frederick R GlanvilleRoyal Engineers137732
Frederick T GlanvilleDevonshire Regiment, Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry56831, 45230
Fred'k Chas GlanvillRoyal West Kent RegimentL/7850
Fredk GlanvillRifle BrigadeS3185
Fredk Glanville1st Royal West Kent RegimentL/7850
G G GlanvilleRoyal Engineers
G G GlanvilleRoyal Engineers
G GlanvilleSouth African Engineers
G R W GlanvilleRG45438
George G GlanvilleRoyal Engineers124504
George GlanvilleRoyal Engineers124343
George GlanvilleScots Guards3739, 19375
George GlanvilleLoyal North Lancashire Regiment, Labour Corps32978, 567691
George GlanvilleDurham Light Infantry277157
George H GlanvilleRoyal Field Artillery54918
George H GlanvilleRoyal Garrison Artillery143614
George H GlanvilleEssex Regiment, 27-TR Bn, Royal Engineers42947, TR/10788, 604020
George W GlanvilleRoyal Fusiliers10654, GS/10654
George W GlanvilleDevonshire Regiment, Labour Corps58702, 103973
George W GlanvilleDuke of Cornwalls Light Infantry24202
George W GlanvilleKings Royal Rifle Corps, Royal Defence CorpsR/33728, 89532
George William GlanvilleScot Gds3739
Gilbert W GlanvillRoyal Field Artillery11853
H C A GlanvilleRoyal Army Service CorpsSS/4906
H F GlanvilleWest India Rgt Attd RFC
H F GlanvilleWest India Regiment, Royal Flying Corps
H Glanville12th Manchester Regiment1548
H T Glanville6/6 Glosters (Territorial Forces)1640
Harold GlanvilleArmy Service CorpsT4/084564
Harold GlanvilleRoyal Army Medical Corps54995
Harold T GlanvilleWelsh Guards, Guards Machine Gun Regiment652, 1223
Harry E F GlanvilleSomerset Light Infantry3356, 201236
Harry GlanvilleDevonshire Regiment74046
Harry GlanvilleDuke of Cornwalls Light Infantry, Devonshire Regiment, Labour Corps, Royal Engineers34377, 39601, 93780, 620810
Harry Glanville1st Manchester Regiment1548
Harry GlanvilleMachine Gun Corps60978
Henry GlanvilleOxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry20479, 267457
Henry J GlanvilleHampshire Regiment242224
Henry Noel GlanvillArmy Pay Department
Herbert C Glanvill8th London Regiment, Labour Corps576216, 653022
Herbert J GlanvilleGloucestershire Regiment1640TF
Herbert W GlanvilleRoyal Lancashire Regiment32057
Heyman Wreford GlanvillRoyal Army Service Corps
Hubert GlanvilleHampshire Regiment380689
Hugh S GlanvillePembroke Yeomanry, Welsh Regiment4286, 320229
Ira GlanvilleTank Corps307278
Ivan Cecil Abbott GlanvilleTank Corps, Tank Corps
J GlanvilleRoyal Engineers124504
Jabez GlanvilleArmy Service Corps, Labour CorpsSS/23332, 307101
James GlanvillManchester Regiment, 10th London Regiment52572, 425416
James GlanvilleLeicestershire Regiment19129
James GlanvilleHampshire Regiment23833
James Henry Friend GlanvilleRGA Devon330297
James R GlanvilleGloucestershire Regiment2121TF
James S GlanvillEast Yorkshire Regiment 3/6996
James T GlanvilleLancashire Fusiliers1740
John Charles GlanvilleDevonshire Regiment21012
John Charlesworth GlanvilleRoyal Scots Fusiliers, 51st Hampshire R
John Ernest GlanvilleSomerset Light Infantry9567
John GlanvillRoyal Field Artillery(TF)920136, 151363
John GlanvillArmy Service Corps, Lancashire FusiliersR/363290, 62780
John Glanvill1/5 Bord R, 1st Border Regiment1745, 30099
John Glanville2nd Dragoon Guards, GS DnsGS/5320, D/29514
John GlanvilleRoyal Field Artillery176378
John GlanvilleRDC 3rd Bn34860
John GlanvilleArmy Service CorpsM2/115501
John Glanville5th Border Regiment, 1st/Bord R1745, 30099
John H GlanvilleRoyal Field Artillery218589, 866274
John Patrick GlanvilleRoyal Warwickshire Regiment20212
Joseph Glanville5th L'pool R, Royal Engineers, Royal Engineers, 5th L'pool R (TF)1953, 200338, WR150259, 431954, N/101
Joseph GlanvilleEast Surrey Regiment3434, 241105
Joshua GlanvilleDurham Light Infantry40529
Leonard Alfred Dick Glanville12th London Regiment2438
Leonard GlanvilleEast Surrey Regiment2086
Leonard GlanvilleArmy Service CorpsM2/115283
Leonard GlanvilleArmy Service CorpsM2/115283
Lewelyn Stanley Howard GlanvilleRoyal Army Medical Corps, RAMC Attd RI Rifs
Mark C GlanvilleGloucestershire Regiment33769
Nicholas GlanvilleMachine Gun Corps, Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry114149, 202419
Norman GlanvilleRoyal Engineers449, 512150
Norman GlanvilleDuke of Cornwalls Light Infantry22431
P G GlanvilleR Ind Morris
Percy S GlanvilleArmy Service CorpsT4/158874
Percy V GlanvilleRoyal Garrison Artillery, Royal Engineers91071, 368398
Philip C GlanvillRoyal Army Medical Corps118011
Reginald GlanvilleSeaforth Highlanders, Army Service Corps, Tn Bn, Tr BnS/21498, T4/215077, 1/12859
Reginald S Glanville1st The Queen's RegimentL/9622
Richard GlanvillRoyal Field Artillery244569
Richard GlanvilleRoyal Field ArtilleryL/7417
Richard P GlanvilleHampshire Regiment4583, 202097
Richard T GlanvilleSouth Wales Borderers24363
Robert De GlanvilleCameron HighlandersS/13036
Robert E GlanvilleRoyal Engineers298519, WR/507333
Robert GlanvilleRAMC/14 G Hosp8040
Samuel Glanville24th Royal Fusiliers3138
Samuel GlanvilleLeinster Regiment, Machine Gun Corps2547, 73968
Scoble R Glanville12th London Regiment, Labour Corps471565, 588507
Sidney F GlanvilleArmy Service Corps, Border Regiment, 10 E LancsT/4/044311, 28642, 8601
Sidney G GlanvilleRoyal Field Artillery212393
Sidney GlanvilleRoyal Engineers, Royal Engineers221, 514079
Sidney Glanville1st Hampshire Regiment, 2 Leices R9264, 45065
Sidney GlanvilleArmy Service CorpsDM2/164483
Sidney GlanvilleDevonshire Regiment, Labour Corps11774, 431901
Sidney GlanvilleDuke of Cornwalls Light Infantry26701
T G Glanville5th Sig Construct Company RE70758
T Glanville6th Dragoon Guards
Thomas Albert GlanvilleRoyal Dublin Fusiliers, King's African Rifles
Thomas GlanvilleRoyal Engineers70758
Thomas Glanville1st Northamptonshire Regiment7253
Thomas Glanville10th London Regiment, 21st Rifle Brigade2365, 211932
W J GlanvilleA Ord Dept
W J GlanvilleRoyal Army Ordnance Corps
W J GlanvilleArmy Ordnance Department
W L GlanvilleNZPS6/235
Walter E GlanvilleRoyal Field Artillery2062, 950824
Walter F GlanvilleRoyal Garrison Artillery28342
Walter Glanville2nd Dragoon GuardsD/4231
Walter H Glanville1/4th Welsh R, 1/4th Welsh R737, 200205
Walter L Glanville19th London Regiment7284
William Caleb GlanvilleOxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry20243, 267229
William E GlanvillRAMC/6 Stat Hosp, Labour Corps, Royal Army Medical Corps1364, 340290, 1364
William George GlanvilleSA EnrsE/18
William GlanvillLabour Corps163455
William Glanvill3rd Bn RDC7349
William GlanvilleRoyal Field Artillery216193
William GlanvilleRoyal Field Artillery, Royal Garrison Artillery66197, 22448
William GlanvilleRoyal Garrison Artillery329374, 654
William GlanvilleRoyal Engineers219996
William GlanvilleRoyal Engineers, Royal Naval Division, Royal Engineers205893, WZ/947, WR/503806
William GlanvilleDevonshire Regiment240513
William Glanville2nd Worcestershire Regiment48054
William GlanvilleOxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry30458
William GlanvilleNorthamptonshire Regiment17154
William GlanvilleLC ex London Rgt163455
William Glanville29th London Regiment, Royal Fusiliers780420, GS/134850
William H D Glanvill1 Div Am PK ASCM/28021
William H Glanvill10/RW Kent's EC DepotGS/9708
William H Glanville5th F Bry ASCSS/91
William H GlanvilleRoyal Garrison Artillery156594
William H J GlanvilleArmy Service Corps202747
William Henry GlanvilleGlouc R 4th Bn2768
William J GlanvilleBedfordshire Regiment48869
William J GlanvilleDuke of Cornwalls Light Infantry27046
William M G GlanvilleYoung Mens Christian Association
William M Glanville22nd Bn R Fus, 23rd Bn R FusK/184, K/184
William S Glanvile (Glanville)West Somerset Yeomanry, Corps of Hussars 795, 795
William Victor GlanvilleSomerset Light Infantry30082, 30082
Wilson GlanvilleNorthumberland Fusiliers5/2586, 7626, 267096
Wm Leonard GlanvilleNew Zealand P S6/235

World War One Service Records 1914 - 1920

This database contains the surviving service records of non-commissioned officers and other ranks who served in WWI and did not re-enlist in the Army prior to World War II.
This database contains the entire service records collection.
The type of information contained in these records includes: name of solider, age, birthplace, occupation, marital status, and regiment number.

The No. of Images column below, identifies the level of detail available in the records (which I have not transcribed but can be consulted online at pay-per-view / subscription payments sites such as Ancestry.co.uk

Name Birth Year Birth Parish Birth County Residence No. of Images
Albert Smith Glanvilleabt 189318 Sycamore Terrace, Annfield Plain Co Durham20
Allan Arthur Glanvilleabt 187913 Wansey St, Wallworth Rd, London12
Arthur Allan Glanvilleabt 188413 Wansey St, Wallworth Rd, London12
Arthur Fabian Glanvilleabt 189690 Wisthon St, Haggerston18
Bertram George Glanvilleabt 1875108 Baceken Road, Newton Green D'ham23
Cecil GlanvilleRavensbourne Club, Eltham Rd Lee Green22
Charles Augustus Glanvilleabt 1887HackneyMiddlesex45
Charles Henry Glanvilleabt 189456 Harpenden Rd, West Norwood, SE7
Charles Henry Glanville7 ?? Road, West Norwood14
Edward Glanvilleabt 189520 St Matthew St45
Edwin Glanvillabt 1892Bridge Cottage, Sidford Sidmouth Devon22
Edwin Glanvilleabt 187718 Vernon Rd, Portsmouth34
Eric Vance Glanvilleabt 1895Blackrock20
Ernest Glanvilleabt 1880Trevanson Wadebridge12
Frank Glanvilleabt 188474a Ballment Albert Rd Blackpool30
Fred Glanvilleabt 1893Concrete Cottage, Cemetery Road, Bedfort Middx14
Fred Glanvilleabt 1896Middle??Lond??26
Frederick Donald Glanville14
Frederick Glanvilleabt 1889Linc England12
Frederick Richard Glanvilleabt 189060 Cardigan Rd, Reading35
George Bundock Glanvilleabt 1885LongsightLancashire6
George Glanvilleabt 18773
George Glanvilleabt 1879High Lodge, Lifton22
George Glanvilleabt 18804 Timpear St, Edge Hill Liverpool17
George Henry Glanvilleabt 18948 Guildhall Cottage, Nottingham22
George William Glanvilleabt 187720 Henley St Oxford25
Harry Glanvilleabt 1897Hayne Cottage, Plymtree Nr Cullompton24
Herbert Charles Glanvillabt 188233 Northbank Rd, Walthamstow22
Herbert William Glanvilleabt 1892GreenwichKent36
Herbert William Glanville7
Ira Glanvilleabt 1888Higher Town Sampford Peverell, Tiverton16
Jabey Glanvilleabt 187345 Southside St Plymouth14
John Clifford Glanville13 Parlville Rd, Fulham S W36
John Glanvillabt 1891Trehill Farm Calstock24
John Glanvilleabt 1873PoltimoreDevon7
John Patrick GlanvilleBirminghamWarwick18
John Patrick Glanvilleabt 188040 Bowling Green St, Warwick13
John Patrick Glanville28
Paul George GlanvilleHoxtonMIddlesex22
Percey Victor Glanvilleabt 1887 12 Holland Road, Teignmouth Devon 25
Percival George Nankwell Glanvilleabt 190040 Town St Lanaport, Portsmouth22
Percy Glanvilleabt 18915 The Long St Blazey, St Austell Cornwall18
Philip Cosmo Glanvillabt 189640 Hearnville Road, Balham London SW10
Philip Cosmo Glanvillabt 1896112a Swaby Rd Magdalen Rd, Earlsfield20
Richard Glanvillabt 1883Lancashire6
Richard Glanvilleabt 189663 Warman St, Sunderland39
Robert de GlanvilleBurmah21
Robert Glanvilleabt 1896St German'sCornwall29
Samuel Alfred Glanvilleabt 1901Pem54
Samuel Glanvilleabt 1895Cranfield, Kilkeel Co Down30
Scoble Rogers Glanville9 Howard Rd, Penge Kent18
Spry Henry Glanvilleabt 1888Manor Farm, Kinsham Nr Tewkesbury20
Thomas Henry Glanvilleabt 1883Bodriggy St, Hayle24
William Ewart Glanvillabt 1889WalthamstowEssex59
William Ewart Glanvill27
William Glanvill19 Bayham Place, Camden Down NW43
William Glanvilleabt 188020 Abbott St, Liverpool22
William Glanvilleabt 1886Pyrton, Wakington Oxon18
William Glanvilleabt 189031Powell Street, Swansea20
William Glanvilleabt 189823 Babington Lane, Derby20
William Glanvilleabt 1900110 Dorset St, Leicester20
William Glanville7
William Glanville38 Carmarthen Rd Swansea5
William Glanville 3
William Harry Glanvillabt 189654 Dorothy Road, New Wandsworth Surrey14
William Henry Glanvilleabt 18864 Stainton Rd, Catford15
William Henry Glanvilleabt 190010 Sylvia Gardens, Wembley Mdsex18
William John Glanvilleabt 1866FoweyCornwall13
William Nicholas Glanvilleabt 1886Ermington, Nr Ivybridge Devon17
William Thomas Glanvilleabt 1898Pensilva, Nr Liskeard16

World War One Pension Records 1914 - 1920

This database contains service records of non-commissioned officers and other ranks who were discharged from the Army and claimed disability pensions for service in WWI.
These were also men who did not re-enlist in the Army prior to World War II.
The type of information contained in these records includes: name of solider, age, birthplace, occupation, marital status, and regiment number.

The No. of Images column below, identifies the level of detail available in the records (which I have not transcribed but can be consulted online at pay-per-view / subscription payments sites such as Ancestry.co.uk

Name Estimated birth year Birth Parish Birth County No. of Images
Arthur Glanvilleabt 18907
Arthur Thomas Glanvilleabt 188126
Bert Glanville8
Cecil Glanville7
Charles Augustus Glanvilleabt 1887HackneyMiddlesex9
Charles Dillian Glanvill10
Clarence Jackson Glanvilleabt 18767
Dudley Erneste Glanvill7
Edward Glanvilleabt 1874ActonMiddlesex13
Edward Glanville7
Edward James Glanvilleabt 187413
Ernest Frank Glanvilleabt 18999
Ernest Glanvilleabt 18819
Frederick Naylor Glanvilleabt 18706
George Glanvillabt 1869St MarlowBucks6
George Glanville3
George Glanvilleabt 18688
George Glanvilleabt 1869St MarlowBucks4
George Glanville18
George William Glanville1
George William Glanville4
Henry Glanvilleabt 1870ExeterDevonshire5
Herbert Charles Glanvilleabt 1886PortsmouthHampshire16
Hubert Glanvilleabt 18892
James H H Glanville11
James Henry Friend Glanvilleabt 188210
John Glanvilleabt 1896DunballSomerset10
John Patrick Glanvilleabt 1879PenninghameWarwick10
Leonard Alfred Dick Glanville7
Norman Glanville6
Percy William Glanvilleabt 1878EustonMdds16
R Glanville6
R T Glanville3
Reginald Thomas Glanvilleabt 1896St JudesDevon11
Richard Glanvillabt 1883Lancashire12
Sidney Glanvilleabt 18897
Thomas Glanvilleabt 1859JohnstownLondon6
William Glanvilleabt 1881St LukeHauts12
William Glanvilleabt 18828
William Glanville3
William Henry Glanvilleabt 1870BedminsterSomerset4
William Henry Glanvilleabt 187017
William Henry Glanville10
William James Glanville 2
Wilson Glanvilleabt 1891HensingtonCumberland8

Silver War Badge 1914 - 1920

This database contains service records of staff awarded the Silver Badge, those discharged with a serious wound or illness.
They wore it at home so they wouldn't be accused of not doing their duty.

Name Discharge Unit Badge Number Regimental Number
Charles William Glanvill6th. Ldn.Rgt.898632137
W.H. GlanvillE.C.DepotB408299708
William J.W. Glanvill3rd Bn. RDC.3126467349
Alfred GlanvilleBucks Bn, Oxford & Bucks L. I.1853753691
Alfred William GlanvilleR.F.A.B142217960558
Andrew GlanvilleRoyal Field Artillery 5 "C" Res Bde.5283227139
Arthur Glanville1st M/C Rgt0399664601
Arthur C. Glanville4th Ldn. Rgt.B20202280521
Bruce Glanville5th D.C.L.I.519831168
Edwin GlanvilleIrish Guards35709210879
Ernest F. GlanvilleRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers43262641090
Ernest Wm GlanvilleRoyal Engineers I.W. & D.326972287084
Frederick G. Glanville11th. Ldn. Regt.486050453545
Frederick George GlanvilleDevon Regt.B3375813270
Frederick James GlanvilleDevon Regt.B233221653
G. J. GlanvilleRoyal Engineers Dep. Lab. Bns.115525124504
Geo. GlanvilleRoyal Engineers Dep. Lab. Btn.293101124343
George William GlanvilleR D CB14525689532
H. N. GlanvilleArmy Pay Department149238 
Herbert Charles Albert GlanvilleArmy Service Corps.114011SS/4906
Herbert James Glanville6th Bn Glos' Regt1198801640
James Henry Friend GlanvilleDevon RGA.B91958330297
James Richard Glanville6th Glos Regiment1405102121
John Glanville2nd. D. Gds.B62812D/29514
John Glanville3rd Bn. RDC.31066434860
John Charles GlanvilleDevon Regt.B13255421012
John Ernest GlanvilleSomerset L.I.B1522213567
John Patrick GlanvilleRoyal Warwick. Rgt.2336020212
Joshua M. M. GlanvilleDurham L.I.B29395840529
Leonard Alfred Dick Glanville12th. Ldn. Rgt. 521432438
Robert GlanvilleRoyal Army Medical CorpsB2298928040
Sidney GlanvilleD.C.L.I.12648626701
William GlanvilleL. C. ex London RgtB151774163455
William Caleb GlanvilleOxford And Bucks Light Infantry332886267229
William Henry Glanville4th. Battn. Glos' Regt383302768
Wm. Hy. Glanville4 Welsh Reg.146899737