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Public Records Office (PRO) Catalogue
C 104/199 GLANVILLE v GLANVILLE: Abstract of title of George Counsell with schedule of the following (items 10 and 11 are not listed).
C 104/199 GLANVILLE v GLANVILLE: 11 title deeds (including inquisition post mortem) relating to property in the parishes of Wedmore and Mark, Som, 1578-1714 (marked 1-6 and 8-9).
C 104/199 GLANVILLE v GLANVILLE: Lease and release of Thomas Hart and John Whippie of Whitechurch, Som, to William Donner of the Six Clerk's Office, Chancery Lane, Middx, of land and property at Stoughton in the parish of Wedmore, and in Mark, in trust for Richard Glanville of Axbridge, Som, doctor of physic, made according to a decree in the cause Glanville v.
C 104/199 GLANVILLE v GLANVILLE: Probate copy of the will of William Counsell of Stoughton, with inventory, 1681.
C 104/199 GLANVILLE v GLANVILLE: Final concord between Arthur Day and others, querents, and George Counsell and others, deforciants, relating to land and property in Weston super Mare, Uphill, Biddisham, Winscombe, Wedmore and Wookey, all Som, 1704 (marked 7).
WO 97/172/54 RICHARD GLANVILLE Born BEDMINSTER, Somerset Served in 2nd Foot Guards Discharged aged 31



1889 Kelly's Directory
Corfield & Glanville - wine & spirit importers, Towerhead Cottage
1914 Kelly's Directory
Glanville Charles H. Towerhead
Corfield & Glanville - wine & spirit merchants, Towerhead
1935 Kelly's Directory
Glanville Mrs. Towerhead
Corfield & Glanville - wine & spirit merchants, Towerhead. TN 4X2


1889 Kelly's Directory
Glanville, George - General Smith, Lead House Lane
Glanville, Chas. - Boot Retaillr, 81 East Side
Glanville, Charles - Beer Retailer, 81 Stapleton Road


1842/44 Pigot's Directory
Glanville, Joseph - Painters, Plumbers & Glaziers; Eastover
1889 Kellys Directory
Glanville & son - Plumbers & Glaziers


1889 Kelly's Directory
Glanville, Mrs - Wedmore Lodge
1914 Kelly's Directory
Glanville Annie (Mrs), aparts. Richmond ho. Berrow rd
Glanville William H. cabinet maker, 21 Cross street
Glanvile Mrs. Brent rd, Berrow


1939 Medical Register
Glanvill, Albert Edward, M.C. Jocelyn house
Registered: 26 Jun 1933
Qualifications: L.M.S.S.A. Lond., 1933
1947 Medical Register
Glanvill, Alfred Terry Heath. Jocelyn House
Registered: 20 Jan 1945
Qualifications: M.R.C.S. Eng., 1945 L.R.C.P. Lond., 1945
Glanvill, Albert Edward, M.C. Jocelyn house
Registered: 26 Jun 1933
Qualifications: L.M.S.S.A. Lond., 1933
1959 Medical Register
Glanvill, Albert Edward, M.C. Jocelyn house
Registered: 26 Jun 1933
Qualifications: L.M.S.S.A. Lond., 1933
Glanvill, Michael Edward. Jocelyn house
Registered: 2 Feb 1948
Qualifications: M.R.C.S. Eng., 1948; L.R.C.P. Lond., 1942


1842/44 Pigot's Directory
Glanvill, Richard - Grocer


Glanville, Rev. Wm. - 74 acres


1935 Kelly's Directory
Glanville Capt, Percy Greville R.I.M (ret.), Throwleigh, Paganel rd
1939 Kelly's Directory
Glanville Capt. Percy G., R.I.M. (ret.), 7 Paganel rd


1935 Kelly's Directory
Glanville Geo. Queen's Arms P.H.


1935 Kelly's Directory
Glanville Bert, Althea, Staplegrove rd
Glanville Wm. V. Bathpool - Motor Omnibus Proprs
1939 Kelly's Directory
Glanville D. (Mrs), dining rooms. 20 Bridge st


"Viewed Jessey Harvey, DD/ED Box 50 f. 179. Pr. 3.1.1824. >=9C3000. died May 1823. Proved by John Harvey of Wedmore, yeo. Jesse Harvey was of Blackford, Wedmore and mentions: 1, son Jesse of Blackford, shopkeeper, 2, son John, 3, daughter Elizabeth of Blackford, friends - John Glanvile, Wedmore, surgeon & Wm. Reeves, Blackford, gent. - trustees.
Made 30.10.1821. witnessed by Rob. Giles, Wm. Hippisley, Charlotte Withers.
Codicil 30.4.1823 witnessed by Rob. Giles, John Glanville & James Humeman"
Glanville, Mrs S. - 470 acres


1889 Kelly's Directory
Glanville, Rev William Ewart - 3 Davie's Terr, Tucker Street
Glanville, Rev William E Glanville, minister - Baptist Church, Union Street 1939 Kelly's Directory
Glanvile Rt. J.P. Court farm, Westbury-sub-Mendip, Wells. Priddy 25

West Monkton

1935 Kelly's Directory
Glanville Wm Victor. omnibus propr. & clerk to the parish council. TN 20
1939 Kelly's Directory
Glanville Wm. Victor, clerk to the Parish Council


Glanville, Mrs Hannah - 2 acres
Glanville, John - 7 acres
1889 Kelly's Directory
Glanville, John - Farmer

Weston Super Mare

1889 Kelly's Directory
Glanvile, Rev. William Shartman MA - The Gables, Uphill


1914 Kelly's Directory
Glanville Mrs. Cranmore cottage, Church street