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The information here is derived from the Board of Trade's passenger lists of ships arriving in the United Kingdom from foreign ports outside of Europe and the Mediterranean from 1878-1888 and 1890-1960.

I have looked at the source records to determine all fields bar two:
  • I have used the transcribed Port of Departure, over-writing it with the Port of Embarkation where I could.
    Therefore this field either contains the port of departure of the vessel or the port at which the passenger joined.
  • I have used the transcribed Ports of Voyage, correcting where obvious errors were found. Where I knew the Port of Embarkation I have attempted to remove earlier Ports of Voyage. The Ports of Voyage are not necessarily in the correct sequence, but mostly are.
Thus this listing corrects transcription errors found in other published transcripts made from the Board of Trade records, such as the one published by ancestry.com.

Note that one of the two fields Date of Birth and Age will be inferred, the other will be given.
   As more recent records contain exact dates of birth for people still living, those have been marked "private" and only the Age left
Also, any additional information found in the records (such as Nationality) is put against Forenames.


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GlanvilleNorman Herbertc191530Algiers, Algeria09-Jun-1945Liverpool Highland MonarchRoyal Mail Lines1 Tennyson Rd, GillinghamAdm. Civ.Algeria
GlanvilleMary Ec190243Melbourne, Australia11-Jul-1945LiverpoolWellingtonWaipawaShaw, Savill & Albion Company59 Morrab Road, PenzanceHouse DutiesAustralia
GlanvilleJoanc192421 -- ditto --11-Jul-1945LiverpoolWellingtonWaipawa -- ditto -- -- ditto --HairdresserAustralia
GlanvilleElizabethc192916 -- ditto --11-Jul-1945LiverpoolWellingtonWaipawa -- ditto -- -- ditto --ScholarAustralia
GlanvilleMurielc19387 -- ditto --11-Jul-1945LiverpoolWellingtonWaipawa -- ditto -- -- ditto --ScholarAustralia
GlanvilleWaldo Hc190441Port Sudan, Sudan29-Aug-1945SouthamptonPort SaidSibajakRoyal Rotterdam LloydCreagh House, Toomebridge, N IrelCivil Serv.Sudan
GlanvilleSarah Dc191035 -- ditto --29-Aug-1945SouthamptonPort SaidSibajak -- ditto -- WifeSudan
GlanvilleDorac190558Colombo, Ceylon22-Oct-1945SouthamptonPort SaidMalojaPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation CompanyHongKong & Shanghai Bank, 9 Gracechurch St, London EC3H.D.Hong Kong
GlanvilleJabez Darcyc190936Cape Town, S Africa29-Oct-1945Liverpool  Reina Del PacificonPacific Steam Navigation Companyc/o M.C.D. H. M. Dockyard, DevonportForemanS Africa
GlanvilleEileen Maryc191233 -- ditto --29-Oct-1945Liverpool  Reina Del Pacificon -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeS Africa
GlanvilleJune Margaretc193510 -- ditto --29-Oct-1945Liverpool  Reina Del Pacificon -- ditto -- -- ditto --SchoolgirlS Africa
GlanvillePeterc19378 -- ditto --29-Oct-1945Liverpool  Reina Del Pacificon -- ditto -- -- ditto --SchooboyS Africa
GlanvilleRosemaryc19414 -- ditto --29-Oct-1945Liverpool  Reina Del Pacificon -- ditto -- -- ditto --SchoolgirlS Africa
GlanvilleMr William Johnc187174New York, NY, USA18-Dec-1945Southampton JutlandiaCunard White Star106 Roding Rd, Laughton, EssexRetiredEngland
GlanvilleArthur Pc189650Sydney, Australia10-Jan-1946SouthamptonFremantle, Cape TownAquitaniaCunard White StarNoneWaterworks EngineerHong Kong
GlanvilleDorothy Gc192422Cape Town, S Africa05-Apr-1946Southampton  Carnavon CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company134 Carnfrae Terr, Mount Gold, PlymouthHousewifeHong Kong
GlanvilleR R c190145Freetown, Sierra Leone03-Jul-1946Southampton SobieskiGdynia-America Line10 Fortfield Grove, Terenuae, DublinCivil Serv.Sierra Leone
GlanvilleThomas Cc190343New York, NY, USA27-Jul-1946Southampton  ArgentinaMoore McCormack LineMelleray, Kingsbridge, DevonGeophysicistUSA
GlanvilleMargaret Ec190838 -- ditto --27-Jul-1946Southampton  Argentina -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeUSA
GlanvilleMargaret Ac19406 -- ditto --27-Jul-1946Southampton  Argentina -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildUSA
GlanvilleRoger Sc193313 -- ditto --27-Jul-1946Southampton  Argentina -- ditto -- -- ditto --StudentUSA
GlanvilleElizabeth Ac19397 -- ditto --27-Jul-1946Southampton  Argentina -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildUSA
GlanvilleThomas Ac19379 -- ditto --27-Jul-1946Southampton  Argentina -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildUSA
GlanvilleJohnc190245New York, NY, USA13-Feb-1947Southampton  AmericaUnited States Line146 Regent St, LondonBuyerEngland
GlanvilleElizabeth (US citizen)c190344New York, NY, USA15-Apr-1947Southampton  Queen ElizabethCunard White Star262 Upper Richmond Rd, Putney SW15AdvertisingUSA
GlanvilleMr W Hc190641St John, New Brunswick, Canada28-Aug-1947London Hillcrest ParkCunard White Star6 Walkham Tce, Horrabridge, Yelverton, DevonCarpenterEngland
GlanvilleAileen (Irish Free State)c190740Bombay, India03-Sep-1947LiverpoolPort SaidGeorgicCunard White Star4 Llay Hall Ave, Llay, Nr Wrexham, N WalesEx Nursing ServiceAustralia
GlanvilleGordonc190147New York, NY, USA18-Feb-1948Southampton  AmericaUnited States Line61 Conduit St, LondonBuyerCanada
GlanvilleRobert Rc190147Freetown, Sierra Leone24-May-1948LiverpoolLas PalmasApapaElder Dempster LinesBellmont, Churchtown, Co Dublin, EireCivil ServantSierra Leone
GlanvilleLilian Fc190642 -- ditto --24-May-1948LiverpoolLas PalmasApapa -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeSierra Leone
GlenvilleArthur (listed as Deportee)c192226New York, NY, USA25-Jul-1948Plymouth Marine JumperMoore McCormack Line172 Charles Rd, Smallheath, BirminghamNoneEngland
GlanvilleIvy Mariac191533St Helena23-Aug-1948LondonAscension, Las PalmasLlandovery CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Companyc/o Lord Inchcape, 122 Leadenhall St, London WC3HousemaidSt Helena
GlanvilleGordonc190247New York, NY, USA17-Feb-1949SouthamptonCherbourgQueen MaryCunard White Star246 Regent St, LondonBuyerCanada
GlanvilleMr Ec192623Sydney, Australia17-Mar-1949SouthamptonMelbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Colombo, Aden, Port SaidOrontesOrient Steam Navigation Company4 Wilkie Buildings, Millbank, Ldn SW1Station HandAustralia
GlanvilleLaurencec190247Cape Town, S Africa29-Apr-1949Southampton  Athlone CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company3 Ingleby Way, Wallington, SurreyFreightEngland
GlanvilleFrancesc190049 -- ditto --29-Apr-1949Southampton  Athlone Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --WifeEngland
GlanvilleLillian Florencec190643Freetown, Sierra Leone01-Jun-1949London SwedruElder Dempster Lines35 Milton Rd, W Portobello, MidlothianHousewifeSierra Leone
GlanvilleMrs A (female, Scotch)c190247Sydney, Australia02-Jun-1949Tilbury, LondonMelbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Columbo, Suez, Port SaidOrcadesOrient Steam Navigation Company29 Davenport Ave, Hessle, E YorksRetailerAustralia
GlanvilleNorman Hc191534Cape Town, S Africa10-Jun-1949SouthamptonMadeiraPretoria CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company1 Tennyson Road, Gillingham, KentAdmiralty CivilianS Africa
GlanvilleBeatricec191831 -- ditto --10-Jun-1949SouthamptonMadeiraPretoria Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --NilS Africa
GlanvilleMaryc193712 -- ditto --10-Jun-1949SouthamptonMadeiraPretoria Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --NilS Africa
GlanvilleTrixiec193712 -- ditto --10-Jun-1949SouthamptonMadeiraPretoria Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --NilS Africa
GlanvilleMichaelc19436 -- ditto --10-Jun-1949SouthamptonMadeiraPretoria Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --NilS Africa
GlanvilleChristopherc19472 -- ditto --10-Jun-1949SouthamptonMadeiraPretoria Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --NilS Africa
GlanvillRoyc191435New York, NY, USA20-Jun-1949SouthamptonCherbourgQueen ElizabethCunard White Star33 Pembroke Rd, London, W8Co. DirectorEngland
GlanvilleFanny Lc188168St John, New Brunswick, Canada20-Jun-1949Liverpool  Empress of CanadaCanadian Pacific1 Dolphin House, Fowey, CornwallHousewifeCanada
GlenvilleAllanc190346Bombay, India13-Jul-1949LondonPort Said, MarseillesChitralPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company12 Barmouth Terrace, Cliffe Rd, Bradford, YorksRlwy.India
GlenvilleShirleyc193217 -- ditto --13-Jul-1949London -- ditto --Chitral -- ditto -- -- ditto --StudentIndia
GlanvillJessie Margaretc190247Durban, S Africa29-Jul-1949SouthamptonEast London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, MadeiraCapetown CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company49 Hillview Crescent, Edinburgh 12HousewifeScotland
GlanvillStuart Lesliec193316 -- ditto --29-Jul-1949Southampton -- ditto --Capetown Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --ScholarScotland
GlanvilleAlfred Victorc191237Cape Town, S Africa29-Jul-1949SouthamptonMadeiraCapetown Castle -- ditto --11 Caemaen St, Ynysboeth, Abercynon, GlamorganRoyal NavyS Africa
GlanvillArthur Wc189356Cape Town, S Africa05-Aug-1949SouthamptonMadeiraPretoria CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company672 Christchurch Road, Boscombe, BournemouthRetiredS Africa
GlanvillEmac189752 -- ditto --05-Aug-1949SouthamptonMadeiraPretoria Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeS Africa
GlanvillEvangeline Ac192722 -- ditto --05-Aug-1949SouthamptonMadeiraPretoria Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --StudentS Africa
GlenvilleJames W (English, travelling with Ethel George housewife aged 57)c183712St Helena18-Aug-1949Dover UmtaliNatal Line6 Warval St, Battersea, SW2ScholarSt Helena
GlanvilleCharles Jamesc187673Liverpool29-Aug-1949LiverpoolManaus, Para, St Vincent, Madeira, Lisbon, LeixoesHilaryThe Booth Steamship Company12a Percival Rd, London SW14  USA
GlanvilleRobert Rc190149Freetown, Sierra Leone06-Nov-1949LiverpoolLas PalmasAccraElder Dempster Lines"Wilmar" Newton Park Ave, Blackrock, Co DublinColonial GovernmentSierra Leone
GlanvilleWilliam J (US citizen)c190446New York, NY, USA10-Nov-1949SouthamptonCherbourgQueen ElizabethCunard White StarStenelees Hill, nr St Austell, CornwallX-Ray TechnicianUSA
GlanvilleRobert (listed amongst crew)c191139Singapore14-Feb-1950LiverpoolColombo, Aden, Port SaidOrbitaPacific Steam Navigation Company9 Northbrook St, DevonportGreaserEngland
GlenvillePeterc191436New York, NY, USA22-Mar-1950Southampton AmericaUnited States Line24 Brompton Sq, LondonTheatrical DirectorEngland
GlanvilleZlatac191733Port Sudan, Sudan01-Jun-1950PlymouthPort SaidModasaBritish India Steam Navigation Company 108 Beauval Rd, SE22HousewifeSudan
GlanvilleGwynnethc188664Cape Town, S Africa03-Jun-1950SouthamptonMadeiraDurban CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company32 Cranley Gds, S Kensington, LondonHousewifeS Africa
GlanvilleCharles Jc187674Liverpool12-Aug-1950LiverpoolPara, Lisbon, LeixosHilaryThe Booth Steamship Company12a Percival Rd, London SW14  England
GlanvilleMrs Lc192030Port Said, Egypt13-Aug-1950Liverpool  LancashireBibby Brothers & Company3 Charlotte Terrace, HullHousewifeEgypt
GlanvilleMaster Lc19473 -- ditto --13-Aug-1950Liverpool  Lancashire -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildEgypt
GlanvilleArthur (Royal Air Force draft)c192822Cape Town, S Africa25-Aug-1950SouthamptonMadeiraCapetown CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company28 Dryburgh Crescent, Ham Estate, PlymouthR.A.F.S Africa
GlanvilleWilliec188070New York, NY, USA27-Sep-1950SouthamptonCherbourgQueen ElizabethCunard Steamship CompanyStanalees Hill, St Austell, CornwallRetiredEngland
GlanvilleMattiec188367 -- ditto --27-Sep-1950SouthamptonCherbourgQueen Elizabeth -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeEngland
GlanvilleMrs Ec190446Sydney, Australia16-Dec-1950Tilbury, London  OrcadesOrient Steam Navigation CompanyNo 6 Walkham Terrace, Horrabridge, YelvertonH.D.Australia
GlanvilleMiss Mc193218 -- ditto --16-Dec-1950Tilbury, London  Orcades -- ditto -- -- ditto --TelephonistAustralia
GlanvilleMstr Lc19473 -- ditto --16-Dec-1950Tilbury, London  Orcades -- ditto -- -- ditto --  Australia
GlanvilleGeorgec191041New York, NY, USA26-Jan-1951SouthamptonCherbourgQueen MaryCunard Steamship CompanySavoy Hotel, LondonStore ManagerCanada
GlanvilleHesperc190150 -- ditto --26-Jan-1951SouthamptonCherbourgQueen Mary -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeCanada
GlanvilleEwartc188170Madeira, Portugal16-Feb-1951Southampton  Pretoria CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company24 Woodcock Close, EpsomDirectorBritain
GlanvilleRobert Ranulphc190249Freetown, Sierra Leone26-Feb-1951LiverpoolLas PalmasApapaElder Dempster Lines10 Fortfield Gr, Taramure, DublinDirector of AgricultureSierra Leone
GlanvilleLillian Florencec190645 -- ditto --26-Feb-1951LiverpoolLas PalmasApapa -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeSierra Leone
GlenvilleJ F (English, female)c193417Bombay, India21-Sep-1951LondonPort SaidChitralP&O Steam Navigation Company35 Hanover Sq, Bradford, Yorks India
GlanvilleMr Rc191140Singapore09-Nov-1951SouthamptonAden, Port Said Empire OrwellMinistry of Transport9 Bickham Rd, PlymouthStorekeeperEngland
GlanvilleJohnc191537St Helena17-Jan-1952LondonLas PalmasDunnottar CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Companyc/o Lady Nutting, "Quenby Hall", Hungarton, LeicesterLabourerSt Helena
GlanvilleDorac188963Cape Town, S Africa10-Feb-1952London  City of ChicagoEllerman Associated Lines292 Park West, Marble Arch, London W2NilEngland
GlanvillePeter (War Office families)c194012Hong Kong, China29-Apr-1952LiverpoolSingapore, Kilindini, Port SaidEmpress of AustraliaUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company"Winderlas" Edward Ave, CamberleySchoolChina
GlanvilleIvy Marion (War Office families)c190943 -- ditto --29-Apr-1952Liverpool -- ditto --Empress of Australia -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeChina
GlanvilleRosaliec193121Quebec, Canada30-May-1952SouthamptonLe HavreSamariaCunard Steamship Company12 Hans Crescent, London SW1StudentCanada
GlanvilleJames Frankc190448Wellington, New Zealand20-Jun-1952Southampton  RuahineNew Zealand Shipping Companyc/o Navy League, LondonCivil ServantNew Zealand
GlanvilleMrs Mariec190745Al Basrah, Iraq28-Jun-1952ManchesterBasra, Kuwait, Bahrain, Port SudanGoulistanMessrs Frank C Strick and Companyc/o G N Haden & Sons, 19 Woburn Place, London WC1HousewifeEngland
GlanvilleAnthonyc19457 -- ditto --28-Jun-1952Manchester -- ditto --Goulistan -- ditto -- -- ditto --  England
GlanvilleSheilac19484 -- ditto --28-Jun-1952Manchester -- ditto --Goulistan -- ditto -- -- ditto --   
GlanvilleMrs Nc190151Sydney, Australia03-Jul-1952Tilbury, LondonMelbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Colombo, Suez, Port Said, Naples, Marseilles, GibraltarOtrantoOrient Steam Navigation Company12 Randell St, Battersea, LondonCanteen ManageressAustralia
GlanvilleBarbarac193220New York, NY, USA04-Jul-1952Southampton  GeorgicCunard Steamship CompanyAmerican Youth Abroad LondonStudentEngland
GlenvilleWinifredc193418Barbados09-Jul-1952Southampton De GrasseFrench LineG.R.M. Service 8 Amberley London W9StudentBarbados
GlanvilleMr W Hc190547Port Sudan, Sudan24-Aug-1952Liverpool YomaHenderson LineDanholm, Quinn's Rd, Shankill, Dublin, IrelandCivil ServantSudan
GlanvilleMrs S Dc191042 -- ditto --24-Aug-1952Liverpool Yoma -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeSudan
GlanvilleNancyc192725New York, NY, USA10-Sep-1952SouthamptonLe HavreUnited StatesUnited States Linec/o American Expr, LondonHousewifeUSA
GlanvillWinifredc190151Adelaide, Australia25-Sep-1952Tilbury, LondonCape Town, Durban, Lourence Marques, Beira, Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar, Tanga, Mombasa, Aden, Port Sudan, Suez, Port Said, Genoa, GibraltarRhodesia CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Companyc/- Lewis "Llovera" Vale Raod, Chesham, BucksHousewife 
GlenvilleNormac193022Bombay, India17-Oct-1952LondonAden, Port Said, GibraltarChusanPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company14 Princess St, Regents Park, London NW1TeacherIndia
GlanvilleLaurencec190350Cape Town, S Africa26-Jun-1953SouthamptonLas PalmasCarnavon CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company42 Ewell Downs Rd, Ewell, EpsomA/General ManagerEngland
GlanvilleRonald Charlesc191835Gibraltar26-Jul-1953London  Braemar CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company120 Carfrae Terrace, Mount Gold, PlymouthWelderEngland
GlanvillePoppy Elizabethc192231 -- ditto --26-Jul-1953London  Braemar Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeEngland
GlanvilleRobert Charlesc19476 -- ditto --26-Jul-1953London  Braemar Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --ScholarEngland
GlanvilleGordon Royc19485 -- ditto --26-Jul-1953London  Braemar Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --ScholarEngland
GlanvileRobertc190053Madeira, Portugal26-Sep-1953Plymouth  VenusBergen Steamship CompanyWestbury House, WellsAgricultureS Africa
GlanvilleJamesc187578Madeira, Portugal03-Oct-1953Plymouth  VenusBergen Steamship CompanySouthbourne, Horley, SurreyMerchantEngland
GlanvilleMrs Kc192429Port Said, Egypt14-Oct-1953SouthamptonMaltaEmpire OrwellOrient Steam Navigation Company7 Beaulieu Ave, Fareham, HantsHousewifeMalta
GlanvilleMstr Cc19485 -- ditto --14-Oct-1953SouthamptonMaltaEmpire Orwell -- ditto -- -- ditto --  Malta
GlanvilleMiss Sc19521 -- ditto --14-Oct-1953SouthamptonMaltaEmpire Orwell -- ditto -- -- ditto --  Malta
GlanvilleJudith Ac193420Sydney, Australia16-Feb-1954Tilbury, LondonMelbourne, Fremantle, Colombo, Bombay, Aden, Port SaidHimalayaPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Companyc/o Alfred, 47 Princess Sq, Bayswater W2Billing Mach. Op.New Guinea
GlanvillMabel Ac189757Tenerife08-Mar-1954London  Monte UrquiolaAznar LineJocelyn House, ChardHousewifeEngland
GlanvillAlbert Ec189757 -- ditto --08-Mar-1954London  Monte Urquiola -- ditto -- -- ditto --DoctorEngland
GlanvilleAlfredc191043Singapore20-Mar-1953LondonPenang, Colombo, Bombay, Aden, Port SaidChusanPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Companyc/o Straits Times Polas Ltd, 144 Temple Ct, Temple Ave EC4PrinterMalaya
GlanvilleRobertc191143New York, NY, USA15-May-1954SouthamptonCobh, Le HavreGeorgicCunard Steamship Company5D Cannon St, Devonport, PlymouthLorrydriverBermuda
GlenvilleP (British, female)c191440Bombay, India12-Jun-1954LondonAden, Port SaidCantonP&O Steam Navigation Company14 Princess St, Regents Park, London NW1TeacherIndia
GlanvilleErnestc192529Southampton15-Aug-1954SouthamptonFunchal, Lisbon, La CorunaAlcantaraRoyal Mail Lines11 Ownfield Rd, London NW3AccountantEngland
GlanvilleLilian (British Nationality, Religion: Adventist)c190747Jamaica06-Sep-1954Plymouth AurigaFratelli Grimaldi71 Littleburg Rd, LondonMessenger 
GlanvilleAileenc192133Hong Kong, China10-Sep-1954SouthamptonSingapore, Colombo, Aden, Port SaidDilwaraBritish Indian Steam Navigation Companyc/o Mrs Gerry, 16 Bridge Street, Reading, BucksHousewifeHong Kong
GlanvilleAileenc194212 -- ditto --10-Sep-1954Southampton -- ditto --Dilwara -- ditto -- -- ditto --  Hong Kong
GlanvilleChristopherc19459 -- ditto --10-Sep-1954Southampton -- ditto --Dilwara -- ditto -- -- ditto --  Hong Kong
GlanvilleEnid Maryc19468 -- ditto --10-Sep-1954Southampton -- ditto --Dilwara -- ditto -- -- ditto --  Hong Kong
GlanvilleCecil Sc191044New York, NY, USA26-Nov-1954Southampton  Groote BeerHolland America LineCauseway Green Hotel, Wolverhampton Oldburg Mechanic TractorEngland
GlanvilleTrevor J (UK citizen, 1mth residence thence Italy)15-Jul-190747Port Sudan, Sudan14-Jan-1955LiverpoolAden, Port Said, GibraltarCircassiaAnchor Line124 Clive Rd, London SE21AccountantSudan
GlanvilleZlata (UK citizen, 1mth residence thence Italy)private38 -- ditto --14-Jan-1955Liverpool -- ditto --Circassia -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeSudan
GlenvilleShaun (married)16-May-188470Buenos Aires, Argentina24-Feb-1955SouthamptonMontevideo, Santos, Rio de Janeiro, MadeiraAndesRoyal Mail Lines95 Berkley Court, Baker St, LondonTheatrical ArtistEngland
Glenville-BrownDorothy (married)26-Apr-190054 -- ditto --24-Feb-1955Southampton -- ditto --Andes -- ditto -- -- ditto --Theatrical ArtistEngland
GlanvilleClifford (Dominican citizen)private30Dominica24-Mar-1955PlymouthKingston, Curacao, La Guaira, Cuidad Trujillo, Montserrat, BarbadosAurigaCory & Strick36 Harley Hill, BristolShopkeeperDominica
GlanvilleElizabeth (US citizen)13-Sep-188965Quebec, Canada27-May-1955SouthamptonLe HavreSamariaCunard Steamship CompanyCarloggas, Stenelees, Nr St Austell, CornwallHousewifeUSA
GlanvilleJohn (married US citizen, 2mths residence thence USA)13-Jun-188866 -- ditto --27-May-1955SouthamptonLe HavreSamaria -- ditto -- -- ditto --RetiredUSA
GlanvilleMary (single, US citizen, residing 1mth, thence USA)14-Mar-187679New York, NY, USA13-Jun-1955SouthamptonCherbourgQueen MaryCunard Steamship CompanyPolygon Hotel, SouthamptonHousewifeUSA
GlanvilleGrace (single, US citizen, residing 1mth, thence USA)10-Oct-190945 -- ditto --13-Jun-1955SouthamptonCherbourgQueen Mary -- ditto -- -- ditto --TeacherUSA
GlanvilleMorel (Jamaican. Name may be Glanville MOREL)private21Havana, Cuba01-Oct-1955SouthamptonCaribbeanAurigaMessrs Sandell Brothers21 Gillet Rd, B'ham 16MechanicJaimaca
GlanvilleEllison (female Jamaican citizen)private10Kingston, Jamaica10-Nov-1955Plymouth  AurigaF. LLI GRIMALDI6 Spencer Road, BradfordPainterJamaica
GlanvilleLuther (Jamaican citizen)03-Jul-190847 -- ditto --10-Nov-1955Plymouth  Auriga -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildJamaica
GlanvilleE M (widow, 6mths stay then residing N Guinea)29-Sep-190748Sydney, Australia21-Nov-1955LondonMelbourne, Fremantle, Colombo, Aden, Port SaidOrsovaOrient Steam Navigation Companyc/o J W Smeaton, 24 Harlech Crescent, Sketty, SwanseaH.D.N Guinea
GlanvilleJohn (St Helena citizen)16-Apr-191441St Helena17-Feb-1956LondonLas PalmasWarwick CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship CompanyQuenby Hall, Hungarton, LeicesterButlerEngland
GlanvilleEwart30-Jun-190055Kingston, Jamaica06-Mar-1956Bristol  CavinaElders & Fyffes24 Woodcock Close, EpsomRetiredEngland
GlanvilleJohn (Australian citizen)private40Fremantle, Australia27-Mar-1956LondonColombo, Bombay, Aden, Port Said, GibraltarArcadiaP&O Steam Navigation Company19 Pengwarras Rod, Camborne, CornwallElectricianAustralia
GlanvilleMrs Nora (Australian citizen)10-Jan-191541 -- ditto --27-Mar-1956London -- ditto --Arcadia -- ditto -- -- ditto --H.D.Australia
GlanvilleMstr John (Australian citizen)private16 -- ditto --27-Mar-1956London -- ditto --Arcadia -- ditto -- -- ditto --ClerkAustralia
GlanvilleMstr Alan (Australian citizen)private13 -- ditto --27-Mar-1956London -- ditto --Arcadia -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildAustralia
GlanvilleMstr David (Australian citizen)private12 -- ditto --27-Mar-1956London -- ditto --Arcadia -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildAustralia
GlanvilleMstr Robert (Australian citizen)private7 -- ditto --27-Mar-1956London -- ditto --Arcadia -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildAustralia
GlanvilleWilliam (distressed British Seaman, married)private34Cape Town, S Africa13-Apr-1956SouthamptonLas PalmasWinchester CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company27 Stanley Close, Gosport England
GlanvilleAlice (Mrs, British citizen)21-Apr-190848Mombasa, Kenya08-May-1956SouthamptonAden, Port Said, Limassol, GibraltarEmpire FoweyPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company  HousewifeEngland
GlanvillePercy (English, 2mths residence thence S Africa)c189858Cape Town, S Africa17-Aug-1956SouthamptonLas PalmasStirling CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship CompanySouthcombe Hotel, 40 Christchurch Rd, BournemouthDealerS Africa
GlanvilleMadeline (English, 2mths residence thence S Africa)c190353Cape Town, S Africa17-Aug-1956SouthamptonLas PalmasStirling Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto -- S Africa
GlanvillDoreenprivate38Hong Kong, China03-Oct-1956LiverpoolSingapore, Colombio, Cape Town,DakarCaptain CookMinistry of Transport12 Ashfield Rd, Aigburth, LiverpoolHousewifeHong Kong
GlanvillRogerprivate11 -- ditto --03-Oct-1956Liverpool -- ditto --Captain Cook -- ditto -- -- ditto --ScholarHong Kong
GlanvillAndrewprivate5 -- ditto --03-Oct-1956Liverpool -- ditto --Captain Cook -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildHong Kong
GlanvillRowanaprivate0 -- ditto --03-Oct-1956Liverpool -- ditto --Captain Cook -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildHong Kong
GlanvilleAlan (British citizen)private19Cape Town, S Africa19-Oct-1956SouthamptonMadeiraPretoria CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company13 Deerleap Grove, Chingford, London E4Royal NavyMaroc(co)
GlanvilleRobert (married, English)26-Jul-191244New York, NY, USA23-Oct-1956Southampton Queen MaryCunard Steamship Companyc/o Austen Reeds, Regent StSalesmanEngland
GlanvilleRobert (married, English)26-Jul-191244New York, NY, USA06-Nov-1956Southampton Queen MaryCunard Steamship Company31 Beech Cresc, KidlingtonSales ManagerEngland
GlanvilleWilliam (single, UK/Jamaican citizenprivate32Kingston, Jamaica08-Nov-1956Liverpool Reino Del PacificoPacific Steam Navigation Company21 Lydford Rd, W9MasonJamaica
GlanvilleLilian (married, UK citizen (BWI))30-Nov-190749New York, NY, USA10-Jan-1957Southampton Queen MaryCunard Steamship Company2 Orchard St, DerbyHousewifeEngland
GlanvillAlbert E20-Jan-189661Southampton25-Feb-1957SouthamptonCuracao, Suva, Wellington, Sydney, Melbourne, Fremantle, Durban, Capte Town, Las PalmasSouthern CrossShaw, Savill & Albion CompanyChard, SomersetMedical PractitionerEngland
GlanvillMabel1-Sep-189660 -- ditto --25-Feb-1957Southampton -- ditto --Southern Cross -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeEngland
GlanvilleLaura (English citizen, married or widowed)4-Feb-188968New York, NY, USA10-Mar-1957LiverpoolBermudaParthiaCunard Steamship CompanyMeadside, Old Mill Rd, TorquayHousewifeEngland
GlenvillePeter (UK citizen, single)28-Oct-191343New York, NY, USA23-Apr-1957SouthamptonLe HavreUnited StatesUnited States Line24 Brompton Sq, LondonProducerU.K.
GlanvillMargaret Alice (single, S African, visiting for 2 months)private30Cape Town, S Africa03-May-1957SouthamptonMadeiraEdinburgh CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Companyc/o Samuel Jones & Co Ltd, 16 New Bridge St, London, EC4TypistAustralia
GlanvilleJohn Ranulph (Rhodesian citizen, residing 4-5mths thence Nyasaland)private37Beira, Mozambique15-May-1957LondonLourenco Marques, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, St Helena, Ascension, Las PalmasRhodesia CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Companyc/o Kingsbrook, Brook Rd, Kinson, BournemouthTea PlanterNyasaland
GlanvilleJoan Margaret (Rhodesian citizen, residing 4-5mths thence Nyasaland)private32 -- ditto --15-May-1957London -- ditto --Rhodesia Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeNyasaland
GlanvilleGuy Russel (Rhodesian citizen, residing 4-5mths thence Nyasaland)private0 -- ditto --15-May-1957London -- ditto --Rhodesia Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --NoneNyasaland
GlanvilleJohn (US citizen)13-Jun-188869New York, NY, USA18-Jun-1957Southampton  Queen ElizabethCunard Steamship CompanyStenalees, Nr St Austell, CornwallRetiredUSA
GlanvilleElizabeth (US citizen)13-Sep-188967 -- ditto --18-Jun-1957Southampton  Queen Elizabeth -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeUSA
GlanvilleMary (US citizen, single or widowed)private22New York, NY, USA15-Jul-1957Southampton New YorkGreek LineLancaster Court Hotel, LondonTeacherUSA
GlanvilleAndrew B (married British citizen)27-Dec-191343New York, NY, USA22-Jul-1957Southampton  Queen MaryCunard Steamship Company85 Fairview Ave, Wigmore, Gillingham, KentFitterUSA
GlanvilleMarion K (married British citizen)05-May-190156 -- ditto --22-Jul-1957Southampton  Queen Mary -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeUSA
GlanvilleJohn (widowed or single Canadian citizen, 2-3mths residence thence Canada)23-Mar-187682Montreal, Quebec, Canda29-Apr-1958Liverpool  Empress of BritainCanadian Pacific9 Hayle Terrace, Hayle, CornwallRetiredCanada
GlanvilleThelma (married, English)private21New York, NY, USA02-May-1958Plymouth Ile de FranceFrench Line11 Pellew Place, Stoke, PlymouthHousewifeEngland
GlanvilleCharles9-Apr-188870Montreal, Quebec, Canda03-Oct-1958SouthamptonQuebecIverniaCunard Steamship Company26 First Ave, Westcliffe/Sea, EssexRetiredEngland
GlanvilleMuriel11-Nov-189661 -- ditto --03-Oct-1958SouthamptonQuebecIvernia -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeEngland
GlanvilleEric (British citizen residing 6mths thence USA)private29New York, NY, USA15-Oct-1958Plymouth  FlandreFrench Line11 Pellew Place, Stoke, PlymouthNilUSA
GlanvilleMargaret (English & Australian, single or widowed, 2days In Transit)14-Nov-189463Sydney, Australia26-Oct-1958LondonMelbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Colombo, Bombay, Aden, Port SaidStrathnaverPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation CompanyCrown Hotel, NewcastleH. D.Australia
GlanvilleDenis Harvey (family intended stay 6mth thence residence in Kenya)private42Cape Town, S Africa16-Jan-1959LondonMadeiraBraemar CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company2 Lynmouth Drive, Ruislip, MddxTeacherKenya
GlanvilleEvelyn Elizabethprivate39 -- ditto --16-Jan-1959LondonMadeiraBraemar Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeKenya
GlanvilleJune (family English, intended residence England 1mth thence S Africa)private30Cape Town, S Africa06-Mar-1959SouthamptonMadeiraEdinburgh CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship CompanyLittle Buckham Farm, Nr Uckfield, SussexHousewifeEngland
GlanvilleMarkprivate4 -- ditto --06-Mar-1959SouthamptonMadeiraEdinburgh Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --NoneEngland
GlanvilleKevinprivate0 -- ditto --06-Mar-1959SouthamptonMadeiraEdinburgh Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --NoneEngland
GlanvilleDeborahprivate0Durban, S Africa06-Mar-1959SouthamptonPort Elizabeth, Cape Town, MadeiraEdinburgh Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --NoneEngland
GlanvilleB (English citizen)private24New York, NY, USA03-Apr-1959LondonHalifax, Le HavreSaxoniaCunard Steamship Company191 Curson Street, LeicesterRoyal NavyAustralia
GlanvilleM T (female Australian citizen, single or widowed, 5mths residence thence Australia09-Jun-190553Sydney, Australia04-May-1959Tilbury, LondonMelbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Colombo, Aden, Port Said, NaplesOronsayOrient Steam Navigation Companyc/o Kings Court Hotel, London W2PackerAustralia
GlanvilleIvy (married)03-Sep-191543St Helena18-Jul-1959London  Warwick CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company39 Queens Mansions, North Rd, London N7HousewifeEngland
GlanvilleJohn R (Rhodesian citizen, residing 1mth thence Nyasaland)private30Beira, Mozambique22-Aug-1959LondonDar Es Salaam, Tanga, Zanzibar, Mombasa, Barcelon, GibraltarKenyaBritish Indian Steam Navigation CompanyRegent Palace Hotel, Picadilly WCTea PlanterNyasaland
GlanvilleJoan M (Rhodesian citizen, residing 1mth thence Nyasaland)private24 -- ditto --22-Aug-1959London -- ditto --Kenya -- ditto -- -- ditto --  Nyasaland
GlanvilleGuy R J (Rhodesian citizen, residing 1mth thence Nyasaland)private3 -- ditto --22-Aug-1959London -- ditto --Kenya -- ditto -- -- ditto --  Nyasaland
GlanvilleGeorge D (Canadian citizen, residing 2wks thence Canada)24-Jan-190950Montreal, Quebec, Canda25-Aug-1959Liverpool  Empress of BritainCanadian Pacific52/62 Regent St, London W1Business ExecutiveCanada
GlanvilleHesper R (Canadian citizen, residing 2wks thence Canada)03-Sep-190950 -- ditto --25-Aug-1959Liverpool  Empress of Britain -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeCanada
GlanvilleJill Mary (single, S Rhodesian citizen, 2wk residence then Canada)private24S Africa18-Mar-1960SouthamptonDurban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, MadeiraAthlone CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company8 Alma Rd, Brixham, DevonClerkS Rhodesia
GlanvilleEsmine (Jamaican citizen)private21Kingston, Jamaica08-Apr-1960SouthamptonLa Guaira, TenerifeBegonaMessrs Keller, Bryant and Company113 Poplar Ave, Edgbaston, BirminghamStudentJamaica
GlanvilleRobert (married, English)26-Jul-191244New York, NY, USA12-Jul-1960Southampton Queen ElizabethCunard Steamship Companyc/o Austen Reeds, LondonSalesmanEngland
GlanvilleLouisa (English, married)20-Nov-190554Walvis Bay, S Africa22-Jul-1960LondonLas PalmasRhodesia CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship CompanyWillinbrock, Ownsnoor, Camberley, SurreyTracerEngland
GlanvillHoward (Brazilian passport)private25Santos, Brazil09-Sep-1960LondonRio De Janeiro, Las PalmasAragonRoyal Mail LinesBaptist College, Woodland Rd, Bristol 8StudentBrazil
GlenvilleAcconwen E. (married female)16-May-189961Quebec, Canada15-Sep-1960Greenock  Empress of FranceCanadian Pacific Steamships1 Kerry St, Tonypandy, WalesHousewifeAustralia
GlanvilleJill (single, S Rhodesian citizen, 3day stay in UK)private25New York, NY, USA20-Sep-1960SouthamptonCherbourgQueen MaryCunard Steamship Company  Clerk 
GlanvilleChrissie Maria (English born Australian, widow)26-Jul-188476Melbourne, Australia15-Dec-1960SouthamptonBrisbane, Singapore, Colombo, Fremantle, NaplesFair SkyFair Line  PensionerAustralia