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The information here is derived from the Board of Trade's passenger lists of ships arriving in the United Kingdom from foreign ports outside of Europe and the Mediterranean from 1878-1888 and 1890-1960.

I have looked at the source records to determine all fields bar two:
  • I have used the transcribed Port of Departure, over-writing it with the Port of Embarkation where I could.
    Therefore this field either contains the port of departure of the vessel or the port at which the passenger joined.
  • I have used the transcribed Ports of Voyage, correcting where obvious errors were found. Where I knew the Port of Embarkation I have attempted to remove earlier Ports of Voyage. The Ports of Voyage are not necessarily in the correct sequence, but mostly are.
Thus this listing corrects transcription errors found in other published transcripts made from the Board of Trade records, such as the one published by ancestry.com.

Note that one of the two fields Date of Birth and Age will be inferred, the other will be given.
   As more recent records contain exact dates of birth for people still living, those have been marked "private" and only the Age left
Also, any additional information found in the records (such as Nationality) is put against Forenames.


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GlanvilleMrsc188629Montreal, Quebec, Canda16-Jun-1915London  SicilianAllan Line  HousewifeCeylon
GlanvilleMr R Tc187837Algoa Bay, S Africa28-Jun-1915PlymouthCape Town, TenerifeDurham CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company FitterTransvaal
GlanvilleLeonardc188629New York, NY, USA04-Jul-1915Liverpool  TuscaniaAnchor Line42 Cranley Mews, Kensington, LondonChaffeurUSA
GlanvilleMrsc188629 -- ditto --04-Jul-1915Liverpool  Tuscania -- ditto -- -- ditto --NilUSA
GlanvilleHenryc188629Lagos, Nigeria29-Oct-1915PlymouthAccra, Sekondi, Sierra Leone, Las PalmasKarinaAfrican Steamship CompanyHayle Terrace, Hayle, CornwallMinerNigeria
GlanvilleHelenc188035New York, NY, USA10-Dec-1915Liverpool  BalticWhite Star Line16 Canford Rd, Clapham Common, LondonNurseUSA
GlanvilleGracec188036New York, NY, USA21-Oct-1916Liverpool  AdriaticWhite Star Line45 Larkfield Road, Richmond, SurreyHousewifeCanada
GlanvilleHazel Audreyc19115 -- ditto --21-Oct-1916Liverpool  Adriatic -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildCanada
GlanvilleGeo Patk Hc19151 -- ditto --21-Oct-1916Liverpool  Adriatic -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildCanada
GlanvilleHenryc188631Lagos, Nigeria20-Nov-1917LiverpoolAcca, Sekondi, Sierra LeoneAkaboElder Dempster & Company9 Hayle Terrace, Hayle, CornwallMining EngineerNigeria
GlanvilleRubyc187938Bombay, India28-Nov-1917LiverpoolDurbanCircassiaAnchor LineAshley House, Tunbridge Wells, KentMissionaryIndia
GlanvilleMr Mc188929Cape Town, S Africa01-Jul-1918London Kitano MaruNippon Yusen Kaisha SoldierEngland
GlanvillEmmac189623Sydney, Australia07-Oct-1919LondonMelbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Colombo, Port Said, Naples, Gibraltar, PlymouthOrmondeOrient Steam Navigation Company  Children's nurseAustralia
GlanvilleFredc187643Montreal, Quebec, Canda10-Nov-1919Liverpool  MeganticWhite Star Line  Car. Ford labourerCanada
GlanvilleMrsc188138 -- ditto --10-Nov-1919Liverpool  Megantic -- ditto --  HousewifeCanada
GlanvilleAdac190910 -- ditto --10-Nov-1919Liverpool  Megantic -- ditto --  ChildCanada
GlanvilleFredc19118 -- ditto --10-Nov-1919Liverpool  Megantic -- ditto --  ChildCanada
GlanvilleVerac19136 -- ditto --10-Nov-1919Liverpool  Megantic -- ditto --  ChildCanada
GlanvilleLieut T A  Bombay, India18-Nov-1919LondonPlymouthNeuraliaBritish India Steam Navigation Company  ArmyBritish E Africa
GlanvilleJohn P (US citizen)c188634New York, NY, USA05-Mar-1920Southampton  LaplandRed Star Line9 Cheamside, SurreyButlerUSA
GlanvilleMrsc188733Colombo, Ceylon08-Mar-1920LondonPort Sudan, Marseilles, Port Said, PlymouthOxfordshireBibby Line  NilCeylon
GlanvilleMr B G dec188634 -- ditto --08-Mar-1920London -- ditto --Oxfordshire -- ditto --  Ceylon Civil ServiceCeylon
Glanvilleinfant19196mths -- ditto --08-Mar-1920London -- ditto --Oxfordshire -- ditto --    Ceylon
Glanvillechild (male)c19155 -- ditto --08-Mar-1920London -- ditto --Oxfordshire -- ditto --    Ceylon
Glanvillechild (male)c19153 -- ditto --08-Mar-1920London -- ditto --Oxfordshire -- ditto --    Ceylon
GlanvilleJ S (US citizen)c19137New York, NY, USA12-Apr-1920Southampton  LaplandRed Star Line9 Argyle Sq, St Pancars, LondonMetal WorkerUSA
GlanvilleMrc186852Brisbane, Australia12-Jun-1920LondonSydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Columbo, Port Said, Toulon, Gibraltar, PlymouthOrvietoOrient Line  EngineerChina
GlanvilleMrsc186852 -- ditto --12-Jun-1920London -- ditto --Orvieto -- ditto --    China
GlanvilleGeorgec188832Cape Town, S Africa21-Jun-1920SouthamptonMadeiraEdinburgh CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  SeamanEngland
GlanvilleJames Henryc189525Montevideo, Uruguay27-Jul-1920SouthamptonSantos, Rio De Janeiro, Bahia, Pernambuco, St Vincent, Lisbon, VigoAlmanzoraRoyal Mail Lines  Royal NavyEngland
GlanvillBenjaminc187159New York, NY, USA08-Oct-1930Southampton  AquitaniaCunard LineThe Hill, Bromley, KentMember of LloydsEngland
GlanvilleEmmac187446Quebec, Canada13-Oct-1920Liverpool  Empress of FranceCanadian Pacific Line18 Greenend Rd, Bedford Pk, ChiswickH'WifeCanada
GlanvilleErnest (English)c187150St John, NB Canada08-Jan-1921Liverpool  MinnedosaCanadian Pacific Ocean Services6 Alfred Place, Citadel Rd, PlymouthRancherCanada
GlanvilleEarnest Alfredc188140Kingston, Jamaica20-Feb-1921Avonmouth, BristolPuerto Limon, CristobalPatucaMessrs Elders and Fyffesc/o Thos Cook & Sons, Ludgate Circus, LondonCivil EngineerUSA
GlanvilleMr J Rc188635Cape Town, S Africa05-Apr-1921SouthamptonMadeiraBritonUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company  SeamanEngland
GlanvilleGracec188140St John, New Brunswick, Canada26-Apr-1921Southampton  ScandinavianCanadian Pacific Line  WifeCanada
GlanvilleHazelc19129 -- ditto --26-Apr-1921Southampton  Scandinavian -- ditto --  ChildCanada
GlanvillePatrickc19174 -- ditto --26-Apr-1921Southampton  Scandinavian -- ditto --  ChildCanada
GlanvilleWilliam Fc187645Sierra Leone09-Jun-1921LiverpoolForcadoBodnantAfrican Steamship Company3 Valetock Place, Stonehouse, DevonSeamanSierra Leone
GlanvillEvelync189031New York, NY, USA02-Aug-1921Southampton  AcquitaniaCunard Lineen route S AfricaHousewifeUSA
GlanvillMarkc188338 -- ditto --02-Aug-1921Southampton  Acquitania -- ditto -- -- ditto --SecretaryUSA
GlanvillMarkc190011 -- ditto --02-Aug-1921Southampton  Acquitania -- ditto -- -- ditto --  USA
GlanvilleMrs N Bc189130Calcutta, India06-Oct-1921PlymouthMadras, Colombo, Port SaidMashobraBritish Indian Steam Navigation Company6 Alfred Place, PlymouthNilIndia
GlanvilleArthur Robertc19183 -- ditto --06-Oct-1921Plymouth -- ditto --Mashobra -- ditto -- -- ditto --  India
GlanvilleDudley Francis (female)c19192 -- ditto --06-Oct-1921Plymouth -- ditto --Mashobra -- ditto -- -- ditto --  India
GlanvilleAlicec188239Montreal, Quebec, Canda28-Oct-1921LiverpoolQuebecMelitaCanadian Pacific Line16 Canford Road, Clapham CommonNurse attached to ship 
GlenvilleShaunc188437New York, NY, USA22-Nov-1921Southampton AcquitaniaCunard LineAlhambra Theatre, GlasgowActorUSA
GlenvilleDorothyc189229 -- ditto --22-Nov-1921Southampton Acquitania -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeUSA
GlenvillePeterc19147 -- ditto --22-Nov-1921Southampton Acquitania -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildUSA
GlanvilleJohn (listed under Deports)c189031St John, New Brunswick, Canada21-Dec-1921Liverpool Empress of FranceCanadian Pacific Line7 Belmont St, PlymouthLabourerEngland
GlanvilleLily (listed under Deports)c189625 -- ditto --21-Dec-1921Liverpool Empress of France -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeEngland
GlanvilleElizabeth (listed under Deports)c19165 -- ditto --21-Dec-1921Liverpool Empress of France -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildEngland
GlanvilleRonald (listed under Deports)c19174 -- ditto --21-Dec-1921Liverpool Empress of France -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildEngland
GlanvillePhilip (listed under Deports)c19192 -- ditto --21-Dec-1921Liverpool Empress of France -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildEngland
GlanvilleHannahc186755St John, New Brunswick, Canada17-Apr-1922Liverpool  MontcalmCanadian Pacific Line4 Brookside, Bleanavon, WalesCookCanada
GlanvilleRichardc19184.5Alexandria, Egypt10-May-1922LondonMaltaMourinaEllerman Wilson LineRosemont, Hemyock, Devon Egypt
GlanvilleLaurac188933 -- ditto --10-May-1922LondonMaltaMourina -- ditto -- -- ditto --Home DutiesEgypt
GlanvilleHenryc188735Colon08-Jun-1922LiverpoolSalaverry, Havana, Antofagasta, Iquique, CorunaOritaPacific Steam Navigation CompanyHoyle Terrace, Hoyle, CornwallEngineerColombia
GlanvilleWilliamc190220Wellington, New Zealand15-Jun-1922SouthamptonColonTainuiShaw Savill Line48 Mansfield, IlfordFarmingNew Zealand
GlanvilleFannyc188141Quebec, Canada01-Aug-1922Southampton  Empress of ScotlandCanadian Pacific Line45 Arwenack St, FalmouthHousewifeCanada
GlanvilleGeorgec188438New York, NY, USA06-Aug-1922Southampton  AcquitaniaCunard Line35 Clande Rd, London E10SoldierUSA
GlanvilleDoctor Miss Ec187943Kilindini27-Sep-1922London  MentorOcean Steamship CompanyAspley House, Tunbridge WellsDoctorS Africa
GlanvilleMr Rc189725Kobe, Japan17-Oct-1922LondonMoji, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Malacca, Penang, Port SaidKatori MaruJapan-European LineSlanteague Whitland, South WalesEngineerJapan
GlenvilleArthur (listed under Deports)c189824Montreal, Quebec, Canda01-Dec-1922Southampton MinnedosaCanadian Pacific LineFarm, CornwallElectricianCanada
GlanvilleLeonard (listed under Deports)c188636Montreal, Quebec, Canda03-Dec-1922Liverpool MontclareCanadian Pacific Steamship LineDartmouth, DevonNoneUSA
GlanvilleMr Ac187053Bombay, India31-Mar-1923PlymouthPort Said, Marseilles, Gibraltar, PlymouthDevanhaPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation CompanySt Georges Hospital, Hyde Park Corner, LondonTea PlanterIndia
GlanvilleOscar (US citizen)  28 / 38New York, NY, USA11-Apr-1923Southampton  AquitaniaCunard LineWroxton, OxfordDruggistUSA
GlanvilleEthel (US citizen)c189627 -- ditto --11-Apr-1923Southampton  Aquitania -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeUSA
GlanvilleGeorge (US citizen)c19212 -- ditto --11-Apr-1923Southampton  Aquitania -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildUSA
GlanvilleComdr P Gc188241Calcutta, India03-Oct-1923LondonMadras, Port Said, Marseilles, PlymouthMashobraBritish Indian Steam Navigation Companyc/o Lloyds Bank, 9 Pall Mall, SW1Royal Indian MarineIndia
GlanvilleJohn Rc188538Malta11-Dec-1923Plymouth  ModasaBritish Indian Steam Navigation Company18 Looe St, PlymouthSeamanMalta
GlanvilleEmilyc187351Sydney, Australia07-Mar-1924LondonCape Town, Durban, Brisbane, Melbourne, Fremantle, Las PalmasBallaratCanadian Pacific Steamship Line"Yeomans" Wrington, SomersetNoneNew Zealand
GlanvilleRichardc188935Port Said, Egypt02-May-1924PlymouthMarseilles, GibraltarMalwaPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation CompanyRoseprock, Haymock, DevonEgyption TelEgypt
GlanvilleLaurac188935 -- ditto --02-May-1924Plymouth -- ditto --Malwa -- ditto -- -- ditto --MarriedEgypt & England
GlanvilleRichardc19186 -- ditto --02-May-1924Plymouth -- ditto --Malwa -- ditto -- -- ditto --NilEgypt & England
GlanvilleJessiec187450Montreal, Quebec, Canda29-Jun-1924Liverpool  ReginaWhite Star Dominion Line2 Restrever Mans, R'trever Rd, FulhamH'wifeCanada
GlanvilleDoris Mc190519 -- ditto --29-Jun-1924Liverpool  Regina -- ditto -- -- ditto --OperatorCanada
GlanvilleHelenac187747Montreal, Quebec, Canda01-Jul-1924LondonPlymouthAntoniaCunard Line119 Headcorn Road, Thornton Heath, SurreyNurseEngland
GlanvilleGeorge Percival (distressed British Seaman)c190025Madeira, Portugal26-Jan-1925Southampton  Kenilworth CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company40 Town St, Landport, Portsmouth  England
GlanvilleErnest Gc188243Kingston, Jamaica05-Apr-1925BristolTrinidad, Port LimonCoronadoElders & Fyffes Line"The Outlook", Carew Rd, EastbourneCivil EngineerEngland
GlanvilleEllenc188441New York, NY, USA09-Jun-1925LondonCherbourgMinnekahdaAtlantic Transport Line111 Benden Terr, EalingNurseUSA
GlanvilleArthur Pc189629Hong Kong, China25-Sep-1925PlymouthSingapore, Penang, Bombay, Colombo, Aden, Suez, Port Said, Marseilles, GibraltarMacedoniaPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company17 Peanie Road, PenzanceGovt.China
GlanvilleMary Ec190025 -- ditto --25-Sep-1925Plymouth -- ditto --Macedonia -- ditto -- -- ditto --  China
GlanvilleJoanc19232 -- ditto --25-Sep-1925Plymouth -- ditto --Macedonia -- ditto -- -- ditto --  China
GlanvillePenna Richard (Deport care White Star Line)c188837New York, NY, USA19-Dec-1925SouthamptonCherbourgHomericWhite Star LineSouthamptonLabourerEngland
GlanvilleAdac188740New York, NY, USA02-Apr-1926Southampton  OlympicWhite Star Line21 High St, Falmouth, CornwallH WifeUSA
GlanvilleGladysc19179 -- ditto --02-Apr-1926Southampton  Olympic -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildUSA
GlanvilleRobert Rc190125Freetown, Sierra Leone11-Apr-1926Plymouith AbaElder Dempster & CompanyBen Inagh, BlackwaterCivil ServantBritish Possession
GlanvilleThomasc188244Cape Town, S Africa20-Apr-1926SouthamptonMadeiraKildonan CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company29 Walley Bridge, ManchesterDirector of CompaniesS Africa
GlanvilleMr Fc186858Melbourne, Australia29-Apr-1926SouthamptonNaples, Toulon, Port Said, Hobart, Colombo, GibraltarOsterleyOrient LineSt Columb, CornwallDairymanAustralia
GlanvilleMr E? Hc189828 -- ditto --29-Apr-1926Southampton -- ditto --Osterley -- ditto --Llanteg Whitland, South WalesEngineerAustralia
GlanvilleIvy Lc189828Kingston, Jamaica10-May-1926Avonmouth, Bristol  MotoguaElders & Fyffes LineHeathercliffe Hospital, Overcliffe Drive, EC1NoneJamaica
GlanvilleVyvyan Richardc186462Algoa Bay, S Africa14-Jun-1926SouthamptonCape Town, MadeiraSaxon CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship CompanyLangham Hotel, London, WMerchantS Africa
GlanvilleAnne Pughc185868 -- ditto --14-Jun-1926Southampton -- ditto --Saxon Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --  S Africa
GlanvilleEdithc187254Australia19-Jun-1926SouthamptonBrisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Colombo, Port Said, Fremantle, SouthamptonJervis BayAustralian Commonwealth LineAustralia House, LondonHome DutiesEngland
GlanvilleEdithc188838Sydney, Australia12-Jul-1926LondonAdelaide, Colombo, Port Said, FremantleHobsons BayAustralian Commonwealth Line93 Pretoria Rd, Southsea, PortsmouthHome DutiesCanada
GlanvilleMr Arthur Cecilc190026Madeira, Portugal02-Aug-1926Southampton  Balmoral CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company34 Milton Road, Hanwell London W7ClerkEngland
GlanvilleEllenc186759Port Said, Egypt27-Aug-1926LondonMarseilles, GibraltarRanpuraPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company8 North Side, Clapham CommonNilEngland
GlanvilleHenryc188739Lagos, Nigeria29-Aug-1926PlymouthSekondi, Freetown, Teneriffe, AccraAbinsiElder Dempster & Company9 Hayle Terrace, Hayle, CornwallMining EngineerNigeria
GlanvilleMr Wc189135Sydney, Australia19-Oct-1926LondonMelbourne, Durban, Cape Town, FremantleBallaratPeninsular and Orient Steam Navigation CompanyLlanteg Whitland, S WalesBoring EngrNew Guinea
GlanvilleJohnsonc190026New York, NY, USA18-Dec-1926Southampton  New YorkWhite Star LineRosewarne Farm, Camborne, CornwallSalesmanUSA
GlanvilleHerbert Jc189927Gibraltar30-Dec-1926London  NarkundaPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company55 Cooke St, Camberwell, London SE5SoldierGibraltar
GlanvilleBertiec188443Durban, S Africa20-Mar-1927LondonCape Town, Las PalmasBendigo -- ditto --60 Ashburnham Grove, Greenwich, LondonIronmongerEngland
GlanvilleNataliec189532 -- ditto --20-Mar-1927London -- ditto --Bendigo -- ditto -- -- ditto --Home DutiesEngland
GlanvilleThomasc19207 -- ditto --20-Mar-1927London -- ditto --Bendigo -- ditto -- -- ditto --ScholarEngland
GlanvilleKathleenc19243 -- ditto --20-Mar-1927London -- ditto --Bendigo -- ditto -- -- ditto --  England
GlanvilleGwynneth C.c188641Cape Town, S Africa06-May-1927PlymouthMaltaMerionesChina Mutual Steam Navigation CompanyBraeside, Hillsborough Pk Rd, Ifracombe  S Africa
GlanvilleErnest Cliftonc191413 -- ditto --06-May-1927PlymouthMaltaMeriones -- ditto -- -- ditto --  S Africa
GlanvilleGwynneth V.c191017 -- ditto --06-May-1927PlymouthMaltaMeriones -- ditto -- -- ditto --StudentS Africa
GlanvilleRichard Tc187948Sekondi, Ghana03-Jun-1927PlymouthFreetown, Las PalmasAccraElder Dempster & CompanyFore St, Hale, CornwallTimbermanGold Coast
GlanvilleJohn Chadwickc189136Freetown, Sierra Leone03-Nov-1927Liverpool  ApapaBritish Indian Steam Navigation CompanyHope Cottage, Harefield, Middlesex**** retiredEngland
GlanvilleRobertc190126 -- ditto --03-Nov-1927LiverpoolPlymouthApapa -- ditto --"Ben Inagh", Blackrock, Co DublinCivil ServantIreland
GlanvilleJohnc190028New York, NY, USA13-Jan-1928Southampton  AquitaniaCunard Line22 St Paul's Tce, Ryhope, Co DurhamMar. EngrEngland
GlanvilleMr F Bc189335Singapore23-Jan-1928LondonGibraltar, Singapre, Naples, Port Said, PenangHakozaki MaruNippon Yusen KaishaChagford, 11 Drew St, Britham, DevonMarine OfficerSingapore
GlanvilleHerbertc189731Cape Town, S Africa30-Apr-1928SouthamptonMadeiraCarnavon CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company34 Upper Richmond Rd, East Putney, London SW15Tobacco GrowerS Rhodesia
GlenvilleMiss J Sc186959Brisbane, Australia09-Jun-1928LondonSydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Colombo, Port Said, Naples, Gibraltar, SouthamptonOramaOrient Linec/o Aust. House, Strand, LondonSchool TeacherAustralia
GlanvilleElizc189038New York, NY, USA11-Jun-1928PlymouthLe Havre, PlymouthCarinthiaCunard LineGuildford Lane, Hayle, CornwallH'WifeUSA
GlanvilleJamesc19208 -- ditto --11-Jun-1928Plymouth -- ditto --Carinthia -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildUSA
GlanvilleWilliamc19235 -- ditto --11-Jun-1928Plymouth -- ditto --Carinthia -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildUSA
GlanvilleMrs Lc189731Naples, Italy10-Jul-1928LondonMarseilles, GibraltarHakusan MaruNippon Yusen Kaisha27 Heathcote Rd, PortsmouthHome DutiesMalta
GlanvilleReginaldc189830Demerara, Guyana22-Jul-1928LondonBarbados, Antigua, GranadaIngriaHarrison Linec/o W.M.M.M.S. 24 Bishopsgate EC2MinisterBritish Guiana
GlanvilleThomasc188246Cape Town, S Africa23-Jul-1928SouthamptonMadeiraArundel CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company1 Codrington Place, Clifton, BristolDirectorS Africa
GlanvilleMissc190325Colombo, Ceylon27-Aug-1928LondonPort Sudan, Marseilles, Port Said, PlymouthCheshireBibby Brothers & CompanyGuys Hospital, LondonNurseCeylon
GlanvilleHenryc188840Lagos, Nigeria08-Sep-1928PlymouthAccra, Sekondi, Monrovia, Las Palmas, Freetown, Takoradi, BathurstAccraElder Dempster & Company9 Hayle Terrace, Hayle, CornwallEngineerNigeria
GlanvilleBertiec190820Montreal, Quebec, Canda28-Oct-1928PlymouthQuebecAuraniaCunard Line45 Southside Str, PlymouthLabourerEngland
GlanvilleFrederickc191216Lisbon, Portugal06-Nov-1928SouthamptonVigoArlanzaRoyal Mail Steam Packet Company35 Gordon Dwellings, Camberwell SE5StewardEngland
GlanvilleThomas Percyc188346Bombay, India01-Mar-1929PlymouthAden, Port Said, Malta, Marseilles, Algiers, GibraltarRanpuraPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation CompanyMablethorpe, Paignton, DevonCapt. Royal India MarineEngland
GlanvilleMiss Lorna (23yr old nurse accompanying her to Addis Farm)c19245Colombo, Ceylon12-Apr-1929LondonPort Said, Marseilles, PlymouthLeicestershireBibby Brothers & CompanyAddis Farm, Elmbridge, WorcesterNilIndia
GlanvilleThomasc190425New York, NY, USA24-Apr-1929Plymouth AuraniaCunard Line5 St Thomas Mansion, WestminsterGeologistUSA
GlanvilleMargaretc190821 -- ditto --24-Apr-1929Plymouth Aurania -- ditto -- -- ditto --H'WifeUSA
GlenvilleShaun  New York, NY, USA26-Apr-1929Southampton MajesticWhite Star Line ActorEngland
GlenvilleDorothy   -- ditto --26-Apr-1929Southampton Majestic -- ditto -- ActressEngland
GlanvilleMr Wc186168Fremantle, Australia09-May-1929Tilbury, LondonColombo, Port Said, Toulon, Naples,. Gibraltar, SouthamptonOrfordOrient Steam Navigation CompanyDenny Rd, Lambert, StirlingshireRet. PostmanAustrailia
GlanvilleRobert Ranulfc190128Freetown, Sierra Leone24-Jun-1929LiverpoolPlymouthApapaBritish and African Steam Navigation CompanyBen Inagh, Blackrock, Co DublinCivil ServiceBritish Possession
GlanvilleGail G (US citizen)c189435Quebec, Canada26-Jun-1929Southampton  Empress of ScotlandCanadian Pacific LineGuild Travel Bureau, 32 St James St, LondonClaim AdjusterUSA
GlanvilleArthur Cecilc190029Genoa, Italy27-Jul-1929SouthamptonBelawan, AlgiersPieter Corneliszoon HooftNederland Royal Mail Line34 Milton Road, Hanwell London W7ClerkEngland
GlanvilleBenjaminc187158Cape Town, S Africa06-Aug-1929SouthamptonPort Elizabeth, Durban, Lourenco Marques, East London, Kilindini, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Genoa, Malagar, LisbonWatussiWoermann LineThe Hill, Bromley, KentLloydsEngland
GlanvilleJames (US citizen)c189237New York, NY, USA19-Aug-1929LiverpoolBostonScythiaCunard Line82 Ferne Pk Rd, Stroud Green, NBodybuilderUSA
GlanvillAgnes Elizbc187257Durban, S Africa26-Aug-1929SouthamptonCape Town, East London, Madeira, Algoa BayWindsor CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company    Australia
GlanvilleWalterc187158Halifax, Canada16-Dec-1929Plymouth PennlandRed Star LineDuloe, CornwallBlacksmithCanada
GlanvilleArchibaldc189634St John, New Brunswick, Canada18-Jan-1930Greenock  Duchess of RichmondCanadian Pacific Steamship LinePark Foot St, FalkirkFiremanEngland
GlanvilleMr Charles Jamesc187654Marseilles, France02-May-1930LondonPlymouthYorkshireBibby Line54 Ellesmere Rd, Chiswick, W4EngineerEngland
GlanvilleIvy Louisec189048Kingston, Jamaica25-May-1930Avonmouth, BristolCristobal, Port Limon, Bocas del JoroCarareElders & Fyffes LineHeathercliffe, Overcliffe Drive, Southbourne, BournemouthNoneJamaica
GlanvilleArthur Cc190030Gibraltar06-Jul-1930London  MathuraAnchor Brocklebank Line34 Milton Road, Hanwell London W7Commercial Asst.England
GlanvilleJohnc189238Sydney, Australia18-Jul-1930LondonAdelaide, Colombo, Hobart, Fremantle, Aden, Port Said, PlymouthBaradinePeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Companyc/o Admiralty, LondonRoyal NavyAustralia
GlanvilleJohnsonc190129New York, NY, USA26-Aug-1930Southampton  EuropaUnited States LinePraze, CornwallMechanicUSA
GlanvilleEdwardc190426New York, NY, USA13-Sep-1930Southampton  HomericWhite Star Line37 De Laune St, Kensington, London SWNilEngland
GlanvilleNanniec186664New York, NY, USA07-Oct-1930Southampton AquitaniaCunard Line5 St Thomas's Mansion, Westminster Bridge, LndonNoneEngland
GlanvilleErnest Alfredc188149Kingston, Jamaica20-Nov-1930London  Jamaica ProducerThe Jamaica Direct Fruit Linec/o T. Cook & Son, Berkeley St, LondonCivil EngineerEngland
GlanvilleWilliam Russellc186862Montreal, Quebec, Canada23-Nov-1930Southampton MontclareCanadian Pacific LineKilworthy, Crowborough Rd, Southend on SeaPhotographerCanada
GlanvilleWalterc187060Halifax, Canada14-Dec-1930Plymouth WesternlandRed Star LineDuloe, CornwallBlacksmithCanada
GlanvilleArthurc189635Hong Kong, China06-Mar-1931PlymouthSingapore, Penang, Colombo, Bombay, Aden, Port Said, Malta, Marseilles, Gibraltar, PlymouthComorinPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation CompanyLidden Estate, PenzanceCivil ServantChina
GlanvilleMaryc190031 -- ditto --06-Mar-1931Plymouth -- ditto --Comorin -- ditto -- -- ditto --H.D.China
GlanvilleJohnc19247 -- ditto --06-Mar-1931Plymouth -- ditto --Comorin -- ditto -- -- ditto --  China
GlanvilleElizabethc19292 -- ditto --06-Mar-1931Plymouth -- ditto --Comorin -- ditto -- -- ditto --  China
GlanvilleMr Frederickc189338Suez16-Mar-1931LondonNaples, Marseilles, GibraltarKashima MaruNippon Yusen Kaishac/o Asiatic Petroleum. DevonMarine OfficerEngland
GlanvilleMr Herbertc189734Cape Town, S Africa16-Mar-1931SouthamptonMadeiraWindsor CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship CompanyBrookfield, Lustleigh, S DevonPaymastr Lieut RN RetiredSouthern Rhodesia
GlanvilleMrs Irenec190031 -- ditto --16-Mar-1931SouthamptonMadeiraWindsor Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --  Southern Rhodesia
GlanvilleMstr Johnc19301 -- ditto --16-Mar-1931SouthamptonMadeiraWindsor Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --  Southern Rhodesia
GlanvilleEdw Ernestc188249Cape Town, S Africa23-Mar-1931SouthamptonMadeiraWarwick Castle -- ditto --Camwar Downs, nr Hayle, CornwallClerkAustralia
GlenvilleShaunc188447Southampton28-Mar-1931SouthamptonLas Palmas, Santa Cruz, Palma, Algiers, BarcelonaLaconiaCunard White StarYeoman Hse, Haymarket, LondonActorEngland
GlanvilleThomasc190328New York, NY, USA14-Apr-1931Liverpool AndaniaCunard Line5 St Thomas Mansion, WestminsterGeophysicistUSA
GlanvilleMargaretc190823 -- ditto --14-Apr-1931Liverpool Andania -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeUSA
GlanvilleEllenc188447New York, NY, USA05-May-1931GlasgowBelfastCaliforniaAnchor LineThe Lodge, Pier Ave, Herne Bay, KentNurseUSA
GlanvilleFlorence Mc188348Gibraltar04-Jun-1931SouthamptonTangier, LisbonDempoRoyal Rotterdam Lloyd"Leonards" Park Ave, Purbook, HantsNoneEngland
GlanvilleGerald Hc19265 -- ditto --04-Jun-1931Southampton -- ditto --Dempo -- ditto -- -- ditto --NoneEngland
GlanvilleGertrudec187358Colombo, Ceylon04-Jun-1931LondonPort Said, Malta, PlymouthBallaratGreenock Line29 Radcliffe Gdns, Ilford, EssexHome DutiesAustralia
GlanvilleEmilyc188645Montreal, Quebec, Canda05-Jun-1931Liverpool  Duchess of AthollCanadian Pacific82 St Albans Rd, Arnold, NottsHousewifeCanada
GlanvilleMrs F  ALas Palmas, Spain11-Jun-1931Liverpool  ArdeolaHoward Bros10 Trafalgar Rd, Mosely, BirminghamNilEngland
GlanvilleMary Adelaidec190922Lisbon, Portugal03-Jul-1931SouthamptonVigoAsturiasRoyal Mail Steam Packet CompanyHill View, Queenstown I.F.S.SpinsterPortugal
GlanvilleMiss G Mc187457Kingston, Jamaica07-Jul-1931LondonPlymouthJamaica SettlerJamaica Direct Fruit Line2 Springfield Road, Wallington, SurreyCommercialJamaica
GlanvilleJames (US citizen)c187061New York, NY, USA25-Jul-1931Southampton  SamariaCunard Linec/o Amer Express Co, LondonFarmerUSA
GlanvilleMr D Hc191615Gibraltar15-Sep-1931London  Suwa MaruNippon Yusen Kaisha"dunrobin" Park Avenue, Purbrook, HantsScholarIndia
GlanvilleArthurc190031Gibraltar25-Sep-1931LondonPort Said, Malta, Marseilles, Gibraltar, PlymouthRanpuraPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company34 Milton Road, Hanwell W7Com. AsstEngland
GlanvilleWilliamc187160Montreal, Quebec, Canada25-Oct-1931PlymouthQuebec, Le HavreAuraniaCunard White StarTippetts Hill, Idless, Truro, CornwallService ManUSA
GlanvilleMilliec187457 -- ditto --25-Oct-1931Plymouth -- ditto --Aurania -- ditto -- -- ditto --H'WifeUSA
GlanvilleJohnsonc190130New York, NY, USA11-Dec-1931SouthamptonCherbourgAquitania -- ditto --Clowance Estate, Prage, CornwallCar SalesmanUSA
GlanvilleMargaret (English)c190724 -- ditto --11-Dec-1931SouthamptonCherbourgAquitania -- ditto --5 St Thomas Mission, Westminster BridgeH'WifeUSA
GlanvilleWilliamc190130Melbourne, Australia20-Dec-1931PlymouthAdelaide, Fremantle, Colombo, Port Said, MaltaBarraboolPeninsular and Orient Steam Navigation Company12 Andrew Place, Truro, CornwallMotor MechanicUSA
GlanvilleWalterc188151Bombay, India15-Mar-1932LiverpoolPort Said, Marseilles, GibraltarTuscaniaAnchor Linec/o HT Roberts, Hawkhow, UllswaterArmy OfficeIndia
GlanvilleKathleenc188745 -- ditto --15-Mar-1932Liverpool -- ditto --Tuscania -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeIndia
GlanvilleThomas (listed on Deports page)c189240Montreal, Quebec, Canada10-May-1932Liverpool LaurenticWhite Star LineAngarrack, Hayle, CornwallLabourerCanada
GlanvilleWilliam Jc190329Mombasa, Kenya14-May-1932LondonPort Said, Marseilles, Tangier, PlymouthMaldaBritish India Steam Navigation Company Queensgate Hotel, Queensgate, South Kensington, London W7Civil ServantKenya Colony
GlanvilleMiss Vera Fc191121Gibraltar29-May-1932SouthamptonTangierSibajakRotterdam LloydHospital Fairley, Newport, I.O.W.NurseEngland
GlanvilleFannyc188151Montreal, Quebec, Canda11-Jun-1932LiverpoolGreenock, Glasgow, BelfastDuchess of AthollCanadian Pacificc/o Mrs Rowe, Fowey, CornwallHousewifeCanada
GlanvilleMr R F Rc191319Sydney, Australia01-Sep-1932Tilbury, LondonMelbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Colombo, Suez, Port Said, Naples, Toulon, Gibraltar, PlymouthOrsovaOrient LineThe Cottage, Gurton, Nr Dover, KentFarm HandNew Zealand
GlanvilleJohnsonc190131Quebec, Canada06-Oct-1932SouthamptonCherbourgEmpress of BritainCanadian PacificClowance Praze, CornwallCar DealerUSA
GlanvilleLillian Florencec190626Freetown, Sierra Leone16-Oct-1932Plymouth AppamElder Dempster & Co88 Horton Grange Rd, BradfordNoneBritish Possession
GlanvilleLt Rc191220Gibraltar08-Dec-1932London OtrantoOrient Steam Navigation CompanyHolme Lodge, St Austell, CornwallArmy OfficerEngland
GlanvilleStephen Rc190032St John, New Brunswick, Canada16-Dec-1932Southampton Duchess of RichmondCanadian Pacific53 North Rd, Highgate, LondonCivil ServantEngland
GlanvilleMr I Lc189934Fremantle, Australia19-Jan-1933LondonColombo, Port Said, Naples, Toulon, GibraltarOrsovaOrient Line108 Beauvue Rd, E Dulwich, LondonDraughtsmanAustralia
GlanvilleJohn Gc190132New York, NY, USA20-Feb-1933LiverpoolBoston, HalifaxAdriaticCunard White StarBeaver House, Trinity Lane, LondonBuyerCanada
GlanvilleMr Ec191122Gibraltar20-May-1933London  Hakusan MaruNippon Yusen Kaisha92 Ebury Edge, Belgravia, London EW1ChaffeurS Africa
GlanvilleRobert Ranulfc188152Freetown, Sierra Leone09-Jun-1933LiverpoolLas PalmasAccraElder Dempster Lines32 Garville Ave, Rathgar, DublinCivil ServantBrit *** State
GlanvilleD Hc191617Gibraltar04-Sep-1933SouthamptonTangier, LisbonIndrapoeraRotterdam LloydSilvester Rd, Portsmouth  S Africa
GlanvilleClifton Ernest Bc191419Cape Town, S Africa18-Sep-1933SouthamptonTenerife, Ascension, St HelenaLlandaff CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship CompanyPembroke College, CambridgeStudentS Africa
GlanvillNancyc190330Montreal, Quebec, Canda29-Sep-1933LiverpoolQuebecDuchess of YorkCanadian Pacific50 Warwick Sq, LondonNilS Africa
GlanvilleMayc190627New York, NY, USA03-Oct-1933PlymouthHavanaMauretaniaCunard White Star20 Looe St, PlymouthDressmakerEngland
GlanvilleEmilyc188350Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada19-Dec-1933London  AusoniaCunard White Star32 St Albans Rd, Arnold, NottsHousekeeperCanada
GlanvillGordon Johnc190331St John or Halifax15-Feb-1934Greenock  BrittanyRoyal Mail LinesBeaver House, Gt Trinity Lane, LondonBuyerS Africa
GlanvilleRubyc188054Port Said, Egypt04-Mar-1934London Port MelbourneCommonwealth and Dominion LineMidland Bank, 431 Oxford St, WDoctorAustralia
GlanvilleJohn Ec189935Bombay, India05-Mar-1934LiverpoolMarseilles, GibraltarBritanniaAnchor LineSpringfield, Enniskillen, N IrelandClericIndia
GlanvilleJoan Pc190925 -- ditto --05-Mar-1934Liverpool -- ditto --Britannia -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeIndia
GlanvilleThelma Ec19313 -- ditto --05-Mar-1934Liverpool -- ditto --Britannia -- ditto -- -- ditto --  India
GlanvilleJohn Ic19322 -- ditto --05-Mar-1934Liverpool -- ditto --Britannia -- ditto -- -- ditto --  India
GlanvilleMrs J Gc190034Colombo, Ceylon15-Apr-1934LondonPort Said, MaltaCity of VeniceEllerman's Lines21a Devonshire Mews, Portland Pl, London W1  India
GlanvilleSamuelc187955Shanghai, China27-Apr-1934LondonSingapore, Penang, Hong Kong, Colombo, Marseilles, GibraltarChitralPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Companyc/o China Inland Mission, Newington Green, N16MissionaryChina
GlanvilleJanetc187361 -- ditto --27-Apr-1934London -- ditto --ChitralPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company -- ditto --H.D.China
GlanvilleHarryc189638Montreal, Quebec, Canda19-May-1934Plymouth  Pacific RangerFurness Line80 Burcott Rd, WellsPapermakerCanada
GlanvilleEileenc190034 -- ditto --19-May-1934Plymouth  Pacific Ranger -- ditto -- -- ditto --H'WifeCanada
GlanvilleRobertc19304 -- ditto --19-May-1934Plymouth  Pacific Ranger -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildCanada
GlanvilleLilyc189836Malta28-May-1934London BendigoPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company21 Northwood Road, Hilsea, PortsmouthHome DutiesMalta
GlanvilleMrs E Mc188648Port Said, Egypt02-Jun-1934London  Geraldine MaryDonaldson LineAustralia Ho., StrandJournalistS Africa
GlanvilleMr H Rc189242Sydney, Australia04-Jun-1934London  Fushimi MaruNippon Yusen KaishaBank of N.S.Wales, Threadneedle St, ECAgtrl DeptPapua
GlanvilleMrs H Ic189341 -- ditto --04-Jun-1934London  Fushimi Maru -- ditto -- -- ditto --Home DutiesPapua
GlanvilleMae (US citizen)c191618Montreal, Quebec, Canda07-Jul-1934Liverpool  Duchess of RichmondCanadian Pacific66 Eglashayle Rd, Cornwall, DevonStudentUSA
GlanvilleMary (US citizen)c191420 -- ditto --07-Jul-1934Liverpool  Duchess of Richmond -- ditto -- -- ditto --TeacherUSA
GlanvilleJohn (US citizen)c187955 -- ditto --07-Jul-1934Liverpool  Duchess of Richmond -- ditto -- -- ditto --FarmerUSA
GlanvilleMary Cameron (US citizen)c189737New York, NY, USA12-Jul-1934SouthamptonMajesticCunard White StarWest Street, Carshalton, SurreyHousewifeUSA
GlanvilleEwart Hc188153Marseilles, France20-Jul-1934LondonGibraltar, CeutaRawalpindiPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company21a Castlebar Rd, Ealing, London W5SurveyorEngland
GlanvilleZoec187955Montreal, Quebec, Canda22-Jul-1934Liverpool  Duchess of BedfordCanadian Pacificc/o Nat. Bank of Australasia, Australia House, LondonNilAustralia
GlanvilleElla Constancec188153 -- ditto --22-Jul-1934Liverpool  Duchess of Bedford -- ditto -- -- ditto --NilAustralia
GlanvilleVerac191123Gibraltar10-Aug-1934PlymouthTangierMooltanPeninsular and Orient Steam Navigation CompanyLangham Hs, Langham Plc, W1NurseSpain
GlanvilleRobertc191222Gibraltar31-Aug-1934LondonTangierRanchiPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation CompanyHelm Lodge, St Austell, CornwallArmy OfficerGibraltar
GlanvilleDennisc191618Gibraltar28-Sep-1934LondonTangierRanpuraPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company"Rose Mount" Silvester Rd, Cowplain, PortsmouthStudentEngland
GlanvilleErnest Alfredc188153Marseilles, France19-Oct-1934PlymouthGibraltar, TangierStrathnaverPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Companyc/o T. Cook & Son, Berkeley St, LondonCivil EngineerIndia
GlanvilleJoanc190034 -- ditto --19-Oct-1934Plymouth -- ditto --Strathnaver -- ditto -- -- ditto --Home DutiesIndia
GlanvilleLorna Kathleenc192410 -- ditto --19-Oct-1934Plymouth -- ditto --Strathnaver -- ditto -- -- ditto --ChildIndia
GlanvilleFrederick Blakec189242Natal, S Africa05-Nov-1934SouthamptonPort Elizabeth (Algoa Bay), Cape Town, MadeiraWarwick CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company11 Greenswood Rd, Brixham, DevonMaster MarinerEngland
GlanvilleWilliamc188253St John, New Brunswick, Canada20-Dec-1934Southampton Duchess of Richmond 3 Marlborough Terr, Bovey Tracey, DevonFarmerCanada
GlanvilleJohn Gordonc190431St John, New Brunswick, Canada09-Feb-1935Belfast  Duchess of YorkCanadian PacificBeaver House, Gt Trinity Lane, LondonBuyerCanada
GlanvillNancyc190431Gibraltar28-Mar-1935LondonTangierRajputanaP&O Steam Navigation CompanyThe Bolt, New Lodge, Windsor Forr, BerksHome DutiesScotland
GlanvilleMr Thos Georgec190233Cape Town, S Africa01-Apr-1935SouthamptonMadeiraEdinburgh CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship CompanyRegent Palace Hotel, London W1ElectricianRhodesia
GlanvillBenjamin Andrewc187164Durban, S Africa22-Apr-1935SouthamptonEast London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, MadeiraArundel CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship CompanyThe Hill, Bromley, KentMember of LloydsEngland
GlanvillEthelc187065 -- ditto --22-Apr-1935Southampton -- ditto --Arundel Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeEngland
GlanvilleMilliec187263Montreal, Quebec, Canada06-May-1935London AlauniaCunard White Star106 Rodin Rd, Loughton, EssexH'WifeUSA
GlanvilleRev Georgec187263Brisbane, Australia07-May-1935HullSydney, Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Colombo, Port Said, MaltaMoreton BayAberdeen and Commonwealth LineChurch House, Deans Yard, WestminsterMinisterAustralia
GlanvilleMrs Emilyc188055 -- ditto --07-May-1935Hull -- ditto --Moreton Bay -- ditto -- -- ditto --Home DutiesAustralia
GlanvilleR Rc190134Freetown, Sierra Leone20-May-1935LiverpoolMadeira, Las PalmasAppamElder Dempster Lines15 Garville Ave, Rathgar, Co Dublin Civil ServtSierra Leone
GlanvilleL F (Mrs R R)c190629 -- ditto --20-May-1935Liverpool -- ditto --Appam -- ditto -- -- ditto --NoneSierra Leone
GlanvilleWilson (distressed British Seaman)c191520Halifax, Canada06-Jun-1935LiverpoolSt John'sNewfoundlandMessrs Furness,Withy & Company213 St Anthony's Rd, Walker, Newcastle on TyneSeamanEngland
GlanvillMargaretc187956Gibraltar18-Jul-1935LondonTangierRajputanaP&O Steam Navigation Company50 Warwick Sq, London, SW1H.D.S Africa
GlanvilleJohn Archdc187659Quebec, Canada18-Jul-1935SouthamptonCherbourgEmpress of BritainCanadian Pacific9 Hayle Terrace, Hayle, CornwallMachinistCanada
GlanvilleGordonc190135St John, New Brunswick, Canada08-Feb-1936Liverpool  Duchess of BedfordCanadian PacificHeavar House, Gt Trinity Lane, LondonBuyerCanada
GlanvilleWilliamc190432Mombasa, Kenya17-Feb-1936London MaldaBritish India Steam Navigation Company O'seas League, SW1Civil ServantKenya
GlanvilleMiss M? Vc189937Sydney, Australia12-Mar-1936LondonHobart, Melbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Colombo, Port Said, Toulon, GibraltarOrmondeOrient Steam Navigation Companyc/o Bank of NSW, 29 Threadneedle St, EC2TeacherAustralia
GlanvilleArthurc189640Hong Kong, China31-Mar-1936LondonSingapore, Penang, Colombo, Cochin, Aden, Port Said, Malta, Marseilles, GibraltarCathayPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation CompanyBodinnick, Lidden, PenzanceGovernment ServantS Africa
GlanvilleMaryc190036 -- ditto --31-Mar-1936London -- ditto --Cathay -- ditto -- -- ditto --H.D.S Africa
GlanvilleElizabethc19297 -- ditto --31-Mar-1936London -- ditto --Cathay -- ditto -- -- ditto --  S Africa
GlanvilleMiss Joyce Mc190828Wellington, New Zealand14-Apr-1936LondonBalboaRangitikiNew Zealand Shipping Companyc/o C O Sharp, LauncestonLaw ClerkNew Zealand
GlanvilleMildredc191125Antigua18-Apr-1936LondonCaribbeanIngiraHarrison LineThe Mount, Heath St, NW3 England
GlanvilleMrs Sarah Doreenc191125Port Sudan, Sudan02-May-1936LondonPort Said, TangierMantolaBritish Indian Steam Navigation Company16 Thorndale Ave, Belfast, N IrelandWifeSudan & N Ireland
GlanvilleMr Jc191719Wellington, New Zealand13-May-1936LondonPanamaRangitataNew Zealand Shipping CompanySt Jude, Parkhill Rd, Bexley, KentStudentEngland
GlanvilleErnestc190828Aden, Yemen12-Jun-1936LondonPort Said, Malta, MarseillesComorinPeninsular & Orient Steam Navigation CompanyRoyal Nvy Barrcks, Chatham, KentP.O. Royal Navyat Sea
GlanvilleFrankc188749 -- ditto --12-Jun-1936London -- ditto --Comorin -- ditto --Glancroft, Embrook Farm Rd, WokinghamAsst. Traffic Manager I.A.England
GlanvilleAgathac189739Kingston, Jamaica14-Jun-1936Avonmouth, Bristol  SamalaMessrs Elders and FyffesNew Hall, Dymchurch, KentHousewifePersia
GlanvilleMrs C (Tourist)c189145Sydney, Australia02-Jul-1936Tilbury, LondonMelbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Colombo, Aden, Port Said, Naples, Toulon, GibraltarOrmondoOrient Steam Navigation CompanyEnglish Spk Union, 37 Charles StH DutiesPersia
GlanvilleMr W Hc190135Wellington, New Zealand19-Jul-1936London Trojan StarBlue Star Linec/o H Moore, Beech Lodge, Woodlands Grove, IsleworthFishermanNew Zealand
GlanvilleBerthac188353San Francisco, USA28-Jul-1936LondonLos Angeles, PanamaPacific PioneerFurness Line83 Lawn Road, Hampstead, London, NW3HousewifeEngland
GlanvillePercy Bc187264 -- ditto --28-Jul-1936London -- ditto --Pacific Pioneer -- ditto -- -- ditto --Ship BrokerEngland
GlanvilleMrs F Mc189244Gibraltar21-Sep-1936London  Fushimi MaruNippon Yusen KaishaDodpod Cottage Cement Mills, Newport, Isle of Wight  Gibraltar
GlanvilleMiss R Hc191917 -- ditto --21-Sep-1936London  Fushimi Maru -- ditto -- -- ditto --  Gibraltar
GlanvilleMtr G Hc19333 -- ditto --21-Sep-1936London  Fushimi Maru -- ditto -- -- ditto --  Gibraltar
GlanvilleMrs S Jc187858Port Antonia, Jamaica09-Nov-1936Liverpool ChagresElders & Fyffesc/o Mrs F E Elliot, Chisholm, Barclays Oval, EssexPlanter 
GlanvilleRobert Ranulphc190135Freetown, Sierra Leone20-Dec-1936LiverpoolLas PalmasApapaElder Dempster Lines15 Garville Ave, Rathgar, Co Dublin Civil ServantSierra Leone
GlanvilleLillian Florencec190630 -- ditto --20-Dec-1936LiverpoolLas PalmasApapa -- ditto -- -- ditto --WifeSierra Leone
GlanvilleWilliamc190334New York, NY, USA23-Mar-1937PlymouthHalifaxAscaniaCunard White Star24 Woladon St, PlymouthSeamanEngland
GlanvilleMr Waldoc190531Port Sudan, Sudan28-Apr-1937LiverpoolPort Said, MarseillesCity of SimlaCity Line15 Garville Ave, Rathgar, DublinCivil ServantSudan
GlanvilleMrs Sarahc191126 -- ditto --28-Apr-1937Liverpool -- ditto --City of Simla -- ditto -- -- ditto -- Sudan
GlanvilleOwen Hughc190334Rangoon, Burma24-May-1937Liverpool SagaingHenderson Line15 Garville Ave, Rathgar, Dubin, I.F.S.Traffic SuptBurma
GlanvilleJohnc189938Bombay, India12-Jun-1937LiverpoolPort Said, Marseilles, GibraltarBritanniaAnchor LineCherryhill, Glilnahirk Rd, Knock, BelfastMeth, MinisterIndia
GlanvilleJoanc190928 -- ditto --12-Jun-1937Liverpool -- ditto --Britannia -- ditto -- -- ditto --HousewifeIndia
GlanvilleThelmac19316 -- ditto --12-Jun-1937Liverpool -- ditto --Britannia -- ditto -- -- ditto --  India
GlanvilleJohnc19326 -- ditto --12-Jun-1937Liverpool -- ditto --Britannia -- ditto -- -- ditto --  India
GlanvillFelixc189146New York, NY, USA12-Jul-1937SouthamptonCherbourgQueen MaryCunard White Star30 Harewood Ave, Boscombe BournemouthOutfitterEngland
GlanvilleMr Denis Harveyc191621Gibraltar02-Aug-1937SouthamptonTangier, LisbonBaloeranRotterdam Lloyd77 Kirby Rd, Nth End, PortsmouthClerkGibraltar
GlanvilleGordonc190038St John, New Brunswick, Canada15-Feb-1938Greenock  Duchess of AthollCanadian PacificArgyle House, Regent St, LondonBuyerCanada
GlanvilleMiss Sc192711Sydney, Australia24-Mar-1938Tilbury, LondonMelbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Columbo, Aden, Port Said, Naples, Toulon, Villefranche, GibraltarOronsayOrient Steam Navigation Companyc/o Thos Cook & Son, Berkeley St, LondonScholarAustralia
GlanvilleMrs Theresac187761Wellington, New Zealand14-Apr-1938London RangtikiNew Zealand Shipping CompanyHigh Commissioner, NZ Hse, StrandRetiredNew Zealand
GlanvilleCecilc188850Monaco29-Apr-1938PlymouthMarseilles, Gibraltar, TangierStrathmoreP&O Steam Navigation CompanyShirley Park Hotel, CroydonMerchantEngland
GlanvilleDaisy (US citizen)c187365New York, NY, USA28-May-1938Plymouth  ColumbusNorddeutscher LloydLondon, c/o American Express Comp.NoneUSA
GlanvilleFanny Lc188058Quebec, Canada04-Jun-1938SouthamptonCherbourgEmpress of AustraliaCanadian Pacific1 Dolphin House, Fowey, CornwallHousewifeCanada
GlanvilleDenis Hc191622Gibraltar26-Jul-1938SouthamptonTangier, LisbonIndrapoeraNV Rotterdam Lloyd47 Bernard Str. Ln WC1ClerkEngland
GlanvilleMiss Vera Fc191127Gibraltar26-Aug-1938London  Hakozaki MaruNippon Yusen KaishaSt Mary's Hospital, PortsmouthNursingGibraltar
GlanvilleMiss Beryl Rc191919 -- ditto --26-Aug-1938London  Hakozaki Maru -- ditto -- -- ditto --NursingGibraltar
GlanvilleL Fc190632Freetown, Sierra Leone18-Sep-1938LiverpoolMadeira, Las PalmasAccraElder Dempster Lines15 Garville Ave, Rathgar, Co Dublin NilSierra Leone
GlanvilleJoan Lc191424Mombasa, Kenya13-Oct-1938Plymouth  MaduraBritish Indian Steam Navigation Companyc/o Lloyds Bank, St Austell, CornwallNilUganda
GlanvilleTerence Michael Hughc19381Belawan, Sumatra31-Oct-1938SouthamptonSingapore, Colombo, Suez, Port Said, Genoa, Villefranche, TangiersMarnix van St. AldegondeNetherlands Royal Mailc/o Thos Cook Sons, Berkley Str, London F.M.S.
GlanvillFrankc191820Malta17-Nov-1938PlymouthMarseilles, Gibraltar, TangierRajputanaP&O Steam Navigation CompanyRN Barracks, Devonport, PlymouthR.N.Malaya
GlenvilleShaunc188554Madeira, Portugal03-Mar-1939Southampton Winchester CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company117 Baker St, LondonActorEngland
GlenvilleDorothyc190039 -- ditto --03-Mar-1939Southampton Winchester Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --WifeEngland
GlanvilleSallyc191128Port Sudan, Sudan10-Mar-1939LondonPort Said, Malta, Marseilles, Gibraltar, TangierRajputana -- ditto --16 Thorndale Ave, Belfast, N IrelandH. D.Sudan
GlanvilleRobert Rc190138Freetown, Sierra Leone18-Mar-1939Liverpool AbossoElder Dempster Lines15 Garville Ave, Rathgar, DublinCivil ServantSierra Leone
GlanvilleLt Robertc191227Mombasa, Kenya28-Apr-1939PlymouthAden, Port Sudan, Port SaidMaldaBritish Indian Steam Navigation CompanyThe Rectory, St Columb, CornwallArmy OfficerUganda
GlanvilleGerald Hc19345Gibraltar04-Jun-1939SouthamptonLisbonDempoRoyal Rotterdam Lloyd"Leonards" Park Ave, Purbook, HantsNoneGibraltar
GlanvilleFlorence Mc189148 -- ditto --04-Jun-1939SouthamptonLisbonDempo -- ditto -- -- ditto --NoneGibraltar
GlenvilleArthurc192217Fremantle, Australia13-Jul-1939HullColombo, Port Said, MaltaJarvis BayAberdeen and Commonwealth LineKinglsley Fairbridge Farm Schools Inc, Savoy Ho. WC2Farm HandAustralia
GlanvilleHildac189049Boston, Mass, USA24-Aug-1939LiverpoolGalway, BelfastScythiaCunard White Star1 Cannon Place, Hampstead, LondonDraughtsmanEngland
GlanvilleFredac190435Tanga, Tangayika01-Nov-1939LondonMombasa, Port SaidMatianaBritish Indian Steam Navigation Company1 Scarisbrick Avenue, Litherland, LiverpoolTeacherEngland
GlanvilleMr Frederickc188950Cape Town, S Africa06-Nov-1939Southampton  Warwick CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company82 Ferne Pk Rd, Stroud Green, London N8SeamanEngland
GlanvillePhyllis Maryc191426Tanga, Tanganyika14-Apr-1940LondonMombasa, Aden, Port Said, GibraltarMantolaBritish Indian Steam Navigation Company1 Searisbrook Ave, Litherland, LiverpoolNurseTanganyika
GlanvilleKathleen A Sc191327Cape Town, S Africa27-Apr-1940Southampton  Durban CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company24 Hugerford Rd, PlymouthHousewifeS Africa
GlanvilleJohn Rc19391 -- ditto --27-Apr-1940Southampton  Durban Castle -- ditto -- -- ditto --NilS Africa
GlanvilleRanulphc190832New York, NY, USA15-Aug-1940Liverpool BritannicCunard White Starc/o Westminster Bank, Hanover Sq, LondonFarmingEngland
GlanvilleW (List of Ratings taking passage to United States)  S Africa07-Oct-1940Liverpool Stirling CastleUnion Castle Mail Steamship Company A.B. D/SSX19647 
GlanvilleTrevor Jamesc190734Gibraltar13-Aug-1941Glasgow PasteurCunard White StarRoyal Society Club, St James St, LondonVice ConsulZagreb
GlanvilleR R c190140Lagos, Nigeria04-Nov-1941LiverpoolAccra, Takoradi, FreetownAbossoElder Dempster Lines15 Garville Ave, Rathgar, DubinCivil ServantBrit. Possessions
GlanvillFrederick C (distressed British Seaman)c191330Gibraltar12-Apr-1943Liverpool  SamariaCunard White Star35 Gordon Dwellings, Camberwell SE5DonkeymanHong Kong
GlenvilleJoseph Johnc191331Sydney, Australia29-Mar-1944LiverpoolCristobalMenelausBlue Funnel Line88 Jordan Street, LiverpoolGreaserUK
GlanvilleMrs Zc191628Suez07-Jul-1944Liverpool OrmondeOrient Line108 Beauval Rd, London SE22 Official of Jugosl Govt.Jugoslavia
GlanvilleJames Frederick (on page of crew)c191925Algiers, Algeria14-Sep-1944Liverpool  Empire PrideBibby Line35 Milton Rd, WaterlooStorekeeperGt Britain
GlanvilleThomas Cc190341Port Said19-Sep-1944Liverpool Moreton BayShaw Savill & Albion Company53 North Rd, Highgate, LondonGeophysicistEgypt