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Glanville Wills

The Public Record Office has a section for downloadable, purchaseable Wills from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in the years 1384 to 1858A.D. A number of Glanvill(e) Wills are listed there and summarised below


Probate Date

Catalogue Ref

Will of Andrew Glanvill, Tallow Chandler of Exeter, Devon13 Feb 1711PROB 11/519
Will of Ann Glanville of Brompton, Middlesex23 Feb 1827PROB 11/1721
Will of Anna Glanville, Widow of Saint Andrew Holborn, Middlesex02 Apr 1724PROB 11/596
Will of Benjamin Glanville or Glanvill, Carpenter of Saint John the Evangelist Westminster, Middlesex09 Nov 1771PROB 11/972
Will of Benjamin Glanvill, Gentleman of Saint Dunstan Stepney, Middlesex13 Jul 1774PROB 11/999
Will of Benjamin Glanvill, Engineer of Saint Anne Limehouse, Middlesex30 Jul 1838PROB 11/1898
Will of Catharine Glanvill, Wife of Hampstead, Middlesex06 Nov 1761PROB 11/870
Will of Charles Glanville of Saint Mary Le Strand, Middlesex29 Apr 1748PROB 11/761
Will of Christian Glanvill of Payhembury, Devon30 Jun 1834PROB 11/1832
Will of Dame Elizabeth Glanvile, Widow of Kilworthy, Devon20 Jun 1659PROB 11/293
Will of Daniel Glanville, Carpenter of Saint John the Evangelist Westminster, Middlesex12 Oct 1749PROB 11/774
Will of Edward Glanvill, Yeoman of Marytavy, Devon22 Jan 1655PROB 11/242
Will of Edward Glanvill of Clapham, Surrey20 Apr 1797PROB 11/1289
Will of Edward Glanvill of Saint Margaret Westminster, Middlesex18 Mar 1808PROB 11/1475
Will of Elianor Glanvile, Wife of Tickenham Court, Somerset21 Apr 1709PROB 11/506
Will of Eleanor Glanvill, Widow of Saint Botolph without Bishopsgate, City of London21 Jan 1773PROB 11/984
Will of Eleanor Glanvile, Singlewoman of Leeds, Yorkshire29 Sep 1837PROB 11/1884
Will of Elizabeth Glanvill, Widow of Launceston, Cornwall20 Nov 1658PROB 11/284
Will of Elizabeth Glanvile, Widow of Wimbish, Essex10 Sep 1700PROB 11/457
Will of Elizabeth Glanvill of Broad Hinton, Wiltshire01 Oct 1707PROB 11/497
Will of Elizabeth Glanvile, Widow of Island of Antigua, West Indies05 Dec 1759PROB 11/851
Will of Elizabeth Glanville formerly Britten, Widow of Islington, Middlesex20 May 1845PROB 11/2017
Will of Elizabeth Glanville, Widow of Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire12 Feb 1848PROB 11/2069
Will of Elizabeth Glanvill of Gravesend, Kent16 May 1856PROB 11/2232
Will of Sir Francis Glanvill of Tavistock, Devon04 May 1639PROB 11/180
Will of Francis Glanvill of Kilworthy, Devon28 Mar 1659PROB 11/289
Will of Francis Glanvill16 Oct 1714PROB 11/542
Will of Francis Glanville of Saint Marylebone, Middlesex15 Aug 1846PROB 11/2040
Will of George Glanvill, Victualler of Horton, Buckinghamshire02 Apr 1740PROB 11/701
Will of George Glanvill, Carpenter of Westminster, Middlesex05 Jun 1822PROB 11/1658
Will of George Glanvill, Victualler of Saint John the Evangelist Westminster, Middlesex12 Nov 1850PROB 11/2122
Will of George Glanvill, Retired Commander in Her Majesty's Royal Navy of Maker, Cornwall26 Mar 1857PROB 11/2247
Will of Henry Clanvild, Yeoman of Stanton Hartwood, Oxfordshire02 Jun 1674PROB 11/345
Will of Isaac Glanville, Mariner on board Her Majesty's Ship Triumph17 Dec 1702PROB 11/467
Will of James Glanvill, now belonging to Her Majesty's Ship Humber13 Jul 1710PROB 11/516
Will of James Glanville otherwise Glanvill, Boatswain, late of His Majesty's Ship Mereide of Portsea, Hampshire01 Dec 1825PROB 11/1706
Will of Jeremiah Glanvill, Carpenter of Saint George Hanover Square, Middlesex11 Jan 1763PROB 11/883
Will of Jeremiah Glanvill, Gentleman of Great Queen Street City of Westminster, Middlesex25 Jun 1838PROB 11/1896
Will of John Glanvile of Tavistock, Devon01 Feb 1580PROB 11/62
Will of John Glanvill, Merchant14 Nov 1633PROB 11/164
Will of John Glanvill, Clothier of Newton Abbot, Devon30 Nov 1650PROB 11/214
Will of John Glanvill22 Nov 1661PROB 11/306
Will of John Glanvile of Saint Giles in the Fields, Middlesex20 Jan 1670PROB 11/332
Will of John Glanvill of Plymouth, Devon02 Jul 1685PROB 11/380
Will of John Glanville of Saint Andrew Holborn, Middlesex03 Sep 1715PROB 11/548
Will of John Glanvill of Saint Germans, Cornwall16 Jun 1735PROB 11/671
Will of Sir John Glanvill of Catchfrench, Cornwall17 Apr 1769PROB 11/947
Will of John Glanvill of Bethnal Green, Middlesex16 Feb 1791PROB 11/1201
Will of John Glanvill, Cordwainer of Marylebone, Middlesex04 Sep 1833PROB 11/1821
Will of John Glanvill, Carpenter and Undertaker of Saint Margaret Westminster, Middlesex09 Mar 1844PROB 11/1995
Will of John Glanvile, Surgeon of Wedmore, Somerset06 Jul 1855PROB 11/2216
Will of John Glanvill, Shopkeeper of Great Stanmore, Middlesex23 Dec 1822PROB 11/1664
Will of John Glanville or Glanvill, Gentleman late Baker of Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire07 Sep 1838PROB 11/1900
Will of Julius Glanvill of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey23 Feb 1710PROB 11/513
Will of Kitty Glanvill otherwise Glanville, Spinster of Stockwell, Surrey18 Jul 1840PROB 11/1930
Will of Mary Glanvill, Widow of Tower of London, Middlesex14 May 1739PROB 11/696
Will of Mary Glanville, Widow of Saint Matthew Bethnal Green, Middlesex01 Oct 1765PROB 11/912
Will of Mary Glanville, Widow of Saint John Hackney, Middlesex06 Jun 1810PROB 11/1512
Will of Mary Glanville, Wife of Nettlebed, Oxfordshire09 Jun 1832PROB 11/1801
Will of Mary Glanvill, Widow of St. Marylebone, Middlesex27 May 1840PROB 11/1927
Will of Matthias Glanvill or Matthias Glanville, Gentleman of Saint John's Hackney, Middlesex14 Jun 1785PROB 11/1130
Will of Maurice Glanvile, Clerk of Wymbish, Essex04 Mar 1695PROB 11/429
Will of Mildred Anne otherwise Mildred Ann Glanvill, Spinster of Saint Margaret Westminster, Middlesex27 May 1846PROB 11/2035
Will of Nicholas Glanuyle or Glanvile of Tavistock, Devon31 Oct 1598PROB 11/92
Will of Oliver Glanvill, Gentleman of Launceston, Cornwall29 Nov 1641PROB 11/187
Will of Peter Glanvill, Baker of Peahembury, Devon08 Feb 1828PROB 11/1736
Will of Phillis Glanvill, Widow of North Street Manchester Square Saint Marylebone, Middlesex01 Oct 1822PROB 11/1662
Will of Richard Glanvill, Surgeon of Saint John Wapping, Middlesex30 May 1771PROB 11/967
Will of Roger Glanvill, Clothier of Newton Abbott, Devon23 Nov 1640PROB 11/184
Will of Roger Glanvill of Heavitree, Devon26 Jan 1651PROB 11/215
Will of Samuel Glanvill, Bricklayer of Eton, Buckinghamshire05 Aug 1763PROB 11/890
Will of Sarah Gideon Glanvile, Widow of Elmsett, Suffolk11 May 1734PROB 11/665
Will of Sarah Glanvill, Widow of Saint Mary Lambeth, Surrey06 Oct 1812PROB 11/1537
Will of Susanna Glanvil or Glanvill, Widow of Saint Pauls Shadwell, Middlesex05 Mar 1740PROB 11/701
Will of Susannah otherwise Susanna Glanvill of Stowford, Devon19 Dec 1816PROB 11/1587
Will of Thomas Glanvile or Glanvyle04 May 1568PROB 11/50
Will of William Glanfill or Glanville, Mariner belonging to His Majesty's Ship Gibraltar06 Apr 1763PROB 11/886
Will of Thomas Glanville of Exeter, Devon05 Sep 1799PROB 11/1330
Will of Thomas Glanville, Gentleman of Saint John Hackney, Middlesex28 Nov 1800PROB 11/1349
Will of Thomas Glanvill, Gentleman of Saint Mary Lambeth, Surrey28 Jan 1811PROB 11/1518
Will of Thomas Glanvill of Ottery Saint Mary, Devon19 Jan 1854PROB 11/2184
Will of William Glanvile, Haberdasher of London30 Apr 1623PROB 11/141
Will of William Glanvill, Merchant of Heavitree, Devon20 May 1648PROB 11/204
Will of William Glanvill, Tailor of Saint Clement Danes, Middlesex23 Sep 1678PROB 11/357
Will of William Glanvill of Broad Hinton, Wiltshire20 Nov 1680PROB 11/363
Sentence of William Glanville of Broad Hinton, Wiltshire02 Dec 1680PROB 11/364
Will of William Glanvill of Middle Temple, Middlesex06 Dec 1705PROB 11/485
Will of William Glanville or Glanvill of Middle Temple, Middlesex05 Feb 1718PROB 11/562
Will of William Glanvill, Bricklayer of Eton, Buckinghamshire12 Nov 1766PROB 11/923
Will of William Glanville of Saint George Hanover Square, Middlesex15 Nov 1766PROB 11/923
Will of William Sumerfield otherwise Lee otherwise Glanvill, Seaman in the Royal Charlotte14 Nov 1785PROB 11/1135
Will of William Glanvill, Mariner of Combintinehead, Devon31 Jul 1821PROB 11/1645
Will of William Glanville of Waterford, Waterford23 Sep 1836PROB 11/1866
Will of William Glanville, Gentleman of Doncaster, Yorkshire05 Nov 1842PROB 11/1970
Will of Winifrid Glanvill of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey19 Sep 1707PROB 11/496

Transcriptions of Wills

Here is a list of Testators' Wills that have been transcribed (they are all English people).

My own transcriptions are from the records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (which themselves comprise of contemporaneous transcriptions of the original wills entered into their records as probate was granted).
Mine are dated to the date in the original Will; the others use the date of probate.

Click the link to read the text in a new browser window.

Wills in Archdeaconry Court of Middlesex 1609 - 1733

Purchaseable from City of London Metropolitan Archives
(Link outdated as of 4 Feb 2018)
Glanville Richard, 1710 Mar 8, Saint Martin In The Fields, Middlesex
Glanvill Elizabeth, 1722 Jul 4, Saint Martin In The Fields, Middlesex
Glanvill George, 1820 April, St Thomas Hospital
Glanville James, 1816 April, Merchant Ship John Shand
Glanville, Elizabeth, 1842 Nov, Markham

Summary of (Devon/Cornwall) Wills

I have summarised (as of 2018) information available from the Genuki Devon Wills Website, which is a Work In Progress.
Therefore later information may well be available there.
This is useful as most of the originals were lost due to German bombing of the Exeter records in 1942.









Prob. Court3




GlamvyleWalter   1425WcoMCEDRO-WMayor's Court Rolls 
GlandNicholasBrent [South Brent?]DEVblacksmith1604WabTOTMOGAVol. 9, p. 2932 
GlandefildeWilliamEast LooeCON 1587Wco DRO-WDD.59497 
GlandfeildAliceTalleton [Talaton][DEV]widow1655WcoPCCJHW112 Aylett 
GlandfeildRobertTalleron [Talaton?]DEV 1656Ale SOGGlencross Indexadmon to Henry Wood, principal creditor
Glandfeild or GlanfeildRebeccaBradninchDEVspinster1657WcoPCCPROB11264 
GlandfieldJaneMorchard BishopDEV 1825Wco IRWG 341 
GlandfieldJohnBelstoneDEV 1842Wco DRO-C1078/IRW/G/342will
GlandfieldJohnBelstoneDEV 1842Wco IRWG 342 
GlandfieldeHenryAshebury [Ashbury][DEV]gentleman1599WcoPCCJHW78 Kiddlands in Devon and Cornwall; P.A. de bonis non grant; 23 May 1601
GlandfildeNicholasHoly Trinity [Exeter Holy Trinity]DEVbaker1583Wco DRO-W25Orphans' Court Wills
GlandfildeNicholasHoly Trinity [Exeter Holy Trinity]DEVbaker1583WabEXEMOGAVol. 9, p. 3028 
GlandfillAmyePaigntonDEVwidow1600WleEPREDWAACp.29 (orig. ref. 266) 
GlandvileSimondSaltash (in PAB)[DEV] 1606WcoPCCJHW60 Stafforde 
GlandvillJohnNorthamDEV 1751WleBARNBECKT. 
GlandvillRogerAlverdiscottDEV 1672WleBARNBECKT. 
[Glandvill]        [BECK] [See also Glanvill]
GlanfeildKatherineCreditonDEVwidow1685WabEXEMOGAVol. 9, p. 2932 
GlanfeildRebeccaBradninch[DEV]spinster1657WcoPCCJHW164 Ruthen 
[Glanfeild][Rebecca]   [1657]   [PROB11] [See Glandfeild or Glanfeild, Rebecca]
GlanfeldRichardPaington [Paignton][DEV] 1572WcoPCCJHW37 Daper 
[Glanfeld][Robert]   [1603]   [DWAAC] [see Glawin alias Glanfeld]
GlanfeldeNicholas [DEV] 1583Ico DRO-W33Orphans' Court Inventory
[Glanffeld][Richard]   [1572]   [PROB11] [See Glanffelde or Glanffeld, Richard]
Glanffelde or GlanffeldRichardPaigntonDEV 1572WcoPCCPROB1154 
GlanfieldEadeSt Giles in the HeathDEV 1614WorCORNCROAP/G/162 
GlanfieldGraceThorvertonDEV 1859Wco DRO-W337 add4/43 
GlanfieldHenryBeaworthyDEV 1719Wco DRO-A314M-0/F/101copy will
GlanfieldHenryBeaworthyDEV 1719Wco DRO-W314 M/F101c.1719
GlanfieldHenrySt Giles [St Giles in the Heath]DEVbachelor1631WorCORNCROAP/G/370 
GlanfieldJosephSampford CourtenayDEV 1817Wco IRWG 343 
GlanfieldOlliverChristowDEVclerk1622Wab MUR1Vol. 13 
GlanfieldPhilipNorth PetherwinCONspinster1613AorCORNCROAP/G/150 
GlanfieldRobertTallaton [Talaton][DEV] 1657AabPCCJHAPCC Admons. Vol. 2 p. 62(by order of Court)
GlanfieldWilliamMorchard BishopDEVsergeweaver1813Wco DRO-Wcc 213/365 
[Glanfield][John]   [1603]   [DWAAC] [see Glowen alias Glanfield]
[Glanfield][John]   [1640]   [MOGT] [See Glowan alias Glanfield, John]
[Glansull][John]   [1657]   [PROB11] [See Glowen alias Glansull, John]
Glanuyle or GlanvileNicholasTavistockDEV 1598WcoPCCPROB1192 
GlanvellJohnDittishamDEV 1826Wco IRWG 344 
GlanvileElizabethKilworthy [Tavistock?]DEVwidow1659WcoPCCPROB11293 
GlanvileElizabeth (Dame)Kilworthy [Tavistock?][DEV]widow1659WcoPCCJHW373 Pell 
GlanvileFrancisKilworthy [Tavistock]DEV 1658Wco DRO-A1262M/FS/19probate & copy will
GlanvileJohnTavistockDEV 1580WcoPCCPROB1162 
GlanvileThomasWhitchurch[DEV] 1651AabPCCJHAPCC Admons. Vol. 1 p. 199 
GlanvileThomasWhitchurchDEV 1651AabPCCMUR1Vol. 13admon to son, Nicholas
GlanvileThomasWhitchurch[DEV] 1660AabPCCJHAPCC Admons. Vol. 2 p. 16 
GlanvileWilliamHeavitree [Exeter Heavitree][DEV]merchant1648WcoPCCJHW74 Essex 
GlanvileJohnTavistock[DEV]the elder1579WcoPCCJHW7 Arundell 
GlanvileNicholasTavistock[DEV]esquire1598WcoPCCJHW84 Lewyn 
[Glanvile][Nicholas]   [1598]   [PROB11] [See Glanuyle or Glanvile, Nicholas]
[Glanvile][Roger]   [1640]   [PROB11] [See Glanvill or Glanvile, Roger]
GlanvillAndrewExeterDEVtallow chandler1711WcoPCCPROB11519 
GlanvillChristianPayhemburyDEV 1834WcoPCCPROB111832 
GlanvillEdwardMary Tavy (Tavy St Mary)[DEV]yeoman1654WcoPCCJHW498 Alchin 
GlanvillEdwardMary Tavy (Tavy St Mary)[DEV]yeoman1655WcoPCCJHWpg.3 Aylett 
GlanvillEdwardMarytavy [Mary Tavy]DEVyeoman1655WcoPCCPROB11242 
GlanvillFrancesOttery St MaryDEV 1850Wco IRWG 345 
GlanvillFrancisKillworthie [Tavistock]DEVesquire1659WabPCCMUR1Vol. 13 
GlanvillFrancisKillworthy [Tavistock?][DEV]esq1659WcoPCCJHW185 Pell 
GlanvillFrancisKilworthy [Tavistock?]DEV 1659WcoPCCPROB11289 
GlanvillFrancisTavistockDEV 1639WcoPCCPROB11180 
GlanvillFrancis (Sir)TavistockDEV 1639WabPCCMISCCrisp - vol. 5, p. 8 
GlanvillFrancis (Sir)Tavistock[DEV]knight1639WcoPCCJHW92 Harvey 
GlanvillGeorge DEV 1766AcoPCCACAJulHeld at the National Archives, filed under Surrey Seat, month of July
GlanvillGeorgeHeavitree [Exeter Heavitree]DEVgentleman1777WcoPCCPROB111029 
GlanvillHenryWoodburyDEV 1841AabEPREDDR2IR 26/501 f.140[Nb - 'Place' shows administrator's abode]; admon to John Glanvill, son
GlanvillJohn DEVknight1661Wco DRO-W158 M/T26 
GlanvillJohnNewton Abbot [Wolborough]DEVclothier1650WcoPCCPROB11214 
GlanvillJohnNewton Abbot, Wolborough[DEV] 1650WcoPCCJHW177 Pembroke 
GlanvillJohnPlymouth[DEV] 1685WcoPCCJHW85 Canndied St Botolph, Aldergate, London
GlanvillJohnPlymouthDEV 1685WcoPCCPROB11380 
GlanvillJohnSt Giles [St Giles in the Heath][DEV] 1588WleCORNGLEN  
GlanvillJohnWoodburyDEV 1842Wco IRWG 346 
GlanvillJosephBrentorDEV 1856Wco IRWG 347 
GlanvillMary LeeWoodburyDEV 1841AabEPREDDR2IR 26/501 f.140[NB - 'Place' shows administrator's abode]; admon to John Glanvill, son
GlanvillNicholasTavistock[DEV] 1636AabPCCJHAPCC Admons. Vol. 6 p. 156died overseas
GlanvillPeterPayhemburyDEV 1759AabEXEMOGAVol. 9, p. 2937 
GlanvillPeterPayhemburyDEV 1825Wco IRWG 348 
GlanvillPeterPeahembury [Payhembury?]DEVbaker1828WcoPCCPROB111736 
GlanvillRichardAshburtonDEV 1805WabEXEDDR1IR 26/335 
GlanvillRichardAshburtonDEVsergemaker1805WabPCDCMOGAVol. 9, p. 3030 
GlanvillRichardCheriton FitzpaineDEV 1821Wco IRWG 349 
GlanvillRichardHonitonDEV 1646AabPCCMUR1Vol. 13admon to brother John Glanvill and sisters Elizabeth Golsworthie, wife of John, and Elizabeth Harris, wife of Justinian
GlanvillRichardHoniton[DEV] 1647AabPCCJHAPCC Admons. Vol. 6 p. 35 
GlanvillRobertBarum [Barnstaple]DEV 1663AleBARNBECKA. 
GlanvillRogerHeavitree [Exeter Heavitree][DEV] 1651WcoPCCJHW6 Grey 
GlanvillRogerHeavitree [Exeter Heavitree]DEV 1651WcoPCCPROB11215 
GlanvillRogerNewton Abbot [Wolborough][DEV] 1640AabPCCJHAPCC Admons. Vol. 6 p.will 141 Coventry
GlanvillRogerNewton Abbot, Wolborough[DEV] 1640WcoPCCJHW141 Coventry 
GlanvillRogerNewton Abbott [Wolborough]DEVclothier1640WcoPCCPROB11184 
GlanvillSamuelGittishamDEV 1815WcoPCCPROB111569 
GlanvillSamuelPlymtreeDEV 1815Wco IRWG 350 
GlanvillSamuelTivertonDEV 1852Wco IRWG 351 
GlanvillSusannaWhitchurchDEV 1815Wco IRWG 352 
GlanvillSusannahStowfordDEV 1816WcoPCCPROB111587 
GlanvillThomasOttery Saint Mary [Ottery St Mary]DEV 1854WcoPCCPROB112184 
GlanvillThomasThe Close [Exeter Cathedral]DEV 1773AlePCDEPECU2  
GlanvillWilliamCombintinehead [Combeinteignhead]DEVmariner1821WcoPCCPROB111645 
GlanvillWilliamHeavitree [Exeter Heavitree]DEVmerchant1648WabPCCMUR1Vol. 13 
GlanvillWilliamHeavitree [Exeter Heavitree]DEVmerchant1648WcoPCCPROB11204 
GlanvillWilliamWoodburyDEV 1692AlePCVCPECU1  
Glanvill alias GlawenRichardShebbearDEV 1640WleBARNBECKT. 
Glanvill or GlanvileRogerNewton Abbott [Wolborough]DEV 1640WcoPCCPROB11184 
[Glanvill]        [BECK] [See also Glandvill]
GlanvilleEdithBodminCON 1971Wco PWDRO-C3492/572will and probate
GlanvilleEleanorBroadclystDEV 1852Wco IRWG 353 
GlanvilleElizabethTivertonDEV 1834AabEPREDDR2IR 26/487 f.157[NB - 'Place' shows administrator's abode]; admon to Grace E Glanville, daughter
GlanvilleFrancis[Blackawton?][DEV?] 1664Wco DRO-A46/1/5/19recited will
GlanvilleFrancisKilworthy [Tavistock?]DEV 1658Wco DRO-W1262 M/FS 19 
GlanvilleFrancisKilworthy [Tavistock]DEV 1658Wtr WWWLink at Oct 2012 
GlanvilleJohnTavistock[DEV] 1600AabPCCJHAPCC Admons. Vol. 4 p. 57Judge of Queen's Bench
GlanvilleJohnTivertonDEV 1833Wco IRWG 354 
GlanvilleKittyDevonport [Stoke Damerel]DEV 1915Aco PWDRO-C3492/573administration (probate)
GlanvilleMary DEV 1774Wco DRO-WD5/67/5 
GlanvilleMaryTavistockDEV 1820Wco IRWG 355 
GlanvilleNicholas [DEV?] 1598Wco DRO-A4625M-0/F/2/1copy will
GlanvilleNicholas DEV 1598Wco DRO-W4652 M/F2/1 
GlanvilleNicholas [DEV?] ndWab PWDRO-A273/370extract from will
GlanvilleNicholasTavistockDEVesquire1598Wab MUR1Vol. 13 
GlanvillePeterPayhemburyDEVyeoman1729WabEXEMOGAVol. 9, p. 2935/6 
GlanvilleRogerTavistockDEV 1823Wco IRWG 356 
GlanvilleSamuelYealmptonDEVinnkeeper1845AabECCEDDR2IR 26/509 f.271admon to Rebecca Glanville of Yealmpton, widow
GlanvilleThomasAshburtonDEV 1765AabPCDCMOGAVol. 9, p. 3029 
GlanvilleThomasExeterDEV 1799WcoPCCPROB111330 
GlanvilleThomasThe Close [Exeter Cathedral]DEV 1748WlePCDEPECU2  
GlanvilleWilliamBickleigh [Bickleigh (near Plymouth or Bickleigh (near Tiverton)]DEVyeoman1781WabTOTMOGAVol. 9, p. 2933 
GlanvilleWilliamCreditonDEV 1793AabEPREMOGAVol. 9, p. 2934 
GlanvilleWilliamStoke DamerelDEVshipwright1856AabTOTDDR2IR 26/531 f.195admon to William Glanville of Stoke Damerel, son
GlanvyleJohnLauncestonCONmerchant1612WabPCCMUR1Vol. 13 
GlarfieldOliverChristowDEV 1622Wab MUR1Vol. 13

1Type of Document: "W" - Will, "A" - Administration, "I" - Inventory, "O" - Other.

2Form of Document: "or" - Original, "co" - Copy, "ab" - Abstract or Extract, "tr" - Transcript, "le" - List Entry
("le" - the source contains nor leads to any further information about the item. "ab" is used both for detailed abstracts including all essential information in a will, and for brief extracts)

3 Probate Courts:
 BARN (Consistory) Archdeaconry Court of Barnstaple
 CORN(Consistory) Archdeaconry Court of Cornwall
 ECCE(Episcopal) Consistory Court of (the Bishop of) Exeter
 EPRE(Episcopal) Principal Registry of (the Bishop of) Exeter
 EXE(Consistory) Archdeaconry Court of Exeter
 MCEMayors' Court, Exeter
 PCCPrerogative Court of Canterbury
 PCDEPeculiar Court of the Dean of Exeter
 PCVCPeculiar Court of the Vicars Choral of Exeter
 TOT(Consistory) Archdeaconry Court of Totnes

4 Sources:
 ACAAnthony Camp's Index of Prerogative Court of Canterbury Administrations. Held at the National Archives
 BECK Beckerlegge, J.J. (Ed.). Index of the Wills and Administrations relating to the County of Devon proved in the Court of the Archdeaconry of Barnstaple, 1563-1858 (5 vols.). The Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art (1950). Held at North Devon Record Office (Barnstaple), Westcountry Studies Library (Exeter) and Plymouth and West Devon Record Office (Plymouth)
 CROCornwall Record Office online here
 DDR1Death Duty (Estate Dury) Administration Abstracts(TNA IR26). Held at the National Archivs in IR26. online here
 DDR2Death Duty (Estate Dury) Administration Abstracts(TNA IR26). Held at the National Archives in IR26
 DRO-CHeld at Devon Records Office, Exeter. online here
 DRO-WTranscripts of Wills Index, held at Devon Record Office, Exeter
 DWAACDevon Wills and Administrations, Additions and Corrections. Held at Devon Record Office, Exter, and Society of Genealogists, 14 Charterhouse Buildings, Goswell Road, London EC1M 7BA
 GLENGlencross, R.M. Calendar of Wills, Administrations and Accounts relating to the Counties of Cornwall and Devon in the Connotorial Archdiaconal Court of Cornwall (1669-1699) [Index Library Vol. 56, British Record Society, 1929-32]. Copies are held by Society of Genealogists, the Latter Day Saints Family History Library, and a number of major reference libraries and various record offices.
 IRWInland Revenue Will Series, held at Devon Record Office, Exeter
 JHADevon Names in the Calendars of the Preregotive Court of Canterbury Administrations. Jean Harris. online here
 JHWIndex prepared by Jean Harris on Devon-related Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills online here
 MISCMiscellaneous Sources - See Devon Wills Project
 MOGAVolumes of abstracts and lists compiled by Miss Olive Mary Moger (1880-1961) held both at Westcountry Studies Library and Devon Record Office, both in Exeter
 MOGTMoger's Testamentary Causes, held at the Devon Records Office, Exeter
 MUR1 Oswyn Murray collection of wills. Held in the Westcountry Studies Library, Exeter and by the Latter Day Saints Family History Centres (microfilmed)
 PECU1A calendar of wills proved in the Peculiar Court of the Vicars Choral at Exeter. Held at the Society of Genealogists
 PECU2A calendar of wills proved in the Peculiar Court of the Dean of Exeter. Held at the Society of Genealogists
 PROB11Court copies of Wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury online here
 PWDRO-APlymouth and West Devon Record Office - wills found via A2A. online here
 PWDRO-CPlymouth and West Devon Record Office Online Catalogue. online here
 SOGCopies or Abstracts held by the Society of Genealogists, 14 Charterhouse Buildings, Goswell Road, London EC1M 7BA. Indexed by them
 WWWWill transcripts and abstracts discovered in the WWW, mainly in personal web pages