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Public Records Office (PRO) Catalogue
WO 97/789/43 WILLIAM BAKER Born GLANVILLE, Hampshire Served in 66th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 25



1927 Kelly's Directory
Glanville Arth. Wm. gents' outfitter, 132 Commercial rd


Glanville, Rev. J. G. - 14 acres


1927 Kelly's Directory
Glanville Llewellyn Stanley Howard M.D., B.S.Lond. physcn & surgn. (firm, Levick, Glanville & Soames), & medical officer & public vaccinator No. 1 district, Havant union & medical officer to the Westbourne Poor Law Institution, North st. TN 132
Havant Union Medical Officers ... Warblington district, Llewellyn S. H. Glanville M.D. Emsworth ...
Levick, Glanville & Soames, physcns. & surgns. 21 East st. Havant TN24
Levick, Glanville & Soames, The Moorings, Havant rd
Glanville Llewellyn Stanley Howard M.D. North st. TN132
1939 Medical Register
Glanville, Llewellyn Stanley Howard
Registered: 22 Jun 1903
Qualifications: M.B. 1903, M.D. 1906, U. Lond.


1959 Medical Register
Glanville, Frank Harold. Merriemede, Riders lane, Stockheath
Registered: 16 Nov 1949
Qualifications: M.B., B.S. 1949, U. Lond.


1927 Kelly's Directory
59 London Road. North End. Glanville Mrs. TN2636
59 London Road. North End. Glanville Arthur Gordon, solicitor. TN2636
St Hilda, London Road. North End. Glanville Leonard Foster
St Hilda, London Road. North End. Glanville Arth. Gordon, solctr & commissioner for oaths
112 Haslemere rd. S. Glanville Frank Foster M.P.S. chemist
15 Commercial rd. L. & 32b London rd. North end. TN 4284. Glanville's solctrs.


1927 Kelly's Directory
Glanville Allen Arthur hairdresser. 41a & 49 Victoria rd. Woolston
Glanville Geo. Kelsey, poultry dlr. 108 Graham rd. TN3298


1927 Kelly's Directory
Glanville Frank Foster M.P.S. 112 Haslemere road