IN the chancel of the Clifford Chambers, co. Gloucestershire, is a mural monument containing two figures in the dresses of the period, kneeling, and between them an inscription and shield, which contains fifteen quarterings of the family of Raynesford; the seventh quartering is Glanville, Argent, a chief indented Or. Also in the chancel of Ebrington Church, in the same county, is, upon a table tomb, the effigy of a man, recumbent, in the robes of a Judge: it represents John Fortescue, Justice of England; and on his shield are likewise the Arms of Glanville.

On the forty quarterings of the Right Hon. Harry Grey, Earl of Stamford, the third is that of Glanville. The Right Hon. John Griffin-Griffin, Lord Howard de Walden, quarters in the 113th place, the Arms of Glanville. The shield of Right Hon. Thomas, Lord Say and Sele, contains seventy-nine Arms, of which the thirty-third is also Glanville.

On the shield of the Right Hon. Lord Lyttelton, which represents 122 coats, the seventy-fourth is for Glanville.

On the shield of the Right Hon. George Venables Vernon, Lord Vernon of Linderton, which contains 100 quarterings, the eighty-fifth is Glanville, Baron of Bromholm.

In the old mansion of the Glanvilles at Kilworthy, near Tavistock, are numerous Coats of Arms, the following being a description of some of them :

ARMS OF GIANVILLE -- Azure, three saltires Or. Crest : On a wreath, a stag tripping Sable, attired Or. (This crest was granted by Robert Cooke, Herald, in 1576, to John Glanville, Esq., of Tavistock.)

1st COAT. -- Johan Glanville, Justiciari' de Communis Banco, m. Alice Skerret, Portea uxor Franc. Godolphin, Militi. Arms : Sable, a chevron Or, between three bezants.

2nd COAT. -- Fran. Glanville, m. Elizabeth Crymes, fil. Gul. Crymes, Ar of Buckland. Arms : Barry of six Or and Azure, three martlets of the first, a chief Vairy.

3rd COAT.-- Fran. Glanville, m. (Maria) Rolle of Heanton. Arms: Or, on a bar dancette, between three delves. Azure, charged with as many lions rampant of the first, three bezants.

4th COAT. -- Gul. Kelly, de Kelly (Margaret and Fran. Coheres of Glanville). Arms: Argent, a chevron between three billets Gules.

5th COAT. -- Ambrose Manaton, fil. 2nd Pet. Manaton of Trecarral, m. Ann, filia Pierce Edgecumbe de Mount Edgecumbe; relict (?) Ric. Trefusis, 2nd, Johan, fil. Mapowder. Arms of Manaton: Argent, on a bend Sable three mullets of the field. Crest : On a wreath of the colours, a demi-unicorn Sable, armed Argent. Arms of Edgecumbe: Gules on a bend Ermine, cotised Or, three boars' head couped. Argent, armed of the third, and langued of the first. Arms of Trefusis : Argent, a chevron between three .... spindles Sable. Arms of Mapowder: Barry of eight Gules and Argent, on a chief of the second a greyhound coated Sable.

6th COAT. -- Ambrose Manaton, m. 1st Elizabeth Kelly; m. 2nd, Carew, filia Johan Carew, Antony, Cornwall. Arms of Carew: Or, three lions passant in pale Sable.

7th COAT. -- Hen. Manaton de Harwood, m. Martha Andrews, Lyme Regis. Arms : Sable, a saltire Argent between four cross-crosslets Or. About different parts of the house are thirty-six other coats, shewing the descent of the Manatons and their alliances with other houses, such as Buller, Hockmore, Manaton, Edgecumbe, Manpowder, Ilbert, Carminow, Roscarrock, Courtney, Kingdon, Trecarrol, Tremaine, Hunt, etc., etc. Kilworthy, and most of the property in and about Tavistock, now belongs to the Duke of Bedford.

In the pedigree of the Pastons of Paston, Norfolk (see pages 17 and 18), now in the possession of the Duke of Newcastle, and which was printed by the Norfolk Archaeological Society, it says, "Walter the second sone of Edmund Paston."   "This Walter second sonne of Edmund de Paston did firste give his coate the chief indented Or, which the Pastons beare at this day as an ornam't unto the same, for that it is part of Glanvile's coat, whose daughter, his father Edmund did marry, as doth appear by one of the old pedigress before menc'oned, wherein is set down the Armes that the Pastons did beare from Wulstan the first, until this Walter, and none of them did give this chiefe before him," etc.

In a brief of evidence it affirms -- "They shewed a lineal descent how their first ancestor Wulstan came out of France and Sir William de Glanvile together, his kinsman that after founded the Priory of Bromholme by the Towne of Paston and the Towne of Benhall, and how Wulstan had issue Wulstan which bare Armes Gould, flowrets Azure, and how he had issue Raffe and Robert which Raffe bare Armes as his father and Robert the younger bare silver flouret, Azure, and Robert had issue Edmund and Walter, which Edmund the elder bare as his father and his brother because he married Glanville's daughter, a chiefe indented Goulde the field silver flourets Azure, and now their ancestors again bare with less number." -- Page 34, N. A. Society.

The different coats as formerly borne by the Glanvilles were : Glanville, Earl of Suffolk, Argent, a chief indented Azure, and also per pale Azure and Argent; Glanville of Suffolk and Broomhall, Argent, a chief indented Azure; Glanville, Azure, on a chief Or a lion passant Gules; Glanville, Azure, three crescents between nine cross-crosslets fitchee argent; Glanville, Per pale Azure and Gules, three saltires Argent ; Glanville, Or, a chief indented Azure (these arms are still used by the noble family of Butler); Glanville, Azure, three saltires Or.

"At Berdewell Hall, in West Herley, Norfolk, which was a fine specimen of an old manorial house. When it was pulled down in 1725, there was a family chapel, and in the parlour and other windows, amongst numerous Coats of Arms, were those of Glanville, Argent, a chief indented Azure, and Southwell." (Blomfield's 'Norfolk,' 307.) Glanville Arms to be seen at Ash, in co. Suffolk. (Davy's 'Suff. Col.')

Geraldus Cambrensis says that the compiler of the Laws of England, in the reign of King Henry II., was not the celebrated Lord Chief Justice Ranulph de Glanville, but another Ranulph de Glanville who flourished in the time of Henry III.; perhaps he is the same person who is mentioned by Johannis Pitsei, 1619, as living in 1230.

Mr. Joseph Hunter, in his Preface to his 'Fines in Curia Domini Regis, A.D. 1195 -- 1214,' remarks concerning the legal work attributed to Chief Justice R. de Glanville that "it is most important to observe that if the treatise in which they (the Fines) are found were written in the reign of King Henry II., it must have been at the very close of his reign, unless the copies are come down to us interpolated. . . . (1) One which (the fine) was levied before Ranulph de Glanville at Westminster on the Vigil of St. Peter in the 33rd of Henry II.; and (2), One which was levied, first in a court of Geoffrey Fitz Peter, and afterwards before the King's Justices, the Bishops of Ely and Norwich, and Ranulph de Glanville, on the Tuesday after the Feast of St. Simon and St. Jude, 33rd of Henry II."

Some authorities affirm that Lord Chief Justice Glanville only had daughters, and others that he left male issue. It seems certain that before he set out to fight for the recovery of the Holy Land, he settled portions of his large possessions upon his three daughters, but there is, so far as I know, no authority for saying, at least facts seem to prove the contrary, that he divided the whole amongst his daughters, but that he only gave them their marriage dowers.

"Ran. de Glanville, de xv Marc de Alano filio Briani pro catallis hominum suorum qui abierunt ad imnicos Regis (Pipe 21 Henry II., Honor com' Conani).

"Ranulfus de Glanvill, Viscount of Yorkshire, witness to an undated charter "Clementis Abbatis Beatae Mariae Ebox," temp. Hen. II.

Thomas Craig, the most judicious of all the writers on Feudal Law, and whose work does honour to Scotland, speaks of the 'Regiam Majestatem' as stolen from Glanville's Work (vide pages 43 and 44), and treats the opinion of his countrymen, who supposed it to be an original account of their laws, as a miserable blindness and delusion. Vide Lord Lyttelton's 'Life of Henry II.'

Ranulphus de Glanvilla, witness to an undated charter circa 2 Rich. 1. of "Willelmi Malebys militis fil' Dom' Joh'is Malebys."

Ranulphus de Glanville fuit vicm. 31 Hen. 11., Ebox et Hervieus de Glanville witnesses to a charter of "Bertrami de Bulemen."

Final Concord made at York before Ranulph de Glanville "tune tetoporis vice- comite" and others 30 Hen. II., "Inter Henricum filium Henr' et Will'm de Chaitona."

Ranulphus de Glanvill tune Vic. Ebox witness to an undated charter of "Rogeri de Mulbrai" (Mowbray).

A Robert de Glanville held the Prebendary Stall of Asgarby in Lincoln Cathedral in 1140 (Fasti Eccle Angl.).

"Per ampla. Confirm, maneruo terrar' ac libertat' pro Prioressa de Bungar fundat per Rogerum de Glanvill et Gundred' Comittissam uxorem ejus in qua bis de Henrico II., ac de. 19 Chart' Hen. III." (Calendarium Rot. Patm Edw. IV., 5 year). (See pages 58 and 59.) Walter de Glanville witness to a charter relative to lands in Suffolk in Edw. 1. And another Walter Glanville was a witness to a charter of Sir Oliver Gros for lands in Norfolk A.D. 1427.

Draft of an indenture between Nicholas Glanvyle of Tavistock, Devon, and the Earl of Bedford, 2 October, 1578.

Oct. 8th, 1598, Warrant to Exchequer in consideration of present payment of £1000 by the sureties of Thomas Phillippes, £2000 more within six months, and the remainder of the debt within ten months, to grant his sureties the moiety of Virley's alias Glanville's manor.

In 1586, July 28, Thomas Pfyton writes to Lord Burghley and complains that his servant Robert Wyet had been imprisoned by Richard Glanville, Bailiff of Tavistock, for seizing certain prunes and currants at Foy.

Margaret, wife of Reginald, 2nd Lord Grey, see Pedigree 1.


The following references refer to Glanville.

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Sir Hervey de Glanville, p. 25, etc., and Stephen de Glanville, p. 60. "In 1452 Thomas Hervey was Vicar of Eye in Suffolk. This appointment is curious, in connection with the fact that Hervey de Glanville was a witness to Robert Malet's Charter of Foundation of Eye Priory, and that Hubert de Monte Kenesi or Caniso, whose connection with the Herveys is shewn by the name Hervey Canis or Munchenay (Monte Canisio), together with Ranulph de Glanville, were benefactors." -- ('Family of Hervey,' 358.)

John Glanvill, Clecus (Ancient Kalendars and Inventories of the Treasury of the Exchequer, p. 184).

"Eo de' modo sci bit' Vic' Bedef' de J marc' redditus T. Weston' qua' Rad's de Glanvill' h'uit. de demo Hawi's que fuit uxor Joh'is de Bovill' &c., ut Sa." -- (Rot. Litt. Claum.)

"Gilb'tus de Meperleshall ponit loco suo &c., usus Ric'um de Glanvill and Rad'm de Tuo de Plito t're." -- (Abbreviatio Placm Richard 1st, Bedford.)

Hundred Wilford, Baudisseye, Suffolk, Richard de Glanvill mentioned, temp. Edw. III. -- (Inq. Nonarum, p. 79.)

Bartho' de Glanville, A.D. 1225, Norfolk and Suffolk. -- (Rot. Littm Clausarum, p. 17.)

William de Glanville and Walter "fil." ejus test. Cart., S.D. (?) .Will'i fil. Alani. -- (Reg. of Leiston, fol. 71.)

George Glanville test. Cart., 13 Richard II. -- (Oxford Deeds.)

William de Glanville, witness to a charter of Gilbert de Glanville, Bishop of Rochester, to the Hospital of Strode.

Charter of John, King of England, to Gilbert de Glanville, Bishop of Rochester (Roffen).

Rot. Litt. Patentium. -- A.D. 1203. Rex etc. etc. G., fil. Petri, sciatis quod qietavimua dilicto et fideli nostro Will. de Breosa, L. st'ing' qd jud' Northampton abeo exigit per plegiu' Rann. de Glanville et Walteri de Clifford, et ideo vobis mandamus quo' ipsium inde quietu' ease facialis et Carta' suam. q. idem jud's de eo inde h'abet' ei sine ditione (?) reddi. T. me ipso apud Rothom' vij die June 1203.

"Rot. Litt. Claus A.D. -- 1216. The King grants to his brother William, Earl of Salusbury, the inheritance of the daughter of Ralph de Glanville, and he orders the Sheriff of Suffolk and Northampton to at once see that this mandate is carried out.

"Rex, etc., Will' de Glanville, etc., mandamus vobis, quod mittatis nohis per bonos portitores omnes cives q', fuerint, T. R. apud Scrohy xxviiij die Aug. 1212.

1217. Eodem modo scibiter Vic' (Sheriff) Essex pro Galfrido de Glanville et Sheriff Norf. et Suff. pro eodem T. ut Sa (?).

"Eodem modo scibitur Vic' Dorset pro Henry de Glanville."

Proceedings in Chancery (Queen Elizabeth)

Plaintiff Defendant Claim Details
Philip King. John Glanville, and J. Chave. Under Lease for Lives Megsgs and lands in Launceston held under a Lease granted by Thomas Hicts,
Henry Glanvill. John Babbacon and John Gust. To protect Plaintiff's Title to Lease A Messg and Lands in the Parish of West Putford, Devon, the inheritance of John Babbacon, and by him demd to John Bedyspoll, who sold the same to Matthew Glanvill, the Plaintiff's Father.
John Wrey, 1596 Henry Glanvill.   Claim by purchase of divers Messuages, Lands and Tenements in Houghton in the Parish of Sourton, Devon, purchased by John Glanville.

The following Pedigree is taken from Davy's 'Suffolk Collection':--

John de Glanville, Rector of Reymerston, Norfolk, 1358.

1386, Robert de Glanville de Makesey (Rymer, 'Foedera').

John Glanvile, Rector of Acle, Norfolk, 1414 -- (Blomfield's 'Hist. of Norfolk.')

John Glanville is mentioned in a Royal Charter, 1413 (R. Feod, p. 773), of London.

"Alianora Wingfield," page 49, the widow of Sir John Wingfield, was named Alianora (Inquisition 49 Edw. III., 54; Sir Harris Nicolas' 'Calendar of Heirs;' Add. MS. 19708), but it does not appear for certain whether she was the mother of his only child Catherine, who was returned her heir and aged 26 in 49 Edw. III.; she is also mentioned in the Will of William de Wingfield 6 Henry V. She married Michael de la Pole, created Earl of Suffolk Aug. 6th, 1385. He was a prominent Royalist and Lollard, for which he died in exile at Paris, Sept. 5th, 1389 (Inquisition); his widow died in 1405. Both were buried at Hull.

"Sir William de Vescy," page 46. Sir William de Vescy was most likely a member of the Vescys of Kildare, a family connected with the old Barons de Vescy by an illegitimate tie only.

Sortriope (?) Horabridge, near Tavistock, originally belonged to Jnope Glanville, and was sold by him to his brother John Glanville about the year 1600, the original Deed of Conveyance being now in the possession of Henry F. Pengelly Spry, Esq., who resides there. Mr. Spry also has portraits of the old Jnope and his wife, and their Coat of Arms. Some years ago Mr. Spry discovered two old granite posts, on one of which is cut the letters G./I. E. John and Elizabeth Glanville, and on the other the date 1666. Mr. Spry also has other old deeds which shew that the descendants of John Glanville married into the Godolphin family.

Harl. MS. 6595

"Willyam Glanville, Baron of Bromholm, father to Ranulph Glanville, 'Earle of Suffolk. This Willyam married Beatrix, daughter of Sackville. ARMS. -- Argent, a chief indented Azure.

"Randolphe Glanville, Lord of Bromholm, created Earl of Suffolk by King Henry ye 2nd, and Justice of England; and in ye first yeare of Kinge Richard ye first ye was made . . . . . . of England. He had two sons, Willyam and Gilbert, of whom descended the Earldom of Suffolk. Gilberte had two daughters -- Emma, married to Sir John Grey of . . . . . . of wyom did desend ye Lords Greys of ...... Elenor ye 2nd daughter was married to Robert Fitz Randell, Lord of Myddleyam, of whome descended the Earles of Westmoreland. ARMS. -- A chief indented."


It is said that the Glanvilles who resided at Broad Hinton at the time of the Civil Wars, threw all their plate into a well on the estate, to prevent it being seized by the Parliamentarians, and the Rev. J. A. Lloyd, the present Rector of Broad Hinton, informs me "that the old well has been cleaned out two or three times, and I have heard that the first time it was cleaned several things were secretly disposed of by the then tenant to a silversmith at Devizes. Mr. Brown, of the Lodge, Broad Hinton (since dead), bought, I believe, two curious vases which were found at the time. The well is some 150 feet deep."

A few Extracts from Parish Registers relating to the Glanville Family


Faculty Office.

1633. March 26. -- John Buckley of Plymouth, co. Devon, clerk, M.A., bachelor, aged 22, and Joane Glanvile, spinster, aged 21, daughter of Thomas Glanvile, late of the same, merchant, dec'd, and her mother.
1662. April 28. -- Julius Glanvill of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., bachelor, aged about 30, and Ann Bagnall of St. Dunstan's in the W., London, spinster, about 25, her parents dead; to marry at St. Margaret, Westminster, or Westminster Abbey.
1698. July 20. -- John Glanville of St. Margaret's, Westminster, Esq., bachelor, aged 40, and Anne Eyre of same, spinster, 27, at her own disposal.

Vicar-General's Office.

1663. Oct. 7. -- Richard Glanvile of St. Michael's, Crooked Lane, London, merchant, bachelor, aged about 23, and Mrs. Hannah Zouch of same, widow [spinster erased], about 21, with consent of her father) {blank} Zouch.
1677. April 12. -- John Lowe of Gray's Inn, gent., bachelor, about 26, and Winifride Glanvile of Broad Hinton, Wilts, spinster, aged about 22, with her father's consent, to marry at Broad Hinton.

Bishop of London's Register.

1689. -- Samuel Glanvill, gent., of Ratcliffe, parish of Stepney, co. Middle'x, bachr, aged 28, and Elizabeth Seavern of same, spinster, aged 16, at her own disposal, to marry at Stepney.

Parish Registers of Abingdon, Berks.

1693. 16 Oct. -- John Glanvill of Clifton, co. Oxon, and Ann Judd of Sunningwell, co. Berks, by licence.
1695-6. Feb. 20. -- John Cox of Chilton to Mary Glanvill of Clifton, by licence.

Petrockstowe, co. Devon.

1646-7. March 11. -- Francis Glanville, Esq., and Mrs. Mary Rolle.

Debden, Essex.

1682. April 28. -- Maurice Glanville, Rector of Wimbish, to Elizabeth Carter of Debden, spinster.
1684. May 20. -- Thomas Bernard, clerk, Rector of Bardfield Parva, to Elizabeth Glanville of Wimbish, spinster.

Lifton, Devon.

1658. 4 Jan. -- Thomas Roberts to Elizabeth, daughter of Oliver Glanvill, gent., of Launceston, dec.

Baldwin Brightwell, co. Oxon.

1676. Oct. 12. -- Carlton Stone of this parish and Winifred Glanville, daughter of Wm Glanville of Broad Hinton, Esq.
1709. Oct. 13. -- George Bayley, Esq., and Mrs. Winifred Stone.

Barnes, co. Surrey.

1689. April 7. -- Julius Glanvil of Claver, Berks., and Martha Corderoy of Morton in the same county, licence.

Mitcham, co. Surrey.

1747. Feb. 27. -- James Eastland, bachelor, to Eleanor Glanville, spinster, both of St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, licence.

Gray's Inn Chapel.

1713. Nov. 5. -- William Glanville, gent., of St. Edmd the King, Lombard Street, to Elizabeth Allison of All Saints', Lombard Street.

Temple Church, London.

1685. June 29. -- Anthony Glanvill to Jane Wharthew (sic? Walthew). St. Margaret's, Westminster.
1723. Jan. 29. -- Sarjant Glanvil to Marina Fowkes, licence.
1797. June 8. -- Edward Glanvill and Margaret Bertie, licence.
1839. May 29. -- Matthew Wood, Lieut. 9 Regt. Madras Native Infantry, son of Joseph. Wood, to Sarah Maria Glanvill, daughter of J. Glanvill, licence.

St. Giles, Cripplegate, London.

1739. Sep. 10. -- Robert New, Esq., and Frances Glanville, licence.

St. Paul's Cathedral.

1698. July 20. -- John Glanville, gentleman, to Ann Eyre, both of St. Margaret, Westminster.

St. Bartholomew the Great, London.

1654. July 12. -- James Cowes and Mrs. Jane Glanvill, both of All Hallows, Barking.

St. Olave's, Old Jewry, London.

1718. Feb. 4. -- John Henchman of St. Botolph, Aldgate, to Mary Glanville of St. Paul's, Shadwell.
1748. Nov. 30. -- William Glanville, Esq. of St. Andrew's, Holborn, bachelor, to Emma Dubourdieu of St. Clement Danes, spinster.

All Hallows, Barking, London.

1654. July 26. -- James Cows of this parish, gent., and Jane Glanvill of same, spinster, in presence of William Glanville of the Middle Temple, Esq., and Edmond Cowes of this parish, merchant.

All Hallows, Staining, London.

1699. March 11. -- Walter Martin of St. Clement Danes to Mary Glanvil of St. Stephen's, Coleman Street, licence.

St. Martin in the Fields, Middlesex.

1665. May 16. -- John Glanvill of this parish and Prudence Brown of St. Giles in the Fields, banns.

Topsham, co. Devon.

1686. Nov. 23. -- William Glanvill to Agnes Critchet.
1753. June 30. -- John Glanvill to Elizabeth Coles, widow.

Law Hitton, co. Cornwall.

1660. -- Oliver the sonn of Oliver Glanvile of Launceston, dec,, gent., and Bridget, daughter of Joseph May of St. Austell, cleark, dec., were m. Feb. 20.
1666. -- John Knight and Mary Glanvile of Launceston, Oct. ye 30th.

Tavistock, Devon.

John Conocke, Esq., to Alice, dau. of Francis Glanville, Knight, 26 Sept., 1622.
Oliver Sawel, Esq. (sic, Sawle), to Mrs. Jane Glanville, dau. of Rt. Worshipful Sir Francis Glanville, Kt 3 Feb., 1632, Sunday.
1627. 10 April. -- Mr. William Fowell to Mrs. Elizabeth Glanville.
John Doidge, Esq., to Dionysia, dau. of Rt. Worshipful Sir Francis Glanville, Kt 1635.
Mr. John Alwill, minister, and Mrs. Grace Glanville, 1675.

Buckland Monachorum, Devon.

Francis Glandville, ar., and Elizabeth Crymes, mar. 21 Sep., 1604.


Thomas Drake and Alice Glanville, 23 Oct., 1634.

St. Andrew's, Plymouth.

Dec. 13. 1655. -- John Glanvill, son of Mr. John Glanvill of this parish, dec'd, to Ruth Brett, dau. of Mr. George Brett of Stafford in Staffordshire. [fn 146]
1695. August 19. -- George Glanvill to Margarett Clarke, by licence.
1710. May 19. -- Thomas Tooth (?) to Joyce Glanville, by licence.

Charles Church, Plymouth.

1724. March 31. -- John Stephens to Elizabeth Glanvil.
1697. Jan. 10. -- Richard Glanvil and Elizabeth Trefry (probably one of the old Cornish Trefrys).

Broad Hinton, Wilts.

Mr. John Low and Mrs. Winifred Glanville, m. April 25, 1677.

St. Germans, Cornwall.

William Handcock, gent., to Mrs. Anne Glanvill, Oct. 16, 1724.

Lifton, Devon.

1661. April 17. -- Sir John Davy, Bart., of Creedy, and Margaret Glanville, of Kilworthy, in the parish of Tavistock. [fn 147]
1674. Oct. 20. -- Richard Glanvill and Catherine Janson.

Lamerton, Devon.

1701. Aug. 23. -- Matthew Glanville to Margaret Chute.

Launceston, Cornwall.

1574. Oct. 26. -- Thomas Gliddon to Julian Glanville.


Hornchurch, Essex.

Margaret, dau. of Mr. George Glanvile, Dec. 8, 1644.

Rumford, Essex.

1640. June 12. --Allen, son of George Glanvill.
1641. July 19. -- George, son of George Glanvill.
1645. Dec. 8. -- John, son of George Glanvill.
1647. May 3. -- Joseph, son of George Glanvill.
1647. May 3. -- Benjamin, son of George Glanvill.

Southwell, co. Notts.

1714. June 16. -- Ellen, dau. of Mr. Richard Glanvill.
1715. Oct. 6. -- Margaret, dau. of Mr. Richard Glanvill.
1717. June 22. -- Richard, son of Richard and Margaret Glanvill.

St. Margaret's, Westminster.

1667. March 6. -- Margaret, dau. of Richard and Allecia Glanvile.
1759. May 20. -- Mary, dau. of Edward and Elizbth Glanville, born 16th.
1795. April 7. -- Loveday Sarah, dau. of Francis Glanvill, Esqre, and Loveday Sarah, born 11 April, 1792.
1798. May 6. -- Margaret Martha, dau. of George and Hester Glanvill, born 6th April.

St. Anne (Soho), Westminster.

1719. June 9. -- Frances, dau. of Wm and Frances Glanvile, born 29 May.
1767. Jan. 8. -- Charles, son of Charles and Elizabeth Glanville.

St. Matthew, Friday Street, London.

1718. March 1. -- Frances, dau. of John and Margaret Glanvill.

St. Bride's, London.

1686. Jan. 10. -- John, son of Anthony and Eliz. Glanville.
1723. Feb. 10. -- John, son of Julius and Mary Glanvill, born 24 Jan.

St. Andrew in the Wardrobe, London.

1695. Jan. 30. -- Sargeant, son of Samuel and Elizth Glanvill.

Lifton, Devon.

1765. 5 Aug. -- Honor, dau. of Robert Glanvil and Elizth his wife.

St. Martin, Ironmonger Lane, London.

1717. Nov. 5. -- Elizabeth, dau. of William Glanville, Esqre, and Elizabeth, born 22 Oct.
1719. Jan. 29. -- John Allison, son of William Glanville, Esqre, and Elizabeth, born 17 Jan.

St. Martin in the field, Middlesex.

1689. Nov. 29. -- Charles, son of Anthony and Christain Glanvill.
1691. Dec. 8. -- Agnes, dau. of Anthony and Christain Glanvill.
1694. March 22. -- Elizabeth, dau. of William and Frances Glanvill.
1696. Sept. 4. -- Abraham, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Glanvill.
1696. Sept. 10. -- Francis, son of William and Frances Glanvill.
1733. April 6. -- Bridget Glanville, dau. of William Glanville Evelyn and Bridget.
1734. April 17. -- William Evelyn, son of William Glanville (formerly Evelyn), Esqre, and Bridget, born 21 March.

Elmsett, co. Suffolk.

1731. -- Ann Gideon, dau. of Richard G. Glanvile, Esquire, and Ann his wife, born Jan. 24.
1735. -- Sarah Glanvil, ye dau. of Richard Glanvil and Ann his wife, born Feb. 29.
1737. -- James Glanvile, son of Richard Gideon Glanvile, and Ann his wife, born Aug. 18.

Broad Hinton, co. Wilts.

1654. Oct. 26. -- Winifrid, dau. of William Glanvill, Esquire, and Frances his wife.
1654. Nov. 14. -- Winifred, d. of John Glanvill, Esquire, and Katherine his wife, born.
1655. Dec. 25. -- Francis, son of William Glanvill, Esqre, and Frances his wife, bapt.
1655. Feb. 2. -- Winifred, dau. of Julius Glanvill. Esqre, and Anne his wife.


Debden, co. Essex.

1696. March 10. -- Aline, dau. of Maurice Glanvile, Rector of Wimbish and of Walton, co. Bucks, late dec'd, and Elizth his wife.
1690. July 22. -- Joseph, son of Maurice and Elizth Glanvile.

Worsborough, co. York.

1711. April 25. -- Mr. Glanvile, surgeon, etc., at London, now from Rob. Royd.

Hornchurch, co. Essex.

1646. Feb. 28. -- John, son of Mr. George Glanvill.

Romford, co. Essex.

1640. Dec. 31. -- Thomas, son of George Glanvill.
1641. Sep. 20. -- George, son of George Glanvill.
1647. May 8. -- Benjamin, son of George Glanvill.

Little Bardfield, co. Essex.

Monument in the chancel to Anne, relict of Joseph Glanville, late Rector of Wimbish (and afterwards of Bath); she died 2 April, 1689, aet. 60. Also to Elizabeth Bernard, their daughter, who died 9 May, 1687.

Southwell, co. Notts.

1714. Jan. 10. -- William, son of Mr. Richard Glanvill.
1715. Oct. 9. -- Margaret, dau. of Mr. Richard Glanvill.

Baldwin Brightwell, co. Oxon.

1708. Aug. 23. -- Carleton Stone, Esqre.

Yarnton, co. Oxon.

1691. Jan. 27. -- Mr. Glandvill.

Putney, co. Surrey.

1715. Aug. 29. -- John Glanvill, Esq.
1724. March 9. -- Mrs. Glanvill.

Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey.

1702. Oct. 5. -- Ann, wife of Julius Glanvill, Esq.
1710. Feb. 18. -- Julius Glanvill, Esq.

St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, Middlesex.

1716. May 24. -- Martha Glanvile, Pitfield Street, buried at London.


1709. March 11. -- Mrs. Eleanor Glanvill, from Bloomsbury.

St. Anne, Soho, Westminster.

1765. Sept. 11. -- George Glanville, Fleet Prison.
1774. May 21. -- Theresa Glanville.
1780. Sept. 21. -- William Glanville (infant).

St. James, Westminster.

1692. June 4. -- John Glanvill.
1717. Jan. 23. -- Richard Glanvill.
1718. March 16. -- Dorothy Glanville.
1756. Oct. 15. -- George Glanvill.
1780. Dec. 31. -- Richard Glanville.

St. Matthew, Friday Street, London.

1758. May 10. -- Frances New, wife of Robert New, of New Barns, co. Herts, Esq., only dau. and heiress of Mr. John Glanville and Margaret his wife, late of this parish, deceased, buried in the vault under the chancel.

St. Olave, Hart Street, London.

1608. Dec. 6. -- Samuel, son of Richard Glanvile, buried in the church.

St. Andrew's, Holborn.

1691. July 30. -- James, son of Richard Glanville, of co. Somerset.
1713. Dec. 14. -- Mrs. Glanvill, from Devonshire Street.
1792. April 18. -- Loveday Sarah Glanville, Marylebone.

St. Giles in the fields.

1709. March 11. -- Mrs. Eleanor Glanville, carried away.

St. George's, Bloomsbury.

1783. April 30. -- Joseph Glanville, of Bloomsbury Square.

Broad Hinton, co. Wilts.

1656. Sept. 29. -- Francis Glanvill, son of William Glanvill, Esq.
1661. Oct. 3. -- Sir John Glanvill, Kt.
1676. April 8. -- Lady Winifred Glanville.
1680. Oct. 13. -- William Glanvill, Esq. "He was the son of Sir John Glanvill, Kt Serjeant-at-Law, and Speaker of the House of Commons in ye year 1640, in the days of that blessed martyr King Charles ye first, that glorious defender of the Church of England against Presbytery."
1688. March 13. -- John Glanville, Esq.

On a brass plate in Clapham Church, Surrey.

Gulielmus Glanvill generosus
Mercator Exoniensis fessus
itinere (quod Londinum suscepit)
nec non febris violentia fatagatus his requiescit.
Obiit 16 Junii A.D. 1647.
Et aetatis suae 57.

Quis jacet hic quaeris tibi supra scripta loquuntur
At qualis vixit te sua fama docet
Neglexit moriens jactans encomia marmorham
Bene qui vixit sat sibi laudis habet.

Wooton, Surrey.

Vicesimo Septimo die Januarii
Anno Salutis reparatae 1717-18
Depositae fuerunt reliquae
Gulielmi Glanville, Arm.
Requiescant donec adveniet Redemption
Obiit 22 die ejusdem mensis.

St. Germans, Cornwall.

1631. Oct. 24. -- Johannes Glanville, Clericus.
1735. June 15. -- John Glanville, Esq.
1735. Nov. 19. -- Mrs. Elizth Glanvile.
1742. May 22. -- Mrs. Mary Glanvill.
1744. July 18. -- Mrs. Martha Glanville.
1748. Aug. 30. -- Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of John Glanville, Esq.
1751. March 26. -- Walter Glanvill, Gent.
1754. June 29. -- John Glanvill.
1768. May 6. -- Sir John Glanville, Kt.
1777. March 3. -- John Glanville, Esq.

Elmsett, co. Suffolk.

1701. March 24. -- Margaret Glanvill, widow, wife to Mr. Richard Glanvill, formerly Rector of Elmsett, and Lord of the Manors of Elmsett, Somersham, and Offton.

Probus, Cornwall.

1631. April 24. -- Richard Glanvile, of Lelant.

Lifton, Devon.

1654. July 26. -- Richard Glanfield.
1660. Dec. 20. -- Judith Glanvill, widow.
1674. Dec. 15. -- Richard Glanvile.

Peter Tavy, Devon.

1694. Dec. 14. -- Mr. John Glanvill.
1739. Feb. 17. -- Joan Glanville.

Tavistock, Devon.

1614-5. March 9. -- George Glanvill.
1616. Aug. 15. -- John, s. of Francis Glanvill, Esq.
1620. Feb. 2. -- Thomasine, dau. of Francis Glanvill, Esq.
1624. July 11. -- John Bruen, gent.
1632. Aug. 26. -- Lady Alice Godolphin, widow of John Glanville, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.
1634. Sept. -- Joan, wife of Nicholas Glanvill.
1638. Dec. 18. -- Winifred, dau. of Sir Francis Glanville, Kt.
1639. June 16. -- Elizabeth, dau. of Oliver Sawell, Esq. (sic, Sawle).
1644. Oct. 19. -- Ellinor, wife of Mr. John Skirret.
1656. Feb. 7. -- Willm Grills, gent.
1657. March 7. -- Mr. John Littlejohn (husband of Mary Glanville).
1658. Aug. 18. -- Francis Glanville, Esq., died 2 Aug.
1658. Dec. 25. -- Lady Elizabeth Glanville.
1663. Dec. 6. -- Agnes Glanville.
1673. Aug. 12. -- Mr. Thomas Glanville, Vicar, died Aug. 10.

Extracts from Wills.

THE will of Francis Glanville of Kilworthy is dated 1658. He gives the manor of Streete on Treverby, in Blackanton, the bartons of Fenton and other lands in Darlington and Rattery to Richard Fowell, son of Willm Fowell of Blackhall, in fee. The manor of Withiel, with the advowson, in Cornwall, to Francis, son of John Vivian of Treven (?), in fee. The barton of Hamm, with the manor and mills, together with Huddiesland in Moorwinston and Kilkhampton, to Joseph Saull, son of Oliver Saull of Penrice, in fee. The third of the manor of Kellylands, with the advowson of South-Hill, to Francis, son of John Doidge of Lamerton, in fee. The bartons of Killworthy, Bulling parks, Grrannerly, Spireland, Bulling meadow, Smiths park, and West Langston and Broadridge wood, in Lamerton, with Holsworthy in Tavistock, to Francis, son of William Kelly of Bittercombe, in Devon, in fee. The tithes of Whitechurch, Devon, to Francis, son of John Glanville of Whitechurch, in fee. All the above for life of his wife, to whom he also gives in fee Nuneham in Chumleigh, with Brixham and Holloway, Passamore in Broadwood, Kelly and Winckley. He gives his sister Alice, wife of Edmund Fowell, £1000. To his mother, the Lady Elizabeth, he gives plate of the value of £10; to his sister, Margaret Kelly, his diamond ring; to his niece, Dionisia Doidge, £100; to his cousin, Elizabeth Doidge, £100 on marriage; to his cousin, Eliz. Edwards, £100; to his cousin. Francis Edgecumbe, a house in Tavistock; to his nephew, Rich. Doidge, £100; to his little niece, Margaret Rolle, £50; with other legacies to servants and the poor,
Extracts from the will of Sir John Glanville, Knight, Speaker of the House of Commons 1640. (Fol. 175, May.)

In the name of God Amen, I John Glanvill, Knight, doo make this my last will and testament in writing this seaven and twentieth day of July in the thirteenth (?) year of the reign of Our Soverayne Lord Kinge Charles the Second and in the year of Our Lord God 1661 in fforme ffollowing. ffirst I revoke all former wills by me made or intended to be made. I give unto Dame Winifred my wife all money and gold in her custody, I bequeath unto her for life my mansion house and mannor and all my messuages, lands and tenements etc, of and in Broadhinton and Benoll-Woodin (?) in the Countie of Wilts and the Rectory and Tithes of Broadhinton-etc. The landes I bought soo dearly of Mr Robert Constable I will to my sonne William Glanville at whose request I bought the same and the tithes thereof arising during his life paying one hundred pounds by the yeare for the same to the said Dame Winifred his mother during her life. He mentions his sons John and Julius and his cousin Mrs Margaret Southall and his brother-in-law Mr John Bouchier. I give and devise to my sonne William and his heir male of the body of my father, all my lands and tenements in Devon and Cornwall. I give and devise unto my sonne John. all my lesses in Devonshire according to my conveyance thereof to him made, and to my sonne Julius all those to him in Devonshire and Wilts etc. I give and bequeath the manor and lands of Clavency in Wilts etc. to my daughter Elizabeth Glanvill and to the heirs of her body and for want of such heirs to William Glanvill according to the articles under his marriage; and gives Broadhinton after Dame Winifred's death to his eldest son William, etc., etc.
Dame Winifred Glanvill sole executrix.

Extracts from the will of Julius Glanville of Ham in the parish of Kingston-upon-Thames, in the County of Surrey, Esquire. I give unto my son John Glanvill all my houses, buildings, lands, tenements, leases, Rectory Tythes, and parsonage etc. within the parish of St. Germans in Cornwall, or within the parish of Tavistock in Devonshire, or within the parishes of Broadhinton on Chave (?) in Wilts, to have and to hold all singular the said premises unto him my said son John Glanvill his executors etc. etc. I also give to my said son John Glanvill all my house, premises, lands, stable, coach houses, buildings and garden, etc. lying and being at Ham within the parish of Kingston upon Thames and his heirs for ever. I give and bequeath to my son Julius Glanvill out of such monies as now is or shall be at the time of my death owing to me at interest the summ of six hundred pounds to be paid to him within a year after my death. . . . I also bequeath to my grandchild Anne Glanvill, the daughter of the said Julius one hundred pounds of lawful English money to be paid to her at the age of twenty-one. Whereas my daughter Winifred Glanvill hath already an annuity of £28 during her life, one half was purchased with my money and the other half by the gift of a kind aunt of hers, nevertheless, I give her £20 and do hope that this legacy with what I have formerly done for her during my lifetime etc. etc. I give all my goods and chattels to my said son John Glanvill and make him sole executor. October 1702. Proved 1710.

Witnesses, Elizabeth L'Estrange, Anne Wilkinson, Anne Barnes, and Elizabeth Glanvill.
Codicil. Whereas Julius Glanvill to whom by my last will I did bequeath the sum of £600 is since lately dead, now my will is that the said sum intended for him shall go and be equally divided amongst all his children (not excepting the daughter to whom I have given a particular legacy), the Legacy to be paid to them at 21 years of age. 18 July 1709.

(Poley, fol. 205.)

In the name of God Amen. I Winifred Glanvill of Ham in the parish of Kingston upon Thames in the County of Surrey, make my last will etc. this 26th day of October 1703. Imprimis, I give unto my cousin Winifred Stone all that money of mine which is in the management of her the said Winifred and Mr George Bayly or one of them provided she shall buy two gold rings of 20s. apiece and give one of them to my aunt Elizabeth Glanvill and keep and wear the other for my sake. I make the said Winifred extrix. of this my will.

Item, As to all my other personal estate, ready money or arrears of annuity owing from the Crown I give, etc., to my brother John Glanvill and I make him with the said Winifred, my full and sole exters

Proved by Julius Glanvill "of the Parish of St. Botholphs, Bishoppsgate, Citizen and Merchant Taylor," her brother, and Mrs Anne Barnes, 15 September 1707.

(Poley, 227.)

In the name of God Amen. I Elizabeth Glanvill of the Parish of Broadhinton in the county of Wilts.

Item, I give etc. to my brother Julius Glanvill my silver basin. Item, I give to my god-daughter Mrs Elizabeth Cheserhall £5 to be paid within twelve months after my death. Item, I give and devise etc. my Manor and lands at and of Clavancy in the county of Wilts, to my niece Winifred Glanvill, daughter of my brother Julius Glanvill and to the heirs of her body etc. and for want of such issue and if my niece happen to die before me, I therefore substitute her brother John Glanvill of Lincoln's Inn Esquire in her room and all that I have given to her I give to him. I appoint Winifred Glanvill my niece my sole executrix. In witness etc.

(Signed) ELIZABETH GLANVILL 15 May 1707.

(Bath, 1680, fo. 73.)

In the name of God Amen. I William Glanvill of Broadhinton in the county of Wilts Esquire etc., Revoke all former wills. Imprimis, I give unto my executrix all my Rectory and parsonage etc. of Lamerton with the appurtenances in the county of Devon, and all glebe lands and tithes and tenths of corn etc. and the right of presentation and all messuages, lands and tenements etc. in Devon and Cornwall. Item, I give and bequeath unto my dear daughter Winifred, the sum of £100 of lawful money of England. All the residue of my Goods, Chattels, Rings, Jewels, Plate, Money, Household stuff and personal estate whatsoever I bequeath etc. to my dear wife Frances whom I do make sole executrix of this my will. In witness etc.

(Signed) W. GLANVILLE.

In presence of Wm Jonas, Carl Stone, Simon Baskervill, T. Richards, Henry Witt.

(Bath, fol. 164.)

In the name of God Amen. 3 Oct., 1680. I Joseph Glanvill, clerk, Rector of Bath Somerset, revoke all former wills. Imprimis, Whereas I lately purchased from the Right Honourable Henry, Lord Marquis of Worcester, three annuities of £40 each, I will, give, etc. that the said annuities be paid unto my three children, Sophia Glanvill, Henry Glanvill and Mary Glanvill .... goes on to mention his kinsman Nicholas Horsman, and gives the custody of "my three children to my wife Margaret, and to my loving friends Richard Thompson of Bristol, Thomas Tison and Mr. Wm Cole of the same City, and to Mr. Edmund Bayly of Frome Selwood.". . . . A debt of £300 to be paid by his wife. . . . . "Item, I give to my brother John Glanvill of Plymouth my black nagg." Wishes his wife to place his three children with the widow Jane Webb of Bristol, and that "my servant Martha Webb may be with them and attend them." Gives to his servant Roger Walters 40s., and all other goods, chattels, plate, I give to my wife, and I make and appoint her sole executrix. In witness, etc.

(Signed) Josh GLANVILLE

(Irby, fol. 209.)

In the name of God Amen etc. I Maurice Glanvill of Wymbish in the county of Essex, clerk, etc., etc. Item : I give etc. unto Elizabeth my loving wife all my freeholds and lands lying in Layham in the county of Suffolk, now in the occupation of Edward Wright, and also my messuage or tenement with yards, orchards, gardens, and parcels of lands, meadow and pasture grounds, etc. lying in the parish of Hadley in the county of Suffolk for the term of her natural life and after her death I give the aforesaid lands to my second son Joseph Glanvill and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, and for want of such issue I give and devise the same to my eldest son Maurice Glanvill and his heirs etc. and in default of such issue to my daughter Elizabeth Glanvill and in default of such issue to my second daughter Anne Glanvill and her heirs etc. Item: Unto my wife Elizabeth all my messuage or tenements with the house yards gardens orchards lands meadow and pasture ground being in the parish of Elshorm in the county of Essex for her natural life etc. and after her death I devise the same to my daughter Elizabeth Glanvill and her heirs and in default of such issue to Anne Glanvill my daughter her heirs etc. Item : Whereas I am possessed and interested in one moiety or half part of a certain messuage or lands called Harrisons in the Parish of Wymbish (Wimbish), I devise my moiety etc. to Anne Glanvill my said daughter and her heirs and in default to my son Maurice Glanvill and his heirs and in default to my son Joseph Glanvill and to his heirs etc.

Item : I give and devise unto my eldest son Maurice Glanvill all that the parsonage, rectory etc., of Wymbish in the county of Essex now in my occupation and his heirs and in default to my second son Joseph and his heirs for ever. The Presentation of Wymbish being vested in me I give the same unto my loving brother Thomas Carter the younger and his heirs for ever, in trust nevertheless to the use and behoof of my second son Joseph Glanvill and his heirs etc. and in default to my eldest son Maurice Glanvill and his heirs for ever. Item : I give all my library to my son Maurice. Item : I give to my loving brother (Thomas Carter) all my minute notes and manuscripts and all the rest of my personal estate to my wife Elizabeth who I make sole executrix to be held by her for her own use etc. during her natural life and after her death the said personal estate to go to my said daughter Anne. In witness etc,


1st Sept., 1692. In the presence of Thomas Garter, William Carter and John Bradbury. Memorandum, before sealing and publishing this my last will etc. I do by these presents give and bequeath unto the poor of the parish of Wymbish the sum of 40s. of lawful money of England, and to the poor of the parish of Walton in the county of Berks the sum of 20s. to be paid within one month after my decease.

(Leeds, fo. 59.)

In the name of God Amen. I, John Glanfield (Glanville) of the Island of Boys, Jan. 1,. 1711-12, etc., etc. I give, devise and dispose of the "earthly goods" in manner following. To Ann Palmer, daughter of Andrew and Mary, the summ of ten pounds, and likewise five pounds unto the mother of the said child etc. To John Brown the son of Anthony and his wife Mary deceased fforty shillings, etc. To my honoured ffather Nicholas one shilling, and mother one shilling, likewise to my sister, born since I rann out of England not knowing her name, one shilling. I give unto my grandmother Joan Warren living in Mouldbrook(?) in the parish of Sidmouth in the county of Devon who I appoint my sole executrix etc. all singular goods, and debts, dues and demands by her freely to be possessed and enjoyed if she is now living, but if deceased, I give it to Priscilla and Mary her daughters, and they to enjoy it jointly. In witness thereof etc.


Witnesses, John Bobbins and Tobias Cawley.

(Tennison, fol. 32.)

This is the will and testament of me William Glanville of the Middle Temple, London, Esquire, made the December 31st, 1717. I constitute and appoint Launcelot Burton and Peter Chaster (?) Esquires, executors of this my will in. trust that they see the same performed, and for their trouble I give them £200 apiece. To Mrs Mary Burton, wife of L. Burron, £50. To the three ladies, daughters of the Earl of Bradford, £10 apiece to buy rings. To the Honourable Mrs Harcourt, my goddaughter, £20. To the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Bangor, £20. To Dame Mary Hythe, £20. To John Skerrett, Esqre, my volumes called Rymers Foedera. To John Whitfield, £10. To the Corporation for Augmenting small . . . . (?) £50. To Elizabeth Nicholls, 15 shillings weekly during her life, and one guinea upon every quarter day as long as she lives. To Elizabeth Seymor, 40 shillings per annum. To Elizabeth Chills, £20. To Mary Fetherston, £10. To Edward Biddulph, £10. To Susanna Turner, my cookmaid, £10; to my two footmen £3 apiece, and also mourning to all my servants. I desire that 40 rings of 20 shillings apiece may be distributed to my friends, etc. I desire to be buried behind the Church in the churchyard, in the parish of Wooton, in the county of Surrey, and to be laid six yards under ground. I give unto five labourers and clerke of the said parish of Wooton that shall dig my grave of the depth aforesaid £6 equally to be divided amongst them. To the poor of Wooton £5, and to the poor of the parish where I shall die £5, to be distributed amongst them. And I do hereby direct that my executors, with all convenient speed after my death, take out of my personal estate so much money as will purchase lands or rents etc. in fee simple of the yearly value of £30 over and besides all taxes and charges which purchase shall be made in the name of my executors or the survivors of them from time to time etc. etc. . . . to the intent and purpose that they do and shall upon the anniversary day of my death yearly and every year out of the rents and profits of the lands, etc., to be purchased, will and truly pay unto such five poor boys of the parish of Wooton. aforesaid as they my said Trustees shall nominate and elect, out of the poor boys of the said parish yearly, who shall not severally exceed the age of sixteen years, the sum of 40 shillings each upon condition that such five boys "shall with their hands layd upone my gravestone respectively repeat by heart or without booke in a plaine and audible voice, The Lord's Prayer, the Apostle's Creed and the Ten Commandments in the English tongue and shall also reade the 15 Chapter of the First Epistle of St Paul to the Corinthians, and write in a legible hand two verses of the said Chapter," etc. And the Trustees to pay the surplus yearly sum of £30 for the binding of such poor boys to a handicraft or husbandry not giving any greater sum than £10, etc. etc. And all other such real estate, etc., I give and devise to my daughter Frances Glanville for and during the term of her natural life, and immediately after the decease of my said daughter, I give all and every the said real estate to the first and to all and every other the son and sons of the body of the said daughter to be begotten, in "tayle male," my personal estate (except my household goods plate linen, Rent Book and other goods and things in and about my house which I give unto my said daughter Frances). I give and bequeath the same and every part thereof to my said executors in trust to be laid out in purchase of lands etc., and to be settled and subject to the same trusts as my real estate by this my will devised, and I do hereby declare my mind to be that all and every the profits of my personal estate to be given to my executors upon trust until the same be invested in lands. And the person who marries my said daughter shall within 12 months after such marriage take upon him the name of "Glanville" and bear the arms of the Family of Glanville and shall use his and their utmost endeavours to establish the name and arms of Glanville in himself and posterity by my said daughter instead of his own name [Frances Glanville married her cousin William Evelyn, Esq., who assumed the arms and name of Glanville]. My said executors are to take care that the person or persons to whom my said daughter shall happen to marry, shall before her marriage agree to settle and assure upon her out of my estates etc., by this my will devised and given the yearly sum of £500 for her sole and separate use and wherewith he shall not intermeddle or have any power over, the better to enable my said daughter "to doe acts of charity and to render her own life the more independent and easie." I give my godson Thomas Dalton £50, and my executors and Trustees to have all their costs out of my estate.
My grave always to be kept clean. In witness etc.


Codicil. "I give to Elizabeth Pratt £20 for mourning and to Mr W. Coxe £50. And as to the legacy I have before given to the Lord Bishop of Bangor I declare the sum to be in testimony of the respect I bear him for defending the liberties of his country and for his love to mankind, for his endeavours to free religion from superstition and tyrrany which worldly interest and ambition has blended with it; and to restore it to that simplicity and influence which was the design of its Blessed Author, for which his labour of love he has justly merited the esteem and regard of all good men instead of that load of infamy and scandal which the passions of designing men have so maliciously and uncharitably thrown upon him."

(Signed) W GLANVILLE, 1718.

(Fol. 83, Bolton.) 1724.

In the name of God Amen. I Anne Glanville of Devonshire Street in the parish of St Andrews Holborn Middlesex Widow I give etc. my estate both real and personal to my very good friend Mr Edward Fisher etc. and to his heirs to the end that he convert the same into ready money and retain to himself all charges and expenses as he shall in any way be put to or suffer and all my other honest creditors their just debts and to my two servants Elizb Bothwell and Elizb Watson £10 apiece. To Mr Fisher and his daughter Barbara £20 apiece, to my nephew Wm Morry £20, to my niece Anna Maria Morry £30, to my niece Alice Morry £10, to my sister Eliza Jane £30. To Mrs Ann Swallow £20. To Samuel Eyre, to his wife Mary and her sister Elizabeth £20 apiece. To be buried in a private manner where my husband lies at Putney. All the rest of my estate and effects I give to Mr Fisher and make him sole executor.


(Fol. 102, Henchman.) 1738.

In the name of God Amen I Mary Glanville of the Tower of London Widow make my last will etc. etc. Appoint Edward Short of the Tower of London Esquire and Hezekiah Walker, "citizen and Plumber," executors. "My freehold messuage and tenement in Gt Queen Street in the parish of St Giles now in the possession of Mrs Anne Arne, and all gardens buildings, yards belonging to the said messuage etc. in trust and they my Exrs shall out of the rents and profits pay my daughter Frances Glanvill and my son Mathias Glanville £10 apiece yearly free of all taxes."

Leaves certain moneys to "my son Benjamin Glanville and to my son Mathias My plate and the remainder of my household goods; gives to Edward Short and Hezekiah Walker 4 guineas and allows them all just charges.

31st Oct. 1738. (Signed) MARY GLANVILLE.

(Fol. 122, Ducie.) 1735.

I John Glanville now of the parish of St Germans in the county of Cornwall, etc. etc., I make and constitute my nephew John Glanville of London, Citizen, etc., full and sole executor, I appoint a monument to be erected in the Church of Broadhinton Wilts (if it be not done in my life time) to my Grandmother Lady Glanville which I would have to be as good as that she caused to be erected to her husband Sir John Glanville, and as this is not my own humour but pursuant to the desire and long continued desire of my Aunt Elizabeth Glanville and she declared it to my dear sister Winifred Glanville and my said sister to me. I give to each of my servants now living with me 20s. apiece. To John Walsh 20s. To the Poor of the several parishes and places where the different parts of my scattered estates lay as follows:-- To the poor of St Germans £5. To the Poor of Tavistock Devon £5. To the poor of Hill-Martin, Wilts, £5. To the poor of Broadhinton, Wilts £5. To the poor of the parish of Kingston-upon-Thames 40s., all these to be distributed not in money but in wheat or bread. To my niece Ann, now the wife of Wm Hancocke of the parish of St Germans £20 (he had given them money before). To my nieces Martha, Elizabeth, and Mary Glanville £20 apiece. To my Nephew Walter Glanville 13 which he lost by his brother Julius and £20 more. To my nephew Julius Glanville £17, and he very justly having incurred my displeasure this is all I devise to him, All the rest of my Testementary estate etc. to my nephew John Glanville. As to my estate of inheritance I give and devise my house with all and every the appurtenances etc. at Ham, Surrey to my nephew John Glanville and to his heirs for ever. To niece Martha Glanville £15 p.a. To niece Elizabeth Glanville £15 p.a. (besides the annuities I have already granted them by deed) ; to my niece Mary Glanville £25 p. a. All these several Annuities to be charged out of my Capital messuage of and at Clavency in Hill-Martin, Wilts. To John Glanville nephew, the Manor of Clavency. Mentions Sir Thomas Pope Blunt of Middlesex. The will then goes on to declare that in default of any heirs of nephew John Glanville all the estates are to go to Richard Edgecumbe of Mount Edgecumbe Devon and his heirs male of his body and in default to Arthur Hyde Esqre of Hinton and his heirs male, and in default to Richard, eldest son of Thomas Baskerville Esqre of Richardstown, Wilts) and his heirs male, Catchfrench, in St Germans Cornwall to nephew John Glanville in consideration that he pays within 2 years, the mortgage of £2000 that is or shall be made of my manor of Clavency.

(Signed) JOHN GLANVILLE, 1726.

Codicil. In default of such heirs of my nephew John Glanville, I divise Catchfrench to Richard Edgecumbe and in default to George Edgecumbe and in default to Lady Ann Carew (daughter of Gilbert Earl of Coventry), wife of Sir William Carew, Bart, of Anthony in this county (Cornwall) and to the heirs male of her body lawfully begotten and in default to Arthur Hyde Esqre.

Walter Glanville left to care of nephew John Glanville his brother, but that John is not to maintain him in idleness or extravagance.


(Aston, fol. 26.)

I William Glanvile of the aforesaid Island (Antigua) Esqre. [fn 148]
Item, My debts both due and owing in law and equity be justly paid out of my estate.
Item, To my loving wife Dorothy £1200 Current and Lawful money of Antigua and 100 pistols in gold over and above the aforesaid £1200 to buy her mourning with and a very good horse and a very good saddle all of which is to be taken out of my estate. Also I give and divise to my wife seven negro slaves by name George, Guy, Harry, Charles, Sue, Nelly, Quashetoba (?) To have and to hold the said slaves with their increase to my said wife and her heirs for ever, Also to my Wife, All the furniture stuff, plate etc. and the House I now live in in the Town of St John's with all the appurts etc. for and during her natural life and no longer, etc. All of which gifts is in full consideration of her dower. Item, to my daughter Alice £1500 to be paid at 18 years of age and in the meantime she is to have and receive out of my estate £80 per annum for her support and maintenance, I also give to my said daughter Six Negro Slaves by name Clark Betty, Dolly Fisk, Addam, James, Sub (?) and Jupiter to have and to hold the slaves with their increase for ever, etc. Also a good horse and a good saddle.
Item, To each of Captain Loyd's Children £100, when they are 14 years old.
Item to Govr J. Yeomans £1000.
All the rest of my estate both real and personal to my loving son William Glanvile and his heirs etc. etc.
To my esteemed friends Captains Yallent and Morris and Chas Stoodley £50 each.
Also presents to several Negro Slaves.


1 July 1713.

(Aston, fol. 190.) 1714.

In the name of God Amen.
Imprimis, I give unto all my brothers and sisters a ring of 10s value, To my brother Julius Glanvill My Silver Tankard and all my wearing Clothes To my mother Martha Glanvill all those "mony's" which my uncle John Glanvill Esqre hath in his hands of mine, Also all other sums of money etc. Martha Glanvill and Julius Glanvill Executors, etc.

(Signed) FRANCIS GLANVILLE [fn 149]

Nov. 23, 1713.

(Ockhan), fol. 108.) A.D.1734.

Sarah Gideon Glanvile widow of Richard Glanvile Esquire of Elmset in the Co of Suffolk I give and bequeath all my personal estate, goods, chattels and ready money to my dearly beloved son Richard Gideon Glanvile of Elmset in the co. of Suffolk, Esqre. To have and to hold for his own proper use, etc. etc., my said dearly beloved son Richard Gideon Glanvile sole executor.
13 Aug. 1726. Proved 1734.

(Browne, fol. 108.) 1740.

In the name of God Amen, I George Glanville the Elder of the parish of Horton in the co. of Buckingham, etc.
Imprimis, I give divise and despose to my son George Glanville one shilling which sum is in full of all right title, claim, or demand that my son George shall have to any part of my estate. All other property both real and personal to be divided into three equal parts (i) To son-in-law Edward Allmond and his wife . . . (F). (ii) To Thomas Woodman and Elizabeth his Wife. (iii) To William Tomlinson, and he is made executor, etc. etc.

In witness, etc., Peter Style, William Warden Richd Howell.

13 George II. 1739. Proved 1740.

(Straham, fol. 116.)

Charles Glanville of Saint Mary-le-Strand, London Esqre, etc. I give Mr Frans : Johnson £50, Richard James 50, Mrs Selwyn widow of Henry Selwyn Esquire late Receiver General of H.M.'s Customs £1000. To Major Selwyn £10, and my Chamber's Dictionary, To my servant Mary Rhodes £20 sterling of good and lawful money of Gt Britain together with my gold watch linen and wearing apparel, also £750 3 per cent. Bank Annuities absolutely, To the poor of the City of Gloucester £50, To be buried with my dear mother and under the monument of Mr Browning her first husband, Ten poor men and ten poor women to attend my funeral and each to receive 5s All the rest of estate both real and personal and all effects debts and demands, which shall happen to be due to me at the time of my decease, etc. my just debts and Legacies being duly paid within 6 months. To my much honoured friend and ally John Selwyn of Cleavland Court Esqre to him and his heirs for ever, John Selwyn sole executor, 23 day of December 1747.


27 April 1748.

(Arran, fol. 396.) 1759.

I Elizabeth Glanvile of the said Island (Antigua) widow and relict of William Glanvile late of the same place Esquire. -- Cost of Burial not to exceed £50.
Item, £10 lawful money of Antigua to be distributed by the Revd Mr Francis Byam among the poor in the Town of St John's.
Item, I give etc. to Mrs Margt Webb my silver .... cup (?).
Item, I give etc. to Harry Webb Esqre £100.
Item, I give etc. to Mrs Emma Cullen my sedan-chair, my silver coffee pot and ten guineas for a ring.
Item, to my niece Elizabeth Meymott all my wearing apparel and linen and my executors to send the same to England to be delivered free of cost.
Item, Furniture and all the rest of my property to be disposed of to the best advantage.
Item, All the rest and residue and remainder of my estate both real and personal etc., to my dear Grandson William John Glanvile and his heirs, etc. for ever, but should he die under 21 and without issue then I give to my goddaughter Elizabeth Dunbar daugt. of Wm Dunbar of Antigua, Esqre, and £100. Mentions the children of "my late Sister Dorothy Meymott."
Appoints Nathaniel Gilbert (jun.) Esqre, and Mr Robert Gilbert, both of Antigua, and the Revd Samuel Meymott of Gt Britain, and Harry Webb, Esqre, now residing in Antigua, but intending a voyage to England to be executors, and gives them £20 each, etc., etc.


Whereas by my will I have left my Sedan Chair unto my daugt. Emma Cullen, I do revoke that legacy and order it to be sold and I appoint Mr Robert Browne Savage, executor, in the place of Nathaniel Gilbert (jun.) who is gone to England.

Administrations:--Calendar of Wills proved in Archdeaconry, Totnes
Benjamin Glanvill, 1682.
Matthew Glanville, 1690.
John Glanfield, Suffolk, 1692.
Thomas Glanvill, 1698.
John Glanvill, 1699.
Eliz, Glanville, 1718.
Jacob Glanville, 1726.
John Glanville, 1731.
John Glanville, 1740.
Thomas Glanfield, 1747.
Francis Glanville, 1749.
Sarah Glanville 1756
John Glanfilde (Glanville), 1532.
John Glanfield, 1548.
John Glanville, 1576.
Richard Glanville, 1583.
John Glanvill, 1634.
Andrew Glanville, 1643. [fn 150]

Will of William Bourchier, of Barnesley, co. Glouc., Esquire, dated 20 March, 1621, 19 James 1. Proved in P.C.C. 14 May 1623. (Swan, fo. 38.)

My manors of Barnsley, Little Farington and Bois and all such lands as are contained in an Indenture made by me 6 June 1612, between me and Susan my wife of the one part, Richard Browne of Shingleton, co. Kent, Esq., and Sir Humphrey Winche, Knt one of the Judges of the Court of C. P., of the second part, Walter Bourchier my eldest son and Mary one of the daughters of the said Richd Browne, and now wife of my said son Walter of the third part, to go and remain according to the limitations of the said Ind're, viz., to my son Walter, etc. . . . . . . I have surrendered my place [as clerk] in the office [i.e., of Remembrancer of the Court of Exchequer] to my son Anthony and he is to have the parsonage of Cirencester and an annuity of £20 out of my houses in Little Wood St. in the parish of St. Alban's, London, which I purchased of John Marten and Margery his wife. "To my daughter Glanville a little gilt bowle now remaining at London marked with a 'G' in the bottom." To my sister Forster £10, and to my brother her husband a suite of black stuff. To the poor of Barnesley, Cirencester, Little St. Bartholomew's, Smithfield, London, 40s. each parish. To my three sons in law for a remembrance of me a cup or ring of £5 value. To my godson William Glanville a bowie or cup of £3 price.
He was one of the Secondaries of the Court of Exch, temp. Jac. I.
Testator had grant from the Crown of the manor of "Bardesleigh," 4 Jac. I. Orig. 8a par. rot. 21. -- Add. MS. (Brit. Mus.) 6381, f. 154.
Confirmation of Letters Patent of same passed 4 Jac. I. -- 'Index to Journals of the H. of Lords,' Vol. II. _______________________________

Atkyn's 'Hist. of Gloucestershire,' p. 130, says Ralph Johnson and Dorothy his wife, who had livery of the manor of Barnesley in 16 Henry VIII. (1525), sold it to William Bourchier, Esq., Son of Anthony Bourchier, and of Thomasine, sister of Sir Walter Mildmay, and daughter of Sir Miles Mildmay. William married Susan, the daughter of Brown, and died 6 Eliz. (1564.) "Thos B., son of Wm, was his heir, and had livery of this estate granted to him the same year. He died leaving 2 daus coheirs, but Walter B., Esq., brother of Thos succd in the manor of Barnesley, and had livery granted him 4 Jac. I. He married Mary, the daughter of Richard Browne, of Shingleton, [fn 151] co. Kent, by Margaret his wife, and was lord of this manor in 1608," &c. &c. &c.

15 April 1641, 7th Charles First. -- Will of Walter Bourchier of Barnsley, co. Glouc., Esq. To be burd privately in church of Barnsley. I will and confirm to my wife Mary my manor of Boyes and lands in Boyes, Dimocke, co. Glouc., for her life for her joynture according to the conveyance thereof made by my late father, William Bourchier, Esq., upon our marriage. My mother Mrs Susan Bourchier, widow, holds my manor of Little Farington, and lands in little Farington and Langford, co. Berks, for her life for her joynture. My trustees, John Glanville, Esq., my brother-in-law John Browne, Esq., my brother-in-law Robert Roger Oldisworth, Esq., and Anthony Bourchier, gent., my brother may alienate the said manor to provide portions for my 7 daus [whose names are given, as also those of 4 younger sons]. . . . . . To my wife my coach and four bay coach horses geldings. All the household lynen given to my dau. Martha by her Godfather Sir Eustace Hart and my sister Blackwell and now in my wife's custody to be delivered to the said Martha. To my sister Prettyman [fn 152] and my sister Glanvill each a ring of 40s. price. My wife Mary, sole ex'trix. My brothers-in-law Mr John Glanvill and Mr John Browne, my neighbour Mr Robert Oldisworth and my brother Anthony Bourchier to be trustees and overseers.
Proved, P.P.O., 5 July 1648, by Mary Bourchier, the relict and sole ex'trix. (Essex, fo. 122.)

20 Nov. 1688, 20 Chas II. -- Will of Mary Bourchier, of Marlborough, co. Wilts, widow. ...... To my grandchild Mary Boddenham a bond wherein my cousin Elizabeth Glanville doth stand bound for the paymt of 3 score pounds with interest, when she is 21 years old. Whereas my dear Father Richard Browne, Esq., did in his lifetime by his last Will and Testmt devise unto me a legacy of £500, of which said sum there is yet unpaid £95 6s. 8d., I give part thereof to my grandchild Mary Bourchier and part thereof to my grandchild Walter when severally 21. .....
Proved, P.P.C., 5 Aug. 1669. (Coke, fo. 92.)

1689, June 25. -- Will of Susan Bourchier, [fn 153] of St. Andrew's, Holborn, Spinster .... names numerous cousins, inter eos, Robinson, Bodenham, Grubb, Theobald, Farewell. "To my cousin Mrs Elizabeth Glanvill my silver Tunnell."
Proved, P.P.C., 3 Sept. 1690. (Dyke, fo. 134.)

1690, Sept. 25. -- Will of Margaret Bourchier of St. Andrew's, Holborne, Spinster, names lots of cousins like her sister Susan B. "To my cousin Elizabeth Glanvill my silver candlestick."
Proved, P.P.C., 2 April 1691. (Vere, fo. 63.)

The modern 'Domesday Book' assigns the following land to the Glanvilles:--


Francis Glanville, Ivybridge50739
Revd Henry Carew Glanville, Sheviock13917
H. P. Glanville, Sheeps Advent13923
Miss Glanville, Catchfrench [fn 154]300030
Miss N. Glanville1110
Mrs Glanville, St. Columb6212
Miss N. Glanville, Fidlers Green6220


John Glanville3602
Thomas Glanville90135
Charles Glanville, Payhembury128236
J. Glanville33234
Miss Susanna Glanville, N. Brentor54129
William Glanville206
Mark Glanville, Sidmouth400
George Glanville, Westlake155029


E. Glanville (ex of), St. Giles1200
J. T. Glanville11228


Mrs Hannah Glanville, Westbury2337
John Glanville, Westbury703
W. S. Glanville, Wedmore [fn 155]470012
Revd Glanville, Hencliffe74027
Revd J. G. Glanville1433


William Glanville, Pembrokeshire354236

Waterford, Ireland

Revd J. G. Glanville, Evesham, England18220

De Gant

In an old Glanville pedigree it says that Julian de Gant was the wife of Henry de Glanville, Lord of Wooton Glanville. I have not come across any documentary evidence to prove this, although there is no doubt that there was an alliance between a Glanville and a Gant, and which also doubly connected the Stutevilles with both these families. Amongst numerous coats of arms, that of Glanville impaling Gant is still to be seen at Richard's Castle. (Vide 'Family of Hervey,' by Lord Hervey.) There is evidence to shew that Henry de Glanville also had a wife named Phillipa, but who she was I am unable to say. Dugdale and Burke make Robert de Gant the son -- not the brother, according to some authorities -- of Walter de Gant. He married (1) Avice (not Alice), daughter and heiress of William Paynel; (2) Gunnora, niece of Hugh de Gurney, who married (2), in or before 1200, Nicholas de Stuteville, son of William de Stuteville, and his wife Bertha, niece of Ranulph de Glanville, Lord Chief Justice, and daughter of his brother Gerard. There were two other Julians in the Gant family, one who married Geoffrey de Armentiers, and her niece, who is supposed to have died unmarried. (See Pedigree.)

Deeds relating to Sortridge, near Tavistock

1615. Feb. 22. -- Francis Glanville and John Glanville, Esqs., and Thomas Glanville, gent., sons of John Glanville, late Justice of Court of Common Pleas, dec., on one part. Conveyance of Sortridge in trust to Dame Alice Godolphin, widow, their mother, for 99 years.

1656. June 4. -- John Glanville to Shilston Calmady, gent. Grant of annuity. Mr. Calmady was of the family of Calmady, of Langdon Hall, co. Devon.

1664. Jan. 20. -- John Glanville and Elizabeth his wife, to John Pengelly, Esq. Conveyance of fees of Skerretts, part of Sortridge, for £800. John Glanville, of Sortridge, gent., to John Pengelly, of Anthony, in Cornwall, gent. All that part of. . . . late inheritance of Anne Skerritt, widow.

1677. May 28. -- John Glanville, of Sortridge, gent., and John Pengelly, son-in-law of the said John Glanville, gent.

1686. Aug. 13. -- Indenture. Shilaton Calmady, Esq., Josias Calmady, of Langdon, Esq., and Elizabeth, wife of said Josias Calmady, and Francis Pengelly, of Middle Temple, gent. Whereas John Glanville, of Sortridge, gent., by deed 24 June, 1656, made between said John Glanville and Shelston Calmady, of an annuity, etc., etc.

1694. May B. -- Francis Pengelly, Esq., to Mrs. Winifred Pengelly (Glanville). Annuity of £80.

1699. May 27. -- Marriage settlement of Francis Pengelly, Esq., Middle Temple, and Miss Ann Downing of Bury St. Edmunds. "Whereas Glanville Pengelly, clerk, and Jacob Pengelly, gent., brothers of the said Francis Pengelly."

Deeds relating to Holwell

Mr. Baring Gould, of Lew Trenchard, Devon, writing to me on the 24th June, 1882, says : "I saw Mr. Price Mitchell yesterday, the owner of Holwell, in Whitchurch, and he has promised to let me look through his early title-deeds for Glanville papers, but he says that his solicitor told him there was a heap of old deeds and marriage settlements of no use to him and advised their destruction. Burning at the stake would, be too light for such barbarians who destroy valuable historical documents. Mr. Mitchell says that he does not know whether his lawyer -- now dead -- did execute this crime or not, but he fancies all deeds before 1790 were destroyed."

1714. Oct. 29. -- John Glanville, John Glanville, junior, Francis Glanville, and Sarah Symons. Agreement between Ann Vinson, widow of Charles Vinson, Doctor of Physic, of Plymouth, and John Glanville and Dorothy his wife, John Glanville, junior, son and heir-apparent: to said John Glanville, Richard Glanville, gent., and Francis Glanville.

1742. May 1. -- Mr. John Glanville, the elder, of Parish of Whitchurch, and Sarah his wife. and John Glanville, jun., son and heir, Richard Glanville, of Brampton, in Devon, clerk Richard Spry, of Whitchurch, and Mellin Willcock, of Whitchurch, daughter of Simon Willcock.
Marriage settlement of John Glanville and Mellin Willcock.

1742. Oct. 22. -- John Glanville, the elder, and Sarah his wife, John Glanville, junior, and William Richards, of Tavistock, nephew and heir-at-law of Griffith Richards, and Dorothy his wife.

1770. July 13. -- Mr. John Glanville. Mortgage to William Knighton, of Greenope (?): Esq., for £50.

1773. May 22. -- Further mortgage for £50.

1777. May 19. -- Further mortgage for £1116 2s. 8d.

1790. May 3. -- Julius Glanville, of Holwell, Whitchurch, eldest son and heir of John Glanville, late of same place. Mortgage to Wm and Ed Bray, gents.

1790. May 4. -- Conveyance in fee of Holwell to John Moore Knighton, of Greenope (?); Esq., son and executor of William Knighton, Esq., by Julius Glanville. It is plainly evident here that the last two generations of the Glanvilles of Holwell fell into difficulties, and that Julius Glanville was the last who possessed it, the estate having been in the family about 430 years.

Knights' Fees held by the Glanvilles, etc.

(Ex 'Lib' Niger.')

Excellentissimo Domino Suo H. (Henry II.)
Illustri Regl Angliae Duce Normanniae and Aquitaniae Comiti Andegaviae, Rogerus de Chenetewell, Salutem et fidele Servitium.
Earl Albricus (De Vere) tenet de me f. 1 militia.
Jocelenus de Lodnes i mil, (see page 56).
Milites tenetes de Honore de Eye. Earl Rogerus, v milites.
William de Glanville ix milites et dim.
Robertus de Creke iii milites (see page 21).
Hugo de Aubervill i mil. et dim. (see page 53).


Karissimo Domino Suo H. (Henry). Illustri Regi Anglorum, Willelmus, Dei Gracia, dictus Abbas de Hulmo Salutem et fidele Servitium.
In eadem Villa Bartholomaeus de Glanvilla tenet tres partes milites (and four others held in the same Vill).
De novo sesamento post mortem Regis H. non. habemus.
Hoc est scriptum Comitis Hugonis, de militibus quos tenet in Capite de Rege de veteri sesamento quos Rogerus Bigod pater suis sesavit.
Comes (Earl) Arundell x milites.
Bartholomeus de. Crec viii mil. (see page 57).
Robertus de Glanvill iii militea.
Jordanus de Lodnes iii militea (see page 56).
Randulfus filius Walteri i mil.
Ranulfus de Glanvill, dim.
Willelmus Nevill iii mil.
Henry de Nevill i mil.
Galfridua de Glainville i mil. et dim.
Rogerus de Glanvill i mil.
And several other knights.


Domino Suo Karissimo H. Illustressimo Regi Anglorum, Willelmus Dei gracia Norewicensis dictus Episcopus Salutem et fideli'.
Isti sunt milites, etc.
Robertus de Glanvill, dimidium militem (and 13 other names).


Isti sunt milites Sancti Edmundi de vetire Sesamento de Temp Regis H.
Hamon Peccam ii milites (see page 18).
Robertus de Valoins i militem (see page 20).
Jocel de Lodnes i militem (see page 56).
Earl Hugh iii milites.
Ranulfus de Glanvill i militem.
Gilbertus filius Ranulfi. iii milites.


Rogerua de Glanvill iiii milites de feodo uxoria suae.
Thomas de Arden i militem (see page 54).


Hereveuis de Glanvill i mil.
Earl of Clare ii, mil.
Radulphus (de Glanville) Dapifer ii mil cum cremento suo in Camb'.
Roger de Yalioniis dim mil.
Earl Albricus (De Vere).

"Sciatis Domine quod Ego teneo (Hugh de Ellington) dimidium Baroniae quae fuit Willelmi de Glainvill quae fuit partita inter sorores quam anno et die mortis ave vestri Tegis H'ipsuis Willelmi prae decessor tenuit scilici' Nichololaus de Glainvill pro servicio iii militum in Domino excepto quod de illo Domino seodaverat quartam partem militis et inde habeo dimidium servitium scilices viii partem militis et de illa medietate Baroniae debeo facere servitum milites et dim et quando recepi illam terram non inveni earn, Seosatam (?) aliquo mili', excepta praedicta octava parte militis. Et excepto quod ea quae fuit uxor Willelmi de Glainvill tenet i partem in dote unde illa et praedicta par militis octava faciunt mich' Servitium dimidii mil. Sed ego de eadem terrae dedi militibus meis scilicet Radulfo Baard' & Roberto de Bulemer cum duabus filiabus meis quantum pertinent ad servitium dim mil, et ego facio servitium dim' mil' de terra mea retenta. Hoec tota terra me facit Servitium mil. et dim."

It is curious to note that the following powerful barons -- Joceline de Lodnes, Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, Sir Robert de Creke, Hugh de Auberville, Sir Bartholomew de Creke, Jordan de Lodnes, Randulph FitzWalter, William and Henry de Neville, Hamon Pecche, Sir Robert de Valoins, Thomas de Ardern, Roger de Yaloins, etc. -- held lands in the same localities as the Glanvilles, and were connected with them by domestic ties.

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