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Public Records Office (PRO) Catalogue
E 40/3464 Confirmation by Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, to the nuns of St. Mary's, Wike, of the alms that Roger de Glanvill gave them in Middeltone or elsewhere of the Earl's fee, in frank almoin. Witnesses:- Richard de Cadumo, Goeffrey Leuveis, Thomas le Bigot, and others (named).
E 40/5268 Grant by H(enry II), to the nuns of St. Mary's, Wikes of all the land of Crokesdlande and the island of Sydriches Hey, with land in Wendelberi, and all the land which Roger de Gloucestria held from the abbot of Albemarle in Belstede, also land in Oteleye, a rent in Torp, the mill of Middleton with certain land, and asserted land in Toleshunt, with liberty to assart a hundred a cres ubi Deus eis prestiterit in Essex (Exessia), and to purchase wood for repairing their dwellings: grant also of freedom from waste &c.
15 Edward III.
C 143/258/6 John de Enefeld to retain rent in Felstead acquired by Richard de Plessetis, his grandfather, from Adam de Glanville and Philip son of Philip de Molesham. Essex.