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Public Records Office (PRO) Catalogue
SP 46/41/fo 28 Complaint to Forteskew by Nicholas Glanvill of Tavestok, co. Devon, about proceedings on his coastbond for tin shipped at Plimothe for London, which was taken by the Dunkerks; the master, John Hampton, is a prisoner; with Fortescue's order for stay of process; 22 Feb.
14 Charles I.
C 142/582/167 Glanvill, Francis, knight: Devon
WARD 7/92/231 Glanvill, Francis, knight: Devon
4 Anne
E 134/4Anne/Trin17 Sir Edwd. Northey, Knt. (Attorney-General), on Her Majesty's behalf, informer. v. Sir John Elwill, Knt., Robert Burridge, Christopher Bale, John Sesse, Hugh Fort, Thos. Wood, Nicholas Glanville, Nicholas Elwill, George Crocker, Thomas Glanville, Thomas Hinman.
E 134/4Anne/Mich35 Sir Edward Northey, Knt. (Attorney-General), on behalf of Her Majesty, informant. v. Sir John Elwill, Knt., Christopher Bale, Robert Burridge, John Sesse, George Crocker, Nicholas Glanville, Thomas Hinman, Hugh Fort, Thos. Wood, Thos. Glanville, Nich. Elwill.
4 & 5 Anne
E 134/4&5Anne/Hil11 Sir Edwd. Northey, Knt. (Attorney-General), on behalf of Her Majesty, informant v. Sir John Elwill, Knt., Robt. Burridge, Chrisr. Bale, Nich. Elwill, John Sesse, Geo. Crucker, Nich. Glanvill, Thomas Wood, Hugh Fort, Thos. Hinman, Thos. Glanvill: Collecting and receipt of taxes in the county of Devon and city of Exeter for the years 1692, 1693, 1694, 1695, and 1696.
10 Wm III.
E 134/10Wm3/Mich7 The Most Noble Wm. Duke and Earl of Bedford v. Henry Manaton: Rectory and parish of Tavistock, a farm called Killworthy, and tenements, &c., called Grammeraby, Bullens Parkes, Halsworthy, &c., in said parish. Tithes. [The names and possessions of Sir Francis Glanvill, Knt.
11 & 12 Wm. III. E 134/11&12Wm3/Hil1 The Most Noble William Duke and Earl of Bedford. v. Henry Manaton: Rectory and parish of Tavistock, a barton or capital farm in said parish called Kilworthy, a farm called Speckman's, and a close called "the Warren," &c., &c. Tithes. [The names and possessions of Ambrose Manaton, Sir Francis Glanvill, knight, Sir Thomas Wise, knight, and his son Thomas Wise, John Nosworth and his son Edward Nosworth, late of Norwell, Benjamin Speckman, Sir John Davy, and Sir Wm.
6 Geo II.
E 134/6Geo2/Trin6 George Glanville v. Benjamin Johnson, Abraham Hole, Willm. Kittoe.: Field and a dwelling house lately erected on part thereof, situate in the parish of Saint Leonards, in the county of Devon, and adjoining to a lane there called Madford Lane, formerly the land of the defendant Abraham Hole.
Transcript of William Glanville (a.k.a Granville) at Exeter Assizes, from Public Records Office
T 1/11292 British Museum. Purchase of a drawing from F.E. Glanville, postmaster, Devonport.

Heralds' Visitation of 1564
Glanville, page 114 , continued page 115



Glanville, Miss. - Woman
Subscriber to Flindell's Western Luminary: the Family Newspaper of the Nobility and Gentry, Farmers & Traders of the counties of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset & Somerset
Glanville Richard - tailor, West street


Glanville, William - 2 acres


1850 White's Directory
Glanville, Joseph - Farmer (owner), Broad Park
Glanville, Thomas - Farmer

Broad Clist

1850 White's Directory
Glanvill, Ellenor - Farmer, Wishford
Glanvill, John - Farmer, Wishford

Buckland Monachorum

1850 White's Directory
Glanville, Wm - Farmer, Tor

Channon Broadhembury

Glanvill, John - 36 acres


1850 White's Directory
Glanvill, Geo - Draper, East Town

Devonport (Plymouth Dock)

Arthur - Hairdresser & perfumier
James - Baker & Confectioner
Robert - Linen Draper
Glanville, Arthur - Perfumer and Stationer, Fore Street
Glanville, William - Salesman, James Street
Glanville, Robert - Salesman, Catherine Street
Glanville, Grace - Cornish Inn, Ordnance Street
Glanville, James - Confectioner, Market Street
Glanvill, J. - Recruiting Serjeant, Fore Street
Granville & Son - Printers, Stationers, etc Agent to Swifts & Co.'s Lottery Office, Fore St.
Granville, R. - Mercer, Catherine Street
Granville, J. - Confectioner & Baker, Market St.
Granville, John - Baker, Dock wall Street
Glanvill, & Son, Messrs. Dock - Salesman alternative: confectioner.
Subscriber to Flindell's Western Luminary: the Family Newspaper of the Nobility and Gentry, Farmers & Traders of the counties of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset & Somerset
A. - Stationer, Perfumer, Fore Street
John - Baker, Dockwall Street
M. - Confectioner, Queen Street
P. - Pawnbroker, Boot Lane
A. - Tobacconist, 42 Fore Street
Geo. - Academy, George Street
A. - Bookbinder, Fore Street ope.
W. - Victualler, 6 Prospect Row
P. - Pawnbroker, 9 & 15 Boot Lane
W. - Baker, 10 Catherine Street
1830 (Pigots Directory)
Glanville, Arthur - Perfumer, 50, Fore Street, Dock (Devonport)
Glanville, W - Baker, 10, Catherine Street, Dock (Devonport)
Robert - Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer, 85 Fore Street
William - Baker, 5 Market Street
Arthur - Printer, Bookseller, Stationer, 91 Fore Street
Bernard - Confectioner, 43 Catherine Street
Dennis - Confectioner, 95 Fore Street
James - Confectioner, 68 Fore Street
Mary - Confectioner, 53 Queen Street
William - Shopkeeper, 7 Fore Street
1847 (Williams"s Commercial Directory)
Glanville, William - Baker, 35 Barrack Street
Glanville, William - Grocer, 7 Fore Street
Granville, Mary - Confectioner, 53 Queen Street
Granville, Barnard - Confectioner, 43 Catherine Street
Granville, Dennis - Confectioner, 95 Fore Street
Granville, James - Confectioner, 68 Fore Street
Granville, Robert - Upholsterer & Cabinet Maker, 85 Fore Street
Granville, Samuel - Watchmaker & Jeweller, 48 Fore Street
1850 (Whites Directory)
Granville, Rt - Cabinet Maker, 85 Fore Street
Granville, Gr - Clothes Dealer, Broad Bkway
Granville, Brnd - Confectioner, St Aubyn Street
Granville, Jas - Confectioner, 68 Fore Street
Granville, Mary - Confectioner, 53 Queen Street
Glanville, Wm - Shopkeeper, Fore Street
Granville, Saml - Silversmith, 48 Fore Street
Barnard - Confectioner, 67 St Aubyn Street
Dennis - Pastrycook, 97 James Street
James - Pastrycook & Confectioner, 68 Fore Street
Samuel - Watchmaker, Jeweller, Engraver, 48 Fore Street
Granville, D. - Confectioner, 93 James Street
Granville & Linde - Watchmakers & Jewellers, 42 Fore Street
Granville & Linde - Watchmakers, 42 Fore Street
Glanville, Geo. - Beer Retailer, 63 Princes Street
Glanville, Robert - Newport Inn, 20 Edinburgh Road
Glanville, F. R. J. - 2 Trelawny Avenue
Glanville, G. J. - 92 Admiralty Street
Glanville, I. - 31 Camperdown Street
Glanville, J. - 1 Ernesettle Cottage
Glanville, R. - 20 Alcestar Street
Glanville, R. - 20 Edinburgh Road
Glanville, W. - 15 Kent Road
Glanville, W. - 41 Moor View
Granvil, W. B. - 8 Renown Street
Granville, Miss - Tamar School House
Granville, W. - 19 Gloucester Street
Glanville, H. - 4 Florence St
Glanville, J. - 6 Ainslie Terr
Glanville, J. - 4 North Prospect
Glanville, J. - 7 Queen St
Glanville, Mrs - 5 John St
Glanville, Mrs - 2 Trelawney Ave
Glanville, Mrs E. - 20 Edinburgh Rd
Glanville, W. - 7 Second St, First Ave
Glanville, W. B. - 16 Renown St
Glanville, W. H. - 41 Moor View

East Stonehouse

1850 (Whites Directory)
Granville, Hy. Walker - Confectioner, 129 Union St

Egg Buckland

1850 (Whites Directory)
Glanville - Esq., Derriford House

Eggworthy, Walkham Valley, Walkhampton Parish

An accot. of money recd from mr John Windeat for Egworthy winter grass due to Sr Nicholas Slanning:
    of John Wedlake for the Meadow - £1 16s
    John Adams for Willpark - £1 13s 6d
    Tho: Glanville for lower Cross pke - 16s 6d
    Edward Shuttaford higher Crosspke - 10s
    Edward Atwell for the Grattons - £1 13s 6d
    John Warring for Broompke & great Meadow - £3 5s
    Peter Cragg for Hillwood - £2
    John Bray for Brockhill Meadow - £1 16s
    John Adams for little Gratton - 10s


1803 Militia List
St Stephen: Peter Glanville, Labourer - 42 Blind in one Eye
St Paul & Bradninch: Richard Glanville, Smith - 34 Willing to serve
Holy Trinity: William Glanville, Gardener
1822-3 Pigots Directory
Glanville, John: Bricklayer & Mason, North Street
Glanville, Wm: Blacking Manufacturer, Mary Arches Street
1830 Pigots Directory
Glanville, John - Bricklayer & Mason, North Street
Glanville, William - Blacking Manufacturer, Mary Arches Street
1844 Pigot's Directory
Glanvill Mary, trunk maker, Paul st
Glanvill Thomas, tailor, Alphington st
1850 Whites Directory
Glanville Andrew. - Bookseller, (tract depot,) 9 Bedford street
Glanville My. - Trunk etc. Maker, Mary Archers street
Glanville Thos. - Tailor, 4 Alphington street
Glanville Wm. - Trunk etc Maker, Paul street
1852, 28 Feb (Exeter Police Charge Book)
Peter Glanville, charge: D/D use of obscene lang in the High St, witness: Insp Ellicombe, charging: Insp Ellicombe, D/B: D, magistrate: Bench, remark: 5/= fine plus costs or 1week in prison
1854, 9 Nov (Exeter Police Charge Book)
George Glanville, charge: in possession of a qty of apples believed stolen, witness: #10 Wm Wreford, taken in: #10 William Wreford, charging: Insp Merrifield, D/B: D, magistrate: County, remark: Acquitted
1855, 26 Aug (Exeter Police Charge Book)
Peter Glanville, charge: D/use of obscene lang in West St, charge: Insp Merrifield, taken into: Insp Merrifield, charging: Insp Fouraker, D/B: D, magistrate: Bench, remark: 5/= fine plus costs or 3days in prison


1844 (Pigot's Directory)
Glanville, Jane, milliner
1850 (Whites Directory)
Glanvill, Ptr. Hy. - Baker & Confectioner


1830 (Pigots Directory)
Glanville, Samuel - Harness Maker
1844 (Pigot's Directory)
Glanville, Samuel, New St - Saddlers and Harness Makers
1850 (Whites Directory)
Glanville, Fras. - Saddler
1959 Medical Register
Glanvill, Alfred Terry. The Grove
Registered: 20 Jan 1945
Qualifications: M.R.C.S. Eng., 1945; L.R.C.P. Lond., 1945
Glanvill, (Mrs) Catherine Joyce (formerley Lewis). The Grove
Registered: 23 Jul 1945
Qualifications: M.B., B.S. 1945, U. Durh.


Glanvill, Thomas - 900 acres


1850 (Whites Directory)
Glanville, Wm - Corn Miller

King's Tamerton

1844 (Pigot's Directory)
Glanville Thomas, boot and shoe maker

Morice Town

Glanville, William - Tamar Inn, Tamar Street
Granville, John - 19 Charlotte Street
Granville, William - 35 Portland Place
Glanville, Thomas - 20 Ross Street
Granville, William - 66 Albert Road

Newton Abbot

1923 Medical Register
de Glanville, Lionel Richard Gethin. The Laurels
Registered: 3 Feb 1914
Qualifications: M.R.C.S. Eng., 1914; L.R.C.P. Lond., 1914

Newton Ferrers

1850 White's Directory
Glanville, Capt. Wm Fanshaw - RN


Glanville, James - Stone and Marble Mason, South Zeal

Ottery St Mary

1773 (Sherborne & Yeovil Mercury newspaper)
18th Jan. Glanvill Mr
27th Sep. Glanvill Mr - house for sale
1774 (Sherborne & Yeovil Mercury newspaper)
31st Oct. Glanvill Mr - sale
2nd May. Glanville Mr - sale
1775 (Sherborne & Yeovil Mercury newspaper)
2nd Jan. Glanvill Mr - land sale
1810 (Taunton Courier newspaper)
1st Mar. Glanville Mr - solicitor
1811 (Taunton Courier newspaper)
31st Jan. Glanville Mr - solicitor
13th Jun. Glanville Mr
1823 (Pigots Trade Directory)
Glanvill - Attorney
1830 (Pigots Directory)
Glanvill - Fire Office Agent (Norwich Union)
Glanvill - Attorney
1830 (Pigot's Trade Directory)
Glanville & Bate - Attorneys, Silver Street
Glanville & Bate - Fire & Office Agents. NORWICH UNION, Silver St
1844 (Pigot's Trade Directory)
Glanville, Mr Thomas - Mill Street
1850 (Whites Directory)
Glanvill, Mr Thomas - Mill Street


1850 (Whites Directory)
Glanville, John - Farmer (owner)
Glanville, C. - 128 acres
Glanville, J. - 33 acres

North Brentor

Glanville, Susannah - 54 acres


Glanville, Robert - Linen Draper, Market Place
Glanville, George - Frankfort Place
Glanvill, R - Draper and Milliner, Market Place
Glanville, George - Publisher, Frankfort Street
Glanville - Carpenter and Joiner, Southside Street
1823 (Plymouth Tourist's Companion)
Glanville E., milliner &c. Whimple Street
Glanville E. stationer, bookseller, circulating-library - Whimple Street
Glanville, Richard, builder, Southside Street
Glanville, Robert, shoemaker, Exeter Street
1822 - 23 (Pigots Directory)
Glanville, E or R - Milliner etc, Whimple Street
Glanville, R [a transcription error for E, as the line above; or G?]. - Stationer, bookseller, circulating library, Whimple Street
Glanville, Richard - Builder, Southside Street
Glanville, Robert - Shoemaker, Exeter Street
1830 (Pigots Directory)
Glanvill, Elizabeth - Bookseller & Stationer, 76, Whimple Street
Glanville, Elizabeth - Lace & Baby Linen Warehouse, 76, Whimple Street
Glanvill, George - Printer (Letter Press), 76, Whimple Street
Glanville, Richard - Builder, South Side Street
1836 (Thomas's Plymouth Directory)
Glanville,Thomas - Builder, William Street
Glanville, Thomas - Schoolmaster, William Street
Granville, Dennis - Confectioner, Union Street
1844 (Pigot's Directory)
Glanville Ann, milliner and dress maker, Park st
Glanville Thomas, baker, North row, Eldad
Glanville Thomas, academy (boarding and day), 46 Gibbons st
Glanville Thomas, shopkeeper, North st
Glanville William, shopkeeper, 7 Fore St, Devonport
Glanville William, baker, 5 Market st, Devonport
Glanville, Armenille - Dressmaker, 11 Park Street
Glanville, Thomas - Baker, 2 North Row
1850 (Whites Directory)
Glanville, Mr Ths. - 31 Richmond St
Glanville, Thos - Academy, Gibbons St
Glanville, Thos. - Baker, 2 North Pl
Glanville, Jas H. - Beerhouse, Russel St
Glanville, Rd - Tailor & Mercer, 9 Stoke Lane
Glanville, Mrs - Shopkeeper, 22 Claremont Street
Glanville, Mrs S. - 10 Glanville Street
Glanville, Mrs H. - Baker, Wolsdon, Street
Glanville, Jas. - Beer Retailer, 2 Flora Street
Glanville, Mrs Ellen - Baker, North Place
Glanville, Emma - 52 Regent Street
Glanville, R. - Beer Retailer, 49 Cecil Street
Glanville, Thos. - Academy, 46 Gibbon Street
Glanville, William - 4 Queen Street
Glanville, E. - Baker, 2 Wolsdon Street
Glanville, Geo - Butcher, 17 Market
Glanville, Mrs Grace - 31 Richmond Street
Glanville, James - 1 Tavistock Place
Glanville, James - 1 Summerford Terrace, Laira
Glanville, Richard - 3 Ashley Place
Glanville, Richard - Beer Retailier, 140 King Street
Glanville, Thomas - Academy, 3 Beaumont Place
Glanville, William - 21 Wyndham Street West
Glanville & Son - Auctioneers and Estate Agents, 8 Courtenay Street
Glanville, Miss C. - Dressmaker, 41 St Andrew's Street
Glanville, Geo. - Butcher, 17 New Block, Plymouth Market
Glanville, Thos. G. - Upholsterer, 10 Park Street
Granville, Mrs Cecilia - Draper, 38 Kings Street
Glanville, James - 1 Tavistock Place
Glanville, Maj-Gen F. - 7 Leigham St and Catchfrench St Germans, Cornwall
Glanville, Capt S. C. - 3 Carlisle Terrace
Glanville, Frank - Beer Retailer, 16 Millbay Road
Glanville, Geo. - Cattle Dealer, 23 Beaumont Avenue
Glanville, Thos. G. - Upholster, 10 Park Street
1906 (Post Office Directory)
Glanville, A. - 7 Kensington Place
Glanville, E. - 6 Waterloo Street
Glanville, F. - 32 King Street
Glanville, F. - 16 Millbay Road
Glanville, G. - 12 Ashford Road
Glanville, J. - 20 Ganna Park Rd
Glanville, Maj-Gen F. - 15 Leigham Street
Glanville, P. R. - 20 Eton Place
Glanville, S. - 48 Cambridge Lane East
Glanville, T. M. - 66 Baring Street
Glanville, W. - 45 Embankment Road
Glanville, W. E. - 2 New Buildings, How Street
Glanville, W. T. - 6 Clayton Place
Granville, Miss - 13 Northumberland Terrace
Grenville, Mrs - 8 Athenaeum Place
1915-16 (Post Office Directory)
Glanville, A. - 15 Longfield Terr
Glanville, C. - 33 1/2 Looe St
Glanville, F. R. - 23 Diamond Ave
Glanville, G - 103 Trelawny Rd
Glanville, J. - 12 Percy Terr
Glanville, L - 2 Octagon St
Glanville, Mrs - 2 Leigham Terr
Glanville, Mrs - 16 Millbay Rd
Glanville, Mrs - 148 Salisbury Rd
Glanville, Mrs - 13 Summerland Pl
Glanville, T. - 22 Wyndham St, West
Glanville, T.M. - 60 Baring St
Glanville, T.S. - 5 Maida Vale Terr
Glanville, W. - 33 Carfrae Terr
Glanville, W. - 45 Embankment Rd
Glanville, W. - 7 Priory Rd
Glanville, W.H. - 39 Gifford Pl
Glanville, W.T. - 5 Cotehele Ave


9th June 1817. Settlement Examination of William Glanvill of Plymstock -
'Devon to wit. The Examination of William Glanvill now residing in the Parish of Plymstock in the said County taken on oath before me John Harris Esquire on of his Majesty's Justices of the peace in and for the said County this 9th day of June 1817, touching the place of his last legal settlement, Who said that he was born in the Parish of Meavy in the said County, where his Father was legally settled, when seven years old his Father died, and this deponent was put (by his Mother) with his Grandfather, who then rented an Estate in the Parish of Bickley, with whom he remained until he was nineteen years of age, when his Grandfather died, he then lived as a yearly servant with John Berryball of the Parish of Whitchurch in the County aforesaid for one year, then lived as a yearly servant with one John King of the Parish of Sampford Spiney for one year and afterwards lived as a yearly Servant to John Willcocks of the Parish of Buckland Monachorum for one year & three quarters, he then made a hiring with one Samuel Pearse of the Parish of Ermington in the said County for a year and remained with him ten months when he and his master parted by consent, he afterwards lived as a yearly Servant to Edward Damerell in the Parish of Shaugh for about four years. That he then hired himself to Thomas Lakeman of the said Parish of Ermington for a year, he lived with him the whole of that year and seven or eight weeks afterwards, when he was married to his present wife by whom he has had six children, he remained in that Parish afterwards for about six months, he then went to Plymouth and rented a house for ten months at the rent of £2 10s a year, then lived in a small house at Meavy rent free, for one year, he then rented a house in the Parish of Shaugh for one year at the rent of 30/- and afterwards lived in a house belonging to Thomas Lilliycrap Junr in the same Parish rent free for twelve years, then lived one year in a house belonging to Edward Damerell in the same Parish rent free, saith that the value of each of these premises which he occupied in the Parish of Shaugh was not more than 40/- a year, he then came at Pomphlett Farm in the Parish of Plymstock & there rented a house and Garden of the said Edward Damerell at the rent of Four Pounds a year, he continued it two years at that rent and then made a further agreement for the same premises at the rent of Five Pounds a year, and has continued it at that rent up to Lady day 1817, saith that he hath also rented a field of Eleazer Start in the same Parish from Michaelmas 1814 to Lady day 1817 at the Rent of Four Guineas a year, he hath since remained in the same Parish but done no other act to gain a settlement than above. Taken and sworn the day and year above, before me, John Harris'.

Seaton (Somerset Record Office)

Papers of the Taunton firm of solicitors, Alms and Young. Accession No: G/2426; G/2440 Group Code : DD/AY
Letters of administration of:
Clifford Frank Glanville of Seaton, Devon

St Budeaux

1850 White's Directory
Glanville, Thos - Shopkeeper
Glanvill, Thos - Carrier

Stoke Damerel

Glanville, Thomas - 20 Ross Street
Glanville, Mrs Anna M. - 1 York Place
Granville, B. - Baker, 1 Benbow Street
1850 (Whites Directory
Glanville, Mrs - 1 York Place
Granville, Mrs A. M. - 1 York Place
Granville, B. - Baker, 30 Tavistock Street
Granville, The Misses - 20 Tamar Terrace (residence)
Granville, The Misses - Ladies School, 20 Tamar Terrace (commercial)
Granville, The Misses - 20 Tamar Terrace
Glanville, Geo. E. - Butcher, 45 Queen Street
Glanville, John E. - Builder, 1 Stuart Place


Glanville, Mark - 4 acres

South Tawton

1850 White's Directory
Glanvill, Thos - Carpenter, South Zeal
Glanvill, T. Jun. - Carpenter, South Zeal


28th Mar 1831
Henry Glanville reced 6ms Rent of Stockingtown due 25th instant, when he quitted - £18


Granville, Henry Walker - Confectioner, 129 Union Street
Glanvile, H. W. - Pastry cook & Confectioner, 129 Union Street
Glanville, H. W. - 129 Union Street
Granville, Frederick William - Baker & Confectioner, 132 Union Street
Glanville, G. - 32 Edgoumbe Street
Glanville, Mrs. - 132 Union Street
Glanville, A. - 72 Union Pl
Glanville, G. E. - 92 Union St

Tamerton Foliott

1850 (Whites Directory)
Glanvill, Chas - Farmer


1850 (Whites Directory)
"Kilworthy, an ancient house, now occupied by a farmer, was long the seat of Judge Glanville, and his family, and now belongs to the Duke of Bedford."
"Grammar school . . . In 1649, Sir John Glanville, Kt., left a house and land at Lamerton, in trust that the yearly profits should be applied in maintaining a boy from this school at one of the Universities. This property is now worth about £20 a year, and is a present in chancery."
Glanville, John - Farmer, Upaton
Glanville, Mrs. Mary Ann - 5, Woburn ter
Glanville, John - farmer, Romansleigh


1850 White's Directory
Glanvill, Mr Samuel - Twyford Place


Glanfield, George - chemist, 97 Lower Union Street


Nicholas Glanvill - Manor Court Juror
1822 (Manor Court Roll Presentments)
We Present William Glanvill for Incroaching on the Commons & Cutting Turf on the Commons
Nicholas Glanvill - Parish Constable
Nicholas Glanvill - Manor Court Juror
Nicholas Glanvill - Manor Court Juror


1850 (Whites Directory)
Glanvill, Wm - Farmer, Knowle


1686 (Churchwardens' Accounts)
paid Mathew Glanvill for Kiping the bels 5s
paid Ollever Glanvill for Cuting the Ivee 6d
paid Mathew Glanvill for his Clarkshepp £2
paid Mathew Glanvill for Feathers 6d
1850 (Whites Directory)
Glanville, Henry - Farmer
Glanville, Nichls. - Farmer


1850 (Whites Directory)
Glanville, James - Farmer at Nutwell


1844 (Pigot's Directory)
Yealmpton Inn, Samuel Glanville

Yelverton & Horrabridge

Glanville, R. - Overdale

Devon Muster Roll for 1569

Excerpts of Glanvills from the Devon Muster Roll for 1569
Full book in SoG library. Transcribed by Rick Glanvill, April 2001

  • All entries were indexed under the name Glandfylde, though in the actual text there were variations including Glanfil, Glanfilde etc
  • Background: during the reign of Elizabeth 1, 1569-70, northern English earls revolted in November, with the assistance of Scots. The rebellion was crushed in Feb 1570




Gittisham Thomas Archer
Dunsford John Jr. Billman1
Heavitree Gregory Gonner2
Sowton William Archer
Topsham Robert Archer
Inwardleigh Geoffrey Archer
St Marychurch George Pikeman
Torbryan William Billman
Paignton Richard Billman
In addition to the above, three Glanvills, being of sufficient fiscal means, were required to supply resources according to a set of 'tax bands'. All of the Glanvills included fell into the category called "G7", a projected outlay of £10-20.
G7 required the handing over of: "One bow, one sheaf3 of arrows , one steel cap and one bill."
The "G7 three" were:
John Glanvill, of Tavistock & Brentor, who supplied what was required plus "one caliver4, two pikes"
Richard Glanvill, of Broadwoodwidger
Richard Glanvill, of Paignton
1 A bill was a six foot long pole with a hooked, sharp metal end, frequently with a spike on its tip. Billmen largely replaced spearmen in English warfare.
2 Gunner
3 A sheaf consisted of 24 arrows
4 A long-barrelled pistol

Exter Freemen

Named in the Roll of Freeman, Mayor's Court Books & the Mayor's Court Memorandum Book
1576 Nov. 5 Nicholas Glanvile, apprentice of John Geane, baker
1599 Henry Glanvile, weaver, apprentice of William Doderidge
1636 May 9 Andrew Glanvill, chandler, apprentice of John Gyles, deceased
1640 Aug. 31 Robert Pytcher, fuller, apprentice of John Glanvill
1652 Dec. 20 William Clogge, chandler, apprentice of Andrew Glanvill
1659 Sept. 19 Arthur Glanvill, goldsmith, apprentice of John Pomery
1680 May 24 Geoffrey Sweetland, fuller, apprentice of Nicholas Glanvill
1686 Sept. 13 Matthew Glanvill, goldsmith, without fine
1689 Apr. 29 Thomas Glanvill, fuller, son of John Glanvill, fuller, by succession
1689 Aug. 5 Benjamin Glanvill, fuller, apprentice of Noel Pearse, fuller
1690 July 7 John Quicke, silkweaver, apprentice of Robert Glanvill, silkweaver
1691 June 8 Richard Head, chandler, apprentice of Andrew Glanvill, chandler
1695 Dec. 16 Roger Glanvill, butcher, apprentice of Jonathan Lavington, butcher
1708 Jan. 26 John Glanvill, barber, fine of £1 1s 6d
1708 Mar. 1 Thomas Glanvill, tinplate maker, apprentice of John Harris
1724 Sept. 21 John Kent, tinplate maker, apprentice of Thomas Glanvill
1727 June 12 Richard Cockings, apprentice of Thomas Glanvill, tinplate maker
1734 Oct. 14 John Pinsent, apprentice of Thomas Glanvill, tinplate worker
1734 Dec. 30 John Adams, apprentice of John Glanvill, barber
1740 Aug. 18 George Glanville junior, gent., by order of mayor and council
1740 Sept. 8 George Glanville, gent., by order of mayor and council
1741 Mar. 30 Philip Furze, apprentice of Thomas Glanvill, tinplate worker
1747 June 29 John Sercombe, apprentice of John Glanvill, cordwainer
1753 Sept. 3 John Palmer, apprentice of John Glanvill, cordwainer
1753 Sept. 17 Richard Glanville, barber, son of Thomas Glanville, by succession
1754 Mar. 18 Robert Glanville, baker, by order of mayor and council
1754 Apr. 8 Henry Vickery Packer, apprentice of John Glanville, cordwainer
1761 Feb. 2 William Skinley, cordwainer, apprentice of John Glanville
1761 Mar. 23 John Bradlake, barber, apprentice of Richard Glanvill

Devon Quarter Sessions 1745 ~ 1782

Indictable Offences

QS10/1 in the Devon Records Office list indictable offences to be heard at the County of Devon Quarter Sessions from circa 1745 to circa 1782.
Glanvilles listed are transcribed below:

QS10/1 Crediton Hundred
George Glanville of Crediton Sergemaker
George Glanville junior of Crediton Sergeweaver
Sarah Brimming of Crediton w/o Jonathan Brimming of Crediton Sergeweaver
No29/5 - 17th July 1751 - For unlawfully buying and receiving 10lb weight of Obb yarn val 10 Goods of richard Milford knowing them to be stolen. [Also charged] another Bill for the like offence only the goods of Yates Parr. Bill found Midsummer 1751. [comment] Ran away when first indicted. Nb: They are said to be all dead.
QS10/1 Ottery St Mary Hundred
Samuel Hall of Ottery St. Mary Labourer No23 - 27th January 20 George 3 - For feloniously stealing one Game Cock val 2s the goods of Thomas Glanville. 2nd Count - Goods of a person ignet. Traversed Easter 1780. Bill found Easter 1780. Tried Easter 1780 - Not Guilty nor did fly.
QS10/1 - West Budleigh Hundred
Richard Glanville of Cheriton Fitzpaine Yeoman No418/10 - 18th August 13 George 3 - For assaulting John Pearse. Bill found Michaelmas 1773. Tryed Epiphany 1774 - fined 1s.
QS10/1 - Wonford Hundred
Elizabeth Glanville uxor - Glanville of South Tawton Mason No481/206 - 1st November 16 George 3 - For Imbezzling 9lb of Wool of James Dodd. Bill found Easter 1776.
Elizabeth Glanvill uxor Richard Glanvill of Southtawton Labourer No513/218 - 12th February 17 George 3 - For Imbezzling 12lb weight of Obb Wool of Elizabeth Bidgood widow. Bill found Midsummer 1777.
Elizabeth Glanvill w/o John Glanvill of Southtawton Mason Mary Glanvill of Southtawton Singlewoman No605/265 - 15th January 22 George 3 - For unlawfully Imbezzling Twenty Six Pounds weight of Obb Wooll the goods of George Lang. Bill found Epiphany 1783.