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Glanville Document

A photograph of an old Glanville document is here. (click to download the image).
I have no further information on its age or current location (so please don't ask).

The following transcription of the words on the document has been given me by Pat Power (who kindly supplied the photo).
You will notice there are 3 rows of 5 coats-of-arms, and the first and last appear identical. Therefore it would be a reasonable supposition that the numbers refer to the arms in sequence (with that of the Chief Justice of England appearing in the centre of the middle row).

  1. POWER - of Waterford, Teneriffe of London
  2. STRICKLAND - Lord of Sizergh, Co. of Westmoreland
  3. DEINCOURT - Lord of Deincourt, Co. of Lincoln
  4. NEVILLE - Earle of Northumberland, before the Conqueror
  5. NEVILLE - Admiral to William the Conqueror, 1066
  6. BULMER - Lord of Sherriffhoton?, Co. of York
  7. MIDDLEHAM - Lord of Middleham, Constable of Richmond, Co. of York
  8. GLANVILLE - Chief Justice of England, 1130
  9. CLAVERING - Lord of Clavering (can't read the rest)
  10. WARD - of Newby, Co. of York
  11. BLENKINSOP - of Northumberland
  12. ALFORD - of Bilton Y Marye? , Co. of York
  13. ROOKES - of Farrley, Co. of Bucks
  14. SACVILLE - of Farrley, Co. of Bucks
  15. POWER
"Aut Vincere Aut Mori" = "Victory or Death".

The more observant amongst you will note the occurance of some of the surnames mentioned in Records of the Anglo-Norman House of Glanville A.D. 1050 to 1880

Don Blankenship has undertaken an Analysis of the names and believes they may all have been at one time High Sheriffs of York.
[Jay. 2-Apr-2020 Link to Analysis found no longer operable]

Glanville Memorial

A photograph of the Glanville Memorial at Tavistock is here. (click to download the image).
Thanks to Jenny Strickland for making this available.

This is mentioned in the Records of the Anglo-Norman House of Glanville A.D. 1050 to 1880 where the inscription is transcribed


The National Portrait Gallery has portraits of two eminent Glanvilles:-
  1. Sir John Glanville (1586-1661), Speaker of the Short Parliament - 49in x 39in in Oils on Canvas
    This is the image used in the Records of the Anglo-Norman House of Glanville A.D. 1050 to 1880
  2. Joseph Glanvill (1636-1680), Divine. Two portraits, one by William Faithorne after an unknown artists line engraving, published 1681. Neither of the Joseph Glanvill portraits are on public display, but viewings can be arranged. Information on Joseph Glanville is to be found here.

St Peter ad Vincular, Broad Hinton Church, Wiltshire
A number of recent photographs have been taken at the church, and a number of these relate to Glanvilles.
These are available with other church photographs at Duncan and Mandy's website and I have their permission to reproduce the Glanville ones here.

These images are © Mandy Ball please see her copyright page if you wish to use her photos

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Glanville detail

Detail underside of arch

John Glanville

"A greater hero England never saw, Ah happy did she oft produce his equal"

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Glanville detail

William Glanville

Glanville detail

Winchester Castle Hall
A stained glass window contains this image (click to download image), which appears to be the Arms of Ranulph De Glanville.