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Milford Bloodline


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Milford Bloodline

Humphry Milford had 3 children baptised at the Parish Church of St Thomas of Canterbury, Thorverton in Devon between 1675 and 1683. I have yet to find his wife.

I believe him to be my 8 x great-grandfather. His descendants took surnames difficult to trace, so although the lineage is long, there must be many omissions in my records.

For all of his descendants (i.e. his children, his children's children, but not their spouses) down to the present day, I have mapped where they were born, married or died as far as is known to me.
I am only including those events dated to within one year (or better) and at a defined place in England or Wales (some of the Places are Registration Districts at which events were recorded rather than the actual Place of the event).
I have included people regardless of their surname. I have identified just under 1400 such events for this line


Milford Line by County This map shows the total count of Births, Marriage and Death events of those descendants by Ancient County, across all years from his eldest child's birth to the present day.
The top counties (most events) are clearly Devon, and then the London area which is split across City of London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent
Milford Line by Location This map shows the same events as above, but demonstrates that they were not evenly spread across the counties, but there were centres of activity.
A cabinet maker moved to Weston Super Mare circa 1850, and had 8 children there resulting in an ongoing presence.
Quite a few separate moves to the London area took place, including my Thorverton tailor ancestor who married in the City of London in 1837.
A number of moves took place 1900-30 to the Midlands; the people there are not descended from a single person moving (unlike Weston s Mare).
By 1900 there were significant branches of the family in Australia, Canada and to a lesser extent the USA (obviously not shown here).
Milford Line Birth Locations pre 1901 This only includes Births (marriages and deaths now excluded), to help de-clutter the mapping.
Arbitrarily I have chosen the year 1900. It serves as a useful break-point for a change in the centuries-old ways of life and a transition to population mobility and a move away from predominantly agricultural lifestyles - although many of these people were mobile in the early 1800s.
Only locations with a larger numbers of births are named on the map, although all are shown.
Top locations are Thorverton (51), Bradninch (29), Exeter (20), Torquay (14), Weston-s-Mare (13), City of London (11), and Kingskerswell (11)
I have not plotted post 1900 births, as with the availability of railway travel, and a population migration to larger towns and cities, with multiple locations of major family groups (Weston super Mare, various London families, various Midlands families) as family centres, their more recent locations are many and diverse, revealing little unless I were to plot each family grouping separately.