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Naval Seaman's Service 1848 - 1928+

These registers record the service of seamen in the Royal Navy.
Records include birthdate, birthplace, vessels served on, and dates of service.
The registers include seamen who began their service as early as 1848, with dates of service up through 1928 for most records, though there are a few records with dates post-1939.

Source : Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services. ADM 188, 362 and 363. The National Archives of the UK, Kew, Surrey, England

Name Birth Date First Service Date First Ship Served On Service Number
Jno Lewis Glanvill 25 Feb 1866Implacable 
William Thomas Glanvill18 Oct 186810 Nov 1887Indus143127
Arthur Edward William Glanvill28 Jun 188425 Sep 1901Northampton217331
James Reginald Glanvill25 Oct 188519 Apr 1917President IIF28315
William Henry Charles Glanvill24 Aug 188625 Jul 1904Pembroke I231501
Arthur Glanvill26 Mar 189817 Jan 1917Pembroke IL9994
Harry Glanvill9 Aug 189827 Feb 1917DefianceM25782
Clifford John Glanvill20 Aug 18996 Sep 1917Vivid IJ77209
William Glanville17 May 18221 Jan 1873Asia48597
Michael GlanvilleDec 18271 Jan 1873Valiant75362
Michael GlanvilleAug 182917 Jul 1878Topaze78045
George Glanville12 Mar 18361 Jan 1873Vanguard56928
Richard Glanville22 Dec 183610 Oct 1872Narcissus62773
Charles Glanville18391 Jan 1873Achilles77560
George Glanville29 May 18401 Jan 1873Cambridge52337
Samuel James Glanville15 Nov 18441 Jan 1873Royal Adelaide58521
Henry Glanville24 Apr 18451 Jan 1873Endymion63912
Roger Glanville24 Jul 18461 Jan 1873Cambridge52393
Frederick Glanville11 Oct 18476 Aug 1886Agincourt52276
Frederick Glanville11 Oct 18471 Jan 1873Cambridge52276
Edwd Glanville  Cruizer 
George Glanville  Defence 
John Glanville  Barracouta 
John Glanville  Queen 
John Glanville  Bulldog 
John Glanville  Imperieuse 
John Glanville  Newport 
Richd Glanville  Edinburgh 
Willm Glanville  Vengeance 
Edwin Glanville30 Aug 18491 Jan 1873Britannia58241
William Glanville16 Dec 18491 Jan 1873Reserve74587
William Glanville2 Nov 18511 Jan 1873Cambridge54032
William Glanville2 Nov 185110 Mar 1886Ganges54032
Alfred William Glanville3 Dec 18528 Sep 1874Asia89188
Thomas Glanville28 Dec 185215 Apr 1873Indus81898
Lorenzo John Robert Glanville28 May 185310 Oct 1872Narcissus65257
Richard Glanville 1 Dec 1853Calliope 
Geo Glanville 10 Mar 1854Arachne 
James Glanville1 Nov 18541 Jan 1873Cameleon79989
James Glanville1 Nov 18541 Dec 1893Weymouth79989
Richd Glanville 23 Dec 1854Impregnable 
William John Glanville29 Sep 18541 Jan 1873Agincourt44981
William John Glanville29 Sep 185412 Feb 1885Hercules44981
Reginald Henry Glanville16 Aug 185510 Feb 1876Asia95619
Wm Glanville 1 Oct 1855Russell 
Geo Glanville 25 May 1856Desperate 
Robt Glanville 19 Jun 1856Niger 
Ed Glanville 1 Mar 1857Indus 
Edwin Arthur George Glanville27 Aug 18576 Feb 1878Indus103360
Jno Glanville 8 Oct 1857Ganges 
John Glanville 16 Jan 1857Victory 
Tom Glanville17 Aug 185715 Jan 1873Impregnable80245
William Francis Glanville15 Jun 18571 Jan 1873Implacable58617
William Francis Glanville15 Jan 18577 May 1892Victoria and Albert58617
Geo Glanville 29 May 1858Rl William 
Thomas Glanville19 Sep 185822 Apr 1881Indus116156
William Glanville27 Jun 185930 Dec 1883Rl Adelaide126582
John Joseph Glanville24 Jun 186023 Aug 1875Revenge92224
Charles Glanville 1 Oct 1861Steady 
Alfred Glanville13 Oct 186215 Oct 1877Implacable102416
Saml Jas Glanville 15 Nov 1862Implacable 
William Glanville24 Mar 186215 Jun 1880Valiant112703
Charles Henry Glanville2 Apr 18634 Jun 1879Boscawen109247
George Glanville25 May 18631 Sep 1879Impregnable110021
Frank Glanville19 Mar 186421 Sep 1882Audacious119521
Frank Glanville1 Jan 186418 Jun 1879Impregnable109188
Robert Glanville 2 Jul 1864  
Roger Glanville 24 Jul 1864Implacable 
Arthur Glanville13 Dec 1865  127299
Arthur Thomas Glanville13 Dec 186511 Jun 1884Royal Adelaide127363
Frederick Glanville 11 Oct 1865Implacable 
Richard Glanville 24 Apr 1865Canopus 
George James Glanville5 Jul 186615 Dec 1884R Adelaide129580
John James Glanville28 Oct 18667 Nov 1887Indus143121
Robert Alexander Glanville8 Jan 186615 Jul 1881Boscawen116570
William Glanville27 Jul 186610 Nov 1881Ganges117661
William Thos Glanville 27 Nov 1866Indus 
William Glanville 16 Dec 1867Fisgard 
Henry Glanville5 Nov 186825 Jan 1888Indus144347
James Glanville29 Jun 186815 Apr 1884Belleisle126966
Michael Paul Glanville29 Jun 186810 Dec 1888Belleisle147562
Philip Glanville3 Jan 18701 Jan 1888Ganges143372
John Harry Glanville15 Dec 187128 Jan 1898Vivid II269246
Micheal Paul Glanville16 Jan 18719 Mar 1886Impregnable136729
Edward Glanville15 Jul 18721 Nov 1887Impregnable143442
James Glanville 1 Nov 1872Impregnable 
Richard James Glanville9 May 18726 Jan 1888Impregnable144191
Richard James Glanville9 May 18723 Mar 1915Eastern144191
Samuel Glanville23 Jul 187211 Jan 1888Impregnable144214
William Henry Glanville14 May 18722 Feb 1894Vivid II268032
Wm Jno Glanville 29 Sep 1872Impregnable 
William James Glanville15 Aug 187312 Jul 1893Tribune175604
Henry Glanville27 May 18747 Jul 1894Vivid II340221
Samuel George Glanville3 Sep 187421 Aug 1909Diamond157951
Samuel George Glanville3 Sep 187516 Oct 1890Impregnable157951
Wm Fras Glanville 15 Jun 1875Fisgard 
John Thomas Glanville6 Feb 187612 Jul 1892Impregnable168017
Stanley Adolphus Glanville5 Mar 18766 Apr 1891Impregnable160186
William Edward Glanville8 Mar 187719 Jul 1894Northampton179171
Percival Glanville3 Jun 187819 Oct 1897Victory II286251
Ernest James Theodore Glanville14 Mar 187923 Jan 1900Vivid II343155
Jabez Glanville29 Jun 187910 Aug 1894Impregnable181197
Jabez Glanville29 Jun 18791 Apr 1826ThundererJX 126650
John William Glanville3 Apr 188027 Nov 1899Vivid II293909
John Gay Glanville1 Mar 188110 Jun 1896Impregnable189176
John Gay Glanville1 Mar 18812 Sep 1913Defence189176
John Gay Glanville1 Mar 18812 Sep 1913Defence189176
Fredrick Glanville22 Sep 18827 Jul 1900Northampton210838
Fredrick James Glanville24 Mar 188214 Oct 1903Vivid305277
William Henry Thomas George Glanville26 Jan 18826 Apr 1904Firequeen II271579
Alfred Cornelius Glanville25 Feb 188324 Oct 1903Medea361853
Frederick Glanville 6 Aug 1884Agincourt52276
Frederick Glanville 6 Aug 1884Agincourt52276
Richard Glanville13 May 18846 Feb 1900Impregnable208243
Charles Glanville9 Mar 188526 Mar 1917President IIF42220
Richard Glanville25 Jun 188628 Jul 1904Vivid I362712
John Joseph Glanville12 Mar 188728 Oct 1902Black Prince222971
William Kennedy Glanville3 Oct 188713 Nov 1903St Vincent228821
Edgar Thomas Glanville4 Jun 188816 Aug 1915President IIF7638
George Henry Glanville9 Jan 18886 Sep 1906Vivid II310765
Albert Glanville13 Sep 188931 Mar 1905Victory I233491
Frederick Harvey Glanville21 Aug 188929 May 1916President IIF15185
George Glanville17 Sep 188916 Oct 1908Vivid IIK1481
Patrick Francis Glanville2 Nov 18895 Sep 1905Emerald234903
Patrick Francis Glanville2 Nov 18895 Sep 1905Emerald234903
Thomas William Glanville6 Jan 188931 Jul 1906Ganges II236883
Richard James Glanville9 May 18923 Mar 1915Eastern144191
Charles Alfred Glanville30 Oct 189324 Jun 1912Vivid IIK15085
Charles Alfred Glanville30 Oct 189313 Feb 1829ValiantK. 15085
Ernest Henry Glanville16 Sep 189312 Jun 1912Vivid IISS112301
Ernest Henry Glanville16 Sep 189319 Jan 1919Vivid IIK59467
Ernest Henry Glanville16 Sep 189320 Feb 1829ImpregnableK. 59467
John Charles Glanville11 Feb 189319 Feb 1912Vivid IIK13820
Edward William Glanville3 Jul 189426 Jul 1912FisgardM6234
William Philpott Curran Glanville21 Jun 189419 Aug 1912Vivid ISS4068
William Philpott Curran Glanville21 Jun 189427 Nov 1913Victory IISS115488
Archibold Glanville4 May 18957 May 1913Victory IISS113958
James Henry Glanville4 Jan 189512 Mar 1913Vivid IIK18441
Arthur Paull Glanville18 Nov 18961 Jan 1917Vivid IIM24774
George James Glanville18 Jun 189626 Apr 1912ImpregnableJ17164
George James Glanville18 Jun 1896  J. 17164
John Harry Glanville19 Aug 189620 May 1919DefianceM34745
John Harry Glanville19 Aug 189627 May 1930CanberraM. 34745
William French Glanville22 Jul 189617 Jan 1916Pembroke IIK30464
Arthur Thomas Glanville4 Feb 189727 Sep 1915Vivid IIK28213
Edward William Glanville3 Jul 18971 Jan 1829FuriousM. 6234
Henry Alexander Glanville19 Jun 189726 Sep 1912Gangesj20304
Percy William Glanville1 Mar 189715 Mar 1915Vivid IIK24966
Frederick Ivor Glanville21 Apr 189818 Aug 1913ImpregnableJ26443
Frederick Ivor Glanville21 Apr 189821 Feb 1829Vivid IJ 26443
Ernest Stuart Glanville28 Sep 18994 Oct 1917President IIF39199
James Glanville17 Jan 189922 Jan 1914ImpregnableJ31487
Leonard Glanville13 Aug 190020 Jun 1918Powerfulj90427
Reginald Thomas Glanville28 Feb 190012 Jul 1923Vivid IIK61653
Reginald Thomas Glanville28 Feb 19008 Jan 1929Lucia (Adamant)K. 61653
Arthur Thomas Glanville 10 Sep 1901Implacable127363
Frank Glanville9 May 19018 Jan 1918ImpregnableJ82642
Frank Glanville9 May 19014 Jun 1919ErinSS124455
Frank Glanville 16 Apr 1901Rupert109188
Albert James Hooper Glanville29 Jul 19029 Sep 1918ImpregnableJ92459
Albert James Hooper Glanville29 Jul 190211 Nov 1930Vivid II (Watchman)J. 92459
George Percy Glanville15 Dec 19026 Apr 1918ImpregnableJ87384
Francis Henry Percival Glanville9 May 190321 Nov 1923Pembroke IIM37784
Cecil Charles Glanville11 Dec 190528 Jan 1923Fisgard36092
Cecil Charles Glanville11 Dec 190525 Apr 1929RepulseM. 36092
Arthur Henry Glanville 2 Jul 190611 Jan 1922ColossusJ105569
Gilbert Norman Glanville15 May 190627 Oct 1926Pembroke IIL.X. 20430
Gilbert Norman Glanville15 May 190616 Nov 1926Pembroke IIMX 45881
William Charles Glanville5 Sep 19061 Jan 1923ImpregnableJ106672
William Henry Glanville25 Apr 190627 Jul 1921ImpregnableJ103224
Alfred Francis Glanville31 Jul 19072 Oct 1925Vivid IIK 66953
Alfred Francis Glanville31 Jul 190721 Feb 1929Vivid IIK. 66953
Samuel Glanville 5 Nov 1907Vivid I144214
Ernest Arthur Glanville14 Aug 190824 Nov 1923GangesJ109031
Ernest Arthur Glanville14 Aug 19081 Jan 1929RepulseJ. 109031
George Harry Glanville19 Sep 19085 Aug 1924FisgardM 38352
George Harry Glanville19 Sep 19081 Jan 1929FisgardM. 38352
William Ernest Glanville17 Oct 190819 Jan 1925ImpregnableJ 112955
William Ernest Glanville17 Oct 19082 Apr 1929ResolutionJ. 112955
John Henry Glanville8 May 19094 May 1926Victory IIM.X. 45487
William George Glanville14 Nov 191015 Jul 1926ImpregnableJX 127473
Ernest John Glanville16 Sep 19111 Aug 1927FisgardMX 46529
Alfred Victor Glanville12 Jul 19128 Feb 1928GangesJX 131383
Frederick Charles Glanville30 Jul 191222 Nov 1927St VincentJX 131121
Frederick James Glanville16 Jun 19122 Jan 1928FisgardMX 46997
Edward Glanville 2 Aug 1914Victory I141863
Edward Glanville 22 Jun 1915Vivid II143442
Jabez Glanville 11 Apr 1915Vivid I181197
Jabez Glanville 11 Apr 1915Vivid I181197
William Thomas Glanville 7 Aug 1915Zaria143127
William Thomas Glanville 7 Aug 1915Zaria143127
William Henry Glanville 21 Jun 1916Hecla268032
John Thomas Glanville 1 Jul 1917Gibraltar168017
William H. T. G. Glanville 24 Jul 1923Victory II271579
John Harry Glanville 12 Aug 1927Vivid IIM34745
Richard James Glanwille 9 May 18726 Jan 1888Impregnable144191