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Glanville Admons

Admons (Administrations) and Wills (even when not transcribed) provide informative clues as to who had died by what date (so long as you don't assume the location to be their only residence, nor the year to be that in which they died).

Here are some names and dates to bandy about, extracted from the various Calendars of Wills and Probates (those marked with an asterisk * were destroyed by bombing in World War II, and their contents are lost). . .

Calendar of Wills Administrations and Accounts relating to the counties of Cornwall and Devon in the Connotorial Archidiaconal Court of Cornwall, England, 1569-1699

Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Wills and Administrations.
Glanvill, Anth., Colan * 1580-1
Glanvill, Degory, Egloskerry * 1603
Glanvill, Edy, St Giles 1614
Glanvill, Eliz., Newlyn 1691
Glanvill, Eliz., Southhill * 1590
Glanvill, Eliz., St Keyne 1690
Glanvill, Francis, Launceston A. 1698
Glanvill, Francis, Launceston A. 1698
Glanvill, Geo., Boyton 1637
Glanvill, Glanfield, Glanfill, Alice, St Ive 1609
Glanvill, Hen., Boyton 1623-4
Glanvill, Hen., St Giles 1631
Glanvill, Jane, Launceston A. 1698
Glanvill, Jane, Morwinstow 1628
Glanvill, Jas, Botusfleming 1635
Glanvill, Joan, St Ive 1661
Glanvill, John (als. Glawen), Boyton * A. 1596
Glanvill, John, Boyton 1638-9
Glanvill, John, Boyton 1665
Glanvill, John, Boyton A. 1669 ; C. 1670
Glanvill, John, St Giles * 1588
Glanvill, John, St Ive 1621-2
Glanvill, John, St Martin by L. A. 1643
Glanvill, John, St Stephen's by L. 1685-6
Glanvill, Matt., Whitstone * 1585
Glanvill, Millicent, Egloskerry A. 1685-6
Glanvill, Peter, St Ewe A. 1617
Glanvill, Philippa, N. Petherwin A. 1613-4
Glanvill, Rich., Lanteglos by C. 1621
Glanvill, Rich., Morwenstow 1624-5
Glanvill, Rich., Newlyn 1692-3
Glanvill, Rich., St Keyne 1625
Glanvill, Rich., St Stephen's by L. 1614
Glanvill, Rob., Colan * 1579
Glanvill, Rob., St Stephen's by L. 1689-90
Glanvill, Roger, Camborne 1696
Glanvill, Samuel, Newlyn A. 1697
Glanvill, Wm, Boyton * 1581
Glanvill, Wm, Boyton 1603
Glanvill, Wm, Cardynham A. 1627
Glanvill, Wm, Colan 1601
Glanvill, Wm, St Giles 1614
Glawen, John (als. Glanvill), Boyton * A. 1596

Calendar of Wills Administrations and Accounts relating to the counties of Cornwall and Devon in the Consistorial Archidiaconal Court of Cornwall, England, 1700-1799

Glanville, Benj., Camborne A. 1726
Glanville, Benj., Camborne A. 1736
Glanville, Digory, St Stephens by L. A. 1731
Glanville, Hen., Newlyn 1774
Glanville, Hen., St Stephens by L. A. 1720
Glanville, John, Alternon A. 1739
Glanville, John, Michaelstow A. 1757
Glanville, John, St Stephens by L. 1727
Glanville, Johnson, Camborne 1746
Glanville, Rich., Camborne A. 1772
Glanville, Rich., Camborne A. 1782
Glanville, Rich., St Stephens by L. 1724
Glanville, Rob., Newlyn A. 1732
Glanville, Tho., Crantock A. 1789
Glanville, Tho., Lostwithiel A. 1780
Glanville, Tho., Tintagel 1784
Glanville, Wm, St Columb Minor 1737
Halse, Glanville, Truro A. 171
Waddon, Glanvill, Morwinstow A. 1743

Wills and Administrations proved in the Bishop of Exeter, 1559-1799

Court of the Archdeaconry of Exeter, Devonshire, England
Glanvill, Alice, Talliton Comp. 1664
Glanvill, Andrew, Exeter W. 1691
Glanvill, Andrew, Kenton W. 1664
Glanvill, Anne, Exeter A. 1687
Glanvill, Arthur, Exeter A. W. 1704
Glanvill, Arthur, Exeter W. 1698
Glanvill, Audrey, wid., Topsham A., W. 1764
Glanvill, Daniel, sen., Honyton W. 1715
Glanvill, Edy, St Giles 1614
Glanvill, Elizabeth, St. Issy A., W. 1766
Glanvill, Elizabeth, Talliton A. 1665
Glanvill, Frances, St. Thomas A. 1736
Glanvill, Francis, Axminster A. 1712
Glanvill, George, Heavitree W. 1770
Glanvill, Gideon, North Petherwyn A. 1665
Glanvill, Henry, Newton St. Cyres A. 1702
Glanvill, Henry, Tiverton A. 1684
Glanvill, Honour, Cheriton Fitzpain W. 1767
Glanvill, Hugh, Seaton W. 1684
Glanvill, Isaac, Exeter A. 1706
Glanvill, James, Chagford W. 1714
Glanvill, Joan, Exeter l. tut. 1692
Glanvill, John, Cheriton Fitzpain W. 1791
Glanvill, John, Exeter A. 1676
Glanvill, John, Exeter A. 1677
Glanvill, John, Exeter A. 1695
Glanvill, John, Exeter W. 1637
Glanvill, John, Exeter W. 1672
Glanvill, John, Exeter W., C. 1792
Glanvill, John, Honyton W. 1666
Glanvill, John, Ottery St. Mary W. 1795
Glanvill, John, Plymtree W. 1680
Glanvill, John, rector of Withiel A. 1632
Glanvill, John, South Tawton A. 1771
Glanvill, Martha, Exeter A. 1771
Glanvill, Mary, Exeter A., W. 1722
Glanvill, Mary, Honyton W. 1724
Glanvill, Mary, Plymptree A., W. 1686
Glanvill, Mary, Plymptree W. 1692
Glanvill, Matthew, Broadhembury A. 1732
Glanvill, Nicholas, Exeter A. 1712
Glanvill, Nicholas, Exeter W. 1700
Glanvill, Peter, Peyhembury A. 1759
Glanvill, Peter, Tedbourne St. Mary W. 1751
Glanvill, Rich., Morwenstow 1624-5
Glanvill, Richard, Exeter W. 1735
Glanvill, Richard, the Close, Exeter W. 1766
Glanvill, Richard, wid., Dunsford W. 1625
Glanvill, Robert, Exeter A. 1762
Glanvill, Robert, Exeter W. 1705
Glanvill, Samuel, clerk, Shaugh A. 1688
Glanvill, Sara, Exeter A. 1672
Glanvill, Sarah, Tavistock W. 1765
Glanvill, Stephen, Tiverton A. 1745
Glanvill, Thomas, clerk, Tavistock A. 1674
Glanvill, Thomas, Exeter A. 1704
Glanvill, Thomas, Exeter A. 1740
Glanvill, Thomas, Exeter A. 1774
Glanvill, Thomas, Exeter W. 1712
Glanvill, Thomas, St. Thomas A. 1712
Glanvill, Thomas, Tavistock W. 1666
Glanvill, Thomazine, Exmister W. 1677
Glanvill, William, Cheriton Fitzpain W. 1792
Glanvill, William, Exeter W. 1703
Glanvill, William, Farringdon A. 1776
Glanvill, William, Trusham W. 1734
Glanvill, Wilmot, Exeter W. 1692
Glanvill, Wm, St Giles 1614
Glanville, Alice, Camborne W. 1782
Glanville, George, Hevitree W. 1621
Glanville, Glowan als., Robert; see Glowan. 1799
Glanville, John, clk., St. German's W. 1632
Glanville, John, Plymouth W. 1721
Glanville, John, South Tawton A., W. 1763
Glanville, John, Whitechurch A. 1799
Glanville, Mary, Exeter W. 1779
Glanville, Oliver, vicar of Christowe W. 1622
Glanville, Richard, Newton Abbot Acct. 1634
Glanville, Sara, Exeter A., W. 1716
Glanville, William, Crediton A. 1793
Glowen als. Glanvill, Robert, Torrington Magna W. 1603
Glowen als. Glanville, John, Bridestowe A. 1603

Wills and Administrations proved in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Exeter, Devonshire, England, 1532 to 1800

Calendar of Wills and Administrations In the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Exeter, 1532 to 1800
1620 Glanvill, George, Hevitree 181
1650 Glanvill, John, Kellington W.
1679 Glanvill, Joseph, Exeter W.
1688 Glanvill, George, Chudleigh t.
1706 Glanvill, Bartho., Morchard Epi. A.
1712 Glanvill, Mary, Crediton t.
1718 Glanvill, George, Chudleigh t.
1762 Glanvill, Roger, Sandford W.
1765 Glanvill, William, St. Issy A.
1768 Glanvill, Thomas, St. Issy W.

Wills and Admons, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1 Jan 1853 - 31 Dec 1857

GLANVILL heretofore PULMAN Sarah, Devon, January 1855 (Admon)
GLANVILE John, Somerset, July 1855 (Will)
GLANVILL Elizabeth, Kent, May 1856 (Will)
GLANVILL Elizabeth, Surrey, July 1857 (Will)
GLANVILL George, Cornwall, March 1857 (Will)
GLANVILL Thomas, Devon, January 1854 (Will)