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I am indebted to the Llanteg Local History Society of Pembroke who have most generously shared their holdings of Glanville-related matter. They are publishing (currently working on Volume 5) the village history on Crunwere / Llanteg.


The hockey team of the A Company 2/16th Punjab regiment won the Inter-Company Hockey Cup for 1922/23. The team, captained by Captain Noel James Glanville Jones, with the exception of Captain Jones is made up entirely of native players.
Captain Jones is the son of Mr Benjamin Jones and the late Mrs Jones of Heatherland, Llanteg, and has spent three years in India. Captain Jones is well known in Narberth and his father is a popular member of the Narberth Board of Guardians

LOCAL WILL - MR J.C.S. GLANVILLE, CRUNWERE Narberth Weekly News 02 June 1927
Mr James Cox Slade Glanville, of Llanteg, Crunwere, farmer, who died on January 22nd 1926, left estate of the gross value of £7,398, with next personality of £670. Probate of the will dated December 1st 1923 has been granted to Mr George Joseph Collins of Kilgetty. Mr Glanville left his estate in trust for his wife and his daughter Winifred Irene during their lives, with the remainder to his sons Wilfred David Glanville, Harcourt Reginald Glanville, James Yorke Glanville and William Leslie Glanville. His sons Wilfred and Harcourt to get one half the amount that the other sons do.

LLANTEG MAN WHO LIVED WITH CANNIBALS Narberth Weekly News 17 June 1943
News has been received from his wife in Northern Australia that Mr Wilfred Glanville, eldest son of Mrs Glanville of Ashdale, Llanteg, has joined the U.S. Navy at the age of 53 years!. Before joining, Mr Glanville held an important engineering position in Northern Australia. Some years ago he came home on a month's visit here. Prior to this he formed one of an exploring party of four men who penetrated into the hitherto unknown part of the island of New Guinea. On reaching their objective they were met and surrounded by a tribe of Cannibals who had never before seen a white man, and who lived under exactly the same primitive conditions as did their forefathers of the Stone Age. For a week these adventurers slept every night in the open encircled by the men of the tribe!. After their return to the Australian mainland, their adventures and scientific investigations were recorded in one of the principal monthly magazines of the USA, which obtained the exclusive copyright. This one, among many other episodes in his remarkable career, will serve to illustrate the type of man he is. Of medium height and powerfully built, he is today a 'tough guy' in the truest sense of the expression. He was an old boy of the Tenby County School, and late of Owen's Technical College, Manchester. His old friends and acquaintances will wish him all that is best, god-speed and some day a safe return.

26 August 1937 SPORTS WINNERS
Hearty congratulations to the following upon their excellent performances at the Jeffreyston and district coronation charity Sports. Mr Robert Davies, winner of the first prize in the one mile open handicap cycle race, and also winner of the Silver cuip and first prize in the two mile open handicap cycle race. In the one mile novice cycle race Trevor Wolff won first prize and James Glanville third prize(confined to Pembrokeshire). May further success attend the efforts of these three Llanteg boys in the future.

Officials who will give information (in Llanteg area):-
W.J. AllenRose cottage Llanteg
J. Y. GlanvilleWest Llanteg
W. L. GlanvilleEast Llanteg
W. H. JamesBevlin Llanteg
J.S. StephensSummerpark(?) Llanteg

CORONATION ARRANGEMENTS Narberth Weekly News 10th April 1937
A well attended meeting, was held at the school last Monday evening to discuss the final arrangements for the Coronation festivities on May 12th . The result of the house collection aised £9.1s.6d and this described as very satisfactory. This amount together with £3.1s.3d, already in hand should enable all to celebrate the event in a right royal manner. It was decided to hold a juvenile sports in the afternoon in a field near Llanteg Cross kindly lent by Mr Yorke Glanville. The sports will commence at 2pm and tea will be served in Crunwere School from 3:30 to 5:30. This will be followed by a sports for the adults. Every child will received a souvenir mug by the generosity of captain and Mrs Grismond Williams, Llanteglos, to who the meeting accorded its warmest thanks. In the evening the children will received a second meal, as well as sweets and oranges before the day's festivities conclude. Great credit is due to the collectors Messrs W. Allen, Bertie James, J Mortimer and Wilfred Davies, and also to the public for their generous subscriptions

LLANTEG'S MEMORABLE DAY Narberth Weekly News 20th May 1937
Although a small parish, Llanteg was not a .... behind in demonstrating its enthusiasm and loyalty on Coronation Day.
There was an open air service in the sports Ground at 10am conducted by the Rector, Rev. D. Morgan.
The children's sports commenced at 1:30 and the results were as follows :-
Boys race 7 to 9 1) Terry Phillips 2) Beverley John.
Girls race 7 to 9 1) Doreen Phelps 2) Sylvia Collingwood.
Boys Race 5 to 7 1) Hugh Glanville 2) Alun Davies.
Girls Race 5 to 71) Doreen Phelps 2) Olive Davies 3) Nancy Phillips
Boys Raced 9 to 111) George Hughes 2) Glyn James 3) Basil Brace.
Girls Race 9 to 11 1) Kathleen Wolff 2) Dilys Reynolds 3) Ivy Allen.
Boys Race 11 to 131) Graham Mortimer2) Clifford Brace.
Girls Race 11 to 131) Marjorie Glanville2) Valmai Herbert.
Boys Race 13 to 15 1) Jeffrey James2) Norman Allen
County School Girls1) Eileen Allen2) Donna Mortimer.
Girls Raced Under 151) Olive Davies2) Sylvia Collingwood3) Melva Davies.
Boys Race under 151) Glyn Jones2) George Hughes3) Vaughan Wilson.
Wheelbarrow Race1) Graham Mortimer and Ivy Allen.2) Basil Brace and Dilys Reynolds 3) Norman Allen and Marjorie Glanville.
Girls "Three legged Race"1) Marjorie Glanville and Cassie James2) Ivy Allen and Dilys Reynolds3) Olive Davies and Doreen Phelps.
Boys "Three Legged Race"1) George Hughes and Glyn Jones2) Graham Mortimer and Clifford Brace3) Jeffrey James and Norman Allen.
Boys Sack Race1) Terry Phillips 2) Glyn Jones 3) George Hugfhes
Girls Sack Race1) Cassie James 2) Dilys Reynolds 3) Ivy Allen
Mother and Child Race1) Mrs B. Williams 2) Mrs Brace 3) Mrs G. Phelps.
Tug of War Boys V GirlsGirls
Treasure Hunt1) Margaret Glanville 2) divided between Archie Oriel, Valnair Herbert and Norman Allen.3) divided between Marjorie Glanville, Kathleen Wolff and Melfa Davies.
Girls High Jump1) Marjorie Glanville 2&3) Dvided between Donna Mortimer, Margaret Glanville and Eileen Allen.
High Jump1) G. Hughes 2) Basil Brace 3) Glyn James.
Girls High Jump1) B. Wolff 2) C. James 3) I. Allen
An excellent tea was provided for children and adults and the donor of the mugs, Captain Grismond Williams, Llantglos, presented these to the children.
Adult Sports
The adults had their sports in the evening and the results were as follows :-
Spinister's 100 yds1) Melfa Davies 2) Betty James 3) Iris Davies
Bachelor's Race1) Bobby Davies 2) Arthur Celler3) Leslie Phillips
Married Men1) Garfield Phelps 2) Davy Herbert3)W.H. James
Married Women1) Mrs Wilson 2) Mrs Mortimer 3) Mrs James
Paper Boy Race1) Betty James2) Connie Allen3) Mrs Mortimer
Men's Relay Race1) Garfield Phelps.
Ex Service Men's Race1) Davy Herbert2) W. James3) W.H. James
Ladies Sack Race1) Martha Morris2) Betty Jones3)Iris Davies
Men's Sack Race1) Trevor Wolff2) Bryn Wilson3) Ronnie Glanville.
Ladies Potato Race1) Mrs Mortimer2) Mrs Wilson3) Mrs T. Phillips
Potato Race Single Woman1) Margaret Glanville2) Iris Davies and Nelda Lewis
Slow Bicycle Race1) Desmond Wolff2) Herbert James.
Long Jump1) Garfield Phelps 2) Davy Herbert and Jimmy Glanville.
Three Legged Race Women1) P. Phillips and P. Davies2) Florence Phillips and Martha Morris.
Three Legged Raced Men1) Arthur Callen and R. Bevan2) Jimmy Glanville and Dec Wolff3) Divided between J. James and J. James, and W. Allen and R. Glanville.
Men's Long Jump1) Garfield Phelps 2) W.H. James3) Y. Glanville
Wheelbarrow Race1) Mrs B. Wilson 2) Mrs Brace 3) Mrs D. Herbert
Three Legged Race Mixed1 & 2) Divided between J. Glanville, B. Phelps, C. Phillips and Margaret Glanville3) Connie Allen and R. Bevan
Race for Girls1) Cessie James 2) Dilys Reynolds 3) Melfa Davies
Race for Boys1) Glyn James 2) George Hughes 3) J. James and N. Allen
Tug of War Married V SingleA Draw
Tug of WarMarried Women V SingleSingle
The officials for the children's sports were:- Judges Messrs F.C. Wolff, W. Davies and T. Wolff; handicappers, Y. Glanville and F. James; starter Captain Grismond Williams. Adults sports - Judges, Messrs B. Jones, W.B. Davies and W.H. Davies, treasurer Rev D. Morgan; Whips J. Glanville and N. Allen. The secretary was Mr H. Jones.
At the close the Rector proposed a vote of thanks to all who had helped in any was towards the day's success. Mr A. George seconded.
A really memorable day concluded with the singing of the National Anthem.

Variety Concert Narberth Weekly News Date to be provided
Variety Concert - On Friday last the Llanteg party gave a variety concert in Crunwere School to a full and appreciative house. The Rector Rev D. Morgan, acted as chairman in the absence of Mr Sackville Owen C.C., who wrote regretting his inability to be present owing to another long-standing engagement he had to fulfil. However he kindly sent a donation The programme was as follows ; glee, "Down by the Riverside," Concert Party; solo "Poor little Angeline", Miss Laura Davies ; solo "Prairie Moon," Miss Clarise Hodge ; mouth organ solo, Mr Leslie Owen; a farce, "Tweedleton's Tail Coat" characters : "Toby Tweedleton," Mr Trevor Wolff ; "Blackberry Thistletop," Mr Leslie Phillips ; Mr Bracebutton," Mr Jack Allen; "Mr Pantechnicon Pantile," Mr Desmond Wolff; "Evelina (Bracebutton's daughter)," Miss Milly Phillips; "Kitty Spruce (maid of all-work)," Florence Phillips, solo "Sanctuary" Mrs Davies (Bryneto); solo "On the beach at Bali Bali," Mr Fred Allen ; recitation, "A straight sermon," Mr Charles Allen; duet "Misty Island," Miss Milly Phillips and Mr Willie James; solo, "the song they sing in Sing-Sing," Mr Leslie Owen; duologue "The New Servant," Miss Matty Oriel and Miss Nelda Lewis ; glee, "I'm Seventeen come Sunday," Concert Party ; solo, Everybody's got to wear a smile," Mr Tom Phillips : solo " With a Feather in her Tyrolean Hat," Miss Milly Phillips ; recitation," How Betsy and I made it up," Mr Leslie Owen ; solo, "Mary," Mrs Davies (Bryneli) ; play "Old gooseberry," characters, "Mr Fizzington Corker (Old Gooseberry)," Mr Willie Allen ; "His daughter," Miss Iris Davies;" Simon Snapshott (suspected poacher), " Mr Robert Davies Phillips ; "Game-keepers," Messrs James Glanville and Hugh James ; glee, "Lonely Woods," Concert Party. Towards the close the Rector warmly thanked Mr Wolff and the concert Party for the really good entertainment provided especially considering the limited time available for preparation. This showed how hard and earnestly all concerned must have worked to make the concert so successful. Mr Wolff desires to thank heartily every member of the party who did their utmost to ensure the success of the event.

Document No 18 dated 16th April 1895
Mortagage of Reberth Court Farm (86a 3r 15p) in redberth and Llantegaue and Furzy Park 169a 1r 30p with schedules of fields
1. James Cocks slader Glanville of Craigyborion Amroth Gent
2. 2. Henry Seymour allen of Cresselly Gent

Document No 20 dated 6th December 1902
Mortgage of West Llantegaue farm and premises as described in no 18 with schedules of fields
1. James cocks Slader Glanville of Llantegaue Gent
2. Rev Rowley Lascelles of Petworth Sussex and Archibald How of Droitwich Worcs esq

Document No 24 date 21st September 1923
Reconveyance of mortgaged premises (see No 18 and No's 20 - 22)
1 Henry Seymour Allen of Cresselly esq
2 James cox (sic) Slader Glanville of Llanteg, farmer

Document No 25 dated 1924
Memorandum of legal charge on East and West Llanteg
1 James C.S. Glanville of Llanteg Farmer
2. Howard William Hall of Greenhill Farm Pwllcrochan Gent

Document No 27
Bundle of papers re - estate of J.C.S. Glanville dec'd 1926 - 1927
Schedule of Holdings of Land belonging to the Estate of J.C.S. Glanville dec'd
Tenants of land belonging to the estate of J.C.S.Glanville dec'd.
William Leslie Glanville (Research Note OJV : Probable Tenant)
James Yorke Glanville (Research Note OJV : Probable Tenant)
Mrs Glanville (Research Note OJV : Probable Tenant)
252 .885
251 .260
George Scourfield Stanwell, Amroth (Research Note OJV : Probable Tenant)
384 .833
William Hodge Ivy Cottage (Research Note OJV : Probable Tenant)
343 .988
260(PART) .273
Davies Boars Head Templeton (Research Note OJV : Probable Tenant)
Joseph Phillips Crafty Crunwere Whitland (Research Note OJV : Probable Tenant)
John Phillips Oxford Crunwere (Research Note OJV : Probable Tenant)
162(Tithe No) about half an acre
David Wilson Llanteg Fach (Research Note OJV : Probable Tenant)
260(part) .273

Since the act of 1692 strict criteria had been laid down as to who in each parish would be available to perform Jury service. In the listing for Little Newcastle of 16 September 1808 the constable Henry Lewis Petty, gives us a full and clear picture of these qualifications which also holds good for the Parish of Crunwere and thus gives us some indication of the monetary value of village members during this period . Quote : A true list containing the Name and Places of Abode together with the title and additions of all persons between the ages of 21 and 70 (years) dwelling within the Parish of Little Newcastle qualified to serve on juries, that is to say of every person that has in his own name or in trust for him within the County aforesaid sixe pounds a year above - Reprizes of freehold or Copyhold land and tenements or of lands and tenements and antient demerece or in rents or in all or any of their In fee simple feetail or for the life of himself or some other person on having land in procession in his own right of £20 a year above the reserved rent being hold by lease of five hundred years or more or for 99 years or any other term and determinable on one or more lives. Records are missing for 1836 - 1876 inclusive except for 1846 which has a list for Tenby St Mary out Liberty only. Assuming that members of the parish remained in the same abode for the years that the returns for Jury service are missing, then for the periods 1786 - 1835 and 1877 - 1900, we are able to produce the following table :
James C.S. Glanville1897-1900FreeholderFarmerLanteague

Crunwere School Log book
15 May 1907 York Glanville left to attend Whitland County School
08 September 1909 A silver clasp was awarded to Winifred Glanville for two years perfect attendance
10 December 1909 Corporal punishment administered to Reggie (Reginald) Glanville for being impudent - two strokes on the hand with the cane
08 July 1910 Rector (Of Crunwere Church) presented bronze clasp for one year's perfect attendance to Winifred Glanville
((Winifred Glanville completed three years full attendance at school and was a healthy child. Unfortunately at about the age of thirteen she went on a school trip to Pendine and came home feeling unwell. The doctor was called and it was thought that she had rheumatic fever and would probably not live beyond sixteen years of age. However this proved incorrect, for although disabled and forced to use a wheelchair until her early twenties, Winifred lived to the ripe old age of 76. She had very bad knees and was only able to carry cups and so forth on the backs of her hands. It seems more likely now that she had contracted a form of polio)).
28 June 1935 Glyn James and Margaret Glanville - measles



1923 Kelly's Directory
Amroth Councillors. J. Cox Slader Glanville, Llanteg, Whitland


1923 Kelly's Directory
Glanville James Cox Slader, farmer, Llanteg
Glanville Jas. York, frmr. Lanteague

Milford Haven

1830 Pigot's Directory
Glanvill Richard - Shopkeeper