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The information here is derived from the Board of Trade's passenger lists of ships arriving in the United Kingdom from foreign ports outside of Europe and the Mediterranean from 1878-1888 and 1890-1960.

I have looked at the source records to determine all fields bar two:
  • I have used the transcribed Port of Departure, over-writing it with the Port of Embarkation where I could.
    Therefore this field either contains the port of departure of the vessel or the port at which the passenger joined.
  • I have used the transcribed Ports of Voyage, correcting where obvious errors were found. Where I knew the Port of Embarkation I have attempted to remove earlier Ports of Voyage. The Ports of Voyage are not necessarily in the correct sequence, but mostly are.
Thus this listing corrects transcription errors found in other published transcripts made from the Board of Trade records, such as the one published by ancestry.com.

Note that one of the two fields Date of Birth and Age will be inferred, the other will be given.
   As more recent records contain exact dates of birth for people still living, those have been marked "private" and only the Age left
Also, any additional information found in the records (such as Nationality) is put against Forenames.


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GlanvilGuilhermoc186921Buenos Aires, Argentina16-Aug-1890SouthamptonMontevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Pernambuco, Lisbon, Vigo Elbe    Marine Engineer 
GlanvilleMrc184150Brisbane, Australia16-Mar-1891PlymouthRockhampton, Townsville, Cooktown, Batavia, Aden, Port Said, NaplesTaraBritish Indian Steam Navigation Company  Gent. 
GlanvilleMrsc185140 -- ditto --16-Mar-1891Plymouth -- ditto --Tara -- ditto --  Lady 
GlanvilleHildac18883 -- ditto --16-Mar-1891Plymouth -- ditto --Tara -- ditto --  Child 
GlenvilleMr Walterc186526New York, NY, USA7-Jun-1891Liverpool Alaska  Gent 
GlanvilleAnnie (Irish)c185635New York, NY, USA14-Jul-1891Queenstown, Ireland  City of New York    Wife 
GlanvilleMiss Ada Margaret (English)c187714JamaicaSep-1891PlymouthCallao, Puerto Limon, Colon, Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Martinique, AntiguaMedway       
GlanvilleMaster Sidney (listed separately)c188011 -- ditto --Sep-1891Southampton -- ditto --Medway       
GlenvilleVelli (single)c187120New York, NY, USA Dec-1891Southampton OldenburgNorddeutscher Lloyd Labourer or Domestic 
GlanvilleMrsc186427Sydney, Australia1-Dec-1891LondonMelbourne, Adelaide, Albany, Port Said, Naples, Gibraltar, PlymouthLusitania    Wife 
GlanvilleMrs W J (English)c185537New York, NY, USA15-Jun-1892LiverpoolTeutonicWhite Star Line  Wife 
GlanvilleS G (male, English)c186725New York, NY, USA22-Jun-1892Liverpool  City of New York    Gent. 
GlanvilleMr (Irish)c185735Sydney, Australia14-Aug-1892PlymouthBrisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Albany, Colombo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Penang, Bombay, Aden, Suez, Port SaidVictoria    Florist 
GlanvilleMr E (Scotch)c185537Cape Town, S Africa11-Dec-1892SouthamptonMadeiraTartar    Journalist 
GlenvilleJames W (English)c187023New York, NY, USA27-Aug-1893Liverpool Aurania  Student 
GlanvilleMrsc186231Algoa Bay, S Africa18-Nov-1893LondonCape TownNorham CastleDonald Currie and Company's Colonial Mail Line  Nil 
GlanvilleMast.c18894 -- ditto --18-Nov-1893London -- ditto --Norham Castle -- ditto --  Nil 
GlanvilleMast. Cc18912 -- ditto --18-Nov-1893London -- ditto --Norham Castle -- ditto --  Nil 
GlanvilleF N (English female)c185429New York, NY, USA14-Jun-1894Southampton  NormanniaHamburg-America Line  Lady 
GlanvilleF H (English female)c18895 -- ditto --14-Jun-1894Southampton  Normannia -- ditto --     
GlanvilleJ R (English female)c18922 -- ditto --14-Jun-1894Southampton  Normannia -- ditto --     
GlanvilleWalterc188311Jamaica21-Jun-1894SouthamptonBarbadosFurst BismarkHamburg-America Line  None 
GlanvilleMayc187816 -- ditto --21-Jun-1894SouthamptonBarbadosFurst Bismark -- ditto --  None 
GlanvilleRd (English)c184450New York, NY, USA14-Aug-1894Southampton  MunchenNorddeutscher Lloyd  Labourer 
GlanvilleMary (English)c185440 -- ditto --14-Aug-1894Southampton  Munchen -- ditto --  Wife 
GlanvilleJane (English)c187420 -- ditto --14-Aug-1894Southampton  Munchen -- ditto --  Spinster 
GlanvilleR Hc186529Rio de Janeiro, Brazil26-Oct-1894SouthamptonBahia, Pernambuco, St Vincent, Lisbon, VigoNile  Engineer 
GlanvilleMr (Scotch)c187717Cape Town, S Africa26-Dec-1894PlymouthMadeiraArab    Clerk 
GlanvilleMr Thomasc184946JamaicaMay-1895Plymouth  Don    Merchant 
GlanvillePercyc187718Montreal, Quebec, Canada23-Oct-1895Liverpool  SardinianAllan Line of Royal Mail Steamers  Labourer 
GlanvilleMrc186927Natal, S Africa4-Feb-1896Southampton  Tartar    Clerk 
GlanvilleMr (Irish)c185937Sydney, Australia17-Apr-1896London  Arcadia       
GlanvilleMrs (Irish)c186333 -- ditto --17-Apr-1896London  Arcadia       
GlanvilleChild (Irish)c18933 -- ditto --17-Apr-1896London  Arcadia       
GlanvilleSarah (Scotch)c186630Melbourne, AustraliaOct-1896London  Oroya    Spinster 
GlanvilleW M (English male)c185443St John, New Brunswick, Canada3-Feb-1897Liverpool  Gallia    Engineer 
GlanvilleFredc186730New York, NY, USA1-Apr-1897Southampton  St Paul    Labourer 
GlanvilleEstherc187126 -- ditto --1-Apr-1897Southampton  St Paul    Wife 
GlanvillMr Gc185245Naples, Italy7-May-1897LondonGibraltarAustral    Gent. 
GlanvillW (male)c183166New York, NY, USA19-Jun-1897Southampton  Paris    NilEngland
GlanvilleJc185839Natal, S AfricaJul-1897LondonAlgoa Bay, Cape Town, Madeira, Las PalmasAvondale CastleDonald Currie and Company's Colonial Mail Line  Miner 
GlanvilleBeatrice Alice (English)c188611Jamaica21-Jul-1897Southampton  Nile       
GlanvilleFlorence (married, English)c185146 -- ditto --21-Jul-1897Southampton  Nile       
GlanvilleMaude Anne (English)c188314 -- ditto --21-Jul-1897Southampton  Nile       
GlanvilleF (Foreign citizen)c187820New York, NY, USA27-Jan-1898London  Mohawk       
GlanvilleMr Jamesc186157Lyttleton, New ZealandJul-1898London  Oriental    Architect 
GlanvilleMrsc185860 -- ditto --Jul-1898London  Oriental    Wife 
GlanvilleMr J (Scotch)c186336Cape Town, S Africa21-Apr-1899SouthamptonMadeiraNormanUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  Miner 
GlanvilleMrsc185841Algoa Bay, S Africa18-May-1899 / 14-Sep-1899SouthamptonCape Town, Madeira, PlymouthCarisbrooke CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  None 
GlanvilleMast.c18927 -- ditto --18-May-1899 / 14-Sep-1899Southampton -- ditto --Carisbrooke Castle -- ditto --  None 
GlanvilleMast.c18954 -- ditto --18-May-1899 / 14-Sep-1899Southampton -- ditto --Carisbrooke Castle -- ditto --  None 
GlanvilleMrs A Vc185841Sydney, AustraliaOct-1899LondonMelbourne, Adelaide, Albany, Colombo, Ismailia, Suez, Naples, GibraltarOrotava    Lady 
GlanvilleH (single male, Scotch)    Albany12-Feb-1900London        Bushman 
GlenvilleMiss Flora (single, English)c188218New York, NY, USA23-Mar-1900Plymouth Furst BismarkHamburg-America Line Artist 
GlanvilleMiss N (English)  Lyttleton, New Zealand Apr-1900LondonMontevideo, TenerifeRuahineNew Zealand Shipping Company Maid 
GlanvilleMr J (single)    Colombo, Ceylon02-Apr-1900LondonPort Said, Ismailiya, MarseillesDerbyshireMessrs Alexander Howden and Company  Gentleman 
GlenvilleMrc187525Durban, S Africa12-May-1900LondonEast London, Port Elizabeth (Algoa Bay), Cape Town, Madeira, SouthamptonDunottar CastleDonald Currie and Company's Colonial Mail Line Army 
GlanvilleMrc184562Melbourne, Australia14-May-1900LondonAdelaide, Fremantle, ColomboOphirOrient Steam Navigation Company  Nil 
GlanvilleMissc187228 -- ditto --14-May-1900London -- ditto --Ophir -- ditto --  Nil 
GlanvilleW Hc186634Sydney, Australia Jun-1900London  OrtonaOrient Steam Navigation Company Gent. 
GlanvilleMrc184654Cape Town, S Africa30-Jun-1900SouthamptonMadeiraNorham CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company Contractor 
GlanvilleMiss Cc187921Cape Town, S Africa07-Jul-1900Southampton  HamburgNorddeutscher Lloyd     
GlanvilleMr J (English)c186238Jamaica11-Jul-1900Plymouth        Clerk 
GlanvilleMr R  Galliksen Jul-1901PlymouthHong Kong, Singapore, Penang, MarseillesInaba MaruNippon Yusen Kaisha Engine DriverRussia
GlanvilleW G (male, aged 12+ years  New York, NY, USA Oct-1901LiverpoolQueenstownTeutonicWhite Star Line     
GlanvilleMr W Gc187329Algoa Bay, S Africa08-Feb-1902SouthamptonCape Town, MadeiraKinfauns CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company Trader 
GlanvilleMr J    Wellington, New Zealand08-May-1902LondonRio de Janeiro, TeneriffeGothicShaw Savill Line  Club Steward 
GlanvilleMrs F (British citizen)c186933Cape Town, S Africa12-Jul-1902Southampton  Walmer CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company     
GlanvilleAnnie    New York, NY, USA07-Aug-1902LiverpoolQueenstownMajesticWhite Star Line  Servt 
GlanvilleJ (British citizen)    Madras, India07-Oct-1902PlymouthAdenRewaBritish Indian Steam Navigation Company  Gentleman 
GlanvilleMr E    Kingston, Jamaica06-Jan-1903Bristol  Port MorantImperial Direct West India Mail Service Company     
GlanvilleWmc186736New York, NY, USA20-Jun-1903LiverpoolQueenstownUmbriaCunard Line   
GlanvilleSarahc187528 -- ditto --20-Jun-1903Liverpool -- ditto --Umbria -- ditto --   
GlanvilleThomas (English)c187627Jamaica30-Jun-1903SouthamptonPlymouthTrentRoyal Mail Steam Packet Company   
GlanvilleMr H E    Colombo, Ceylon01-Jul-1903PlymouthIsmailyaWarwickshireMessrs Alexander Howden and Company     
GlanvilleTc187924Port Elizabeth Aug-1903SouthamptonCape Town, Las PalmasBraemar CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company Labourer 
GlanvilleWin. (female, English)c187826Sydney, Australia31-Jan-1904LondonMelbourne, Durban, Cape TownWilcanniaBlue Anchor Line  Milliner 
GlanvilleH G (Foreigner)c186539New York, NY, USA13-Feb-1904Southampton  St LouisAmerican Line     
GlanvilleErnesta (English spinster)c187133Sydney, Australia09-Mar-1904LondonDurban, Cape Town, TenerifePersicWhite Star Line     
GlanvilleMrs Lily (English)  Cape Town, S Africa30-Apr-1904SouthamptonMadeiraKildonan CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  Married 
GlanvilleThomas (English, aged 1 - 12yrs)   -- ditto --30-Apr-1904SouthamptonMadeiraKildonan Castle -- ditto --  Nil 
GlanvilleMrs A (female, Scotch)    Natal, S Africa07-May-1904SouthamptonEast London, Port Elizabeth (Algoa Bay), Cape TownSaxonUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  Carpenter 
GlanvilleJas (English)    New York, NY, USA18-Aug-1904LiverpoolQueenstownBalticWhite Star Line  Miner 
GlanvilleMr Gc187232Cape Town, S Africa20-Aug-1904SouthamptonMossel BayBritonUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  Miner 
GlanvilleArthur  New York, NY, USA29-Aug-1904Southampton GermanicWhite Star Line    
GlanvilleMary   -- ditto --29-Aug-1904Southampton Germanic -- ditto --    
GlanvilleJos (English male over 12yrs)    New York, NY, USA08-Dec-1904Liverpool  BalticWhite Star Line     
GlanvilleMr    Cape Town, S Africa13-May-1905SouthamptonMadeiraCarisbrooke CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  Clerk 
GlanvilleMrs    -- ditto --13-May-1905SouthamptonMadeiraCarisbrooke Castle -- ditto --     
GlanvilleR S (male)    -- ditto --13-May-1905SouthamptonMadeiraCarisbrooke Castle -- ditto --     
GlanvilleMrs Jc185055Cape Town, S Africa16-Jul-1905SouthamptonSt Helena, Las PalmasGuelphUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  Nurse 
GlanvilleMrs Ec187035Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada19-Dec-1905Liverpool  VirginianAllanLine  Wife 
GlanvilleS (male, Not UK citizen)  New York, NY, USA23-Dec-1905Plymouth PhiladelphiaAmerican Line Contractor 
GlanvilleT B (male, Scotch)c186640Cape Town, S Africa26-May-1906SouthamptonMadeiraSaxonUnion Steamship Company PoliceTransvaal
GlanvilleS G (male, English)  Cape Town, S Africa30-Jun-1906SouthamptonMadeiraWalmer CaslteUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company Clerk 
GlanvilleT Hc187829St John, New Brunswick, Canada06-Jan-1907Liverpool Duchess of IrelandCanadian Pacific Line Miner 
GlanvilleMr A F    Sierra Leone09-Feb-1907PlymouthMadeira, Las Palmas, Grand CanaryBurutuAfrican Steamship Company     
GlanvilleJohnson (possibly US citizen)    New York, NY, USA30-May-1907Plymouth  AdriaticWhite Star Line  Miner 
GlanvilleChas (holding ticket through to London)c186740Montreal, Quebec, Canda31-Jul-1907LiverpoolQuebecLake ManitobaCanadian Pacific Line  Clerk 
GlenvilleShawn  New York, NY, USA30-Nov-1907Liverpool ArabicWhite Star Line   
GlenvilleArthur (British Subject)c188324New York, NY, USA06-Dec-1907LiverpoolQueenstownBalticWhite Star Line Clerk 
GlanvilleMr Wc188424Wellington, New Zealand12-Mar-1908LondonDurban, East London, Algoa Bay, Cape Town, Las Palmas, TenerifeGuelphUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company Engineer 
GlanvilleD H (British Colonial citizen)    Algoa Bay, S Africa13-Aug-1908Southampton  BritonUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  Farmer 
GlanvilleE M (British Colonial citizen)    -- ditto --13-Aug-1908Southampton  Briton -- ditto --     
GlanvilleH F    Sierra Leone22-Aug-1908LiverpoolGrand CanaryBurutuBritish and African Steam Navigation Company     
GlanvilleChasc186840Quebec, Canada28-Aug-1908LiverpoolRimouskiEmpress of IndiaCanadian Pacific Steamship Line  Gardener 
GlanvilleMrs Cc186642 -- ditto --28-Aug-1908LiverpoolRimouskiEmpress of India -- ditto --  Wife 
GlanvilleBeatricec187434New York, NY, USA21-Oct-1908Liverpool  UmbriaCunard Line  Housewife 
GlanvilleMr Thos    Cape Town, S Africa07-Nov-1908SouthamptonMadeiraKenilworth CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  Pensioner 
GlanvilleMrs    -- ditto --07-Nov-1908SouthamptonMadeiraKenilworth Castle -- ditto --     
GlanvilleLeslie (male)    -- ditto --07-Nov-1908SouthamptonMadeiraKenilworth Castle -- ditto --     
GlanvilleJames    -- ditto --07-Nov-1908SouthamptonMadeiraKenilworth Castle -- ditto --     
GlanvilleJames (English)c186327New York, NY, USA07-Nov-1908Glasgow  State of Georgia    Tinsmith 
GlanvillMr Bc187138Gibraltar10-Apr-1909Tilbury, London  ChinePeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company     
GlanvilleMr W B  Manchester, England26-Apr-1909ManchesterPort LimonMiamiElders & Fyffes Engineer 
GlanvilleMrs    Bombay, India14-May-1909LondonGibraltar, Aden, Suez, Port Said, MarseillesMoreaPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company     
GlanvilleMiss    -- ditto --14-May-1909London -- ditto --Morea -- ditto --     
GlanvilleCol. F    -- ditto --14-May-1909London -- ditto --Morea -- ditto --     
GlenvilleAlice  Montreal, Quebec, Canda13-Jun-1909Liverpool CorsicanAllan Line Wife 
GlanvilleMr E E (English)    Cape Town, S Africa24-Jul-1909Southampton  Armadale CastleUnion Castle  Clerk 
GlanvilleMr T B (English)c184762Cape Town, S Africa30-Oct-1909SouthamptonMadeiraKildonan CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company Miner 
GlanvilleMr F    Shanghai, China21-Nov-1909LondonPort Swettenham, Colombo, Hong Kong, GibraltarNilePeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company     
GlanvilleThomas (US citizen holding ticket through to Newquay)    New York, NY, USA27-Feb-1910PlymouthCherbourgSt LouisAmerican Line  MinerUSA
GlanvilleCuthbert (US citizen holding ticket through to Newquay, aged 1-12yrs)    -- ditto --27-Feb-1910PlymouthCherbourgSt Louis -- ditto --  ChildUSA
GlanvilleJohn (US citizen holding ticket through to Newquay, aged 1-12yrs)    -- ditto --27-Feb-1910PlymouthCherbourgSt Louis -- ditto --  ChildUSA
GlanvillBenjamin A    Montreal, Quebec, Canda04-Jun-1910LiverpoolQuebecMeganticWhite Star Line     
GlanvilleMiss (Colonial Subject)    Kingston, Jamaica16-Jun-1910Avonmouth, Bristol  Port AntonioImperial Direct West India Mail Service Company    Transvaal
GlanvilleP (female, US citizen)  New York, NY, USA10-Jul-1910Southampton PhiladelphiaAmerican Line Wife 
GlanvilleMrs    Cape Town, S Africa19-Jul-1910PlymouthTenerifeDunluce CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company    Transvaal
GlanvilleMstr M    -- ditto --19-Jul-1910PlymouthTenerifeDunluce Castle -- ditto --    Transvaal
GlanvilleMr R Gc185852Cape Town, S Africa20-Aug-1910SouthamptonMadeiraWalmer CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company Nil 
GlanvilleMrs R Gc185159 -- ditto --20-Aug-1910SouthamptonMadeiraWalmer Castle -- ditto -- Nil 
GlanvilleMrs    New York, NY, USA29-Oct-1910Southampton  PhiladelphiaAmerican Line  WifeIndia
GlenvilleJohn B  New York, NY, USA24-Nov-1910Plymouth AdriaticWhite Star Line Baker 
GlenvilleMrs   -- ditto --24-Nov-1910Plymouth Adriatic -- ditto -- Wife 
GlenvilleMary (aged 1-12)   -- ditto --24-Nov-1910Plymouth Adriatic -- ditto -- Child 
GlenvilleLillian (aged 1-12)   -- ditto --24-Nov-1910Plymouth Adriatic -- ditto -- Child 
GlenvilleJack (aged 1-12)   -- ditto --24-Nov-1910Plymouth Adriatic -- ditto -- Child 
GlenvilleJoseph (infant, under 1yr)   -- ditto --24-Nov-1910Plymouth Adriatic -- ditto -- Infant 
GlenvilleDaniel (Irish)  New York, NY, USA23-Dec-1910Liverpool MauretaniaCunard Line Lawyer 
GlanvilleWm H  Philadelphia, Penns, USA17-Jan-1911Liverpool FrieslandAmerican Line   
GlanvilleOwenc184863Montreal, Quebec, Canada24-May-1911Liverpool Lake ChamplainCanadian Pacific Line Clerk Holy Orders 
GlenvilleCissie (British)c188229Quebec, Canada01-Sep-1911Liverpool Empress of IrelandCanadian Pacific Line Tourist 
GlanvilleMr E E    Cape Town, S Africa16-Dec-1911SouthamptonMadeiraBalmoral CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  ClerkIndia
GlanvilleErnest (English)    New York, NY, USA25-Jan-1912LiverpoolQueenstownBalticWhite Star Line  Fruit Grower 
GlanvilleMr J Ac187537Cape Town, S Africa02-Mar-1912SouthamptonMadeiraKildonan CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  Fitter 
GlanvilleMr    Calcutta, India05-Apr-1912LondonMadras, Colombo, MarseillesCity of BenaresCity Line  Tea PlanterIndia
GlanvilleH F    Sierra Leone17-Apr-1912LiverpoolLas PalmasTarquahBritish and African Steam Navigation Company    Sierra Leone
GlanvillMrs Markc188923Cape Town, S Africa24-Apr-1912PlymouthLas PalmasDurham CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  BooksellerCanada
GlanvilleE A    New York, NY, USA20-May-1912Dover  VaderlandRed Star Line    Canada
GlanvilleMr Gc189121Cape Town, S Africa08-Jun-1912SouthamptonMadeiraKenilworth CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  EngineerRhodesia
GlanvilleMr J Sc187933Cape Town, S Africa28-Sep-1912SouthamptonMadeiraKinfauns CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  MinerS Africa
GlanvilleJamesc189022New York, NY, USA19-Oct-1912Plymouth  OceanicWhite Star Line  MinerUSA
GlanvilleMrs R Ec187339Bombay, India15-Nov-1912LondonAden, Port Said, Malta, PlymouthMalojaPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company NilIndia
GlanvilleHoward Samuel    Santos, Brazil21-Dec-1912SouthamptonRio de Janeiro, Pernambuco, St Vincent, Madeira, Lisbon, Leixoes, VigoAmazonRoyal Mail Steam Packet Company    Brazil
GlanvillErnestc189022Portland, Maine, USA22-Dec-1912LiverpoolHalifaxScandinavianAllan Line  LabourerCanada
GlanvillSidneyc188923 -- ditto --22-Dec-1912LiverpoolHalifaxScandinavian -- ditto --  LabourerCanada
GlanvilleMrc188330Cape Town, S Africa04-Jan-1913SouthamptonMadeiraArmadale CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  ManagerTransvaal
GlanvilleMrsc188726 -- ditto --04-Jan-1913SouthamptonMadeiraArmadale Castle -- ditto --    Transvaal
Glanvillefemalec19103 -- ditto --04-Jan-1913SouthamptonMadeiraArmadale Castle -- ditto --    Transvaal
GlanvilleCol. F    Madras, India16-Apr-1913PlymouthColombo, Port SaidCaledoniaPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company    India
GlanvilleMrs    -- ditto --16-Apr-1913Plymouth -- ditto --Caledonia -- ditto --    India
GlanvilleMiss    -- ditto --16-Apr-1913Plymouth -- ditto --Caledonia -- ditto --    India
GlanvilleMr Wc188825Cape Town, S Africa22-Apr-1913PlymouthLas PalmasDunluce CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company CarpenterS Africa
GlanvilleMrs Nc187340Kingston, Jamaica21-Jun-1913Bristol NicoyaMessrs Elders and Fyffes NilJamaica
GlanvilleWilliamc186745Montreal, Quebec, Canada22-Jul-1913Avonmouth, Bristol Royal EdwardCanadian Northern Line SailorCanada
GlanvilleAnnac187934New York, NY, USA02-Aug-1913Liverpool  CelticWhite Star Line  HwifeAustralia
GlanvilleFred (Irish)c185954Quebec, Canada11-Sep-1913Liverpool  Empress of BritainCanadian Pacific Line  LabourerCanada
GlanvilleSidneyc187934New York, NY, USA27-Sep-1913Plymouth St PaulAmerican Line CarpenterUSA
GlanvilleMrs Clarac188430St John, New Brunswick, Canada04-Feb-1914Avonmouth, Bristol  Royal EdwardCanadian Northern Line  HousewifeCanada
GlanvilleMiss Hildac19113 -- ditto --04-Feb-1914 -- ditto --  Royal Edward -- ditto --  Child 
GlanvilleWalterc186450Wellington, New Zealand13-Apr-1914PlymouthMontevideo, TenerifeIonicWhite Star Line TravellerEngland
GlanvilleWalterc190014 -- ditto --13-Apr-1914Plymouth -- ditto --Ionic -- ditto -- SonEngland
GlanvilleG Cc187252Sydney, Australia17-May-1914LondonMelbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Durban, Cape TownBerrimaPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company  ClergymanAustralia
GlanvilleFannyc188529Montreal, Quebec, Canda18-Jun-1914Avonmouth, Bristol  Royal GeorgeCanadian Northern Line  H WifeCanada
GlanvilleAdac19104 -- ditto --18-Jun-1914 -- ditto --  Royal George -- ditto --  ChildCanada
GlanvilleFred19137mths -- ditto --18-Jun-1914 -- ditto --  Royal George -- ditto --  ChildCanada
GlanvilleLeonardc188529New York, NY, USA22-Jun-1914Dover FinlandRed Star Line ChaffeurUSA
GlanvilleMrs Leonardc188628 -- ditto --22-Jun-1914Dover Finland -- ditto -- WifeUSA
GlanvilleFrancis (US citizen)c188727Montreal, Quebec, Canda13-Jul-1914GlasgowPlymouthGrampianAllan Line  MasonUSA
GlanvilleWm F (US citizen)c188529 -- ditto --13-Jul-1914GlasgowPlymouthGrampian -- ditto --  MasonUSA
GlanvilleJos Chas (US citizen)c187034 -- ditto --13-Jul-1914GlasgowPlymouthGrampian -- ditto --  MasonUSA
GlanvilleThomas (English)c189024Quebec, Canada02-Sep-1914Bristol Royal GeorgeCanadian Northern Line British Reservist NorthampsEngland
GlanvileMrs L A    Marseilles, France25-Sep-1914London  Hirano MaruNippon Yusen Kaisha    Ceylon
GlanvileMr R R    -- ditto --25-Sep-1914London  Hirano Maru -- ditto --    Ceylon
GlanvilleJohnc186252New York, NY, USA27-Oct-1914Liverpool  MauretaniaCunard LineTransvall House, Perranporth, CornwallMinerUSA
GlanvilleAlicec188430New York, NY, USA27-Nov-1914Liverpool  BalticWhite Star Line16 Canford Road, Clapham, LondonNurseCeylon