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Admons (Administrations), Obituaries (Obits), Probate Records and Wills provide informative clues as to not only relationships, but who was living at a given date and even their address.

Common mistakes are to assume:

  • people died in the year of making their Will
    they may have lived on many years after writing their will
  • that addressses were their main and only residence
  • probate granted to a widow must automatically have been to their wife
    their sister or daughter may have been named as a widow, and if they had married a cousin they would still be surnamed Glanville, as would a widowed daughter-in-law
  • the person who wrote their obituary knew them well and had no vested interest in promoting a particular point of view, nor wished to suppress any facts

Transcriptions are provided of Adminstrations (Admons), Obituaries, Probates, Wills and Interments.