Glanville Coat of Arms Records of the Anglo-Norman House of Glanville
from A.D. 1050 to 1880.
Glanville Coat of Arms

by Wm Urmston Searle Glanville-Richards

Published in London 1882

This is a transcription of the book, made by Jay Glanville in September 1999 and March 2001.
Grateful thanks to Simon Glanville for his invaluable assistance with pages 1 to 145, and to Jenny Strickland for the remainder of the document.

For convenience of browsing, the book has been divided into a number of webpages, with each webpage carrying the transcript of a number of pages of the original document.

UPDATE - November 2005
I have found that the Brigham Young University website publishes images of each of the pages of the original book.

NEW - September 2017
I have found Brigham-Young links no longer functional, so have removed the information about how to reference them.

I have attempted to link together the various names from the book into my own interpretation of the pedigrees, and to supplement the information with data from the parish registers, census returns, etc. where available. There also appear to be one or two typographic mistakes in the book, mainly with erroneous digits in dates - where possible I am correcting those as I enter the data into my database.
This work is ongoing, but the information available so far is to be found in here

It cannot be that in the transcribing of so many pages, no mistakes have been made.
I am happy to have potential errors pointed out (via email) for me to check and hence improve the quality of the transcription for all.

Warning to lesser-experienced Genealogists
It has come to my attention that these pages are being taken as The Truth and The Whole Truth, and I know that this cannot be. Some of the reasons include (but are not limited to):-

  • Transcription Errors
    These webpages have come about because I transcribed the book. The book was printed from information supplied to the publisher by William U S G-Richards. He would have written his submission from information supplied to him by his informants. His informants may have worked from source material, but may have made copies.
    Anywhere along the line in this process, people and place names as well as dates may have become corrupted.
  • Omissions
    William U S G-Richards informants are likely to have omitted unpalateable information as well as information they deemed (for whatever reason) to be not relevant. Thus the Glanvilles tend to be those of high status with clear credentials. Not many agricultural labourers made it into the book, although they formed the backbone of the population of the 19th century and earlier.
  • Wishful Thinking
    There are a number of people of High Station mentioned in the book, with people claiming descent from or relationship to these individuals. William U S G-Richards probably had no reason to refute even those claims he knew were dubious as the book was produced by Subscription.
    One of my correspondents had an Uncle who spoke with Sylvanus Goring Glanville who was approached by W U S G-Richards at the time of the book. It was not unusual at that time for subscribers to jointly finance a limited edition publication which otherwise would not have seen the light of day. Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould who submitted information to the book was another member of the clergy who occupied his time with research and publication, although in his case it was an interest in Folk Song.
  • Lack of Verification
    In the 1881 census (one year before publication), William U S G-Richards is listed as aged 26. Clearly he did not have much time (although he claims 10 years) to undertake research and verification into the subject of Glanville lineage, and thus his dependence upon his subscribers for their information and veracity of it.
    Today we have faster and easier access to information than was possible 120 years ago - William would have been comparatively restricted in what he could research or check. In his favour though, information submitted by individuals may well be more accurate in family grouping and filiation that by merely attempting to create pedigrees from public records.

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