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Public Records Office (PRO) Catalogue
1684, 1686
C 115/45 Nos 3025-3026 Grant of administration of the estate of Sir John Scudamore of Ballingham, deceased, to Sir Barnabas Scudamore; business letter to Sir Barnabas Scudamore from Richard Glanville, Bristol
4 Jas. II.
E 134/4Jas2/East36 Sir Robert Sawyer, Knt. (Attorney-General), as well on behalf of His Majestie as at the relation of Sir Willm. Poole, Knt. v. Richd. Glanvill and his wife Elianor.: Employment of the defendant by Arnold Brown, late collector (of customs) for the port of Bristol, as his "cashiere and accountant, of the moneys belonging to his collection," and the employment of the defendant by the plaintiff ("receiver or collector of His Ma'ties customs and subsidies of tonnage and poundage and other duties arising and payable within His Ma'ties ports of Bristol and Gloster"), in the same capacity.



1886 Wright's Directory
Alma Tavern, Victoria Place. Chas. Glanville (also listed as Alma Tavern, Stapleton road)
71 Stapleton road. Glanville Chas. Alma Tavern. br ret.
22 Sunningdale. Glanvill Howard, insurance inspector
1906 Kelly's Directory
7 Penfield Street (parish St Werburgh) Glanville Thomas
Glanville Louis Hy. 138a St Michael's hl. Hair Dresser
Glanville C.H. & Co. (also Dundas & Co. late 4 Unity Street) 36 Corn Street. Wine and Spirit Merchants, Wholesale
Glanvill Fredk., Vicar of St Matthew, Kingsdown, St Matthew's vicarage, Cotham park
1923-24 Trades Directory
Glanville F., 62 Goodhind st - Plumber

Kingswood Hill

1842-44 Pigot's Directory
Glanville Rev. John - Gentry & Clergy


1861 Kelly's Directory
GLANVILLE Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner
GLANVILLE Oliver Thomas, stationer
1863 Post Office Directory
Glanville Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner
Glanville Oliver Thomas, stationer


1863 Post Office Directory
Tabernacle Chapel, Rev. John Glanville, minster
Glanville Rev. J. Tabernacle place
1927 Kelly's Directory
de Glanville, Lionel R. G. (D.M.R.E camb.) Grantley House, Long Street. TN 29